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Chapter 22:

After Break fast anjali goes inside to keep the dishes.Viren too goes back of her.

Now only ragini,laksh,sanskar and swara are there.

Sanskar wants to talk to swara so he asks laksh to take ragini from here.

Laksh makes some excuse and takes ragini with him.

Now swasan are remaining.

Seeing sanskar swara was about to go but sanskar quickly grabs her wrist, closes her mouth with one hand and comes out.

He takes her to garden.

He makes her sit on the bench in garden and he himself kneel down infront of her.

Seeing him swara gets up and asks him what is this new drama.

Sanskar still in same position with moist eyes asks her to listen to him once.He request her.

seeing him in that position her heart aches no matter how much she hate him but the fact is once she loved him so thought to give him one chance.

she asks him to tell whatever he wants to tell.

Sanskar gets happy listening this.

He thanks her first and then apologises her for the bet.

He asks her to give the punishment whatever she want but requests her to talk to him.

He tells that he loves her so much and will never break her heart again.

After completing his sentence he looks at swara for her answers.

swara sees guiltiness in his eyes so she thought to forgive him.

she tells sanky that she has forgiven him.

Hearing this he becomes much happy .He hugs her and thanks her.

He asks her can we be like before??

Swara says she has forgiven him but doesn’t mean they can be like before.

she says they can never be like before.

sanskar gets disappointed hearing this.but an idea strikes in his mind.

sanky says atleast they can be friends.

saying this sanky extend his hands.

swara says she need some time to think.

while they are talking on the other side anjali comes and calls swara.

but she didn’t find her.

laksh says that swara is seeing the house.

Anjali says ok.

After some time anjali tells them she will check swara .she comes to garden and calls her.

swara hears this and tells sanskar she should go now.

He nods and both goes inside.

swara sees all are talking in the hall and goes to them.

she sat beside anjali and all of them talk for some time.

after sometime anjali asks swara about her friends.

she tells all are fine.

Hearing friends name sanskar become alert.

he tries to listens their conversation.

In the meantime arnav calls anjali .

Swara takes mobile and tells she will talk first.Both swara and anjali goes to a side and talks with him.

arnav gets surprised seeing swara there.

Arnav asks swara when she went to kolkata.

Swara says today morning.

They talk for sometime.Arnav asks swara when she was returning.

She says today evening.he says ok and cuts the call.

Later both come back and joined everyone.

As it is lunch time viren says he is hungry.

everyone goes to dining table and have their lunch.

After lunch viren says anjali that he is going out for some work and will come soon.

Anjali says ok.

anjali takes swara to her room.

swara says to anjali she need to talk to her.

Anjali asks her what happenned??

Swara asks her something.Anjali says she don’t know what she is asking.(guys swara is asking same matter which sam told to anjali before her marriage)

Swara request her not to lie to her. but anjali doesn’t answer her anything.

swara gets teary eyed and says to anjali she is hiding things from her.anjali want to answer her but she can’t as she promised sam.

After sometime swara comes out having tears in her eyes.

Ragini sees her and asks her what happenned.

But she doesn’t answer her and storms out of the mansion angrily.

She takes a cab and moves to airport.

After swara left anjali thinks i am sorry shona but i cannot help you.

ragini goes to sanlak house.

sanskar asks ragini what is swara doing.

ragini says that swara left.

sanky asks what??

ragini says to him whatever she has seen.

sanky says we are misssing something.I think we need to ask anjali.

trio goes to GM at the same time viren too comes there.

They go inside and sees anjali sad.

viren asks anjali what hapenned?? where is swara??

anjali says she left.

Viren asks why she left this much early??

Anjali says she had some work so she need to go urgently.

Seeing her sad viren consoles her.

Sanky,ragini and lucky were not convinced with her answer.

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