swasan : forgive me swara ( two shots)


hi guys.. its me Jwala.. I’m here with a swasan os.. it is specially dedicated to my dear amy.. she ask me to write an os on swasan.. and I hope you all will like it..


A luxurious room.. a girl is sitting on bridal attire.. she is very beautiful. . guys she is our cutie pie swara.. she is waiting for her prince charming. .

after few minutes he came.. our handsome sanskar. . but he is not happy at all.. he is drunken.. he looked swara in anger..

sanskar : oh my wife is waiting for me?

swara: what happened sanskar? are you drunk?

sanskar: yes.. don’t you like the smell of alcohol? if no go to some other room and sleep.. else I will go..

swara ( teary eyes) : why you are behaving like this sanskar? what mistake I done? you are not happy with this marriage?

sanskar: marriage? this is not marriage. . you parents insulted me once.. so I’m taking my revenge. . and I hate you from childhood. . so I can never love you. .

swara ( completely broken by his words): what ? why you are saying like this? my parents can’t cheat anyone. .

sanskar: I loved your sister kavita from childhood. . but when I ask her hands from your parents they insulted me.. my papa’s company was in loss that time.. so they rejected my proposal.. and after 4 years when we regain our wealth they put forward your proposal. . and my parents were happy. . my papa ordered me to marry you.. I had no option left.. so I marry you. . but I hate you to the core. . when we were small you always insult me in front of kavita.. and you slapped me one time.. from that day I used to hate you..

swara became numb by his words. tears rolled down from her eyes..

sanskar: your tears will not affect me.. so stop this crying drama..

swara: sanskar kavita was in a relationship with her friend that time.. that is why my parents didn’t accept your proposal.. and I was only 10 year old when I slapped you. . you were going to kiss kavita.. so I did it. . that time we were kids.. you hate me because of that?

sanskar: I don’t want to hear your stupid explanations. . better you stay away from me.. only in front of the world I’m your husband. . I will not accept you as my wife ..

sanskar leaves the room.. swara sat on bed as a lifeless body..

next day

sanskar heard a knock on door.. ( he was sleeping in guest room)

sanskar: come in door is not locked..

it was swara.. she brings coffee to sanskar..

sanskar amazed to see her.. she was wearing a dark blue saree .. her hair was wet.. she applied kajal on her eyes.. no other make up.. she looks stunning.. sanskar mesmerised to see her.

sanskar ( in mind): oh god she is very beautiful. . It is unable to take my eyea from her.. control sanskar.. it is her trick .. don’t fall for her.

sanskar : why are you here?

swara: : can’t you see? I brought coffee for you..

sanskar: till yesterday ramu kaka brought coffee for me.. so from today you are my new servant. . hmm not bad..

swara felt pain in her heart.. but she smiled..

swara: in olden times some illiterate people used to think wife as their servants. . un 2016 also some people have same narrow mentality. .

sanskar became angry by her words..

sanskar: I don’t want your coffee. . get lost from my room..

swara left from there..

few days passed like this.. swara didn’t cry in front of sanskar.. but when she was alone she used to cry a lot..

sanskar’s office..

sanskar has 3 best friends. . laksh, ragini and sahil.. After marriage today he came to office. . ( his father gave him leave forcefully so that he can spent more time with his wife.. but sanskar didn’t spend time with swara.. he enjoyed his own)

in lunch time friends were chatting. .
laksh: sanskar how was your married life?

sahil: he must be enjoying a lot..

ragini: ha sanskar got a beautiful wife na..

sanskar: stop it guys.. I feels frustrated when I hear her name..

laksh: what are you saying sanskar?

sanskar: I married her only for revenge.

sanskar tell everything to them.. all were shocked.. but sahil was happy inside.. he is a bad guy.. he fall for swara when he saw her in marriage. . and when he heard that sanskar is not loving her , he thought to take advantage of it..

sahil: your pov is right sanskar.. she and her parents have to suffer.

ragini ( angrily) : what the hell you are saying sahil? and sanskar are you insane? you are taking revenge because she slapped you in childhood? are you out of sense?

laksh: ha.. ragini is right.. sanskar you are doing a big mistake. . that poor girl didn’t do any mistake.. don’t ruin her life sanskar..

sahil : guys we have to consider sanskar’s emotions also na..

sanskar: whatever .. I don’t have any feelings to that girl. . I can’t accept her also..

ragini: but sanskar. .

sanskar: stop the topic. . I’m going.. he leaves in anger..

sahil ( in mind.. oh god you are so kind.. sanskar’s wife is a real beauty. . I want her.. sanskar don’t love her. so she needs some love.. I will give her.. swara baby.. don’t worry. . your sahil is here. )

raglak was planning some other..

laksh: ragini we have to unite swasan.. swara is really a nice girl.. we want to make sanskar understand his deeds..

ragini: you are right laksh.. but what will we do?

laksh: we have to make sanskar jealous. .

ragini: nice idea.. tomorrow our boss arranged a party na.. in that party we can execute our plan..

laksh: sahil will you help us to succeed our plan?

sahil : sure I will..

that evening sanskar was feeling very tired and pain in his body.. he fall on bed when he reached the home..

swara saw him and feels that he is not well..

swara: what happened sanskar? I think you are not feeling well. .

sanskar: its none of your business. .
swara: it is my business. . don’t argue with me.. she place her palm on his head.. his body was burning. . he has high fever. .

swara ( worried) sanskar you have fever. .

sanskar: let it be.. I don’t want your concern. .

swara ignore his words..

swara: I will make a special coffee.. your fever will vanish soon..

swara make a special coffee with some ingredients which her gradma told.. it will be good for people who have fever..

swara: drink it sanskar..

sanskar: no I won’t. . go from here.. I will manage..

swara: if you don’t drink it I will kiss you..

swara leans towards his face..

sanskar: don’t dare to kiss me..

swara: then drink it..

sanskar drank it..

sanskar: oh god it is so weird. . what is this?

swara: don’t talk much. . take rest.. you will be alright by tomorrow. . she coverd blanket over him.. and strarted to caress his hairs through her soft fingers.. at first sanskar tried to protest.. but her fingers movement through his head give give much relief. . he fall on sleep..

midnight. sanskar wake up.. he saw swara sitting near him..

” water” sanskar murdered. . swara take water and give to him..

sanskar: didn’t you slept?

swara: it is none of your business. . drink this water and take rest..

sanskar: my head is paining. .

swara take balm and applied it on his forehead. . sanskar fall in sleep as an effect of her soft head massage..

morning. .

sanskar wake up and saw her sleeping . she waa sitting on a chair and her head was on bed.. sanskar felt bad for her.. she take care of him throughout the night and sleeping in an uncomfortable position. .

his fever was gone.. he didn’t disturb her and go to washroom. . in this time swara awake..

swara: sanskar where are you?

sanskar: in washroom. .

swara: ok I will make food for you..

without hearing his reply she leaves

sanskar felt guilty. . she is really caring him.. and he is ruining her life..

swara brought some light food for him..

swara: sanskar I will feed you..

sanskar: what the need? I’m fine now.. and don’t act as a typical wife.. I’m not going to accept you as my wife..

swara feels pain.. but she ignore his words and give the food to him.. while he having the food she leaves the room..

swara (monologue) : why are you hating me sanskar.. what is my sin? I can’t see your hatred. . it is stabbing my heart..


guys I will post next part soon

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