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Chapter 16:

Scene continues after sam left.They all sat back.

Rohan ask something to adi.But adi doesn’t respond them.

Adi is thinking something deeply.

Rohan asks what is he thinking.

Adi says he is thinking about shona.

Bhavi asks him what happened.

Adi says he is thinking about the people who has cheated her.

By listening this sanky gang concentrate on them to know more.

Bhavi says if she know about those people she will keep them in jail on cheating case and she will make sure they won’t come out in their life.

Rohan says he will take gun from sid and shoots them.

Adi says he will make their life hell after that they can’t live and can’t die.

By listening this sanky gang becomes shocked sweat formed on their forehead.

Rohan says he will tell his PA to find details about them.

Adi says as we are in india now if possible we will see them.

Bhavi says shona doesn’t like this that’s why she stopped us she didn’t even told their names.

On listening this sanky and his gang takes deep breath.

Bhavi says that we can take help from viren jiju as he is from kolkata.

On listening this rohan thinks about ragini and calls her.

Ragini comes there nervously as already she was tensed.He asks in which college you have studied.

Ragini in tensions says her college name.

Listening the name of college All trio becomes happy.

Bhavi asks her did she know shona before.

Adi asks her in which branch she studied.

Trio repeatedly asks her questions without letting her speak.

Sensing the situation laksh comes there and stands beside her.

seeing no response from her bhavi asks what happened to her why she is not answering.

Laksh says she became nervous because you are interrogating her like a criminal.

Meanwhile swara comes there seeing them like that she asks what happened.

Rohan goes to her and side hugs her by wishing her good morning.

Adi and bhavi too wishes her by hugging on her either sides.

she too wishes them and smiles.

Shona asks where is bhabhi she came to wake her before sometime.

On listening this trio laughs.

She asks them what happened why are u laughing.

They tells what happened and how they fooled them.On listening this she too laughs saying thanks to them.

Shona says she knows her partner will save her.

Listening partner from her mouth sanky became angry.

Adi says this time not her partner but her besties saved her.

By listening this she hugs both.

After that every one goes down and start doing their break fast.

After break fast ragini asks her gang what if swara’s friends enquire abut us.

Lucky says nothing will happen like this and tells her to be positive.

Sanky was lost some where he doesn’t say anything and goes from there.

Evening time :

All the ladies are sitting in hall as after sometime mehendi is going to start.

suddenly sam comes there and tells them that will be a couple dance before mehendi and also tells them to choose their partners them self.

After some time music starts

Sam takes bhavi to dance floor.

arnav takes anjali

adi takes kushi

rohan takes meera

sid takes swara

ragini goes with laksh

kavya with sahil

kavitha asks sanskar.He left with no option goes with her.

While they are dancing respective partners changes.

Now swara is with arnav.

sanky with kavya.

next time when partner changes swara is with rohan after that she is with adi.

arnav with kushi.

sid with meera.

Seeing swara with them sanky gets much angry.

So next time when partner changes sanskar forcefully takes swara’s hand.

It happened so soon that no one noticed them except ragini.She shows that to laksh.

Laksh smiles seeing sanky jealous.

Swara gets angry seeing sanky with her but as every one is present she doesn’t make issue and simply dances with him.

While dancing swara is looking towards sanky with anger and hate.

Sanky is seeing swara with jealous and love.

After some time music stops every one goes from there.

Laksh takes sanky from there before sid sees him.

All gents goes from there now only ladies are present.

Mehendi designers comes there.

They starts keeping mehendi in every one hand.

One of the designer asks anjali what name she should write on her hand.

anjali says viren.

Same goes with meera and kushi

kushi says arnav.

meera says sid.

After mehendi every one goes to their rooms.

Precap : Anjali’s marriage. Sanky realises his feelings for swara.

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