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Part 18:

The episode starts from Sanskar saying with a determined smile,

“Yes maa now I will give swara all tbe love she deserves”

“Thank you beta, today you freed me from the guilt which I was having for such a long time of broking my promise with shomi.. Thank you soo much, I am so proud f you my son!” AP said

“Are no maa please why are you thanking me,  it should be me who should be thanking you, apologizing you because I was, the reason of your tears, I hurted you both so much and you just bear my non sense and attitude everytime without saying anything. I am feeling so low of myself,  I am just so sorry.. ” Sanskar said in tears. While AP was herself in tears.

“No…  Sanskar don’t cry beta, it’s okay, listen to me first, you know all children do mistakes but there are very less who realize it before the time slips away and I am soo proud that you realized, so no need to apologize, okay!! ” said while wiping Sanskar’s tears with her both hands. She then kissed his forehead tenderly.

“No don’t cry okay werna my handsome son was looking like a girl… ” AP said. Making faces in order to lighten up the situation.

“What maa.. “Sanskar whined like a child.

“What I am say truth only you know I don’t lie and don’t  you dare too hurt my daughter again. ” AP said in warning tone.

“Yes maa but first I have to sort many thing and keep them on their right path, and for this my first priority is Swara’s treatment.” Sanskar responded.

“I know beta and I trust you. ”

Sanskar kissed her both hands and pecked her forehead and went bidding her bye.


Sanskar went towards his room slowly immersed in his thoughts.  At the doorsteps he heard laughing sound swara of swara and khushi. He smiled and entered the room after knocking.

Khushi come running towards him yelling “papa” and he lifted her up. While Khushi hugged him wrapping her hands on his neck.

Swara smiled looking at them.

“Hey princess… How are you bacha.”

“I am fine papa how wash youl day.”

“It was really good bacha, you tell how was your day?? ”

“It wash vely vely dood(good) papa. You know today we lead(read) the ishtory(story) of the lion and chuhaa. “Sanskar eyes widened in shock,  he looked towards swara who was controlling her laugh with great difficulty.

“and you know papa the chuhaa wash vely dood (good), he helped the lion, who hulted him henna papa.” Khushi’s said shaking him.

“Yehh…  Yeh.. But first tell me who taught you this word haan, it’s not chuhaa it’s mouse. ”

“No papa it ish chuhaa. ” khushi said stubbornly.

“No beta… ”

“Papa pleashh na she (see) thish chuhaa wold ish sho cute and the moushe is vely bad word.” Khushi’s said pouting.

“But princess.. ” sanskar tried to say something but was interrupted by khushi,

“Papa……. ”

Sanskar muttered something under his breath and look towards swara who turned red till now controlling her laugh, while Sanskar glares at her.
“Acha baba you win I lose. ”

“Blilliant (brilliant)  papa” khushi said while Sanskar gave her a amused look.

“From where you heard such difficult word princess. ”

“Woh na mumma chaid (said) it while tooting (cooking) bilyani. ” khushi said making swara smile widely.

“Ooh what a quick learner and intelligent my princess is… I am prod of you my little girl. ” sanskar said pecking her cheeks.

“I am alsho proud of you papa.” Khushi said pecking his cheeks in the same way.

Sanskar and Swara both chuckled at her cuteness.

Sanskar sat on the bed taking khushi in his lap while swara went to take out his clothes.

“So what was my princess doing? ”

“Homewort papa. ” khushi said making faces.

“Hmm and what are you doing in homework? ”

“I am doing yukkkyyy matchs (maths).” khushi said making a yuck face.

Sanskar laughed while swara who just came laughed too.

“Why yucky!!, maths is soo interesting.”

“Stop talking about yourself Sanskar,  if you love maths and find it interesting that doesn’t mean everyone likes it. ” swara exclaimed.

“Yesh papa. Mumma ish right. ” khushi said nodding her head.

With that both gave a high-five and laughed.

“Uhhh of course I love it but I don’t  understand why many people hate maths….  I mean it’s so fun… ”

“Uhhh leave it Sanskar you are a gone case…” Swara said irritated.

“Yesh papa you ale done tase (gone case)” khushi said mimicking swara.

Swara burst into roars of laughter while Sanskar jaw dropped, his eyes widened in shock at khushi who was looking at him innocently oblivious of of the the fact that why her mumma was laughing …

“Acha bachu you joined your mumma’s team haan and I became gone case” with that he start tickling her laughing.  Swara to joined the duo and they spend a quality time laughing and enjoying,  teasing eachother.

At night,  after dinner whole house is asleep except swara who is twisting and turning on her bed unable to get sleep.

After few minutes she sits on the bed holding her head. She took the glass of water from the side table and gulped it in one go.

Swara’s POV:

Oh no.. Please no, why I am not getting sleep. Uh…  Do something swara.. think think… Yes sleeping pills.. No no I can’t take it, I have promised myself that I will get treated but…  Ohh God this head ache is increasing minute by minute…..

POV ends:

Swara stood up from the bed and marched towards the washroom. She splash cold water on her face and came out taking deep breath. She started moving to and fro rubbing her forehead and moving fingers in her hairs..

Sanskar’s sleep got disturbed by door’s sound. He opened his eyes only to see a messed up swara walking here and there murmuring something. Swara didn’t see Sanskar as there was very dim light in the room. Sanskar sat on the bed and stand up rubbing his face worriedly.

Swara was so busy in herself that she didn’t notice him walking towards her. Suddenly she bumped into his hard chest. Sanskar held her from her waist protecting her from falling down. She looked up at him directly in his eyes while teats roll down her cheeks making Sanskar worried.

“Shona what happened why are you crying, is it paining some where haan tell me??”

Swara placed her fore head in his chest and continue to sob. Sanskar caressed her hairs with one hand while his other hand was still on her waist.

“”Shona tell na why are you crying?”

“I… Am not able to sleep and…. And my head is also paining a lot.. ” swara said between her sobs.

“Oh…. Soo why are you crying at such a small thing Han, wait let me bring some pain killer for you. ”

“No.. I want my sleeping pills….” She said shooking her head like a child

“No… No sorry sorry I don’t want them but.. My head will burst” with that she again started sobbing hard.

Sanskar don’t know what to do. His heart was breaking seeing her inn such a vulnerable condition but he have to be her support when she herself is trying hard to get well. He made her sit on the ground leaning her head on the edge of the bed and went to take water and pain killers.

He returned after sometimes and sat beside swara who was sitting with closed eyes, face drenched with her tears.

“Swara.. ” he said lovingly.

Swara opened her eyes and took both the things looking in his eyes which was showing the same emotion which she have for him.

She ate the pain killers and handed over him the glass which he kept aside. He made her lay on his shoulders keeping his hands on her waist and start caressing her hairs lovingly.

After some time,

“Are you feeling better now.. ”

Swara nodded her head and snuggle more into him.

“That’s great shona, now sleep okay.” Sanskar said with a smile and tighten his grip around her waist.

He kissed her hairs and drift into peaceful slumber with his head over hers.

To be continued..

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