swasan : gangster and a simple girl

hello guys rabia here again with a new few shots story… i know u all must be waiting for the next epi of my SS (swasan: how they met) actually guys im not getting any idea of how i can start swasan’s love story in that ss i need to think because i always tries to give u unique story and if anyone of u read my previous ss or os they must know that my all stories didn’t match with the previous one… soo i need to think about unique ideas if u want to help me please help mee and gave me idea for my ss (swasan: how they met) till then please read this few shot story it will be only of 2 to 3 episodes and support me like u supported earlier thankuuu 🙂

1st shot:-

How dare u to blackmail my frnd??? Said by a girl to a boy…

Boy: what the hell?? Nd who the hell u r???

Girl: u no need to know about mee but this is my first and last warning to u don’t u dare to blackmail my frnd again understand

Boy: ooo miss whatever have u any idea with whom u are talking???

Girl: I don’t care who ever u are the thing which I want to tell I already told u now u just remember my words got it?? By saying this she turns to leave butt…

Boy fumes in anger on the tone of girl and grabs her wrist tightly when she turns to go and jerks her toward him

Girl: leave my hand how dare u????

Boy: don’t u dare to say any other word

Girl slaps him hard and said u don’t dare to touch meee by saying this she again slaps him hard and goes

Boy: uuuuuu but the girl already goneee

Boy kicks the glass table besides him and calls someone

Boy on call: arjun I want the complete information of the girl who left my house just now

Arjun: okay but why do u want???

Boy: because she dares to slap and raise her voice the gangster sanskar meheswarii (yes the boy is sanskar)

Arjun mouth open wide and to himself in mind ( the girl must be dead) and too sanskar okay bhai I will get the info about the girl

Sanskar: okay and cut the call

Sanskar meheswari the gangster to whom everybody afraid because he is a ruthless who shows mercy on nobody an orphan and having a loyal able frnd arjun plus partner in crime

Arjun: fun luving guy partner in crime of sanskar knows about everything of sanskar and also knows the reason behind his this gangster side

Next day arjun met sanskar

Sanskar: ya arjun tell have u got the info about the girl??

Arjun: yes dude

Sanskar: soo tell mee about her

Arjun: she is swara gadodia an orphan lives in a small flat with her frnd annu working in a multinational company as an accountant

Sanskar: kidnap her

Arjun: what???? R u serious???

Sanskar: yes and no more arguments

Arjun nodes and goes

Sanskar: mis swara gadodia u dares to raise your voice and slap me naa now bear its consequences

Same day at 6pm swara is going to her flat from her job she is riding her scooty but meanwhile her scooty stops on the lonely road

Swara: ooo god petrol finished know how can I go?? But in the morning I checked the petrol level its full but then how can it got finished… she is blabbering with herself in the meantime someone came from behind and put chloroform on her nose… swara struggles to free herself but failed and fainted in the person arms… that person is non-other than arjun….

Arjun picks swara in arms and goes toward the car in which sanskar is already present in the driving seat…

Sanskar signals arjun to put swara in the back seat… arjun nodes and put swara on the backseat and later sits beside sanskar on the passenger seat..

Later they both reached home arjun is going to take swara from back seat but sanskar stops him and said arjun u can goo to which arjun said okay

Sanskar goes to back seat and grab swara in his arms he saw her who is sleeping peacefully due to the effect of chloroform…

Sanskar stares her for some time and then goes toward his room and lay her down on the bed and tie her hands from both sides with a rope on the bed crown…

Later at late night swara gain her conscious… first shee tries to get upp butt didn’t succeed because of her tied hands…

Swara panics and tries to free her hands but again failed..

Don’t try u can only harm your self… a voice came from the one corner of a room

Swara who is struggling to free her hand stops on hearing the voice and saw toward the voice direction but she didn’t saw anyone because the room is only lighted with a light of table lamp besides her and the corner from where voice came is dark

Swara: who r u?? and why u tied me here?? What do u want??? She said with a fear in her voice

Voice: oooo look the one who dares to raise her voice against the gangster sanskar meheswari now fears and the reason u will come to know later

Swara: sanskar meheswari??? But I didn’t met him ever she said with a scared voice

Voice: didn’t u saw him before??

Swara: I only knows about him that he is a ruthless gangster but a didn’t know that how he look alike… please let me goo I didn’t doo anything with him she said with a pleading voice….

Voice: if u didn’t saw him then how dare u to slap him??

Swara: slap??? Suddenly he realize about the man whom she slapped she become horrified after listening thisss…. Please im sorry I don’t know that he is sanskar meheshwari please let me goo I will say sorry to him please let me goo she said all this while sobbing her head is down due to fear

Voice: no mis swara u have to bear the consequences for slapping mee ( yes the voice is of sanskar) and by saying this he stands from the rocking chair in the corner and walks towards her

Swara ups her head with a jerk and shocked to see sanskar infront of her…

Swara: sa…..nss…karrr

Sanskar: yes me

Swara keep mum

Sanskar: now what happened to your tongue?? That day u r talking continuously now what happened

Swara is staring him with a feared expression and teary eyes but said nothing

Sanskar saw her for few minutes and goes out without saying anyword

Swara starts crying….

After 10 mins sanskar came with a tray of food and keep infront of her and opened her hands and said eat it and don’t you dare to run from here got it?? By saying this he goes out

Swara who is now also crying saw the food tray but she didn’t touched it because she is not hungry.. she didn’t ate anything from morning due to work but now also she didn’t feel hungry due to fear…. She gets up from the bed and stumbles but she didn’t stop and goes towards the window she is crying while looking outside later she sat down on floor by wrapping her legs and keep her head on her knees…. Due to continuous crying she felt tired and slept in the same sitting position…

In the morning sanskar came into the room he saw the food tray is same as he gave her… she didn’t eat anything…

Sanskar scans the room to find her and he saw her sitting near the window by keeping her head down.. he goes towards her and stands beside her..

Sanskar: mis swara gadodia

Swara didn’t reply

Sanskar now in loud voice mis swara gadodiaaaaaa

Swara wakes up with a jerk and saw towards sanskar with blank expressions

Sanskar: why didn’t u ate the dinner

Swara with weak voice I was not feeling hungry

Sanskar: listen this is my house and her everyone obeys mee understand

Swara nodes her head and keep her head down

Sanskar said while turning go and fresh up I will snd your breakfast and later we will talk about why u r here

Swara didn’t said anything and tries to get up but she is having difficulty due to weakness… she stands up with a great difficulty she walks only 2 steps and all the things around her starts revolving and she felt dizziness and fall down with a thud..

Sanskar who is about to go out from the room turns after listening the voice and saw her laying on the floor unconscious….

To be continued…..

Precap: reason why sanskar kidnap swara…… sasnkar reason behind a gangster…. Reason why swara slaps sanskar….

Guys doo tell me if u like it or not I will only continue if u gave me positive response… thankuu for reading


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