Swasan – gaathbandhan (episode _7)

Recap -Shekhar holding asthi kalash

Shekhar cries vigorously
Shekhar -swara beta today 1yrs happen when you gone away by leaving you’re dad
Shekhar -it’s my fault I always compare u will bright students and Ragini. …if I didn’t abused you or hitted on your self respect. . You wouldn’t gone to Mumbai and became heartless animal. ..not be died …I still remember that day when I did your antiyam sanskar and went to kashi vishwanath to do asthi viserjan

Prist-open the clothes tied on kalash and mix asthi in river gangster. ..then dip 3times in river and join hand towards god and come out
Shekhar does so but when he came up 3times he had a girl in his arm…whose condition is very worse
Shekhar and that priest takes her to hospital. …after 4 hrs of operations doctor came out
In doctor cabin
Shekhar -how’s that girl?
Doctor -her condition is very critical. ..her every bones where broken every organ except heart is stopped function her face is damaged. ….
Shekhar -oh God
Doctor -she got injured week before..her wound is saying that
Shekhar -then how she survived so long
Doctor -because the girl body is travelling through cold water of ganga. ..the coldness of water didn’t allow the poison to flow on her body
Shekhar -know what
Doctor-after operation she will not remember anything …
Priest-god has returned you you’re daughter
Shekhar -but
Priest-you remember na what doctors said …it’s gods sign
Operation completed girl got swara’s face
Doctor cabin
Doctor -every thing it’s some fine. But something is above her heart. ..if we touch it then her heart may stop functioning
Shekhar -then
Doctor -i think It is placed by operation …don’t worry button the time it will be relocate when her body starts functions
..Flashback ends

After that I given her your dairies in which u write everything. ..the dairy u have written in Mumbai too I completely make that girl she is swara
In mall
Malik -she is not swara
Raghav -then
Malik -our death……
Both run away
Laksh -bhai are you sure she wants our protection
Sanskar -i am also thinking same
Ragini -but when she learned marshal art. .swara knows only boxing
Swara falls unconscious .they took her to hospital. ..swara got discharge in evening

In mm
Sanskar tells every thing from to today’s include today to every one
Sanskar -i want to go to rajasthan. …to find that chip and pendrive
Ragini -not I we will go
Laksh -have bhai
Sanskar -it’s dangerous
Raglak -so what
Dp-what about swara
Ragini -we will take her with us
Swara – I am not coming with u three
Swara go to her room
Sanskar -u both do your packing … I will inform shaan
Laksh-what about swara ?
sanskar -don’t worry about her

Swasan room
Swara is very nervous her head is paining like hell. ..
Swara-what’s happening with me… when I learned marshal art
Swara -ahhhhhhhh
Swara is hearing many sounds which makes swara cry in pain ……..so she sits under running water
Sanskar comes in room Hear sound of shower so he packs the bag…swara comes out and see sanskar packing her clothes
Swara-why are you packing my clothes
Sanskar -because you are coming with me
Swara -no i am not
Sanskar -i am not asking you
Swara-but I am telling you
Sanskar comes to swara ..swara moves back. ..sanskar comes forward swara’s way stops by wall …
Sanskar -u won’t come
Sanskar kisses her chicks
Sanskar -now
Sanskar kisses her collar bones
Sanskar -now
Sanskar opens her hairs and turn her and moves her hairs in front and kiss her back
Sanskar -now
Sanskar opens the pin holding her sari on her shoulder as result swara’s saare falls from her shoulder
Sanskar -now

Sanskar opens her doori and kisses her back sensually
Swara breathing heavily
Swara-sanskar ji what are you doing
Sanskar -now
Sanskar opens the blouse hook and turn her removes her earing bites earlobes kisses her eyes then nose tip
Sanskar -now
Swara- nnnnooooo
Swara push him and moves sanskar holds her saare and pull out her saare swara falls on bed….sanskar comes on her …looks in her eyes
Swara-get up from me
Sanskar -now
Sanskar kisses her lips lovingly
Sanskar -now
Swara-shockingly see sanskar
Sanskar again kiss her passionately. ..then wildly
Swara push him..
Swara -okay…. get away from me
Sanskar lies opposite to her but hugging her tightly

