the story continues from present.
it was the next morning and sanskar’s felt disturbed due to someone shaking him. he being in sleep dreamt it of being swara trying to wake him up in the morning.
sanskar- [murmured in sleep] swara please let me sleep.
but feeling continuous shake he felt frustrated.
sanskar- [a bit loud] swara please naa let me sleep. [he said pulling the blanket over him]
person- jiju wake up [shouted in sanskar’s ears]
sanskar jerked and got up.
sanskar looked at the person rubbing his ears.
sanskar- ayush why did you shout in my ears so loudly.
ayush- [innocently] jiju i came to wake u up but u were not getting up and telling ‘swara please let me sleep’ so i shouted in your ears to wake u up.
realisation hit sanskar that swara is not here and his face turned pale again.
ayush- jiju now what are you thinking. i am sorry for shouting.
sanskar- it’s ok.

ayush- jiju wake up swayyam and sanu. they are not waking up. i tried.
sanskar- haan…
sanskar- [shaking swayyam] champ get up it’s morning. see ayush is here…….champ…..
swayyam- hmmm…papa….ummmhhh..
swayyam lazily got up and hugged sanskar who was sitting by his side.
swayyam- good morning papa.
sanskar- good morning champ. [kissed his forehead] chalo ayush is waiting for u. get up and freshen up.
swayyam obliged and went in washroom greeting ayush.
sanskar- angel get up.
saniya- [in sleepy mode extended her hands]
sanskar understanding her action picked her up and made her sit on his lap like everyday’s routine.
sanskar caressing her hairs- angel chalo now get up.
sanu- hmmm papa.[hugging him more]
sanskar smiled and continued caressing her hair.
ayush- sanu get up. how much will you sleep.
sanu hided her face more in sanskar.
swayyam came out of washroom.
ayush- swayyam see her she is not getting up. how much you both sleep. huh!
swayyam- bhaiyaa i woke up naa. and sanu is sleepy head. so much tantrums to wake up.
sanskar- champ let her sleep.
swayyam- papa you always take her side.
swayyam came to her and shook her.
swayyam- sanu get up. sanu….

swayyam slightly pinched her without sanskar’s notice to wake her up and she started crying.
sanu- unnnhhhh…..unnnhhhh
sanskar- what happened angel why you started crying. you want then sleep.
sanu- papa bhaiyuu pinched me….unnhhhhh
sanskar- champ..
swayyam- papa i …..i am going down.
saying this swayyam ran downstairs holding ayush hands. here saniya was crying and sanskar was consoling her.
sanskar- bas baccha… nothing happened. is it paining. show me.
saniya cryingly showed him where swayyam pinched.
sanskar rubbed the place gently and blowed air.
sanskar- angel is it better.
saniya- hmmm [her crying slowed]
sanskar kissed on the pinched area on her hand.
sanskar- come papa will take u to garden.
he wiped her tears and picked her up in his arms and moved down. talking to her and slightly tickling her he took her to garden and made her laugh. when they were going back to room to get ready then swayyam came there.
swayyam- sanu take this. nani gave me.
saniya turned her face away and pouted.

sanskar- what happened angel take it naa.
sanu- no papa. i will not. i am angry on bhaiyuu. so no talking.
swayyam- arre but why?
sanu angrily looked at him and showed him her hand where he pinched but did not speak a word.
swayyam- accha i am sorry. please. you were not getting up naa so i pinched you. sorry naa. [holded his ears] see i am holding my ears also.
saniya did not say anything.
swayyam- papa please..
sanskar- angel see champ is sorry naa. so now you too accept his sorry. and he will not do like this again. right champ.
swayyam- haan haan.
saniya- ok. but don’t pinch again. it pains.
swayyam- ok is it paining now also.
saniya nodded in no.
sanskar- now champ come and take bath and then anything else. ok.
swayyam went up with sanskar and saniya and they all got ready.
shekhar- misthi sanskar takes care of swayyam and sanu really well.
sumi- shekhar his life depends on swara and kids. he will do everything to keep them safe and happy. but now what he is going through we can’t even imagine and over that he did not allow me to be here at this time and took all responsibilities on himself. i hope the best for him. [a lone tear escaped her eyes] leave it i will see if breakfast is ready or not.
she went in kitchen to divert her mind.

