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Part: 19

It was a bright morning, birds chirping and leaves swirling with soft and cool wind giving a beautiful atmosphere..

Both swasan were sleeping on the floor with Swara’s head on Sanskar’s  right shoulder while his head was over Swara’s. He was holding swara from her waist while swara was clutching his collars and both of their spare hands were clenched tightly..

The sun rays peeped inside​ the room disturbing their beauty sleep. Sanskar was the first one to be awake. He slowly opened his eyes. He looked here and there confused. Then  he looked towards swara and a wide smile spread on his lips remembering yesterday’s incident. He was so proud of her.

He removed her hair strands behind her ears. Suddenly he felt her stir. He immediately closed his eyes pretending to sleep as he wanted to see Swara’s reaction.

Swara opened her eyes after a peaceful sleep. She was surprised to see herself on floor and moreover Sanskar was also there sleeping beside her holding her waist.

She remembered how Sanskar supported and handled her. She looked at him lovingly. He look so cute and innocent while sleeping. She looked at their hands which we’re interlocked. She touched his cheeks with one hand and caressed it but her loving smile changed into a sad one. She retreats her hand quickly.

“What are you doing swara.. Ugh..  He will never love you. He loves kavita. You should not forget this. ” she said slowly but audible enough for Sanskar to hear. She stood up and went to freshen-up.

Sanskar opened his eyes hearing door’s closing sound. He trace his hands on his cheeks where swara touched and smiled. But his smile turned into a frown. He will never love you. He loves kavita  rang in his ears.

“Uhh you are so stupid swara.. ” he muttered under his breath and stood up. He looked towards the cloak and his eyes widened. He moved towards khushi and started waking her up.

“Khushi..  Khushi… Wake up we ate late for your school… Wake up… ” Sanskar yelled shooking her.

Swara came out of washroom hearing Sanskar yelling.

“Why are you shouting Sanskar??” Swara asked irritated.

“Madame please look what time is it?”

Swara irritatedly looked towards the clock and her eyes too went wide..  She ran toward another side of Khushi and started shaking her..

“Sweetie wake up we are late come on get up fast wakey wakey… ” swara said.

After lots of tantrums khushi woke up. Sanskar make her ready while swara cooked breakfast for her. After making her eat, they sent her to school as her van came.

After that they both came and sat on the bed panting. They both looked at each other and chuckled. Sanskar was laughing lightly looking down. Swara glanced at him and said.

“Thank you Sanskar.”

“Uhhh what??” Sanskar said blankly.

“I said thank you..” Swara said making faces.

“Oh the pleasure is all mine. ”

Swara smiled at him.

“By the ways for what you are thanking me.?”

“”If you didn’t knew the reason why you you answered to my thank you? ”

“If you don’t know then I should enlighten you that this is called basic manners.”

“Ohhh and who are you my father to teach me basic manners. ” Swara’s said mocking.

“Oh if you want I can be your father I have no problem but you should  called me baba or….  You can also call me papa as khushi says or dad or daddy will also be fine and if you want you can call me… ”

Swara who was looking at him in shock with her mouth dropped took a hanger from her cupboards and hit him not very hardly on his arms..

“Aaaoouu…  Shone what are you doing.” Sanskar’s said rubbing his arms making a aaou face. (I don’t know how you guys make your face when your mother hits you but I definitely reacts like this)

“What I did Han here you have opened parenting guidelines classes..  You idiot and you yourself is asking me that what’s your mistake. ”

“So what’s wrong in this. ”

Swara again lifts the hanger but Sanskar crawls back on the bed like a bullet train.

“Are shone no.. No beta..oh I mean bacha..are nhi… I mean swara..” Sanskar said shuttering.

“Oh Sanskar I have an idea….” Swara suddenly exclaimed.

“Oh yeah say.. ”

“Uh why don’t you do one thing, I definitely have no problem with it so you too can call me mama or as khushi says mumma or mom or you can even call me mummy or I am also fine with ammo as well so what you say?? ” swara said raising her eyebrow, keeping her both hands on her waists.

Sanskar gulped hard. His plan got backfired on himself.  He gave a sheepish smile and said getting off the bed.

“Are shona, you got serious hehehehe I was kidding.. Woh…  Woh yeah I was telling you a tip.. I mean joke I read yesterday on fb. ” Sanskar said looking like a lost puppy.

“Acha so your read a joke regarding how you can became a father of your wife.” Swara said fuming.

Sanskar eyes widened. He immediately kept his hands on he mouth and looked here and there.

“Are swara sh… How can you do this type of gandi gandi (bad) talks?”

Swara gave him a confused look but when she got his words her eyes went wide and she slapped him hard on his hand which was covering her mouth.

“Ouchhh shona. ”

“First I only thought you were idiot but now I got you are shameless as well..  And it was you who started this and blaming me I just said your words in short. ”

“Are swara Sanskar why are you guys fighting? ” said AP who was giving them a questioning look.

They both got startled for a second and looked towards the source of voice and got relieved seeing AP on the door.

“What are you guys doing and swara this hanger?”

Both gave her a nervous smile.

“Are nhi maa woh we were not fighting we were just talking heheheh and hanger woh swara was hanging something on it. ”

“Oh acha chalo look at the time, you are getting late for office. ”

“Oh yes maa…  You go I am just coming.. ”

“Hmmm okay come fast.. ” Ap said going out bit stopped.

“Weiss I was think mummy and daddy will be fine.. ” AP said and went from there laughing.

Both swasan were hell embarrassed.

First they we’re fighting on such a silly topic..

Second they got caught which was more embarrassing.

They both looked at each other and then looked down.

“Sorry.. ” swara said.

“For what?? ”

“Woh did I hit you hard?? ” swara said feeling guilty.

Sanskar laughed and pull her towards himself half hugging her.

“Are pagli I was joking pakka.. And yes plzz no sorry no thank you between husband wife got it!! ”

Swara nodded in approval while sanskar continued

“And I am proud of you shona for your effort and your strength…  Keeping  going like this and you will get cure like nothing happend okay !! And I promise that I will always be at your side no matter what !!”

“No matter what??” Swara questioned.

“Yes no matter what.!!” Sanskar answered with a smile while he tightened his grip assuring her.

Swara smiled wide while teats filled her eyes which she hided quickly.

“No go get change you ate getting late.” Swara said pushing sanskar towards the washroom.

Sanskar smiled and went to fresh up.

Swara shook her head smiling..

Only if you know Sanskar that you are my only strength….

With that she went down too prepare breakfast for him.

To be continued..

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