Swasan – gaathbandhan (episode _9)(last part)

Recap -sahil arrested by police and swara going back to gadodiya mansion
Swara room
Swara is crying thinking about her family. ..sumi comes and hugs her
Sumi-daughter …I know how you are feeling know ….
Swara-maa….and cry …both share sometimes with each other. ….and sumi goes…
In mm
Sanskar is angrily boxing. ..while remembering swara…at that time Ap raglak comes and they speak some thing which is mute
Next day
All decides to remarry raglak again. …sanskar comes down

Sanskar -maa I am ready to marry radhika ..and goes
Dp-what is he saying. .Ragini make him under stand
Ap-ji u don’t worry. ..everything will come to right path
Dp-its your plan…plzzz tell me na
Ap-noway you can digest the secret
Dp insist all but they didn’t tell him

In Gd mansion
All share their plan with Shekhar and sumi …while swara comes her dress is covered with Greece
Sumi-what is this shona ha…are u a kid..daily you come by spoiling your clothes
Swara-maama. .today their lots of work na
Shekhar -mishti. ..don’t shout on her
Sumi-like this you continue I will burn that garage and lock both daughter and father in a room
Ragini -mom don’t be hyper..swara look we are also here

Swara-sorry di…I didn’t see u…
Ap-dont be ..she will be with you till her marriage with Laksh
Swara -really di…congratulations
Sanskar -congratulate me too I am also going to marry. .with radhika
Swara feel sad
Sanskar -i want you to do our marriage arrangements
Swara -do I look..wedding planner
Ragini also emotionally blackmail swara so she has to agree

In evening
swara out for purchase while returning sanskar block her way and forcefully take her to farmhouse
Swara-why you brought me her
Sanskar holds her shoulder anger is clearly visible in his face
Sanskar -why you divorce me
Swara -because I am not swara
Sanskar -really i was not marrying but it happened when on our first night i didn’t touch u because I saw your innocence…by the time learned I came to know your world rotate around your Ragini
Sanskar -i understand first I have to become your friend then your husband. ..we are tide together in a relationship …I love you I want say it to u…but u handover divorce paper ….swara loves happen with person not with name

Before completing sanskar smashed his lips with her in anger..after 5 mints he left and give love bits to her
Swara in pleasure tells she also love him. ..sanskar gives torcher to her lips and collar bones. ..and get up
Sanskar -know I will show you how it feels when someone u love take u out for granted
Swara-sanskar please I am sorry
Sanskar -to hell with your sorry

Next day
Wedding preparation starts in full swing. In all functions sanskar never leave a chance to make swara jealous as same as other….only dp is there for swara …he tried maximum to break alliance but failed
Marriage day
Swara is controlling her tears…make Ragini and radhika ready….sumi make them sit..three is three mandap
Swara-who is Third groom and bride
Sumi-swara he is ap’s sister son arjun. …
Swara -okay
As rituals started……
Sanskar -now my life is taking right path
Swara feels heart broken. ….she can’t able to see so she go back
Ap-you are doing overacting
Sumi-my innocent child
Sanskar -let me tease her little more
Shaan sitting as bride

Shaan -yrr …kahi lenne ke dene na pade
Dp takes swara to side
Do- it’s not time fall weak u have to show courage ..
Swara – dad i have no courage remaining .I have tried many things to stop the marriage but fails
Dp- i have a medicine for gaining courage
Dp takes out rum bottle and gives to swara…
Swara-but papa ji
Dp-i know it’s wrong but to stop this marriage no other way
Swara drink it..
Swara-papa ji i became more nervous
Kavita comes and give bear bottle
Swara -so nice of you
Swara drink it
Swara -how we will stop the marriage
Dp-kavita over plan flops …no effect on her
Kavita -know what we will do
Arjun comes running with a bag full of alcohol. ..
Arjun-no problem uncle I brought many…
Three of them make swara drink 3 bottle of visky know swara become fully talli…
Swara -inside marriage is going on come..we will spoil it
Three of them jump in happiness

