Hi frndz thank you so much for your response.Here is my first chapter

Link for Character sketch and Intro : Here

Chapter 1:

A medical college is shown many people are chit chatting. Sanky and his gang are also present there except rajat and talking with each other.just then swara comes to college with talking with her friends.

Just then Sanskar sees her and is mesmerized seeing her beauty. Laksh calls sanskar but he does not listen it so he shouts sankyyyyy.Then sanskar comes to his senses.

Sanskar : lucky what happened why are u shouting.

Laksh : what happened you are asking me i am calling you from long time.

Sanskar : Ok tell me what’s the matter.

Laksh : I think someone has deeply in love and forgot his brother.he says that looking at swara.

Sanskar : Sanskar smiles listening it but in next second his smile fades way by seeing rajat.(guys laksh,ragini,kavya and sahil don’t know about bet).he remembers about the bet. rajat comes near them and says

Rajat : Hi guys.He signals something to sanky.

Sanky says hi rajat ,will catch u later he goes to swara. Sanky calls her and says hi to her.

swara sees him and she says hi and comes to him by saying bye to her frndz.

swara and sanskar chit chat for sometime and they go to their classes.that day passed like that.

Evening :

SS Mansion :

Swara goes to her home and we can see it is a big mansion with modern furniture.Her room is totally filled with lots of pictures with her frndz bhavi,adi and rohan.Then she goes to a frame and starts talking with the pic where a couple in their late twenties are present after talking with them she wipes her tears.( the reason will be revealed later)

just then she gets call from her frndz she got very happy seeing the caller id and happily talks with them for some time by pulling each other legs.

Maheshwari mansion

DP is very strict father when it comes to studies.he calls laksh and sanskar to his room.They goes to DP room and asks him what’s the matter.he asks them to get good marks in the exams as it is the last year for them and final exams are coming.They says ok and go back to their rooms.

sanskar attends classes very rarely as he was never interested in medical. He wants to choose his career as music. But DP doesn’t liked it.

Laksh thinks to take help from swara.He treats swara as a good friend and he doesnot know that sanskar is acting he tells the same to sanskar.But sanskar doesn’t like the idea to take swara’s help he rejects it and says he will study on his own.

Days passes like this swara sometimes helps laksh in his studies when she asks sanskar to study he says some or other reason and avoids studying with them.Actually he thinks if he spent most of the time with swara he will fall in love with her so maintains distance from her.

swara thought to introduce sanskar to her family and friends after completing her exams.so she doesn’t tell anybody abut him. On the other side sanskar thinks to tell swara regarding bet after exams.

few days later one fine morning laksh,ragini,kavitha,sahil and kavya are chit chatting as i have already told that sahil and kavya love each other.sahil asks laksh where is sanskar.

Before he could say anything ragini tells that where else he will be with swara. On listening this kavitha gets angry.she scolds ragini by talking without knowing where he is she should not tell like that.(Actually kavitha and ragini dooesn’t have good equation.As kavitha is very proud and attitude ragini always avoids her she is close to her brother shares every thing with him.Kavitha also hates ragini because she thinks everyone in her family loves very much and also in the gang no one knows that kavitha loves sanky).

ragini and kavitha argues for some time in the mean time rajat came and sees this.Laksh comes and stops the discussion between them and he tells that he don’t know where sanskar went early he also tells may be he is with swara.That’s it kavitha’s anger reach peak and she discloses about the bet to their gang but no one believes her in the gang no one likes her because of attitude.

So kavitha tells them to ask rajat as he has given this bet to sanky.On listening every one gets angry mostly laksh.They are spoilt brats but they does not wants to play with anyone emotions especially girl like swara. Just then sanskar comes laksh angrily asks sanskar regarding bet he says that true.he scolds sanky very much and raises his hand to beat sanky but sanky hold his hand as he got angry seeing his younger brother supporting other person than him. ragini and sahil comes and handles situation saying we should not fight for other people as we are friends.In anger sanky tells lucky he doesnot love swara infact he doesnot love a girl who is not of his statusand he tells him to end the matter now.By saying this they disperse.

But this conversation was listened by some one that is none other than swara who came searching for sanky

swara’s heart broke when she listened such words from sanky whom she love very much.she thought what she was listening was a lie or dream.but it is the reality of her life.she silently moves from there.she will not believe if third person says this about sanky but she has listened all this from the person who she loves most.she lost the trust on him.

Rajat sees swara going and smirks in his mind thinking that he is in the same situation when swara rejects him so she also got the same pain from her loved one’s.

swara is walking aimlessly on the road thinking of the recent happening’s of the day and thinks how the person whom she loves the most ditched him.Just then she got a call from a person(will be revealed later he is the most important person in swara’s life) seeing that her facial expression changed.She cuts the call and messages him that she will call later as she is busy now because she knows if she lift’s the call she will not be able to control her feeling and ends up with crying.she cries and cries until her pain vanishes away.

After 2 days at college:

swara does not go to college for two days as she has some work.Not because of sanskar ,her friends are waiting for her.Sanky also missed her in this 2 days but his ego is not ready to accept it.He thought he is missing her as a friend.

Just then swara arrives there in her car and goes to their friends after greeting them she goes to class by ignoring sanky.

In this 2 days many things changed sanky and lucky are not talking properly with each other.Whole gang is angry on sankar,kavitha and rajat for doing bet on these things.

During break time sanskar calls swara but she doesn’t comes to him.He gets angry seeing this and pulls her to empty class room while she was passing through the corridor.She got angry by his behavior,he asks her what hapenned why she is ignoring him.She laughs by listening this and says what hapenned and asks him how dare he to bet on her love.He listens this and understands that she got to know everything.He says
it’s good that you got to know everything i no need to acting anymore.She scolds him for playing with her feelings .He got angry because he never got scoldings from anyone and now she is scolding him this hurt’s his ego and tells him that he will get many girls like her. she got angry listening this and she tells one day he will repent for his doings and goes.

while going kavitha and rajat blocks her way and taunts her.She just ignore them kavitha tells her that she and sanskar love each other and rajat tells her that he took revenge from her as she rejected him.she simply goes from there.

After some days their exams completed and swara left kolkata.

Swara and her friends lives in canada.she just came kolkata to complete her MBBS.

Precap : A big mansion is shown some marriage preparations are going on. Swara’s friends entry and much more.

So whose marriage is hapenning is it swara’s or sanskar’s??

Hi guys finally i have completed my first part.In this part i am ending college chapter from next chapter you will see more interesting characters.Please comment.

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