swasan : gangster and a simple girl (shot-2)

guys thanku soo much for liking the previous part… and one more thing guys im not new here im the same rabia who is writing stories from few months it is actually telly updates ate the last alphabet of my name due to which it became rabi and i don’t know why the hell the changed my name… but believe me i want to kill them on doing this blunder…
anyways no more bak bak here is the next part i hope u will also like this and do comment guys 🙂 thankuuu


2nd shot:-

Swara’s pov:-

I opened my eyes and I found myself on the bed… I remembered that sanskar ordered me to go and fresh up and while going I start feeling dizziness… later I didn’t remember any thing… and now im on the bed…

I didn’t have any idea the person whom I slap was sanskar meheswari the gangster of the city… people always feared with him… .. but I also know being a gangster sanskar meheswari didn’t disturb any girl or a lady nobody in the city ever says that he targets the girls… then why he blackmails annu?? Im not getting it… annu only told me that one boy is blackmailing her because he wants to spent night with her and the boy is having her some wrong pictures… my anger boiled on hearing this and I asked her about his address and without asking about his name I came to meet that boy… but never in my dreams I thought that the boy will be sanskar meheswari…

Pov end…..

Swara’s thought interrupted by a voice…

U woke up? A voice came… swara saw towards the source of voice and saw sanskar is standing at the door with a serious look….

A thought of fear came in her mind she gets up with a jerk….

Sanskar: how r u feeling now??

Swara didn’t reply only saw him with feared eyes…

Sanskar: I asked u something? I don’t have the habit to repeat anything

Swara with a feeble tone: better

Sanskar: why didn’t u ate the dinner??

Swara: i…ii… wa….ss.. no.tt…. feeling hungry

Sanskar: why didn’t u slapped me that day???

Swara gave him a horror look and said please im sorry for that day please let me goo pleaseeeeee…. She said with a pleading and a crying tone

Sanskar with higher and angry tone: stop crying and answer my question why u slapped me that day???

Swara told him everything about what annu told her…

Sanskar nodes and goes out but before going out said her that he is snding breakfast she should eat that otherwise consequences will be not good…

Swara nodes….

Later at evening a servant came and said to swara that sanskar sir is calling her… swara gulps in fear but she is having no other option… so that’s why she goes to meet sanskar…

Sanskar is sitting in the hall.. swara came and saw sansakr is sitting with an other boy who is actually arjun… later she saw that her frnd annu and a boy is standing in front of sanskar with his body guards behind them

Swara happily: annu???

Annu saw her and becomes happy and said: swara and tries to go towards her but stop because of sanskar’s voice

Sanskar: don’t u dare to go near her…

Annu gulps while swara gave him a confused look

Sanskar sees swara expression and said her to sit

Swara sat beside him with some distance…

Sanskar: soo mis annu can you plz tell swara the whole story or may I tell her?

Swara: what story??

Sanskar: have patience

Sanskar with harsh tone mis annu??

Annu gulps in fear but start telling: actually this is my boy frnd rakesh he is working in swara’s company

On hearing this swara recognize him..

Sanskar: continue

Annu: actually rakesh is doing fraud in the company but due to swara he got arrested and sand to the jail for 5 months… we both wanted to take revenge from swara because due to her my boyfrnd have to go to the jail… one day rakesh said to me that gangster sanskar is a very ruthless man he didn’t spare those who insult him… so we make a plan to tell swara a fake story that sanskar is blackmailing me… swara is a very sensitive girl who didn’t bear injustice on any girl soo when I told her fake story about blackmailing she comes to u without asking your name… I already knows that she didn’t saw u before…

Swara is crying on listening her soo called best frnd confession.. she got up and goes towards annu and slap her hard…

Swara: I thought u as my best frnd but what u have done u back stabbed me??? By saying this she slaps her again….

Swara is crying bitterly and going backward but she stumble with the table but before she fall down sanskar hold her but she fainted due to stress and weakness….

Sanskar ask arjun to deal with annu and rakesh and he himself take swara in his arms…

After 1 hr swara got conscious but she again starts crying on remembering annu’s deeds

Suddenly she listened sanskar’s voice….

For how long u will be crying on those who never take u as a frnd kitty???

Swara shocked after listening the word kitty and looks towards sanskar…

Swara: what did u just said???

Sanskar: I told u before that I don’t have a habbit of repeating but for u im repeating for the first and last time… I called u kitty

Swara: h…ooo..wwww do u know my nick name??

Sanskar: if kittu didn’t know about kitty then who will know??

Swara again shocked and said: kittu???

Sanskar : yes kittu

Swara stands up from the bed and hugs sanskar tightly and said: kittu??? U r my kittu???

Sanskar hugs her back and said: yes kitty im your only kittu

Swara starts crying and said: kittu where u have gone leaving me alone??? Tell me naa u know I cried a lot that day I calls ur name many time but u didn’t came.. why u didn’t came why u left me alone??? By saying this she starts beating him

Sanskar holds her hand and said: relax kitty I will tell u all the things…

Swara: but how u got to know about me??

Sanskar by hold her hand and ups her sleeves and points towards a mark on her elbow: by this birth mark I came to know that u r my kitty

Swara: how u find this mark??

Sanskar: when I kidnap u while getting u out from the car I saw this mark on that moment I got to know that u r my kitty…

Swara: but why u became gangster kittu?? U r the person who hates killing people then why u became like this??

Sanskar: kitty I became a ganster because of u only

Swara shocked and said: what?????

To be continued……

Precap: past revealed


  1. Mica


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    Annuuu!!!! what were you doing to my swara !!! huh..
    but let it be, finally kitty and kittu met each other..
    luv it luv it.. update soon

  2. Kakali

    Wooooowwww!!! sooo sooo soooo nice… loved d story… kitti-kittu.awwwww soo cute of them.. actually they r kitti-kuttu.Awesome name..😊😍😍😍

  3. Madhu

    😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 shocking…..didnt think like that i mean they know eo….wow……awesome…..

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