Inside all are thinking where swara goes…sanskar is sitting with arrogance. ..swara comes ..all stand in full on attitude and confidence. …but when they see Swara coming holding visky bottle all courage attitude confidence become water….
Arjun -go Jawan win ur battle
All give death grace to dp arjun and kavita
Swara-sanskar muffin marriage play dhool. …as dhool played swara starts doing bhangda….
Swara-i am tired know. …you don’t worry di…I am coming. …in this marriage no viel because in previous wedding it created a blunder. ..
Swara comes three couples stands…..first swara opens Ragini ‘s viel….
Swara-somebody is looking gorgeous. ..but what’s the use its like grapes in gorilla hand
Laksh -it’s langur
Sanskar -forgotten your previous results of correcting her
Laksh remember and screams in fear
Swara-don’t shout…lemon juice. ….di but you use this much lipstick then laukhi jiju lips also become like that
All understand what she means except Ragini
Ragini -how swara
Laksh kick her and tell her in her ears then Ragini blush
Swara-u both sit ….I check next…
Swara removes viel from arjun she is radhika
Swara-u were sanskari’s wife na…..then is sitting with sanskari

Swara remove viel and see shaan…
Shaan -sorry swara it’s all sanskar play.to
Before shaan continue swara sit down and starts crying all try to calm her
Dp-its your plan to show swara important of sanskar in her life
Ap-which you flopped. .
Dp-sorry yrr…but mine is better to unit them
Swara-mummmmy he is going to marry shaan….know understand why he always run away while romance. ..he always stick to shaan or arjun…..maa
Sumi-dont cry we planned it for u beta
Swara-thanx maa that’s why I came to know he is gay.

Swara -that’s why he hate girls. .always trouble girls not boys ….
Shaan -he forcefully made me stand…I am am not gay I have a cute wife and soon going to be father
Swara-really. ….you don’t worry you go to your husband
Shaan -I am husband she is wife…stand with kavita
Swara -don’t worry I will find good boy for u
Sanskar -I am not a gay
Swara -then why are you marrying man
Sanskar -because I was doing fake marriage acting
Swara-but u are marrying a man it’s prove u are a gay
Sanskar-no I am not..

Swara – you are
Sanskar -i am not I did all this to show it feels when someone you love leave u
Swara innocently apologise to sanskar and he forgive they sit and rituals continue. …swara was in complete effect of alcohol. .she was getting bored so she gives money to do fast….marriage complete
Swara -pakka u are not gay
As marriage completes swara holds sanskar hands
Swara -come let’s go
Sanskar -we should take blessing
Swara -that we will take tomorrow
Laksh -why so hurry
Swara comes to Laksh ..Laksh fears
Laksh -Look today I married na…..plzzz don’t make me horse ….I will become horse tomorrow
Swara-hold much u talk ….give me the car keys
Laksh -no way
Swara-just imagine your back got fire and you are running whole hall….instead of celebrating first night…u have to take first aid
Laksh imagine and shout in no and gives car keys. ..swara forcefully taking sanskar
Ap-beta where u taking him.
Swara-no day in our first night
All chuckles sanskar shocked by swara’s boldness. ..swara place Sanskar on passengers seat…and sit on driving seat
Sanskar -i will drive. .

swara -shut up.
Swara drives in 120 speed and reach in mm by the time all comes
Due to alcohol effect swara is not able to perform the rituals so shows knife to sanskar so in the first time in the history groom kick the kalash and dip his foot on red water and walk and leave hand impression on Wall
Sanskar -dad i will see you tomorrow
Dp-if she leave u then only
Swara-come fast…..I want to make first night
Laksh – bhabhi control your self
Swara-u Bharwa bhindi……shut up

Swara takes sanskar to room and close it
Then all hears sanskar cry …like swara my shoulder. ..ouch don’t bite me ..ouch swara my lips you made it like fish fry…..
4 years later
Everyone is happy …..sanskar is a very successful business ….Laksh established a new enterprise with help of SanRag…..
Dp Ap is retired himself from work and enjoying his life with full of life
Shaan is living in Chicago kavya given birth to baby girl…Shania
Raglak has two children ..elder boy his name raiyansh…..and girl priyanka
And swara she has tough a new heights in scientific world……still every one fear from her drunken avtar. .whenever she get drunk she has the same dought is sanskar is a gay

Swasan has 6 children because of swara’s douth. ..sanskar always thinks he will become dhridrasther soon ……

The end

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