Swasan – gaathbandhan (episode _6)

Recap -Laksh saved sanskar from Ragini’s step

Sanlak hugs each other
Sanskar -bhai you saved me today
Laksh -welcome bhai…I am feed up of acting in want to teach Ragini a lesson for insulting me….so I came to know about swara….I must say she is so innocent fool……I easily trapped her….on wedding date I came to know swara is same girl u are searching for …so I manipulated Ragini. ….in short from one shot we got three wickets
Sanskar -Ragini got insulted by me….u able to create hatred BTW soul sisters and I find swara
All their conversation is heard by Ragini she comes clapping what stroke Laksh we played man ….
Ragini -you more on do you know why I insulted that day u remember kavya …
Laksh -yes
Ragini -you said u love her made her fun later
Laksh -yeah that’s we all prank on her
Ragini -u know what after knowing that u did prank on her she committed suicide and her dad died by heart attack of loosing his young daughter
Laksh -shocked I. .I. ..I. I didn’t know it
Ragini – and u Sanskar I slapped you because u where going to smoke where explosive gas tank were kept ..from your one light of match box thousands of people may lost their lives on that anger I slapped u and u without listening anything
gone from their

Sanlak curse themselves for hurting Ragini without her mistake. .
Sanskar &Laksh apologise to Ragini for their mistakes
Ragini -I will forgive you both for everything for every torcher for abusing me…….but never forgives u both for what you did with my shona….u both played with her emotions …u both made her marriage a game
Laksh -we did wrong but to marry Swara with their a reason …but what I also don’t know
Sanskar tells them everything of project nishaan about Riya and shivam kidnapping shaan fake death sanjana’s hint and her death and goons behind swara
Sanskar -yesterday that goons have came to kidnap swara her life is in big danger whole interpole is behind her
Ragini -why swara
Sanskar – because after me Swara is only close friend of shaan
Ragini – but swara never went to u.s
Laksh – we can talk from phone etc na
Sanskar – don’t let swara alone
They discuss something they went towards door and see Swara standing with flood of tears
Ragini -swara
Swara runs to her room and cry vigorously. ..three see it they decided to give her some times

At night
Because of swara everyone question them so they told everything but not about threat and project. ..all were sitting worried then hear swara coming holding brandy bottle …all became worried
Swara -koi Margya kya itni shanti kyu h
Swara -you choti …my baby ..you go and study….go go
Ap sign Uttra to go so she go
Sanskar -swara u have drunk again
Swara-hey champu makhaneshwari..no sadeshwari…no what’s your surname
Sanskar remember that day slap so he immediately say
Sanskar -maheshwari
Swara-good buffalo
Laksh -it’s good boy na
Swara comes towards Laksh
Swara-hold this bottle
Laksh did it ..Swara slap him …all looks shockingly towards swara …Swara take back the bottle
Swara- my husband my property i will call him buffalo or gorilla. …why is your kidney itching
Swara-by the way what’s was ur name…laukhi..langur….limka…
Laksh -Laksh. ..
Swara -you stupid idiot monkey. .even though u cheated me but I was happy hopping you are good man my di life is in safe hands. …but u are creep. .
Ap-swara beta
Swara-maa meri maa auski maa meri maa….Jake sooja maa
Ap chuckles swara comes towards dp
Swara-papa I said correct na Sanskar name doesn’t suits him ….leave that what happen to your head not even one hair is grown
All control their laugh

Dp-it feed away
Swara -because of them na …such stupid sons u got don’t worry still u look handsome. ..Swara kiss on Dp’s for head…..even though ur crops of head is damaged but you’re heart is field with greenery ….kiss on Dp’s cheeks
Swara-papa ji u also go and sleep. ..go na
Ap&dp goes by thumb to three of them…
Swara-di not I am the fool alone u to become big one then we… di I am am hungry please give me somethingto eat please na
Ragini nodes and go to kitchen and cries seeing swara’s condition
Swara-sanskar u moron open your belt
Laksh -have some shame it’s hall and we are hear
Swara comes to him…kick on his private place. .Laksh hiss in pain Sanskar fears for himself
Swara -Laksh bend down like horse
Laksh -why
Swara -don’t questions me otherwise
Laksh bend down …Swara comes to sanskar
Swara-hold my waist ….and support me in standing
Sanskar -but
Swara -show knife
Sanskar immediately support swara …swara pull out curtain comes to Laksh and cover him with curtain and sit on his back
Laksh -my back
Swara slap him

Swara-ssshhhh don’t disturb me
Ragini comes and shock to see Swara sitting on Laksh back holding bottle and belt
Swara-fed me with your hand mine is busy …and u Shankar dance for me
Sanskar -i don’t know dancing
Swara break the bottle on floor start dancing otherwise u have to dance on this broken glass
Sanskar starts dancing like hritik roshan swara eating and gives sometimes to Laksh to Laksh become tired to he started shivering swara hit is back with belt
Swara-don’t move ….and u dance like heroine. ….if not I will get up and make u dance of glass pieces
Sanskar starts dancing like heroine Ragini is laughing seeing sanskar. …Laksh I can do better plzzz
Swara -okay
Both Sanlak starts pol dancing
Swara-di hold me and take me to them…Ragini does so …Swara hitted them with belt
Swara-move your butts…..
Ragini laugh..sanlak gives them dead glance
Swara remember their betrayed towards Ragini so she hitted them hardly …..Ragini somehow controlled swara……swara holds sanskar collar and takes him towards their room
Laksh -sanskar agar zinda bacch gye toh kal milege

