Swasan – gaathbandhan (episode _4)

Recap -swara run away
Sanskar comes to his cabin but didn’t find her …and see window open so he goes to camera room from their he came to know that swara run away from Window
On otherside
Swara hitted with rishi he was drunk
Rishi-who are you. .? Why are you crying
Swara -mjhe andhere se Darlagta h
Rishi- I like this darkness because in this darkness I lost tanu
Swara -so let’s search her she must be waiting for you na
Rishi-she has gone to that world where we can’t go…
Swara -sorry
They talk about each other …. but swara ‘s fear increase due to night so to lesser her fear she drink the full bottle of wine

In mm
Sanskar comes shouting swara’s name
Sanskar -come out Swara i know you are here
Ap-what are you saying she didn’t came here
Sanskar -I know she is hiding. ..because I locked her in my cabin and switch off the lite
Ragini comes towards sanskar and gives tight slap
Ragini -how dare you to lock my swara in dark room ….where is she if any thing happens to her i will not spare u
Sanskar -you have to pay for this first I will bring your sister then see you And goes out

In Gd mansion
All were having dinner at that time sanskar comes
Sanskar -Swaraaaaaaa
Shekhar -how dare you come here
Sanskar -I am not came here to stay ….I came to take swara back
Sumi-what rubbish are you speaking why she should be here …..
sanskar -don’t lie
And get inside and start to search for swara …..in the meanwhile raglak comes tell everything to them…after searching sanskar comes down. ..Sumi holds sanskar collar
Sumi- where is my child. .. I want my child back … teary falls on her feet. ..don’t punish my daughter. …she is innocent
Ragini support her in standing
Ragini -don’t worry maa I will bring my swaru back
Sanskar goes from their and search for her in every corner
Sanskar -swara please come back. …I have to find her she doesn’t know she is in big danger
Someone put hand on his shoulder sanskar turn and see the person and tightly hugs him….
Person -sanskar
Sanskar -swara is missing shaan
Shaan-(from hamari bahu rajnikant)how. ?
sanskar tells every thing
Shaan -you married to swara
Sanskar -yes man..we are searching for swara ..but we didn’t Able to trace her we all trying our best in this time I met with Ragini many tashan happen BTW us in revenge my focus gone on Ragini but I asked my man to search her…..
Shaan -you seriously loves Ragini
Sanskar -no man ….then I came to know on the wedding date that the girl we are searching for …has become my wife. …you know the threat on her whole underworld. Is behind her to reach to scientist Dr. S
Shaan- s means Dr sanjana dewan ….but they don’t know that day gangster rajat has killed sanjana not shaan
Sanskar -what about rajat
Shaan -don’t know much that entire jet is blast…no one was saved ..she was very brave she knows she was going to die but didn’t think about herself instead she hide the chip to save our country
Sanskar -it’s all because of our project nishaan. ……..I was the one who invested and forced you to start this project because of it shivam and riya is in their capture ..swara’s life is in danger. ..I angried on her because she came alone if anyone seen her then
Shaan -sanskar we have to do Something before everything goes out of control
Sanskar -but before we have to find swara
Shaan – I will help you
Sanskar -no its dangerous shaan if they saw u then
Shaan -ok but inform me
Sanskar -okay

On road side
Swara and rishi is totally drunk they did many damage to many stall and breaks the glass of the show room both where in full on taali
Sanskar searching swara like mad and by searching he reach to same show room
Sanskar -sir did you seen a girl she has wore saare
Owner -no don’t trouble me
Sanskar -sir she is fair….I have her photo have a look
Owner -show it
Sanskar -see
Owner -she ..this the same girl who came with her friend and broken our showroom glass
Sanskar -feared ..Sir
Owner -kaalu.shera..jaggi. ..ramu catch him tie till ….we don’t get remuneration
Sanskar -easy I will pay
Owner -then okay
Sanskar ask to many stall keeper and many people but they came after them to beat him
Sanskar -hey Bhagwan she will definitely make me late sanskar maheshwari
On otherside
Rishi and swara sitting on tree and people are shouting from down to come down
Sanskar while running he see group of people so he thought to mix in them as he came he say swara sitting on branch of tree with a man
Rishi brother manpret comes…sanskar and manpret calls both to come down
People -doyou know them
Swara and rishi jump down
Swara -he is my brother (pointing toward manpret )
Rishi -he is my husband(sanskar )
Sanskar -when he became your brother
Manpret -bhai in tanu’s sorrow you married a man….yak
People -because of them we have suffered a lot
Swara -he is my miketison he will beat up all
Rishi -and he is Jackie chaan
People jump on sanskar and manpret to beat them they both some how escape and take their respective person and run away …..while going swara omitted on sanskar suit pocket
Sanskar -yeak. ..Chiiiii. ..and remove his suit
Swara- you donkey maheshwari. ..you kissed me two times do you think my lips are your private property
Sanskar -swara how much you drunk
Swara-u white sparrow how dare you leave me in dark and tears his shirt pocket
Sanskar to himself -today definitely she will rape me
Swara-why you are quite. …hey monkey muffli no monkey pagleshwari. ..eh what is your surname
Sanskar doesn’t reply so swara slap him Sanskar looks her shockingly
Sanskar -maheshwari
Swara-good buffalo
Sanskar-it’s good boy na
Swara-don’t question me…I am tired so hold me in your arms
Sanskar -I am tired
Swara place broken glass on his neck hold me. .. sanskar without any option holds her in her arm

