Swasan FS made for each other part 19

you know what u all are not my STORY READERS but my MIND READERS.  But I want to know who guessed this bomb which is at bottom of this story

Lak: you may be rescued ragini. But now u can’t save you and your family.. Guards..  (he yells)

Swara holds sanskar tightly scared. He looks at her with a smile…

San:  don’t worry.. I’m here.. I’ll not let anyone to touch all of you…(kissed her forehead…)

Sw: and I trust you…

Swasan family smiles seeing them. Sanskar looks around and at laksh as they can’t see any guards.. Laksh also realized it and looks everywhere… Everyone else also, except two person

Lak: GUARDS…. (again yells. That time some men came there.. Sanskar looks at them confused and looks at John. Then he smiles seeing John and Ramukaka looks each other with a smirk..)

G1: yess..

Lak: where were you? I was calling you long time

G1: we were eating… (sanskar, John, Aman and Ramukaka suppressed their smile. Others looks at guards amused.)

Lak:(furiously)  did I appoint you to eat?

G1 : excuse me, we are also human beings. We have to eat or else how can we fight then…

Lak: stop it… Stop it… U already wasted my time… Now go and tie all of them with rope.. (points to sanskar and family… Dp and ap smiles evilly. Swara and others gets scared)

The guards looks at sanskar, then at laksh, then again at sanskar then looks at laksh… Laksh looks at them confused… Sanskar smirked seeing this… Others except John, Aman and Ramukaka, are also looks at them confused.

Lak: now why r u looking at him and me simultaneously..?? ???

G1: did I told you that we were working with SM and some of technical problems we came here…(he nods confused) that doesn’t mean we are having problems with SM, or we will become his enemies ????

Lak: so what did I tell u to tie ur SM. I told you to tie that sans…..(then realization hits him…he gulped his saliva and looks at sanskar with wide eyes..) tha… That… Mean…. Means…. SM is.. (he is interrupted by a loud shocked voice)


sanskar who was smirking at laksh, listened this voice and turns towards that person with a jerk.  That person is looking like a volcano ?… He gulped his saliva seeing that person…  Others also looks at them with wide eyes and confused .. Shomi looks at the person and sanskar simultaneously and suppressed her laugh ???. Aman and Anjali also suppressed their laugh…

San: (with scared voice) Princess ….
(yes u all are right. It’s our great great Swara Sanskar Maheshwari. Who else have that guts to scare the great SM )

Sw: sanskar ?? u r SM.. So u teased me that day. How dare you Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari (holds his collar angrily).  How dare you to hide this from me? I already asked you that did u hide anything from me.? But u lied… (leaves his collar and looks at other side angrily. Sanskar glares his men. They looks everywhere except him. He then went towards swara and stood behind her)

San: princess I wanted to surprise you…

Sw: surprise my foot… (she looks at him angrily and went towards couch and sat angrily. He pouts)

Sho: sanskar u r SM ?????(she laughed seeing swara and sanskar)

Utt: maa what happened? Why r u laughing? And what Happened to bhabhi? Why is she angry?

Sho: Arre uttara, don’t u know it.. ??? k k I will tell you…(swara makes faces) ur bhabhi ???

Sw: maa (make faces angrily)

Sho: (stopped laughing) ur bhabhi had a huge crush on SM ???. She always wanted to marry him… (everyone looks at swara with open mouth and started to laugh ???)??? and I think ur bhai may be teased her when he got to know about it ????

Sw: not may be uttara..He teased me a lot and he also punished me saying that I made him jealous ???(he gulped seeing her angry).  He knew that I was talking about him only. Then also he punished me ??… Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari listen to me carefully, u punished me without my mistake. So now I will punish you, this will not be like ur punishment…  First u punish that luxsoap then yours starts…

utt: how did he punish you bhabhi?

Sw: he kiiii….. (stopped realizing what is she about to say and looks at everyone.. Everyone is suppressing their laugh.  She then looked at sanskar angrily)

Anj: ya ?? Now I understood how would her Punished her.  Swara he had punished u like he took that spicy Pani puri from your… ????

Utt: what Di.  Complete it Didi…

Anj: from her mouth…. ???????(uttara opens her mouth surprised.. Others suppressed their laugh. Swara glared sanskar ???)

San(whispers): oh God why did you give me a mental family.. She will kill me now itself…

Am: u have to bear us the whole life… And ur punishment, look at her(they looks at her, she is thinking something deeply and smirks. Sanskar gulped his saliva.)  she is planning something big but don’t worry u will not get it now ???

Sw(seeing this) : bhai don’t laugh too much… U also knew it naa. So u also will get the punishment (Aman’s laugh stopped and Sanskar started ???) wait wait bhabhi how did you get to know about my pregnancy..