Swasan room
Swara push him on bed swara comes on him..
Swara -you are looking hot baby….
Sanskar -i think your intention is not god
Sanskar push swara and gets up …..swara holds his hand….sanskar act as madhuri dixit when salman khan her hands
Sanskar -breathing heavily. .swara live me…for god sake
Swara -then how will I fulfil my lust s*xy
Sanskar runs swara behind him and tears his sleeves. …by hearing his sounds raglak comes and knock the door
Laksh -bhai what happen
Ragini -Swaraaa
Sanskar -Ragini teri behan Dushasan Bangyi h
Laksh -swara please leave my bhai …how he show his face to anyone
Swara-hey don’t disturb me I want to rape him
Sanskar -bhai bacchale apne bhai ko
Swara-if you come inside then I will make u horse again and di u will also dance
By hearing it both disappear ..swara removes sanskar shirt and pink him to wall…..kiss his cheeks then his eyes
Swara-sanskar when u showed you’re care towards me. If feel secured. ..in morning you asked by I huged you ….because I feel safe in your arms. ..i though you want to give our marriage a chance. ..but u played with my feelings
Swara takes his paam and place it above her heart
Swara -it hurts sanskar. ..you three break played very well. ..it’s better that they kidnapped me
Swara goes from him and sleep on bed sanskar feels her pain

In Mumbai
City hospital
Malik and raghav place gun on the doctor
Malik -i want to know about swara gadodiya case
Doctor -that gangster
Raghav -yes…..
Malik -bring that file
Doctor ask his assistant to bring it and he brings it
Doctor -swara was died before bringing her to hospital …her heart is blasted due to bullets ….and this is her postmortem report
Malik -who collected her body…
Doctor -her dad Mr Shekhar gadodiya
Outside hospital
Malik -may be after receiving her body any miracle happen
Raghav -let’s check in shamshan
They check their and get to know Shekhar has done swara antiyamsanskar
Priest-I myself had done her antiyam sanskar and given the ash to Shekhar ji
Raghav -then who is she
Malik -that we know in kolkatta. ..let’s go

In morning
Swara gets up and see sanskar sleeping swara gets up and clean the room. ..and remember the conversation among Sanlakrag
Swara takes out a bottle is about to drink but stops by sanskar
Sanskar -what are you doing?
Swara-drinking to loose my sense
Sanskar -if u want punish punish me .don’t punish yourself
Swara didn’t say anything. .she again take the bottle but in next second she feel burning sensation in her cheeks
Sanskar -angrily. . .u can’t hurt yourself
Swara slap him
Swara-who the hell are u to order me
Sanskar holds her shoulder and pink her to wall
Sanskar -i am your husband. …if u want you can punish me u can beat me but u don’t have any right to punish yourself or leave me
Before she saw something sanskar smash his rough lips with her soft lips ..after sometimes he go

In break fast table
All were having breakfast swara is playing with spoon
Ap-beta have it don’t play with it
Ragini understand
Ragini -maa actually swara doesn’t know to eat rice
All laugh swara pouts
Dp-come I will feed u….
Swara goes to dp and he feeds her
Dp-it return u have to do two things
Dp-promise me u will feel alone. ..any matter u will tell me…I will pull out this too idiot skin
Swara nodes
Dp-all help Uttra in shopping
Swara -done dana done

In mall
Along with swara and Uttra Sanlak send Ragini
In mall raghav and Malik also comes they shocks by seeing swara after shopping. ….many goons attacked them Ragini calls Sanlak
Goons hitted swara with rod ….Ragini and Uttra were holded by goons
Malik-she is some one else she can’t be swara
Raghav -take her
As goons try to hold her hair he gets a nice punch from sanskar. ..sanlak starts beating Uttra and Ragini tries to get swara conscious but no use goons attacks them so they also involve in fight ….
Goons were overpowering Sanlak and ragttra. ..goons have holded four of them …one is moving towards swara
Sanskar -don’t dare to touch swara
Ragini -someone plzzz help
Laksh -I will kill u
Swara lying with blood is flowing from her body
Swara get vision of a lady
Lady- beta get up they have made u bride of death know it upto u …..beta we are to die it will happen it’s true but die like a soldier not like a creep
Swara opens her eyes gets up….
4 of them-run away Swara
Swara stands their as the goon came near her…in seconds the goon is down with blood from nose
Swara gets all with Marshall art techniques 4 of them stands in shock
Malik -yeah woh ni h
Raghav -why bhai
Malik-yeah koi aur ha…
In Gd mansion
Shekhar taking out a asthi kalash

Recap-swasan raglak shaan in rajasthan. ….Shekhar remembering that past

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