SwaSan FS…Locked By Heart..by Kakali..Part 2 (The Official Meet)

Next Day.

“Sanskar bhai, just wait a minute!” Sanskar was all ready to leave for office but Ragini interrupted him from back.

“What?” He gave the look seeing her approaching towards him with a thal(plate)in her hand.

“Today is Raksha Bandhan and I know you have forgot that you have a sister too!” She dragged him to sofa.

“Nothing like that Ragini! Actually…!” He started to say.

“It’s all right bro! I understand. Now let me do my work!” She took the sacred thread and tied around his wrist followed by doing his arrti and feeding sweet as well. After 15 years they were celebrating Raksha Bandhan and that day was pure bliss for brothers sisters like Sanskar & Ragini who were so nice example of Bro-Sis even after being apart from each other for years.

“Thanks Ladoo!” Giving a side hug he took out his wallet but Ragini stopped him.

“Where is my gift?” She rolled her eyes inspite of knowing he had no gift.

“I don’t have !” He shrugged his shoulders. Ufff! He was so mean.

“Then all right. I will ask whenever the time will come.” She passed a grin and he smiled back.

“Now I should get going!” He walked out.

“Hey babe!” Ragini dialled her number the moment he bro left.

“Kya hai?” Swara barked from another side.

“Chill out my tigress! I called you to wish Best of luck!” Ragini teased knowing what was coming next.

“You are such a bit*h!” The call was cut.

“Woah! Phuljhadi is in full form today. Good luck Bro!” Ragini chuckled gazing at DP who seemed quite happy.

“I don’t know what will happen dad!” She said passing by him and he just nodded.

@ Maheswari Empires.

Swara was ready to report her so called new boss and would make sure that she would not do any blunder.

Inhalling a deep breath she knocked at the door.

“May I come in Sir?”

“Yeah come in!” She stepped inside the cabin.

“Ehem Ehem! Sir, papa…..I mean Mr Malhotra has sent me to assist you. I hope you know.” She gently said looking at the man who was showing his back to her as he was busy in reading some file.

“Yeah! I know. Uncl………” He turned to her and both got one of the most biggest shock of their life. They looked at each other rooted in their place.

“You?” She screamed coming out the shock land.

“Huh!” He gave a curt nod composing himself. Something changed in the atmosphere …….. All of a sudden.

“Holy Shit! This can’t be happening.” Her fingers ran through her hairs. It was wrong. Hell wrong.

“Are you Sa..nss….kar?” He found himself smirking seeing her stammering. It was going to be fun now. Oh God! How much he gonna enjoy.

“Well! Of course I’m Sanskar Maheswari! You know me. Right?” He placed the file on the table and stood there tucking his hands in his pant pockets, looking straight at her.

Swara suddered watching the way he was gazing at her. She found his gaze too intense to burn her skin. “Get out of your freaking dream you moron!” A voice snapped at her from inside.

Sanskar looked away not being able to look at her with a P R O P E R gaze. Urghhh! He felt something strange. “You gonna pay for being a a*sh*le and staring that Ms. Stranger dude!” The voice retorted at him and he finally looked away.

“This is not done! M not going to assist you.” She laughed hysterically and moved out of the room giving a damn.

“No way Papa! You just can’t do that to me. I can’t assist that man. He is… He is…!” She searched for words but “I can’t papa!” She denied.

“Do whatever you want Swara! But make sure that you don’t have to ask for money from now onwards. As I promised m not going to pay a penny.” She was stuck with the hell situation. What should she probably do now? Of course walk back to her new B.O.S.S and give him report.

“Breath in breath out. You gonna make everything good.!” She consoled herself “Pheww! Bae, you can do this!” And she again walked into again to thrown out by him.

“Knock!” She understood his indication and did as he said. Went back and knocked the door.

“Sir! Papa.. Erem. Mr Malhotra has sent me to assist you. I hope you are aware of that!” She repeated the same line clearing her throat. It was a do or die situation for her. Either she had to work or had to ummmm. Just nothing but sleep.

“Your work is just to assist me not to cross question me. All right? Better mind your own work!” He was way too rude. Damn it, Swara wasn’t use of that tone.

“Sir. Can you please talk to me in a good way?” She didn’t know how to ask that blo*dy man to talk to her in a gentle way which was way too impossible for him.

“Good way?” The dangerous smirk masking his face as he called someone. He kept on staring her confused face to know something more about her. Little did he know how she was but he was Sanskar Maheswari too. Till today no freaking person had ever dared to talk to him in the tone but that girl did and no doubt she had to pay.

“Come in!” He answered as someone knocked at the door. Swara gave the same stare back to him with full of intensity and anger. That man was getting into her nerves but… She had to give in….

“Sir, the filed you asked for!” An another employee handed over him some… No.. Bundles of files to him.

Swara rolled her eyes getting a smirk from Sanskar.

“You may leave!” He stood up saying and the employee left the cabin.

