Swasan- gaathbandhan (episode _2)

Recap -swasan raglak marriage

In mm
As sanskar comes all comes after them ….sanskar takes out Swara from car …and hold her hand and drag her by standing on the door sanskar shout to bring kalash and all
Servants bring to kalash and kumkum thaal and aarti thaal as Ap takes arti thaal and moves towards swasan do arti in BTW Laksh try to push the thaal but sanskar holds Laksh hand all rituals completed they comes in
Ap-Uttra take your bhabhi’s to their room
Ragini -aunty we both will stay in guest room as you know my and Laksh marriage is to teach lesson to sanskar and we all didn’t accept swasan marriage so
Sanskar -adharniye bhabhi ji …..it’s your problem you accepts your marriage or not..but don’t judge mine …… . Today is our first night
Laksh holds sanskar collar
Laksh -don’t you do are to touch her …she is mine only mine
Sanskar push Laksh
Sanskar -she was yours but know she is my newly wedded bride my wife
Ragini -please sanskar don’t be so cruel look at her condition
Sanskar – bhabhi you don’t worry her husband will take care of her…….
Sanskar holds swara in his arm and moves towards his room while entering the room sanskar turn
Sanskar -don’t dare to spoil my first night……and close the door
Ragini falls on her feet and cry vigorously
Ragini -what I have done to take my revenge I send my little swara to beast ….but I promise you swara i will free u from his clutch
Ap-what u both did can’t be reset …..u both go and have rest

Swasan room
As swara land her on bed swara comes in sense and see sanskar with fear
Swara -please don’t come near me
Sanskar no reply
Swara -I didn’t do anything. …please don’t come near me
As swara moving back on bed she gets and run towards door but sanskar holds her hand and pull her towards him swara falls on his chest
Sanskar looks swara remove her jewellery and throw then on floors
Swara-plz leave me
Sanskar didn’t give any attention to her request. ..sanskar through her duppat…and throw her on bed then remove his sherwani comes on her …Swara is pleading him .but it is not affected him…..he is lustly looking at her face …..then view transferredto her lips he lean to her lips and tears flowing they were a inch apart …sanskar gets up from her and cover her with blanket
Sanskar -sleep

Suddenly they here shouting sounds of raglak from door …..
Sanskar press his thumb on swara’s lips gentle apply lipstick on his thumb below his lips as it’s a kissed mark and open the door
Ragini where shock to see sanskar and Laksh takes a back ….Ragini looks toward room where jewellery and swara dupatta …
Ragini -why my sona is crying. .?
Sanskar -because of pain
Ragini -whatt
Sanskar -my wife and your sister first tym lost her virginity na that’s why
Laksh -how dare you touch my sona
Sanskar -excuse me my shona no…she is mine. ……and I don’t need anyone permission to love my wife
Ragini -love or lust
Sanskar -what you want to say ..say it because love or lust I have done it with my wife not with u
Laksh tries to enter but sanskar stops him
Sanskar -Laksh to see her in that condition only I have the rights
Raglak became like ground below their foot goes
Sanskar -look my first night is not over please don’t spoiled my mood
Raglak try to say something but sanskar close the door on their face
Sanskar lies besides swara and pull her towards him in this process swara shout in fear…sanskar tight hug her
Swara-plz leave me Sanskar ji …sanskar ji it’s paining
By swara’s words raglak became helpless …

Raglak room
Laksh -what I have done to teach sanskar a lesson what …..I lost my soul
Ragini -it’s better that I would married that creep ….
Ragini – because of me my sister is suffering.
Laksh -Ragini we can’t lose our hope like this week have to free our swara from his clift
Ragini -I promise I will save my swara

Next morning

Swasan room
Swara gets up first and see sanskar sleeping peaceful. ..Swara gets up and take a bath and change in blue saare and comes down. ..
Ap-beta are you fine
Swara- ji maa
Raglak see Swara they comes towards her but swara go away from them…both feel sad

In kitchen
Swara is cooking food with the help of ap Ragini comes. ..Swara didn’t see her as she is cooking. ….Ragini looks toward Ap. …Ap nodes and go
Ragini comes close to swara
Ragini -shona
Swara no response
Ragini -shona. ..you will not talk to your di ..I know did wrong with you. ..shona ..I did to show him how it feels when someone play with your emotions he is a blo*dy creep womaniser. He destroyed your di ..,he told everyone that he has used me …. because of him dad image was spoiled because of him Laksh loss his business because of him many suffered and suffering
Swara-di and you made your sister married to that man
Ragini doesn’t have any answer to swara questions
Swara -you and your husband betrayed me you both made me fool
Ragini -we marr
Swara -enough di….enough is enough. …you both made my life biggest joke. .the person whom I loved who shown me dream to become his wife knowingly married my sister. …..my di who ready me as bride cheated me by sitting in my place and married my would be husband
Ragini- teary eye swara i am sorry
Swara -please di your sorry can’t change my destiny know
Swara goes and Ragini cries sanskar comes
Sanskar -awww bhabhi what happen
Ragini -I won’t leave u
Sanskar -what will u do….? U think I go check my wife
Ragini -u
Sanskar -I am a fire by playing with me you only burn yourself

Breakfast time
Except Ap all ladies where serving food one of the curry finished so Ap told servant to bring curry due disbalance falls on Ragini
Swara-diiiiiii….oh my God it’s hurting na ….. (to servant )don’t u eye’s what are you thinking while talking ha…..what are waiting for bringing ice water and first aid kit
Swara does Ragini aid while Ragini is looking her lovingly sanskar with shock
Ap-shall I call the doctor
Swara -Ha maa
Ragini -no I am fine. ….relax shona I am fine
Swara goes from their
Ragini -see sanskar I got wound but it pained my swara……she can be angry with her di but she can’t see her di in pain nor she can’t hate me
Sanskar goes angrily

Swara going to room Laksh holds her pin to wall
Laksh -swara please talk to me….give me punishment what you want …but don’t be silent you’re silence is killing me
Swara-plz leave me know i am your brother’s wife
Laksh tight his grip
Laksh -your only mine. .and lean to her lips but suddenly he falls in floor he look up and heart break to see sanskar kissing swara
Sanskar break the kiss swara eyes filled with tears sanskar looks toward Laksh and smrikes ….Swara goes towards room but sanskar holds her hand from behind
Sanskar -Laksh it’s ausome to see u like this see you later bye

Swasan room
Sanskar through swara on floor and comes to her and hold his hairs ..Swara hiss in pain
Sanskar – swara this is first time that’s why I warning u….stay 5 foot away from raglak. .next tym curry falls or acid on Ragini don’t dare to show sympathy for her…got it…if you try to go against me. ..it won’t be good

Recap-swara run away. …..sanskar boil in anger

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  2. Arshaanya

    Raglak dumbos….
    Hate dem to d core bt happy coz of dem swasan got married…
    Ragini swara loves u truly dats y she cnt see u in pain bt wat u did wid her is unfrgvble… i dun want want swara to forgive raglak ever… even wen evrythng gets srtd out btwn swasan i dun want her to frgve dem… chappy was superb
    Swaraz evry word to ragini was ????

    1. Unknown

      Thnx yrr. …for liking my story

  3. Why is Sanskar is rude towards everyone. But sorry to say laksh and ragini’s mistake is not forgivable. Sanskar will take time to change himself.

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    i really enjoyed it i m very angry on Rag:Lak due to them our swsan are suffering
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