Anj : when we came to conscious, ur SM’s followers informed us everything which was happening here.. So we hurriedly to protect you..

Swara smiles and hugs her. Their family moments broke by a shoot sound..


Sw/Suj: sanskarrr(came towards him and hugs him) are you OK (others also gasped hearing this)

Everyone turned backward only to see laksh who is pointing gun… No no not at sanskar but at upside… It’s not like he shot upward to scare them. It’s like someone is holding and make him to shot upward…


When swasan family enjoying and teasing each other, laksh looks at his guards. They also watching at their boss who is getting scared infront of his family. He slowly takes his gun and points towards sanskar and shot… But guards hold his hand nick of time and move upward…


Everyone relieved seeing that.. They looks at sanskar.. He smiles

San: nothing happened to me.. (SwaSuj hugs him tightly. Ram wiped his tears, and Ramukaka consoles him.  Anjali and uttara consoles each other. Shomi also wiped her tears and Aman consoles him. Now we will see laksh)

G1: hey you ba***rd how dare you to point gun at SM. You know what if we looking at something and enjoying it that doesn’t mean our concentration is out of mind.. We are SM’s followers, we have eyes all over the body.  (he is about to hit him)

San: Satya …No… (nodes negatively. They back off)

Mr. Laksh Maheshwari you are under arrest ” a voice heard from behind.. Everyone looks at stairs only to see a Police officer and 2 constables standing there with a shackle ..

Sw:(whispers to sanskar) Sanskar are you going to send him to jail.. No no please sanskar.  Don’t send him.. I wanted to punish him like I did to that goons. I also wanted to punish that Nagini but u sent her from here.. (she pouts)

San :(smiles seeing her pout) trust me princess he will get best punishment.. (she nodes)

Dp: what? How can u arrest my son, Durgaprasad Maheshwari’s son… What’s the crime my son did…

Ins: he has killed Ms Kaveri Sharma daughter of Anand Sharma.. He tried to kill Mr Sanskar Maheshwari and his friends… We have got every proof..

Dp:(to sanskar) so u r going to send my son to jail. Do you think that I will let you do that… There is no one on this country who won’t bend infront of money… Hey Inspector I’m Durgaprasad Maheshwari..I will give everything to save my son… Tell me what do you want? What will I do to save my son.

San:  But I have already decided his punishment he should get it.. you can do anything to save him Mr Durgaprasad… But u can’t take any penny of cash which is belongs to Maheshwaris.. Because you are not a Maheshwari…

Dp/ap/lak: sanskar…

Ram: sanskar don’t… Whatever he did, he is still belongs to Maheshwari family.. He is still my bhai… We can’t do anything for that… (Dp smirks)

San: how? How dad? How can he became your bhai when he himself killed your own father… Tell me… (this statement shocked everyone including laksh and ap.  They looks at Dp shocked.  Ram couldn’t believe his ears.  His bhai killed their father.  How can he? )

Ram: sanskar what are you saying? Do you realize it?

Dp: haan sanskar, how dare you to say this? How can you alleged me like.. How can I kill my own father?

Ramukaka : you did this and I have seen it by myself. I was there when u killed badesaheb.. (to Ram) chotebhaisa he only killed our badesaheb. Then shown it as an accident. I wanted to say this but you are so much closed to him. So I couldn’t tell you anything.. When sanskar baba understood they are using u and sujatha bhabhisa I told him everything.. Because of this too he hates them so much… (Ram and sujatha heard this with tears in eyes.. They didn’t think he would do this. They both sit on the couch with a jerk. Swasan immediately consoles them.)

Dp: yes… Yes…  I did that.. I killed that man… I just wanted this property.. I told him I won’t leave you.  But I only wanted this property only. He could have given this to me.. No.. So I tried to kill him.  First time he escaped, but second time he came into my trap.  But he did something which he shouldn’t do…

San: what was that?

Dp: you don’t need to know that…

San: that Mahendranath Maheshwari, my grand father, has already written a will, which states that his all of the property will be on the name of Ram Prasad Maheshwari.. He also states that he disowned Dp. Then he send that will to his friend’s son to keep it safe.  (he smirks)

Ram and others became very happy to hear that..

Dp: so what I will definitely find him and destroy it.. You can’t do anything…

San(sarcastically smiles):??? he was living at your nose-tip.. Then also u couldn’t do anything and find him.  Now he is staying at SM mansion. Do you think u can do anything? Didn’t you see how much sharp my followers are?.. I think you didn’t know who was that?.. I will tell you… He is none another than MY PAPA… MY ANAND PAPA… (looks at laksh) MY KAVI’S DAD MR ANAND SHARMA.
Dp looks at him shocked.  He closed his eyes in frustration. Ram became surprised and happy..