“So Miss Swara…..Isn’t it your name?” He paused and she gave a damn to his smirk.

“Well, you can start doing your work.” He eyed the files with a smile and trust me for the first time Swara was blown out. He looked deliciously yummy while that Beautiful smile playing on his lips. Wait she had seen this smile somewhere. But where?

“You are here to work. Not to dream. Snap out of your dreams and read all the files!” He said and Swara almost found her jaw touching the ground.

“Are you serious Sanskar?… I mean sir!” She hesitated while taking his name that slipped suddenly but it felt good. Sanskar,the name was unique. blo*dy hell, Sanskari and he. Impossible.

“But sir. I have no idea about business and these files and all. And how can you think that I can study all the files?” She was a mess, a mess of her random dreams. She had been interested in everything expect business and here, today she was given so many files to read and report him. Lol. She felt like laughing on herself for saying yes to her papa.

“Oh! Come’on Miss Swara. Do you think m gonna believe in your rubbish?” Ok, that was something for what Swara wasn’t ready to answer back at all.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean… Don’t you know what I mean?” That man was mad. Urghhh wish she could kick on his back.

“I didn’t understand!” She said averting her gaze. Ok, that meant Ragini had already blurted out everything about her to Sanskar. Well she didn’t know what business is but she knew what business is. Confused? Yeah, she was a daughter of a top most business man. She was a bestie of a business girl though. Ragini never minded dragging Swara with her while going to any business trip. Even she shared everything with her, everything mean everything. Personal and professional as well. So there was no doubt that Swara did have a little idea about the freaking word business and thank to God..that gonna help her in future.

“You have few hours till tomorrow. I need nothing but report. Did you get that?” He sat back on his place and started doing his work like she never existed in the room.

Somehow gathering her dropped jaw from the ground Swara glared at the man with her murderous look. How could she supposed to do that? That insane man was more than insane to be called of.

“But….!” The sudden call interrupted her making Sanskar look at her.

“You are supposed to keep your phone in silence!” He declared. And she felt like hitting her head. Was she in office or tuition centre? He was being way too strict. Moron. “All right sir!”


Swara tried hard to concentrate on her work but as always her mind was stuck with her though regarding her random dreams. Her nails were almost finished biting them. Wish she could open her own boutique, there would be no one to H U K U M her for doing these things. It was ridiculous.

“Give me Varma company’s file!” He ordered Swara looking her lost.


“I said give me Varma company’s file.” He gritted his tooth.

“Wait!” She started looking for the file here and there among all the files.

“Are you not done yet?” Why the hell she was taking so much time? He never liked late latif people. Never ever.

“I don’t know which one file!” Swara gave up seeing him glaring.

“You know what? You are good for nothing!” He said throwing his smirk. And her eyes turned moist. Why everyone was obsessed with the line ‘You are good for nothing!’ She didn’t like while people using that more often with her. First her papa, then some of her friends and now this Mr. Stranger.

“Sir! You are supposed to not talk to me in this pitch. And moreover if the file is so important, why don’t you get it by yourself? Isn’t it an awesome idea?” She said looking at his change of facial expression. What was wrong now?

“Ms. Malhotra, you are here to assist me not to question and from now onwards be careful before opening your damn mouth. M I clear?” He shut his eyes closed and said with a dangerous voice. But she was not less than him.

“What the f**k do you think of yourself Mr. Maheswari? You just can’t talk to me………….!” She bursted out in anger. feeling like throwing the paperweight on his head. But unfortunately Sanskar cut her off.



“I said get out. Right now!” He lifted his head up saying with his intense and hard voice and Swara found herself shivering.

She got up from her place to bump with the door as she murmured something.

“Anything left out?” She looked up and complained to God and Sanskar stared her being speechless.

“Crack piece!” His smirk converted into a beautiful lope sided grin.

“This is soo much fun!”

“Good morning uncle!” He attended the call which was from his Ronit uncle.

“Yeah! Everything is fine uncle.” He said with a slight smile playing on his lips.

“You know your daughter pretty well.” He heard the laughter sound from another side of the call.

“Sure. It will be my pleasure Uncle.” He cut the call as a playful smirk covered his face.

“Get ready Ms. Swara Malhotra!” He thought for a second. “Swara sounds good.” He uttered “Wish she is as sweet as her name!”

“She is not sweet sunny boy. She is Spicy. Just like the way you love!” A voice said.

“Spicy. Is she? More fun coming on my way then.” The smirk was OMG! “Won’t you gonna wish me luck?”

“Best of luck Sunny boy!”

“I do love spicy!” He murmured at last giving a breath taking smirk which is quite enough to kill us. The author fainted.


Precap- “You shouldn’t have done that Ms. Malhotra!” Her petite figure slammed against the wall as he kissed her with a brutal force.

This story is definitely going to be slightly a mature one. Bdw how was the episode? Would love to know your views through your valuable votes and comments.


Thnk u sooo much for reading..!!
God bless you all.<3<3.

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