SwaSan FS…Locked By Heart..by Kakali..(Prologue)

Warning : “Kakali/Kaku and romance are the those two poles which can never attract. But still she is trying to write something going out of the way. Here she is presenting a romantic story or you can say few shots on SwaSan. Hope you all like you.( Rotten Tomatoes/eggs aren’t allowed anyway). No one should laugh either. ?<———– End of my patar patar.

Now let's move inside the story. Ummmm roller coaster ride of two persons Swara and Sanskar. Our heavenly SwaSan.

Here we go,

"It's only a few months away now, Girl you really should be sensible. Stop being childish all the time. You know, your dad would never agree!" Someone snapped at a girl who was no longer a child but her actions gave the different view to us.

"What about an actress? Yes, I could may be have the boutique on the side. You see actresses don't work full time. Do they?" The girl stated back dreamingly not giving a damn to what the other girl was saying.

"Oh! for God sake stop dreaming off those things which can't even come true. Why don't you try to accept the reality? You know very well what you have to choose after completing your study! Don't you?" The other girl reasoned out trying to make her understand who wasn't in a mood of coming out of her laa laa land. Sometime she wondered was her friend sick or had a bad injury in head.

"God knows what will happen with this girl!" She stormed out the room blabbering.

"Papa! I ain't gonna do whatever you are saying. This is my life and I will lead it by my own."

"Enough of your shits! I'm not interested in your dreams anymore. I would have supported you if you would have taken any of your random thoughts seriously. But not like this. My decision is final. Either you have to do or you have to do!" Her father was arguing with his daughter over the same topic again

"The decision is final! You are going to assist him." The conversation was dismissed.

"But Papa!" She thought of saying something but she knew it was of no use.

"May I come in Sir?"

"Yeah! Come in!"

"Papa…..I mean Mr. Malhotra has sent me to assist you. I hope you are aware of it."

"Your work is just to assist me not to question. Got it? Next time be aware before opening your damn mouth!" It was a sudden reaction which bewildered Swara.

"What the f**k do you think of yourself Mr. Maheswari. You aren't gonna talk to me in this pitch."



"I said out! Right now!"

"You know what your brother is crazy. How dare he talk to me like that?" She fumed Complaing to her friend.

"You aren't less than him!" In return her friend rolled her eyes being aware of their behaviour. She was sick of both.

"Do whatever you want babe! Don't drag me in your matter!"

"What a friend you are!"

"I know who m I! Better you complete your work. Otherwise you know what would be the further consequences!"

"Urghhh! He has made my life living hell!"

"You are coming with me and that's final."

"All right. M coming Sir."


"What? I said m coming. See you soon!" She winked as she left his cabin.

"Shit! She looks freaking s*xy!" After shamelessly taking the full view of her body he murmured unable to take his eyes off her.

"Excuse me sir!  Can we leave if your staring session is finished? We are getting late!"

His back got straightened as he fisted his palm. Taking few long breaths he get on the car. "It's going to be tough sunny boy!" He continued driving not giving a damn to his inner voice.

What do you think? Shall I continue? Well I personally think you people won't love the story.? Par phir bhi…. Lemme try once. If you all want I will definitely continue.


Thnk u sooo much for reading..!!
God bless you all <3<3.

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  1. Samaira_khan

    Kaku di plzz continue this.. It’s looking really interesting.. I’m really eager to read this! Mr Maheshwari is surely Sanskar.. The frnd could be ragini and the main lead toh obviously swara.. Let’s see what’s going to happen.. Plzz post soon tc

    1. Kakali

      Thank you sooo much Samairaaaaa!
      You already gusset everything. Hihihihi! ; -*

  2. Mars

    Omg firstly seeing the cover pic I got goosebumps don’t know for how much time I keep on staring it????
    Coming to the story, it is damm interesting dear I’m hope boy and girl is swasan ???
    Plzzzzzxx continue it’s awesome
    Take care??????

    1. Kakali

      Thank you sooo much Ripuuuuu. You know even I got goose bumps after making it. Hi5. You2 Tc dear! ;-*

  3. Shreny


    1. Kakali

      Thank you sooo much dear! ;-*

  4. Awesome kakali dr lving it n excited 2 rd

    1. Kakali

      Thank you sooo much Parul! Next two parts have been posted. Have a look. ; -*

  5. Pooja26

    try kr na…….’
    waise i found out interesting…….

    1. Kakali

      I’m trying Pooooo! Thank you sooo much! ;-*

  6. Tamil

    It’s amazing dear….Interesting……

    1. Kakali

      Thank you sooo much Tamiiiiii! ;-*

  7. Awesome ??

    1. Kakali

      Thank you sooo much Diiii! ;-*

  8. NDSG

    I know this kiddo arguing with her mother, father and making her boss crazy is My Doll Swara.
    See kaki how smart Am I? Clap for me?????????????.
    Kaku and romance two different pole but poster says Kaku and Romance r different pole because opposite attracts ??????

    Waiting for next chappy ????????

    1. Kakali

      Hihihihi Deepuuuu! I laughed so hard reading your comment.
      Bdw Thank you sooo much. Indeed you are smart. And I’m jealous.
      Kidhar se mila itna dimag?
      Next two parts have been posted. Have a look.

      1. NDSG

        ???? when posted… Oh I missed ???????

  9. Neptune

    Lovely start Di.. am looks forward to it

    1. Kakali

      Thank you sooo much Neptuneeee! Next two parts have been posted. Have a look. ;-*

  10. Nice…..

    1. Kakali

      Thank you sooo much Milestoneeeee! ;-*

  11. Heyy I’m waiting for next episode… Please post soon!!!

    1. Kakali

      Hey Ankita! Thank you sooo much. Next two parts have been already posted. Have a look dear. ;-*

  12. AnuAnn

    Kakuuuu I think u alrdy posted it in watpad long ago.. hope so.. anyway interesting yaar

    1. Kakali

      Yes you are right Anuuuu! Hihihihi thank you sooo much! ;-*

  13. Continued

    1. Kakali

      Thank you sooo much Taniiii! ;-*

  14. Soujanya


    1. Kakali

      Thank you sooo much Soujanyaaaa! ;-*

    1. Kakali

      Thank you sooo much Anuuuu! ;-*

  15. Vyshu10


    1. Kakali

      ??Thank you sooo much.
      Next two episodes jakar padho ?

  16. Gayathri.visu

    Kakuu….dare u stop this!!!! Of course plzzzzzzzz continue dear. Again warning……lol(don’t look at me like that)

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