In morning
All bid bye to each other four of then sit in jeep sanskar driving Laksh on passengers seat Swaragini in back ….after some distance shaan is standing in Burnkha sit with Swaragini
Shaan -hi every one …hi swara
Swara -hi …bewakuf scientist
Shaan -I am not bewakuf
Swara-really ….what was that inauspicious time when I did friendshipwith you
Shaan -very funny
Swara-don’t you have any other Work u agree to work with this chimpanzee …because of him you are moving in burkha. ..and because of u world’s criminal is behind me
Shaan -then who told u to come
Swara-hey godzilla driving he took me
Shaan -sanskar drive fast man
Swara- look people walking fast then this jeep. ….
Shaan -bhai we have to go today not after a month
Laksh -they are right
Ragini -no this is okay. …..if drive in fast mode u can’t tolerate
Sanskar increase the speed jeep become rocket …..Ragini holds the sit tightly shaan holds Ragini’s hand swara holds shaan hairs..
Shaan -my hairssss
They reach airport and take flight to rajasthan than after 5 hrs they reach rajasthan

In rajasthan
They goes to pushkar bhrama dev temple but didn’t find anything …..they return to hotel.
Shaan -it’s clear sanjana means that chip and pendrive is in rajasthan but not in temple
Laksh -it’s clue hidden in first two statement
Sanskar -nexus ka Dhayan rkhna Gandhi ji akle h
Swara -who is this nexus
Shaan -how would I know
Ragini-it may be related to Gandhi ji
Sanskar -yeah let’s find out
Shaan -we should divided and find we have no time we have to rescue shivam and riya
Sanskar -me and Ragini. You and later search
Swara-and me
Sanskar -u sit here only
Swara pouts
Sanskar comes close to swara
Sanskar -don’t be jealous of Ragini
All goes …in night all comes failed

Sanskar -me and Ragini search Gandhi ji park …..Gandhi road school but no clue
Laksh -we also…Gandhi ji marg . …Gandhi public booth no use…here their is no bank on Gandhi ji
They are having dinner in dhabba….they finished
Sanskar -pay the bill
Waiter return the remaining amount. ..as Laksh is getting up his focus goes towards note..he immediately takes it…and send the Waiter
Laksh -yes
Ragini -what happen
Laksh -while we are searching we all seen Gandhi marg were lots of people same as in booth. park.school
Shaan -yes
sanskar -what you want to say
Laksh -then how can Gandhi ji akle…remember what Sanjana said nexus ka Dhayan rkhna Gandhi ji akle h
Swara -then
Laksh -see guys on note here Gandhi ji is alone no person other than him
Sanskar -it means we have to find the next clue were cash are their …bank
Laksh -from goggle app …I find out their are 4 banks in pushkar which provides locker facilities
Shaan tomorrow we will search it

In night
Swara sitting outside hotel and seeing stars
Swara -what’s happening to me. …who is that lady I always dream about. …why i can’t remember anything without my previous dairy
Swara gets up and comes in and see 4 of them discussing
A police officer comes
Police -u 4 are under arrest for planning fake murder of Dr shaan
Ragini -but they have killed him if sanjana didn’t came in BTW
Ragini is completely scared swara is seeing all
Officer burst into laugh then Sanlak shaan
Sanskar-he is my friend com cousin arjun maheshwari
Arjun-sorry bhabhi. ..hey bhadi bhabhi don’t be shock I am your small brother in law
Swara-arjun maheshwari. …real name rishab kundra son of sujata maheshwari ‘s ex-husband….. change girlfriend as recent xgf madhu current gf com wife arohi…lives in chandigarh for name sake original residents goa. ..show your self as inspection but you are asp cbi
All shocks swara rocks

Swara ‘s room
Ragini -how do you know about him
Swara-actually his wife arohi is my friend and rest info Laksh has given me before marriage
Both laugh
In morning
Swara is in hotel. .all goes and search in bank in afternoon they came back
Sanskar -yrr again failed their is no account on the name of sanjana
Arjun-nor in name of u all
Ragini thinks
Ragini -may be on the name of nishaan
Shaan -you are right
They all including swara goes to bank from three bank their no account in fourth they get the account all March to locker..happily …all smile fade away when locker asked pincode
Ragini-know what all this effort gone in waste
Arjun-shitt yrr
Swara -forget nexus
Shaan -nexus is the pincode
Sanskar -how
Shaan -take out your mobile the alphabet comes on which no.say
Sanskar -63987
Laksh does so……password email excepted …locker opens its only contains pendrive
Shaan -it’s only have pendrive
Ragini -she must kept some clue in it
Voice -you don’t worry for it i will find out
Shaan -sahil

Recap-pendrive files are deleted ……engineers says it is deleted 24hrs before. ….sahil gives time to find chip to all

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