shekhar- [monologue] i have never been a good father and that’s why swara till now did not accept me. but she chose sanskar as her life partner and that is the best for her. he is perfect for her in all ways. but he is nothing without swara. she needs to return soon before he breaks down. god send her back.
swara’s side:-
sun rays enters through her window to wake her up with her puffed eyes and headache. she drags herself to washroom and washes her face continuously to ease herself. looking at her reflection in the mirror she remembers sanskar and one incident flashes in her mind.
flashback- swara entered in washroom unknown that sanskar is already inside. she keeps her cloth and then washes her face when sanskar comes and back hugged her startling her.
swara- aahhh [swara screamed but sanskar kept his hand on her mouth]
sanskar- swara it’s me.
swara- [opened her eyes and saw his reflection in mirror] sanskar what are you doing here. how you entered inside when i locked the door myself.
sanskar- because i was already inside princess waiting for you.
swara- what. you scared me. and why the hell are u inside.
sanskar- what to do when my wife is so unromantic then i have to think of different ways naa.
swara- [smacking him through her elbows] i am unromantic. let that be but is it the time to romance. just get out of here.
sanskar- ssshhhhh i am not going anywhere leaving my wife. [said this squeezing her waist over her dress]
swara- [did not look at the reflection being shy] sanskar please…
sanskar- [turned her] swara this water has no place on your lips, it’s only me who can claim them. [saying this he caressed her lips with his thumb and placed his lips over her sucking off all the water from her lips]
and then we know sanskar didn’t stop and continued his romance.
flashback ends.
swara smiled remembering it but soon her eyes welled up knowing that her sanskar is not here. she is far from them. she freshened up.
after that she was sitting in the room when the same lady who serves her food came in with her breakfast.
lady/maid- madam your food. please have it.
swara- i don’t need.

lady- madam sir told that to make sure that you have your food and then inform him.
swara- i said naa i don’t need. please go away. can’t you understand this simple thing. i don’t need anything from you all. just let me go from here. my husband and children must be waiting for me. i don’t know how they are and you are saying that have this food which is given by that mad man who does not understand that i am married and loves someone. i don’t want to live on his mercy. either tell him to kill me or free me. because keeping me like this captive he won’t get anything. i love my sanskar and will only love him till the end of my life. he wants me then tell him he will never get me. not in this birth nor in next or coming all the births because swara is meant only for sanskar. do you get that. now get lost from here. just go away..go..[she started crying]
lady felt pity on her. she came forward and kept her hand on her shoulder. swara looked up at her and then turned her face.
lady- [slowly] beta are you already married.
swara- yes. i am married and have two children also.
lady- [thought for a while] can i help you in any way.
swara looked up at that lady surprised.
swara- [disbelievingly] you will help me. but how? [after a while] is it any kind of plan of your and that mad man.
lady- no no beta i genuinely want to help you.
swara- but what help you can do. i am stuck here and all around the house there must be guards so i can’t escape.
swara thought for a while but did not get any idea. then a guard knocked the door.
guard- [to the maid] is your work done.
maid- [sweating] no actually madam has started eating now. so give ten minutes more.
guards went out.

