Swasan – gaathbandhan (episode _5)

Recap -shaan reveling the past.
sanskar -idiot she has given the clue to reach towards the chip and pendrive
Shaan -oh shit…she was given me the hint …I thought she has gone mad
Sanskar -but what it means nexus ka Dhayan rkhna Gandhi ji akle h ..shristi ke racheita ke pass
Shaan -shristi ke racheita ke pass. ..it’s some place
Sanskar -producer of the world. …what it relates to. ..
Shaan -not getting
Sanskar -god help us
Later sometimes they discuss and sanskar goes to home

Next day
Swara wake up her head is paining like hell….
Sanskar -any tashan baazi remaining
Swara -what happen ….did I do anything
Sanskar -really
Sanskar tells every thing to swara….Swara feel embraced swara comes down and apologies so innocently to all so all forgiven her
Ap-beta today is both of yours pagphere ….but beta we kept satyanarayan pooja so come fast…..
Ragini -ok maa

In Gd mansion
Swara has wore pink saare Ragini has wore red saare both are looking stunning. . Sanskar in white t-shirt and pink suit and blue jeans and Laksh with black jacket and white t-shirt and black jeans
They enter sumi does their arti…and hugs Swaragini. . Shekhar fumes seeing sanskar
Sanskar -Sasur ji don’t burn your blood by seeing me it will lead you to heart attack. ….and in this age I have to find new Sasur for Sasu maa
Ragini -behave yourself
Sanskar -you will teach me too behave
Ragini -yes because no one teach u in childhood
Sanskar -really
Laksh -sanskarrrrrrr don’t forget
Sanskar -that I am talking to your wife
Ragini -let it be. Laksh he doesn’t know to respect girls then what you expecting him to respect relationship
Shekhar -you are right ….blo*dy womaniser
Swara-shouts enough All of you ..we are here for a rituals not play an insult games. …and u are abusing him as womaniser don’t forget I am his wife and your daughter made me married to him
Swara-and di. relationship respect doesn’t suit to hear from you. ..and mom i didn’t you call us hear to insult us
Swara started crying all feels sad
Dida-don’t cry beta…..know no one will fight okay
Swara-innocently promise
Dida-pinky promise

Later they finish the rituals and goes to mm swasan in one car and raglak in other while in BTW many goons attacked swasan car….sanskar said swara to be in car
He fight with goons he beaten up all blue and black he was going back to car one of the goon hit him from back…their leader stands …Swara comes out and raglak also comes. …leader is extremely shocked and as raglak comes everyone runs away
They goes to mm and pooja starts all where sitting except sanskar. …as he was busy in calls after finishing his calls he came back to sit but stops by prist statement
Prist-lord bhrama is known as world’s producer so on
Sanskar remember sanjana’s statement and call shaan
Sanskar-hello…shaan I don’t about first two words by third line ..shristi ke racheita mean god bhrama
Shaan -it means it is related to bhrama dev…what may be yrr river bhramaputtra no
Sanskar -may be bhrama dev temple because she said shristi ke racheita ke pass
Shaan -pushkar ..rajasthan
Sanskar -what
Shaan -yes sanskar in entire world their is only one temple of bhrama dev and that’s in rajasthan
Sanskar -means our destination is in rajasthan
In Mumbai
That leader comes to Mumbai he is highly feared and running through road like mad he reach to a old factory which fully covered by goons the man comes inside where his boss gangster malik is sitting. .the man comes running to him
Man-bhai bhai
Malik-what happen raghav
Man-bhai woh woh zinda h woh zinda h
Malik-who is alive
Raghav tell him every thing
Malik -are you mad
Raghav-then shows the photo of girls whose kidnapping order we get
Malik check and shock
Malik-how is this possible I myself shoot full magazine on her chest three times….how could it be happen
Malik- if u are right you were not alive to tell this and I am also died…it’s maybe u mistaken
Raghav -I am100% sure
Malik -how swara can be alive I have killed her by my hand…..the terror of Mumbai still by her name Mumbai shivers
Raghav-that international gangster sahil is behind her for kidnapping her they given us contract. ………..
Malik -what ….how it is possible. …….I have killed her with my hands ….moreover what you said she was shivering when you all attacked her………if she is swara then she have killed you all alone
Raghav -tells about swara’s marriage and all
Malik -now I am 100% sure she can’t be swara …if she is swara then Ragini must be died and sanskar must be brutally killed and Laksh must be her husband ..because swara we know only know to get by hook or crook …for her getting is important how it get she doesn’t bother
Raghav -bhai but we all seen her alive in kolkatta
Malik-shouts Swaraaaaaaa tu zinda kaise ho skti h