Ram: now u understood naa.. U will never get anything by cheating.  You have killed my father for this mere property. My father gave me this I will never give you this..  As he disowned you, you won’t belong to this family.  You, ur wife, ur this son have NO RIGHT ON MAHESHWARI MANSION, INDUSTRY AND THE NAME ITSELF. Now I understood why is he like this? Like father like son ????

Lak: then your favorite son is also like him naa. After all he is..  Oops sorry He was his also his son naa.

Suj: don’t u dare laksh, don’t take my son’s name in ur dirty mouth. Yes Adarsh is my son not these two.. Your mother and father didn’t have any time to look after him.. I was the who take care of him as mother.   For him these two are just a media to bring him to this world but we are his parents.. He calls them Mom and dad just for the sake of that they give him birth. But he calls us maa and papa whole heatedly..  He is my son. He will be like us only not like these two.

Dp : I didn’t want him either okay? And I don’t want any cash from ur Maheshwari family. Without this also Durgaprasad Mahes…(closed his eyes in frustration. Sanskar chuckles sarcastically) Durgaprasad is powerful. I have my own business. (looks at Inspector) inspector I will give you 50 lakh for you to save my son.. It will be ready cash.. Ap go and get it from my room.. (she went and got it. He then handover it to inspector)

Ram: u can’t do this inspector.. Sanskar do something…

Ins: I’m not answerable to you Mr Maheshwari. I know what to do..

San: dad come sit here.. We will see which extend he goes to save his son… And trust me dad he will surely get his punishment… (he took Ram and make him sit on couch. Aman and John also looks at him confused. He assured them through eyes).

Ins: Dp ji don’t worry.. He won’t do anything to ur son.. This money is enough for ur son’s release.. But dpji media is outside.. We have to save him from them.. (they started to think what to do)

Lak: got it… Kill me…

Ap: laksh what are you saying? We are here worried about you and u r saying this..

Lak: maa I’m not saying to kill me really.. I have whole life to enjoy and you think I want to spoil it.. No way.. I’m saying that play a drama infront of media people that me and my sweet wife got an accident and our car fell from cliff. You couldn’t find our car…

Ins:No no… No u can’t say that… Then they will ask that why don’t you still inform police or media…

Lak: OK OK that’s true.. I got a fabulous.. When I got to know my wife is cheating me on my behind, she killed me by pushed me from cliff…

She : how dare you to say that about my daughter..

Lak: and she also fell from cliff by mistake. You people don’t want to spoil ur business relationships so u didn’t inform anyone… (to shekhar). They will say this and like that way you can save ur daughter or else they will say that she eloped after killing me.  Then this media and police catch her and send her to jail. Do you want that?

She : no don’t do that.. Plz…

Lak: then keep ur mouth shut.. Maa papa, Inspector go outside and talk with them..

Dadi: shekhar how can you do this…

She: we have to maa.. If I didn’t do that they will send her to jail.. Now they tell them that she also died. So after sometimes everyone will forgive everything… Do ji still powerful than Sanskar.. Or sanskar would have sent him to jail.  Till now he didn’t do anything…

Dp/ap along with inspector went towards media and told them everything as they planned.. They pours their fake tears . They asked some questions but he cleverly answered him

Dp: we are in so much pain.. We don’t know what to do? She did such a thing and killed my son tooo… (started to cry. Seeing this a girl reporter came towards them)

Gr: it’s because of his karma only. He did the same thing with most of the girls. Now his wife did that with him…

Dp:(in mind) after solving everything my son will settle you also.  You have to pay for your karma… (looks at her lustfully)

The reporters started to give their conclusions about the case..  So dp and ap along with inspector came inside.. The inspector gave them a paper, so they wrote a declaration that laksh is really dead..

Lak(hugs Dp) : thank you papa.. You are the best papa in the world…

Dp: now u can go inspector (gave him the paper)

Ins : I have some work here ..(then he went towards sanskar) Sir everything is ready as u said. Now Laksh is dead for the whole world.. You can do anything… (Everyone looks at them shocked)

San: thank you Inspector Sir. You are a good actor, sometimes even I thought you went against me…

Dp: (holds inspector’s collar) how dare you? How dare you to be with him and cheat me?

Ins:(jerks off his hand harshly and slapped him)  SM sir don’t want to send you jail or else you would have been in prison just because you hold a police officer’s collar.. What do you think about everyone? Everyone is money minded? Every police officer is money minded in my country..?  No Mr Dp.. Your r wrong.. There are still people..  There are still people is alive to save our country’s wealth i. e WOMEN… I have full faith on my country’s law and system.. But some people are misusing it.. I know they will delay this case as much as you want. I don’t want that.  Your this Creepy son deserves more punishment..  I know SM sir will do it.. (to sanskar) sir I want you to give such a punishment to him, after get to know about it, no one like him look at a girl like that way.. They have to get feared even for flirting..

