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Evening. .

Ragini came to sanskar’s house.. he was about to go alone in the party. but ragini convinced him to take swara also.. ragini brought a new dress for swara.. it was a black long off shoulder dress. . swara looked stunning in that.. sanskar mesmerised to see her.. he couldn’t take his eyes from her.. ragini noticed it..

at the party.. sanskar began to dance with a girl .. he did it purposefully to hurt swara.. swara feels pain when she saw her husband dancing with some other girl.. sahil and raglak also watching this. sahil thinks that this is a golden opportunity. . he goes near swara and asked her to dance with him.. swara refuse his offer. but raglak also forced her and said her that if sanskar have any feelings towards swara he will feel jealous while seeing swara dancing with sahil.. At last swara agreed to dance with sahil..

sahil hold her waist and pulled her more close to him.. swara feels uncomfortable. . they starts dancing. . sanskar saw this and fumes with jealousy. . sahil place his hands on swara’s bare bace and started to caress it sensuously. . it makes swara more uncomfortable. . sanskar couldn’t take it any more .. he stops dance and goes towards swara and freed her from sahil.. all people stared them.. sanskar’s eyes was burning. . he drags swara in to his car and left the party.

in home. . sanskar shouted at swara..

sanskar: what is wrong with you? how can you dance with other man? are you out of sense?

swara: why you are shouting at me? You also danced with another women na..

sanskar became silent.. he angrily gone to guest room to sleep..

swara ( in mind) : so you are jealous. . it means you have feelings for me.. one day you will accept in sanskar..

swara smiled at herself

sanskar was also feeling restless. .
sanskar ( in mind): why I’m feeling restless when I saw her dancing with sahil? oh god is it love? no sanskar. . you can’t love her..

sanskar fall on bed with a confused mind..

sahil also was thinking about swara. .

sahil ( monologue) swaraa.. you are damn hot babe.. your skin is so soft.. I want to touch you more and more.. now my desire towards you increased. . I want you swara.. I want you ..

next morning. . swara was preparing breakfast for sanskar.. door bell rings.. swara opened the door.. she became very happy to see the person.. it was kavita..

“di.. I missed you a lot.. how are you di? ”

kavita: I’m fine swara.. how are you my doll?

swara: I’m also good di..

they talk sometime. . sanskar saw kavita.. he behave friendly with her.. swara gone to kitchen to prepare breakfast. . kavita and sanskar was alone in the hall..

kavita: sanskar I’m so happy that my swara got you as her husband. . you know what she loved you from child hood..

sanskar shocked by this..

sanskar: what are you saying kavita? from child hood swara loved me? but you loved me na..?

kavita laughed by his words.

kavita: are you kidding sanskar? in our childhood you got one letter and so many chocolates na.. that was swara’s.. but she was scared to tell you the truth. . so I said that I given that letter and chocolates. . but it was she.. and one day you tried to kiss me.. it hurted her so much.. she even slapped you. . but trust me sanskar she loved you more than herself. . and now you also loving her na.. I’m so happy for her.

sanskar really broken by her words. . he thought that kavita loved him since childhood. . so he too loved her.. but it was swara.. who loved him.. he was hell shocked..

kavita had breakfast with swasan and leaves.. sanskar couldn’t face swara.. so he leaves office without uttering any word. . swara feels bad by his behaviour. .

noon 2 am.

swara was watching tv . door bell rings.. she opened. . she found sahil there. .

swara: areey sahil.. come . sanskar is in office. .

sahil: ha swara I know.. he needs a file . so he sent me to take that file..
swara: but sahil I don’t know about any files.. he don’t like if I touch his things. .

sahil: don’t worry swara I will take it. . show me the room. .

swara show him sanskar’a private room.. sahil takes the file. . swara was about to go.. sahil caught her wrist..

sahil; I want to say something swara..

swara: first leave my hand..

sahil pulled her towards him..

sahil: I can’t leave you swara.. because you are very hot and s*xy.. I want you swara.

swara shocked by his behaviour. . she tried to protest.. he hold her waist and caressed her cheeks..

sahil: you are very gorgeous swara.. your cheeks are like red apple.. I want to eat them..
swara frowned by his words.. tears roll down from her eyes..

sahil stared swara lustly.. he throw her on the bed and tried to kiss her.. swara pushed him with all force and runs from there.. sahil chased her.. swara open the from door and fall on someone’s strong arms.. it was sanskar.. sanskar got worried.. when he saw sahil running towards swara he understands everything. . he fumes in anger. . sanskar caught sahil’s shirt and throw him on the floor. .

sahil: sanskar I’m innocent. . this swara invite me to her bedroom. . she said that you don’t love her.. so she needs me.. I don’t do anything sanskar. . she is the one who called me here..

sanskar becames more angry and punched him .

sanskar: how dare you to accuse my swara.. she loves me.. she can’t thought in her dreams about cheating me. . I trust her more than myself. . you are a monster.. you want to get punishment. . sanskar beat him more and more..sahil’s body is bleeding everywhere. .

sahil: don’t brat me more sanskar.. I will die.. Please I beg you.. pardon me.. swara now onwards you are my sister. . I will not look any girl like this.. I will not touch any girls.. Please please forgive me..

swara came and slapped him.. sahil fall on the floor..

he was pleading them..

swara: sanskar enough. . he will not misbehave with any girl in his entire life.. it is enough. .

sanskar call his driver and said to drop sahil in any hospital..

sanskar looked swara with concern.. he take her in bridal style and go to their bed room..

sanskar made her sit on the bed..
.sanskar: swara forgive me.. I do many mistakes. . I hurted you.. ignored you.. I didn’t give a wife’s place to you. . today that blo*dy moron misbehaved with you.. it was my fault.. if I loved you and cared for you he didn’t have this much guts. . it was my fault.. I know sorry is very small word for my sin.. but please forgive me swara.. I will give my life to you.. I will not let anyone harm you. . I will fill your life with happiness. . I will be a good husband for you. . I will not let you cry.. I will be always with you.. untill my death.. Please forgive me swara.. you are my soulmate.. you are my love. I realised my love towards you.. Please forgive me swara..

swara had tears of happiness. .

swara hugged him..

swara: I love you sanskar..

sanskar: I love you too swara..

sanskar kissed her pink soft lips with passion and desire.. he shows all his love through the kiss.. it was s deep and long lasting kiss.. swara too kissed him.. after a few minutes they break the kiss..

sanskar: your lips are very tasty swara.. awesome. . I want it more. .
swara: no no you won’t get any more kiss.. I didn’t forgive you na..

sanskar: you didn’t forgive me ? now what should I do?

swara: make food for me..

sanskar: I’m no:1 businesses man of kolkatta..

swara: really? so you have to wash utensils also..

sanskar: if I do all works.. what will you do ?

swara: I will sit on this bed and think about forgiveness. .

sanskar hugged her tightly and fall on the bed..

swara: what you are doing sanskar..

sannskar: I’m loving my wife.. when you forgive me include this one also.. he kissed her again..

swara: I forgive you sanskar..

sanskar: but I will not leave you sweet heart..

he began to kiss her all over the body.. swara closed her eyes in shyness. . their life’s beautiful journey started on that day..

the end. .

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