Swasan- gaathbandhan (episode _1)

A beautiful marriage hall decorated beautifully with white and pink orchids with two mandap one is of SanRag and other swalak …….. . Marriage is completed brides are in veil all were happy suddenly Laksh and his bride starts clapping then shekhar and dadi join them
Laksh – sheyy and maat bhai
Sanskar – what
Laksh -you wanted Ragini as trophy to show every one that you can get what SM wants…….but u lost sanskar bhai
Sanskar – what you mean
Laksh bride remove her viel it turns to be Ragini
All shocks except raglak
Sanskar bride remove her viel and she is swara…Swara comes towards Ragini and give tight slap
Swara – Ragini. ….u for winning made me married to him who I don’t know rather than his name. ….
Laksh – holds swara shoulder shona calm down
Swara jerk his hands
Swara-don’t you dare Laksh maheshwari. …….what I complain you my sister herself cheated me then what I expect from my bf whom I loved from my soul
Shekhar comes towards Ragini
Shekhar-whats this Ragini you said you will arrange some other girl
Laksh -uncle we don’t get anyone so
Ap-Laksh what is going on would you please tell us. …..
Dp-before some days u where dying to get married to swara then what is this
Ragini -actually uncle your elder son is a creep blo*dy bustard he considers others as stupid or his servant he has pride to be the great sm
Laksh -for Ragini’s one slap he has destroyed her.in all means her carrier her self respect
Swara-if you want di..u must told me once. …..I would have moved from your path
Shekhar -I didn’t accepted this marriage
Ragini – look swara no one accepted this marriage and Laksh loves you. …we will divorce soon and u both would marry
Swara is sitting lifeless. .
Sumi-enough all have their explanation what about my daughter
Laksh -don’t worry auntie I will marry her know
Ragini -yes maa……pandit ji start the mantras
Sumi-what are you saying are you out of mind…. you are marrying your sister with your husband
Ragini -mom we married to teach sanskar a lesson we don’t mean anything other than that
Laksh hold swara’s hand and taking her toward mandap swara is moving as a lifeless but suddenly swara stops Laksh turn and see sanskar holding swara’s hand
Sanskar -wait a sec lucky. ……for marring her you have to take her husband permission and talk by maintaining proper dignity she is your bhabhi
Sanskar -Ragini sheyy on matt ….Ragini you are right i consider you as medal but but by making me married to your sister you ….your self given me your strength from one marriage is got 2 advantage first all of your weakness second perfect wife
Laksh -sanskarrrrrrr
Sanky -smirk ….now you all will beg to see her in front of me ……..but don’t worry she will be in front of you in mm
Ragini – u can’t do it…
Shekhar -I won’t allow her to go with u
Sanky -u stop her
Dadi -we will call police
Sanky -call military ….no one can stop me for taking my wife
Sanky hold swara in his arm and make her sit in car and drive

Recap-sanky warning swara

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