Swasan- the girl changed my life os


Guys this is my first os so if it is not nice pls forgive me.
A boy was lying on d ground unconscious and phool of blood.a girl was going by that way saw d boy and took him to hospital.

the girl was operating d boy and soon d boy got conscious.just than nurse came and called her.
NURSE:good morning swara.
(S d girl who saved d boy is non other than swara)
SWARA:good morning rose pls take d details from him and ask ragini to check.
NURSE:kk swara.
Swara left.
NURSE TO BOY:what is ur name?
But d boy did not reply.so d nurse left as he is not saying anything.
swaragini were sitting just than nurse entered
NURSE:swara d boy is not saying anything.
RAGINI:kk let me check.nurse left when ragini was about to go laksh came and hugged ragini.so swara said.
SWARA:di u be with jiju I will go and see him.
(Swaragini r sisters and ragini is a doctor and is married to laksh actually swaragini parents died when they r small and laksh is also an orphan.swara finished her 12th std and now she is going to do CA.)
Swara entered d cabin of d boy
SWARA:hai I am swara and what is ur name?
BOY:where I am and who r u?
SWARA:u r in hospital and I bought u here.so now tell me what is ur name?
BOY:thank u for saving me.and my name is sanskar maheshwari.
SWARA:nice name kk what happened to u ?
SANSKAR:my parents died when I was small after that my chacha helped me and after my chacha death my chachi pushed me out of d house so I was walking in d road alone a lorry hit me.
Swara had tears in her eyes but composed herself.
SWARA:so what is ur qualification?
SANSKAR:12th std.
SWARA:u can study further na.
SANSKAR;but I don’t have money to study.
SWARA:I will make u study will u study?
SANSKAR(was shocked):no no how can u no I won’t accept this.
SWARA:after u go to job u give me d money back.a nd u can do CA with me.
SANSKAR thinks for long time and he nods.
SWARA:my name is swara.both shake hands and they feel current passing through them but they composed themselves. Sanskar get teary eyes and hugged her and swara also reciprocated d hug.
sanskar got discharged and raglak helped him and sanskar stayed with raglakswara.swasan started studying for CA and they both became best frnds.

both swasan finished there CA.and now they were a charted account.in this three years sanskar and swara started loving each other but they did not confess as they first wanted to finish there studies.now swasan started there own auditing firm.one day
SANSKAR:swara shall we go for long drive.
SWARA:s sanky we will go.
So sanskar took her for long drive.but sanskar stopped at middle and tied her eyes with red cloth.
SWARA:sanky what r u doing?
SANSKAR:swara do u belive me?
SWARA:more than myself.
SANSKAR:than come silently.
SWARA:sanskar where r u taking me say na u know na I hate suspense.
SANSKAR:shh swara how many questions you will ask?
Swara kept a pout face.they walked for a while then sanskar opened the blind fold.swara was shocked to see d place decorated with lights,candles,baloons in red and white colour.
Sanskar sat on his knees before swara and said.
SANSKAR:swara u changed my life I was in darkness but u made my darkness into bright swara I don’t know how when I started falling for u but really I started falling for u swara I want u in my life as my wife,i want to love u,i want to kiss u daily,i want to hug u,i want to be a father of our kids,i want to grow old with u,and I want to die in ur laps.swara I love u will u marry me?
Swara taught to tease him.
SWARA:but I never loved u sanskar u r just my frnd that’s all.sanskar understood she is teasing so he slowly moved towards her and asked her
SANSKAR:really u don’t love me right.
SWARA(moves back):s.sanskar moves more close to swara and held her waist and asked
SANSKAR:now also u don’t love me?swara nodded her head as yes.sanskar kissed her forehead,eyes,nosetip and kissed her cheeks seductively and asked her:now swara.
SWARA could not tolerate any more and hugged him tightly and said.
SWARA:I love u sanskar love u very much.they break d hug.swasan look at each other they have a passionate eyelock.both broke and left to house and informed raglak.raglak were happy.
swasan marriage.and soon swasan got married.
SANSKAR:swara u know today is special day and now if god take my life al..

Before he could complete she placed her soft yet rosy lips on his rough lips he was shocked at 1st but later responded to it
They kissed eachother passionately,lovingly 1st but later it changed to hungry and wild kiss his one hand was holding her waist and another was craessing her back, her one hand was craessing his hairs pressing him more on her and another hand was clucthing his shirt tight they were kissing and kissing eacother soon they patted back due to lack of oxygen and was staring eachother.
SWARA:sanskar again u say that means I will kill u by my hand itself.
SANSKAR:accha ok I won’t say and he pulled swara close to him by her waist.
SANSKAR:swara u r looking beautiful today.
Swara:blushes and hides her face oh his chest
Sanskar now losed all his patience and carried swara in his arms and placed her on the bed and came above her while she was blushing hardly and was breathing more and more.sanskar kissed her forehead.h e than looked at swara.
There was a romantic eyelock soo he started leaning to her lips and placed his rough lips on.her rosy lips and kissed it showing his love,passion and all she also responded to it with equal.passion and love soon both patted away due to lack of oxygen.swara blushed hard.
Soon he ducked himself in her neck kissed her and bited leaving her mourning his name in pleasure. soon she rolled now she was top of sanskar kissing him madly soon sanskar rolled again he was top of swara and kissing her both became one and d moon and stars were feeling shy to see d couples love for each other.
sunday falls on sanskar and he opened his eyes and saw his love his wife swara who was cuddling him and sleeping like a baby.sanskar kissed her forehead and said thank u swara for coming into my life and making my life so beautiful.sanskar taught “THE GIRL CHANGED MY LIFE”.
after one year:
A baby girl was born they named it as “sara”.
Thats all guys pls post ur valuable comments.so if d os was boring.

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