SwaSan FS…Locked By Heart..by Kakali (Part 1 & Introduction)

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Here we go,

“Babe are you even getting what m trying to say? Uncle isn’t gonna agree for your this stupid idea anyhow.” Once again Swara was describing about her random dreams to her bestie Ragini who seemed quite annoyed.

“Ragini. Please please please you have to convince papa. You know na he has blocked my credit card and I’m not having a penny to invest. If you request papa, he will definitely say yes. After all you are his ladli. isn’t it?” Swara said with a hope in her eyes but the end of her sentence she rolled her eyes.

“So you are trying to take advantage of it. Right?” Ragini arched her eye brow “Like always!” She added further.

“Of course! You know me pretty well girl!” She winked without realising that Ragini was boiling.

“Anyway! I need the cash as soon as possible. And you are going to talk to Papa right now!”

“Enough is enough! M not gonna do this. Don’t talk shits, not at least me. I know how much you are passionate towards your freaking dreams.” Ragini who had enough of her craps, snapped back.

“You can’t ditch me now!” Swara frowned realising Ragini was adamant this time and wasn’t going to do whatever she wanted.

“I can babe!”

“You can’t!”

“All right. Better luck next time!” Not giving a damn to Swara, Ragini walked out leaving her fuming. “Waise bhi I need to pick bhai. I can’t be late. Otherwise I can’t even imagine what he will do!”

“Who bhai? Sanskar?” Swara shouted at her back.

“Who else?” Ragini turned around “Of course my one and only devil bhai Sanskar Maheswari!” She said keeping a slight smile. She was going to meet her brother almost after 15 years. It was a very long time since both met. He had been in New York from past 15 years and now handing her Dad’s business over there. But now DP wanted his son here, with him and Sanskar had to come back.

“Yeah! Whatsoever it is. But you gonna pay for not helping me!” Swara eyed her, thinking of she must agree.

“1st check your purse.” Ragini said crossing her hand across her chest.

“Huh! Why?” Swara asked quizzically.

“Then you can pay how much you want!” Ragini left giving her flying kiss.

“Urghhh! You moron!” Swara greeted her tooth and threw the pillow on her back but Ragini was already left.

“Why the hell no one understands that I want to do things by my own. Not interested in papa’s so called business.” She wiped off her tears.

“I have to face papa now!” She said walking out.


“You are going to assist him. And that’s final Swara!” There was of no use arguing with her papa as he already took the decision.

“But papa at least listen to me!” Her useless tries were showing no affect on Mr. Ronit Malhotra. He was actually enough of her daughter and her shits.

“I have been saying that I would have supported you if you have taken seriously any of your random dreams. But perdon, this is life. Everything isn’t a joke Swara. You can’t lead a life like this!” He tried to reason out Swara was least interested.

“Oh! Please papa! I want to do something…..!” She was cut off by him “From tomorrow onwards, your new journey starts.” He dismissed the conversation.

“This is not done Papa. M not going to assist any freaking person.” Stamping her feet she was about to leave but finally she gave in listening to Mr. Malhotra’s words “I won’t pay you a penny. Let’s see how you spend your day without money!” She jerked looking at him. Damn it, her father was way too much.

“You will get monthly salary for your work. It is just a start,so assist him try to learn what the actual meaning of BUSINESS!” He stood up from his place “This is for your good Swara.” His voice get softened. “Tomorrow morning sharp at 8, report him!”

“M I clear?” He asked once again.

“If I say no, will you let me do anything else? Huh!” She stormed out.

“Mad girl!” He smiled at his daughter’s antics.


“Sir is going to kill me today! I hope Ragini madam manages everything!” The driver,who was breathing with great difficulty thinking of what would happen in few minutes as he was late to receive the Sanskar Maheswari, prayed to God for his own good.

He waited for a while when he got to know that the flight was late for half an hour. Such a huge relief that was. Thanking God he took sigh of relief. If he was late, he would have definitely lost his dear job.

His back got straightened when he saw for whatever he has come there. The Sanskar Maheswari in his grey shirt and a black torso over; while black pant and the black blazer placed on his left hand. His eyes took a glance around him and again got busy in mobile screen. Not wasting a single second he came forward “Sir, I’m Deepak. DP sir has sent me pick you!” He said with his stammering voice.

Sanskar lifted his head up “Keys!”

“But sir, you don’t know the roads.” The driver said as he was already informed not to leave Sanskar alone as he was new to the place.

“Keys!” He repeated in his calm voice.

“But!” At last the driver gave up and handed over the keys to Sanskar. His job was very dear to him after all.

Sanskar walked out the airport, started the engine and drove off.

” Yeah! Dad. M on my way.” Adjusting the bluetooth he spoke to DP. “I can come alone dad!” He replied and the call was cut. Speeding up his car he went towards his destination.

On the other hand Swara was furiously driving her car. Her anger was clearly visible in her way of driving “I don’t know what m going to do. Tomorrow…. Tomorrow my life will take a drastic turn where I have to assist Sanskar. God! RIP me.” She pulled the break in an isolated place, not a human could be seen there. “What the f**k is wrong with this car now?” How could she forgot, damn she was supposed to sent her car for servicing. But now. She cursed her fate. Everything was a mess.

Getting off the car she thought to dial Ragini’s number but her ego didn’t let her do. She was angry with her. She tried her friends number but unfortunately the blo*dy network.

“Nothing can be worse than this!”
Not having any option, she started walking.

Here Sanskar was continuously glancing his mobile screen. He had no idea where he was proceeding. From past 1 hour and 50 minutes he was driving his car but by the grace of God he was unable to find his home while it took hardly one hour to reach his home from airport. Woah! Did it mean he lost his way? His map ditched him.

