Swasan….. Give me your hand to hold (Episode 2)


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That day evening in GM

That guy and his parents come to meet with swara… …
Shekhar(with a wide smile) “arye durgaprasad ji come come.. …. We all are waiting for u”
Dp “namaste shekhar ji.. ”
They all come and sit on sofa.. ..
Dp” meet my wife annapurna and my son sanskar ”
Ap” namaste ”
Shekhar” namaste ”
Sanskar takes blessings from shekhar
Shekhar” meet my elder son Arjun and younger son adarsh…. Their respective wives baishali and parinita ”
They all take blessings from Ap and Dp… .. ..
Ap” so where is my DIL bulayie use”
Shekhar “ji ji sure” and signals parinita and baishali to bring swara there
They nodes and leave

Swara’s room.. .. .
She is sitting in front of mirror.. .. She is looking so beautiful with royal blue anarkali churidar…. But her eyes which is somewhat red due to cry…. And clearly tell that she is in deep pain… ..

In mind ” I dont know mamma what is going on around me but I know aap mere sath ho mujhe dekh rahe ho…. . I shouldn’t be afraid.. … I am your bahadur bachcha hai na?? ?”

At that time her bhabi comes

Baishali “oh my god swara look at your face and eyes… .. Why are doing this things??? U know na if they reject u then what will happen?? ?”
Pari”ha swara… Bhabi is right.. …. U know na what papaji had said….. Then why are u making ur self look like u are the most unhappy person in the world?? ? ”
Swara” bhabi pls try to understand (with chocked voice) I am not a robot…. I am a human I have some emotions… .. bhabi u both also behave like this why?? ? ” starts crying
Pari (with teary eyes)” what can we do swara??? we are helpless…..and u know what we both are fade up of this things… .. ”
Baishali” pichlibr tumhari wajah se jo hua uske bad… . ”
Pari” we also don’t want you to stay here for long… ..If u keep distance from us.. .. It will not only good for us but for u also….. Now come everyone is waiting for u”

Swara weeps her tears and goes from there with her bhabis….

In the hall
Swara takes blessings from ap and Dp
They ask her about her study and dreams Nd she replies them…. They are overwhelmed by her gesture.. … They appreciate her for her job and carrier…. In all this time sanskar was numb and lost in his own world

Arjun ” arey sanskar why are you so silent??? ? Don’t you want to ask anything to my sis”
Sanskar “wo Actually if u all don’t mind then I want to talk to her alone”
Shekhar ” no no we have no problem swara take him to your room….”
Sanskar” wo uncle if you don’t mind can we go outside pls??? ? ”
Shekhar (thinking for while)” ok go”
Swara ” par papa….”
Shekhar (calm voice) go swara
Swara “ok” (unwillingly)

at a nearby cafe

Swara and sanskar are sitting….
Sanskar starts to talk
Sanskar “look swara I don’t want any drama let me tell you one thing very straightly….. I am not single.. .. I am in a relationship.. .. And I love her like hale… .. I don’t think about any other girl except her…. . So its my humble request pls stop this marriage….. After going home pls tell your father that you dont like me… Pls….. I know u are thinking that main khud ye kyun nhi kr raha…. Then let me tell you my mother doesn’t like my love…. And she is emotionally blackmailing me to marry with u…. If u urself deny for this marriage then she can’t do anything… .. Hope u will understand ”

Swara is literally shocked by his statement.. … She is totally blank.. … Her eyes fills with tears.. .. But she doesn’t show it to him….. She can’t understand anything she lowers her gaze and sits like a statue…..

Seeing her numb sanskar thinks that she will deny for this.. .. And tells her to come as they getting late…..

They reach… ..

Everyone were eagerly waiting for them….. As soon as they reach shekhar asks “so what is ur decision beta????”
Sanskar “um hmm no problem”
Dp”and u swara??? ”
Swara is totally blank she can’t hear anything….. Her papa’s word and sanskar’s words are echoing in her ears.
Dp” I think she needs sometime ”
Shekhar gives her a angry glare.. . But she is continuously looking at the floor…. .”
Baishali “uncle aunty come have dinner she will give ans after dinner”
Shekhar “yes yes come….. Swara come with me I need to talk to you…. If u dont mind excuse us”
Dp” no no go…. ”
They all go towards dinning area.. .. Except swara Nd her papa.. …
Sekhar” what is your problem… ..spare us pls… . Main tumse koi umeed kabhi nhi rakha par aj umid karta hu ki tum mere bat manoge “saying this he also leaves…. .
Swara can’t decide what to do….
At that time her eyes fell on sanskar who is already looking at her and pleads her through eyes….. At that time baishali calls her and she goes to her…….
While serving sum curry fell on annapurna’s saree…..
Swara, “sorry aunty….. Galti ho gayi sorry… ”
Shekhar (forgetting the circumstances) “this girl can do nothing except creating problems”
Ap and Dp are shocked by her talk… Soon he compose him self nd starts to behave normal….
Shekhar”i mean swara be careful beta… . Wo swara ko aadat nahi h isliye ”
Ap” its ok.. .. Swara pls show me the way to bathroom…. ”
Swara” ji chaliye ”

After few minutes ap comes their alone

After finishing dinner Dp asks shekhar for swara’s decision
Shekhar tells pari to bring swara and she go

Baishali brings swara there…..
She comes infront of every one with blank expression.. ….

Precap swara’s decision and the effect of this


Tell me whether u find it boring????? Tell me if you don’t like this….. I will stop this… ..thanks for reading love u all

Credit to: A. S

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