Swasan….. Give me your hand to hold (Episode 5)

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Precap reason of Shekhar’s hatred towards swara…. 2 people came to GM swara got afraid after seeing them
Now let’s start


Old lady “arey Shekhar my chhoda where are u???”
Shekhar comes with a broad smile ??????????
Shekhar “buaji what a pleasant surprise….. I missed u a lot…”
Takes blessings from her
He sees the middle aged man….. “raj u also came??? Oh my god am I dreaming???? U came here after long time” hugs him and raj also hugs him back
Raj “Han vaiya bas app ko dekhne ka man Kiya to chala aya”
Bua “arey sare batein yahi karoge kya???”
Shekhar “no no Buaji pls come inside”
They all sit on the sofa….
Shekhar “arey baishali bahu pari bahu where are u both look who have come….”
Baishali and Pari came and saw them…. The don’t know them… As they didn’t came in their marriage….. So they looked confused….
Shekhar “arey why are u both looking confused…. They are my buaji and brother…. I already have told about them remember??”
Baishali “oh so they are….. Thanks for coming here buaji… (takes blessing) bohot man tha aap ko dekhne ka”
Pari also takes blessings….. Baishali goes to raj for taking blessings….. But raj stops her
Raj “arey what are u doing…. Am I looking that much old…. I am young…. U should hug me”
Saying this he hugs baishali by touching her bare back…. She feels uncomfortable but thinks that it’s her bad thought….. Pari also come…. And he does same thing with her…. But she also paid no attention…..
Bua “Shekhar where is ur manhush beti??? She don’t has minimum manner to come and meet with us”
Shekhar “may be she is in her room…. Buaji I have fixed her marriage…. She will go from here soon for my whole life…. Then I can lead my life peacefully”
Buaji and raj get shocked…. Their face turn pale….. Soon they compose themselves….
Buaji “but who is the guy??”
Shekhar “sanskar maheshwary…. Very rich businessman”
Bua “oh I see”

In swara’s room

She is sitting on the floor beside her bed trying to hide herself…..she is trembling like a dry leaf and crying badly….. At that time her phone rings….
She see the callers name and picks up the phone immediately
“hallo ragini they are here pls save me ragini I…. I am so scared…. Pls come here… ”
Ragini” swara relax… Calm down…. I am coming…. I call u to inform u that I am coming…. 5 min dear… I will come in 5 mins okay…. Be a brave girl till then”
Swara cuts the phone and wipes her tears…..
At that time someone knocks her door… She thinks it ragini and rush to open the door…. But unfortunately it’s not ragini it’s her Papa’s so called buaji and her dadibuaji Mrs. Parbati kapoor…. But for her luck baishali was there with her……
Parbati “so madam aap to kripa kar ke Hume darshan dene nehi aye to hum hi aa gaye….”
She is so scared that she forget to take blessing….
Parbati “arey she will go to her in laws after 2days and she doesn’t have minimum manner to take blessing from elders”
Swara takes her blessing immediately….. After that they leave…. Before leaving buaji asked her to come in her room with tea….

Swara is now more afraid…. After some time she goes to Parbati’s room with tea tray…..
Swara “may I come in dadibuaji???”
Parbati “Han come”
Swara comes inside and keeps the tray on the table and sees raj who is standing near window….
Parbati “close the door”
Swara close the door
Raj “u know Swara u are more beautiful than ur mum” says with a smirk….. Swara close her eyes with disgusting expression and opens…
Bua “raj stop it come to the point….. Swara u have to stop ur marriage”
Swara sees her with surprise and gives her a ‘why ‘look…
Parbati “what??? Why you starring at me like this?? Am I speaking in French???”
Swara “but why??”
Raj “because we are saying that….. How dare u to ask us questions…. Have you forgot what happened in your past then let me remind you….”
Swara “no I remember…. How could I forget that….but I am not that 5 years old Swara… I will not listen to you anymore…” she shouts
Raj taken a back…. Parbati also shocked…..
Raj “u…”
Parbati “get out from my room….. Go”
Swara left the room…
Raj “mom what was that???”
Parbati “I am also shocked….. But we have to know from whom she got this much courage…. It will be dangerous for us in future”
Raj “yes mom you are right we have to do something…. And also we have to stop this marriage”

Swara’s room
Ragini is sitting there and waiting for her friend…. Swara comes and hugs her tightly… Ragini hugs her back
Ragini “u ok na??”
Swara “yes ragini and thank you for giving me such strength”
Ragini “how dare you to tell me thank you….. I am not taking to you”
Swara… “dramebaz now stop this…. U know they are shocked by my gesture”
Ragini “I know…. Now come…. We will go out… I took permission from uncle now come”

They comes out and meet with laksh…..
Trio go for coffee…..
Swara tells them about her marriage and everything (means about sanskar and his mother)
Laksh “Swara are you sure about this…. I mean what will u do if he never fall in love with you even after knowing his gf’s truth”
Swara “don’t worry laksh….. U all know about my dream na??? It was my mother’s dream also… I have to wait few months for that….. In this months I will help ap aunty to get back her son…. If he fell in love with me then its my luck…. If not then I will satisfy by thinking that I protect my husband….. But I will never think that he will love me…. Cz I am not so lucky you know na?? ”
Mean time maheshwary family come GM with pandit…….
Dp” srry Shekharji I came here without informing u ”
Shekhar” no problem… Come inside ”
Shekhar” meet my buaji and brother ”
Dp” namaste kakiji…. Nice to meet you both…. Shekharji we came here for fix the marriage date”
Shekhar “thats good… Baishali bring Swara’s kundli…. (to dp) where is sanskar???”
Dp “he is in parking spot”
Ap”where is swara?? ”
Shekhar” wo actually she has gone to meet her friends…. I will call her”
Parbati “how many times I said u ki ladki itni chhut mat de…. Par tu Sunta kaha hai”
Ap”its ok kakiji…. Let her enjoy her life”
Pandit matches the kundli…. “this jodi is made by God…. They have to face many problems but they will unite sure….. As per me there is two dates one week later a day one month later….one week later date is very good for them….”
Meanwhile Parbati takes ap in a isolated place…. And said something…. Ap gets angry and Parbati smirks……
In the hall
Dp “one week is very less time for marriage preparation…. We will go for the date which is one month lat…..”
Ap cuts him” rukiye ji”
Dp” what happen ap?? ”
Ap” I don’t want this marriage to be held after one month ”
Dp” but ap one week is very less time…. ”
Ap” no I don’t want this to held it after one week also”
All looks on…. They are shocked…. Parbati smiles evily
Ap “I want this marriage to be held tomorrow”
All are more shocked…. Parbati’s smile fade away….
Swasan who were standing at the door “what????”
Screen freezes

Precap “someone pulls swara and pins her to the wall….. Parbati’s 2nd prank and swasan marriage…

So how is this….. I know I have bored u….. Sorry for that….. Thank you for reading….. I again tell u if u find it bad then tell me but don’t be silent….. U can tell me stop writing I will stop…. Thanks

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