maid- madam you eat first and then you think and tell me later. ok. have your food.
swara unwillingly ate a bit while thinking of a way out from that place.
the maid went away leaving swara in her thoughts.
sanskar’s side-
in evening sanskar got a call from the team he has recruited for finding swara.
sanskar- hello.
michael [hope you remember]- sir …i wa..s asking for..a…
sanskar- why are you stammering. say what you wanna say clearly.
michael- sir we would need your help. can you please come to our office.
sanskar- and may i know what help you need.
micheal- sir actually we started our search from beginning so we wanted you to tell us the details once again. even a single hint i we get then that would be helpful.
sanskar- i gave you all details earlier itself. what do you need more.
michael- sir please one last time.
sanskar- ok i am coming.
sanskar went to their office and all greeted him.
micheal- sir please narrate the incident once again with all details.
sanskar- ok….[sanskar started demonstrating what happened]
flashback- it was sanskar’s and saniya’s birthday and on swayyam’s and saniya’s request they all went to mathura [in U.P.] for a trip two days before their birthday. they enjoyed their a lot and roamed around having a nice family time. on the birthday they celebrated it by going the famous krishna ji mandir and then spent their day in hotel room laughing tickling and doing all kinds of masti they wanted to do. they did shopping for each other etc. next day of their birthday they went to a famous market where different types of art works are displayed. [i don’t whether it is in real or not] they purchased many things and were returning to thier car when swara told sanskar that she will come in a while. she wants to buy something else too. sanskar told her that he will come along but she denied saying that what she wants to buy is a surprise for him. so asked him to wait while she will come.
sanskar waited near the car with kids for sometime but she didn’t reurn for half an hour making him tensed.
he made kids sit in car and went on to see for swara. he searched for her in the market but didn’t find her. he was returning when he saw her bag fallen on the road. he picked it up and scanned to confirm it and it was hers only. he asked the near by people about swara showing her pic but no one recognised her. one shopkeeper who recognised her told that she came here to buy a wooden art piece and she went away. sanskar tried her number and it rang for two times but no one picked up the call. then the third time he called it said switched off. he panicked and searched for her all around but couldn’t find her. he returned to kids and made some excuse and left them in hotel and contacted the police and the search started. but alas nothing was found.
flashback ends-

michael- sir after that maam’s mobile was traced out and found the last location on the road of highway. and no other further information. neither you got any threat calls or something else which shows that this case is not of kidnapping for money but if it’s kidnapping then the motive is unknown.
sanskar- why are you repeating the same things again and again as if i am unknown to the fact.
micheal- sorry sir.
micheal- sir did you observe any weird thing in and around that time.
sanskar- means.
micheal- sir who ever the kidnapper is well knew about your location. he knew that you all are in mathura. so i want to know that who all knew about this.
sanskar- as it was sudden decision so only family members knew it and in office people knew.
michael- sir anyone in office who knew about it.
sanskar- my secretary whom i told for the bookings.
micheal- sir…..
sanskar- [angry] mr. micheal since your investigation has started you been asking the same question now and then. get over it and think in different way and stop asking me same question again and again.
micheal- sorry sir….
sanskar came out from there and frustratingly went from there.
the day ended for both swasan.
next day morning swara’s side.
swara was sleeping in her usual posture sitting and resting her head on the bed.
she felt disturbance due to some touch and she opened her eyes to get shocked. mp was caressing her face.
swara-[jerked off his hand and scaringly moved back] what the hell. how dare you to come near me.
mp- darling only i have the dare.
swara gave disgusting look to him.
swara- you have no rights so stay away.
mp- [moving forward] swara know this thing that i will have all dares and rights soon. and with this i remembered and came to inform you that two days later is our wedding. so be ready to be mine.
swara- [shocked] no i will not do any wedding. i am married. why don’t you understand this thing.
mp- i don’t care.
swara- you are insane. i have never seen a disgusting person like you. chiii.
mp- [angrily] [grabbed swara’s hair] listen swara silently accept me or i will have to force you and i will not think twice doing that also.
swara- [pushed him hardly] i will never agree to you even if i have to die.
swara rushed in washroom and locked the door from inside so that he can’t come near her and sat down on floor cryingly.
she remembered how she reached here.
flashback- after saying sanskar to wait she went to a sop and bought a art piece and keeping it in her bag she was returning when all of a sudden she was pulled behind a shop and in haste her bag fell down.
she was about to scream but someone tied a cloth on her mouth and then he came in front of her holding her hands tight. swara was shocked to see the person and wriggled to get out of the grip but failed. she stamped on the man’s feet and got out of his hold and turned to run but was pulled by her hand and trying to release the grip she fell down and hit the back of her head hit on a rock and went unconscious.
flashback ends.
she cried thinking how happy were they just a while ago it happened and how in seconds she ended up being separated from sanskar.
done with this part.

precap- mp revealation for sure.

sorry for not revealing the name in this episode.

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