Swasan….. Give me your hand to hold (Episode 4)


Scene 1,
Swara’s grihaprabesh

Swara kicks the kalash and comes in the house
She and sanskar sits on the sofa for further rituals…. Sanskar is numb and his face looking dull and very serious… ..
A girl comes and literally jumps on him and hugs him tightly… ..
“sanskar how can u do this to me?? ? Why??? ”
She sees swara… . Swara also see her
Both are shocked
Swara” you?? ? ”
Girl” tu?? ? ”
” Now I got it… ” the girl
Girl” Swara chudail kahiki… . You again snatched my love from me.. .. . Maine teri kya bigadi hai.. … why swara.. .. Pahle wo fir sanskar??? ” with crocodile tears
Swara” what are u saying.. ..i. Snatched ur love?? ? Like seriously?? ? It was u?? ? ”
Girl” stop it…. Sanskar you know swara is the for whom I lost my everything…. They suspend me from college for her only….. she was the culprit…. Look she again snatched my happiness ” sanskar was numb.. ..

Scene 2

Sanskar” get out of my sight.. .. You bl***y bi**ch… . ” slaps her hard…..” get out of my room… ..”
The girl smirks…..
He closes the door on her face
Ap comes takes her to a room….
” I am always with you beta”
Makes her sleep on her lap

Scene 3

Sanskar “from today she will live with me… here only… . With Me in my room”
The girl ” I don’t eat this oily foods.. . Make soup for me… or anything light”
Swara “I am not ur maid servant…. go and make it urself”
Girl ” baby??? (looking at sanskar)”
Sanskar “yaa baby I will order something for you bas 2 min”
Girl” baby u also don’t eat it”
Ap ” why?? ”
Girl ” because I don’t want”
And starts to drag him… .
Swara stops her.. … and says something…. For which sanskar had to eat the food which swara made
Scene 4

Swara ” you are wrong sanskar… . Open your eyes…. Think once.. .. jo ladki tumhe tumhari parivaar se dur kar raha hai wo kya achchi ladki hogi??”
Sanskar” shut up.. .. What a cheap girl u are.. .. Tum apne aap ko mahan sabit karne k liye ye sab bol rahi ho ”
Swara.” ok… To leave me…. But fact is fact…. . I have no interest in u… .. Par main nhi chahti mujhe jo dard mila hai wo kisi or ko mile….. If she loves u then har rat ko kaha jata hai puchha usse?? ”
Sanskar” what are u saying…. Har rat wo bahar jati hai matlab wo mere sath rahti hai??? ”
Swara” you know you are a dumbo… . Anyone can make fool u…huh… Do whatever ”

Sanskar is in deep thoughts .

So this is my 2nd teaser….. tell me one thing you want family drama and sanskar drama together??? Or only sanskar wala drama and after their uniting the family drama???? If you chose the 2nd option then it will take so much time to reveal the truth of sumi’s death Cz… I have planned many thing for swasan… So u only decide it… ..

I get less comment if u dont like it u tell me na…. I will stop plsssssssssss but dont be silent…. You can tell me if u find it bakwaas…. Pls thank you.. …

Credit to: A. S

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