In mm
Sanskar reach their all shocks to see Swara playing with sanskar face .and sanskar condition. ….. ..he keeps her down on sofa
Ap-what happen to you both
Sanskar -my condition is due to her and her condition due to alcohol
Ragini -she has consumed alcohol
Ap-Uttra beta take her to room
Uttra-come bhabhi
As she was going but stops and comes to dp
Dp-what happen beta
Swara-i have a question
Swara-kya sochke auska naam sanskar dalaa..kis angel se Yeh sanskar type lgta h
Dp chuckles. …Swara comes to Ap
Swara-maa you are fair dad is fair sanskar is fair aullu is fair then Yeh kaise (Laksh )kaise hogya
(Laksh fan don’t kill me I am just kidding )
Before she continues sanskar keep his hands on her mouth and take her to room ….later after swara sleep he goes to farmhouse

Farm house
Sanskar- shaan I don’t know how I will save swara from the external terror
Shaan- god ….for knowing doctor s they all are behind swara
Sanskar-but I don’t know why they are behind swara
Shaan- because she is the only my close friend……that’s why they attacked her many time
Sanskar- for stopping this attack we have to find that chip and pendrive
Shaan- what’s the use of it
Sanskar- look for restarting that project they need doctor sanjana but she died ,…..they came to know it today or tomorrow but it they get that chip and pendrive if they got then rest work is easy…..do u have any idea where is that chip and pendrive
Shaan- no yrr that chip and pendrive with sanjana
Sanskar- okay tell me what exactly happen that day
Shaan-that day we are going to hide ourself in island and I have wear the parasuit but before sanjana could wear it we were cought by don rajat and we both were taken to plane
Our hands where tide and we where sitting on knee’s
Rajat-give me that chip and pendrive …..otherwise I will kill u…
Shaan- no we won’t give ….you will destroy our country ..lots of people will die its better we die
Rajat-then get ready to die like insect
Sanjana- shaan yeah kutta kya Jane apne vathan ke liye Marne ka junoon kya hota h
Rajat- really but don’t worry first I will do your brain mapping then kill u both
Rajat- open their hands
Flashback ends
Shaan- I saw the tension in sanjana’s face when he said brain mapping
Sanskar- why
Shaan-dont know…..brain mapping result is positive only when the control over brain control is week
As our hand were freed sanjana start fighting with them and I also joined her then she take a gun from one of the goon and we hide and started shooting the goons..but luck was not with us that day…only one bullet remaining
Sanjana -shaan ….nexus ka Dhayan rkhna …Gandhi ji akle h…shristi ke racheita ke pass
Shaan -???
We both came out near the gate
Rajat-dont think to open the door and run away because we are 20000ft above from land
Sanjana -shaan open the door (audible only to shaan)
Rajat-give don’t need shaan as we got doctor sanjana
Flashback ends
Shaan -sanskar that day death was on my head but she died in my place.As rajat shoot bullet towards me but sanjana push me out from door and bullets hit her and she also jump……and shoot bullet on plane and it blast
Shaan -as I have wore parachute I save but she fallen from 20000 ft …but I did understand what she wants to say
Sanskar playful hit his head with paam

Any one guess what Sanjana want to say
I know all were confused. ,,,,but in next two episodes you’re doubts will be clear
Recap-action time…..Ragini first attack on sanskar

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  1. Rosey

    Wow it’s amazing yar totally mysterious
    And drunken Swara was so good I like that Swara and poor Sanskaar

  2. Rosey

    Wow it’s amazing yar totally mysterious
    And drunken Swara was so good I like that Swara and poor Sanskaar
    Plz try to upload next faster

  3. Simin

    What a mystery yaar
    Sanskar is not wrong he has reason behind this

  4. mou(swasan lover)


  5. Unable to guess yaar…!! loved it..!!

  6. Arshaanya

    Wow loved it…
    Plzz give some punishment to ragini…
    Want to see her suffer

  7. Mysterious

  8. Vyshu10

    Awesome…..drunk swara n helpless sanky r so much fun….haha…wt all names she gave to sanky. I m still trying to decode…who s nexus, gandhi ji n shristi ki rachaita??? One among the 3 must b swara……

  9. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Hahaha,drunk swara and poor sanky??.. It’s super dear.. Loved it.. Keep it up. Waiting for nxt.
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  10. Nice

  11. KrsytleS

    Supebb Dr ….
    Drunk swara and helpless sanky it’s super Dr….
    Waiting for next part

  12. Wow loved it ❤️

  13. A.xx

    Aaaah!!! so Sansku isn’t negative he wanted Rags to protect her but it was Swara who he needed to protect.xx

  14. Soujanya

    Awesome… Sanskar is positive

  15. Mind blowing

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