San: done sir… Satya… (within a moment laksh get hold of by him)  take him with you and starts torture him… I’ll come after sometimes…

Dp: you can’t take him sanskar… (he smirks) media is outside still…

San: are you playing with SM, Dp.. Look there.. (point to hall. Everyone looks shocked seeing a dig at the center of the hall. A man came from inside) they are not working for ur son but for me.. They are making this tunnel. Nike take him…

Satya covers laksh mouth and handover him to Nike. Dp and ap tried to protest but sanskar’s men are already holding him. Swara and family looks these with an open mouth. Suddenly a a voice startled all of them.. Sanskar smiles looking at the source of voice. Because it’s his princess’s very very excited voice

Sw: sanskar ???. So now I can torture him like I did with that goons.. (shekhar looks at her with a horrified eyes, thinking that she is getting excited for this ??)

San: Ofcourse princess.. We will go there after sometimes…

Sw: ??? OK..  But what is their punishment.? (pointing to Ap and Dp)

San: I will say it. But before that(to SujRam)  Mom and Dad do you want to punish them…

Ram: yes sanskar. I don’t want to send him to jail.. But I want to flagellate him with whip to kill my father and most importantly tried to harass my daughter..

Suj: I always wanted to give her a punishment to kill my son. Now she increased her own punishment by harassing my daughter.. Give me also that whip…

Sw: what did she do with bhai maa?

Suj: Adarsh Maheshwari. Her elder son. But she or her husband didn’t have any time for him. So slowly he came to close to us.. He started to behave like we are his parents.. They didn’t like it.  There hatred reached at peak when he married Parineeta an orphan.. They didn’t show.  She was his PA. On the insistence of Adarsh, Dp allowed her to work after marriage.. But hatred is increasing in ap’s mind. When pari got to know that she is pregnant. She wanted to surprise Adarsh. But she wanted to inform orphanage head. so she went to orphanage, unaware that ap already informed a goon to kill her.. But on the way Adarsh also joined with her. The truck hit them and they fell from the cliff ??????.. She killed him ???she killed my son.
Swasan immediately went and hugs her tightly.  She cried for sometimes. Then wipe the tears and take whip from John and went towards ap.. In the meantime ap and Dp is tried with rope to the pillar. Ram also take whip. Both starts to flagellate them till they tired… After that guards untied them.. Sanskar came infront of them..

San: you are always excited to hear what ever ur son’s crime naa? U r very eager to know about what did he do with girls naa.. U don’t have any shame as a father too naa? That day u were very much excited to hear that HOW HE BRUTALLY KILLED MY KAVI HENA..  TODAY ALSO YOU WERE SEEING THAT WHAT IS HE GOING TO DO WITH MY PRINCESS… (he yelled )now you will get DAILY REPORT OF YOUR SON’S TORUTURE… wherever you go, my men will inform you daily, not only you but also to your wife.. That’s BONUS…

Dp: you can’t do this sanskar… You can’t do this.. I will tell everyone that he is alive…

San: Inspector sir already produce doctors and witness for the confirmation of his death.. Now he is dead.  You can do nothing.  No one believe you.. NOW GET LOST… (John and satya throw them outside.. Media already went from there. Inspector also went from there. Sanskar turned towards shekhar and dadi) now u  people also can go. Maa is not coming with you.. She’ll be with us… (shekhar is about to say something but stopped seeing sanskar’s glare)

Dadi: sanskar, please don’t separate us from our grandchild.  Swara is with you ragini is away from us.. Plz don’t take shomi too.. I’ll take care of her.. Plz shomi don’t go plz..

Sho: OK I won’t go…

Sw: but maa…

Sho: wait shona.. She is right.. I can’t separate her from her grandchild.. I’ll come with u but I have a condition.. Will you accept it.. (they nodes. She turned towards sanskar) you have to fulfill it sanskar (he nodes) I want you to punish SHEKHAR GAGODIA  to badmouthing my daughter.. If it is like Ramji and  sujathaji did with Dp and ap, I will be very happy (Shekhar’s eyes popped out hearing this.  Swara smiles widely)

San: k done… (to dadi) you can go, he will come after punishment (shekhar tried to escape but John holds him.) John take him… (he took shekhar with him). Till then maa will be with us..
After their punishment swasan and family went to Mumbai and Shomi went to gagodia mansion…


So how is it? Did you like it? Did I drag it so much Forgive me for any mistakes…

Did you like the punishments.?

Give me some funny punishment for sanskar… Aman also hide it from swara. So I want some funny punishment for him too… I’m not getting anything.. So plz help me..

Wait for the epilogue with twist…. ??

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