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Chapter 24 :

Canada :

2 days have passed and today swara with her friends is going to delhi.

In thses 2 days they have completed their work and shifted remaining to delhi branch.

Swara and bhavi comedown and see that rohan and adi are already waiting for them.

Adi tells servants to keep their luggage in the car.

Every one moves to the car and start their journey.

Delhi airport :

Swara gang exits from the airport .

Driver is waiting for them they move towards the car and go to thier house.

As they are very tired due to journey .All of them said that they will rest for some time.

Kolkata :

After 2 days in kolkata sanlak and ragini are sitting in MM and their parents are giving instructions to them as they are moving to delhi today.

Sanlak has planned to go to delhi before so that they can get time to adjust there.

After getting lot of instructions from their family they bid bye to them and move to airport.

They board the flight and reach delhi .

After reaching delhi they take a taxi and moves to the address anjali has given them.

Meanwhile anjali calls the delhi farmhouse One of the servant lifts the call and greets her .

she tells them that some guests are coming there and they will live there for some time.

She tells them they should not get any trouble there.Servant says ok and anjali cuts the call.

Sanlak and ragini each the house as its the evening time nobody is there in the house except servants.

Ragini rang the bell servant opens the door .

Ragini tells that anjali has sent them.

Servant welcomes them and says that anjali informed about them just now.

Servant takes their bags and show them thier rooms.

They are surprised to see the house .The interior of the house is beautifully designed and imported furniture giving good look to the house.

Ragini says the house is very beautiful.

Sanlak says that they have a very good taste.

While talking about the beauty of the house they reach their rooms.

Lucky tells ragini to fresh up soon.

Ragini asks him why he is telling her.

Lucky says usually you will take more time to get ready so he is telling her.

They both gets into a fight regarding this.

Sanky stops their fight and tells them to get ready as he is tired and hungry.

Every one goes to their rooms and get fresh up.

After some time trio comes down servant provides snacks and juice for them.

After eating snacks they sat in hall .

Ragini video calls their house and infrom them that have reached safely.

All parents are in ragini’s house.

AP asks them did they have any problem there.

Sanky says all thanks to anjali bhabhi they don’t have any problem there.Lucky and ragini also thanks her.

After talking sometime they cuts the call.

They listen a car sound and within few minutes frustrated bhavi comes there.Rohan too comes back of her after parking the car.

Sanlak and ragini are surprised to see bhavi and rohan here.

Bhavi and rohan are also surprised seeing them here.

Rohan sees them and asks what are they doing here.

Servant comes there and informs that anjali called and told that they will stay here for some days.

Bhavi says ok.She tells them to be comfortable they will come after getting fresh.

Both comes down after some time.

Rohan call swara and asks her where are they.

Swara tells they will reach in sometime.

Bhavi and rohan sit with them and talks for sometime.

Sanky is very happy thinking that swara will be here.But he is hesistant to ask bhavi or rohan.

After sometime bhavi goes to kitchen to check the dinner.

At the time adi and swara comes home.

Rohan says finally you both came.

Swara didn’t see sanlak and ragini as they are facing their back to her.

Swara and adi also surprised to see new members in the house.

Rohan hugs swara and adi.He tells them why they came this much late.

At the time sanlak and ragini turn back and see swara and adi.

Swara also gets surprised to see them here.

Seeing swara gaze rohan look towards them and informs that they will stay here for some days and tells them that anjali has informed them.

Bhavi comes form kitchen and says to swara and adi to get fresh and come down for dinner.

They both go to their rooms.

After sometime sanky goes up to meet swara.

Sanky sees swara in the corridor he goes to her and says he was very happy to see her here.

Swara asks him why did he made any other plan for her.

Sanky gets sad lestening this.

Sanky says no and tells her that he has changed now and he loves her truely.

Swara asks him did he even know the meaning of true love.

Sanky feels guilty listening this and says sorry.

Meanwhile adi calls them and both goes down for dinner.

Precap : Dinner and masti.

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