Sanskar stopped his car at the side of the road and tried to figure out what would he probably do to get out this place, beside the network problem. It was cheery on the cake.

All he could pass a kick coming out of the car,

“Excuse me!” A sudden voice interrupted him from back. He turned around and looked at the source of the ‘seductive’ voice. Well yeah, he found it seductive somehow.

“Can you please help me out? M actually stuck here due to my bad fate!” She said not caring how shamelessly the stranger was staring her. Not getting any reply she directly looked into his eyes, and her breath hitched. She couldn’t stop herself from staring his face. Perfect features. Dark brown eyes, shaped nose and his lips. Those looked deliciously tasty. She thought in her mind and avarted her gaze. Here she was stuck but her devil mind didn’t stop working on a wrong direction. What the….!!!!

“Can you please help me?” She asked annoyed.

“I don’t have time!” The reply came as he got busy in his mobile again.

“I’m not asking for time but lift! Don’t you have the minimum brain to understand what I meant!” She roared getting more annoyed with the stranger’s behaviour.

Sanskar stayed quiet.

“Oh God! Urghhh!” She was damn frustrated now.

“I don’t know the way back to home.” He murmured as Swara was about to walk off.

“What?” She asked being shocked.
“Ohoo! That was the reason.” She passed a dry laugh and saw Sanskar gripping the mobile tightly.

“I can help you by the way!” She said “If you promise me to give a lift”.

“M not interested in your offer!” He said with his calm voice leaving few long breath.

Swara closed her open mouth and was about the to bark when her mobile vibrated “Dude! M stuck here. My car…? Let him rest in peace. You come to ASD road.” She said finally getting the call from her friend. God had still mercy on her.

“Eh! I’ll tell you everything later. God just come and get me out of this place.” She said annoyed when the other person asked everything in detail.

“Don’t be late!” She cut the call and wait there when her eyes caught the view of his car. It was her Buddy’s car. How come this man……. Wait … She had to ask “What’s you name?”

He just looked at her “None of your business.” She tried calming her down getting the reply.

“What are you doing with Buddy’s car? I mean Durgaprasad Maheswari’s car?” He finally looked at her face carefully. She knew his father. How?

“Who are you?” This time he asked.

“None of your business!” Her reply came with a smirk playing on her lips as he shut his eyes close.

“How do you know him?” He couldn’t continue as an other car took entry. Swara let out a huge sigh.

“Thank God you are here.” Swara jumped on him hugging and he hugged her back lifting a little up from the ground.

“You know how much worried I was. And what are you doing here in this place? Don’t you know how dangerous this place is. What if something would have happened to you?” He asked parting from the hug.

“Chill man! I haven’t died yet. So just get on the car, I can’t stay here for a single minute!” She was totally not in mood of attending his class of verification. Lol.

Sanskar fisted his palm seeing them hugging. Don’t know why he felt the sudden rage rising inside him. It was strange. Shoving them aside he looked away.

“You can follow us Mr. Stranger. We are going to the same way. Maheswari Empires. I hope it will help you out finding your destination!” Not giving a further glance she started the car. And Sanskar….. he had to gave in not having other way rather than following her. The 1st meet was Yummy but the further meet would be more delicious.

“Who was he?” The boy asked.

“Mr. Stranger!” She shrugged her shoulders.

“Huh! You both seemed to be quite offended with each other!” The boy added.

“What so ever!” Swara rolled her eyes as the boy laughed.

“Why did you help him?” He asked being confused.

“Because he had something to do with my buddy as he was having his car. May some important client of something like that. Otherwise you better know me. Don’t you?” She asked passing a lope sided smile and the boy nodded.

“Dad. M coming!” Sanskar attended the call finally getting network.


To be continued….


Swara Malhotra : “I’m in love with fantasy!” Exactly these 5 words describe her all well. A exotic 20 years old teenager who believes in dreaming off and changing her dreams like cloths. Today she is interested in modelling while tomorrow she would prefer to be a professor. Well she has no problem in opening her own boutique either… She can be a actress though. In a word she is a total MESS! Her beauty and devil mind is yummm!!

Sanskar Maheswari : “Youngest business man of the year 2016-17” . It’s been only 2 years since he has started his journey as a business man. Of course,he is handing his father THE Durgaprasad Maheswari’s position in Maheswari Empires. A 25 years old sinfully, deliciously handsome boy who believes in “f**k the shit off” logo; probably to those people who has no use of him.

Ragini Maheswari : One and only sister of Sanskar Maheswari, who is more than a sister to Swara Malhotra. A perfect sister cum best friend anyone can ever wish for.She is almost 1 year elder than Swara, I mean 21 years old she is!

Ronit Malhotra : One of the most famous business men of Kolkata city. Whatever Malhotra industry is now, the sole reason is HIM & his hard work. To be frank not a proud father though because of his dear daughter’s behaviour. He could never understand how Swara managed to shock him with her mood swings about her random dreams. Finally he has taken a decision for the good of her which is gonna change everything.

Durgaprasad Maheswari : “RIVALS” of Malhotra Industries, he believes in stating this while loves hugging his friend Ronit Malhotra. “Business is on another side and his dear family, friends in other side” he maintains this. A man of few words, proud father of both of the children. Best buddy of Swara.

God was cruel enough to snatch their mothers when Swaragini didn’t even know how to change their name clothes while Sanskar could understand everything. Never mind life goes on so do we.

Laksh Agrawal : Let him be as a hot and cute mystery right now. He will unwrap himself by his own. “Crush!” he has on someone.


Here m ending the 1st part along with Intro. How was it? Please do Share your views through your valuable votes and comments.

Thnk u sooo much for reading..!!
God bless you all.<3<3.

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