In swasan room
Swara-does it paining
Sanskar -no its making me feel good stupid
Swara cries
sanskar -i have got the wound and you are crying
Swara -sorry…let me apply medicine
Swara is applying medicine on his wound and crying as she got that wound on her sanskar seeing her lovingly
Sanskar to himself -she so innocent how anyone can hurt her
Suddenly shortcruit happen so lites off
Sanskar -I will go and check
Swara -please don’t go na please …tightly hugs sanskar. …sanskar cares her back both lie on bed hugging each other
Next day
Morning lite falls on sanskar face he opens his eyes and see his beautiful queen sleeping on his chest like a baby……Swara opens her eyes and see sanskar starring her lovingly both have eye lock ….both leaning to each other but came to sense by the knock
Swara gets up and run to Wash room ..sanskar opens the door
Ragini -come down for pooja
Sanskar -sure bhabhi ji
Ragini goes
Swara comes out wearing blue saare and sanskar goes to bath and comes out wearing towel
Swara is combing her hairs she saw sanskar perfect six pack through mirror and sanskar see her staring him
Sanskar comes towards swara. .Swara stands to go but sanskar holds her hand and pull her towards him swara falls on his chest
Sanskar -what’s happening ha….yesterday you are crying because of my injury
Swara try to go but sanskar turn her towards mirror and back hugs her and place his head on her shoulder
Sanskar -biwi you have became tomato in shy ….their is something you yesterday night not ready to leave me
Swara -that because of darkness
Sanskar -but I am bad guy na …..in morning you are going to kiss me ha know something something
Swara-no ji nothing
They hear the knock on the door so swara push sanskar and goes to open the door but sanskar stops her and pink her to wall
Sanskar -u feel nothing ha
Swara nodes
Sanskar kiss her collar bones swara turn red in shy
Swara breathing heavily
Swara -san….sanskar ji what are you doing
Sanskar kisses her chicks
Sanskar -if you don’t feel anything then why you are blushing
Swara-wooo. …woh
Sanskar -don’t be hurry take your time Swara darling

In hall
All where doing pooja in last
Ap-beta it’s very Pavitre kumkum of vaishnodevi ….Sanlak come forward and fill it in your wife’s for head
Ragini -how sanskar can
Sanskar -what you mean Ragini
Ragini -according to Indian law before divorce to first wife second marriage isn’t valid
Dp-what u mean Ragini
Ragini -means I came to know from my source you where married to kavita u both separate but didn’t divorce so your and swara marriage is invalid
Dp-it can’t be true…my son can’t do it
Sanskar -it’s truth
Ap slaps sanskar
Ap-i didn’t accepts this from u
Ragini -come swara let’s go you are free
Sanskar -wait a minute Ragini …..I didn’t divorce kavita because our marriage was not accepted by court so according to law I was not married to kavita secondly kavita is happily married to shaan
Sanskar comes close to Ragini and say in her ears not bad ha better luck next time
Sanskar goes to his room stands in front of window some one also enter the room
sanskar -if you didn’t told me about Ragini’s moves i would have failed today
Person -my pleasure
Sanskar -thanks a lot Laksh

In next episode all confusion will be solved

Recap-swara became drunk and make sanskar item girl

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