Swasan forgive me… Episode 3


recap:swara and sanskar went to date. restart their friendship.

swara sansar, i’m really sorry.
sanskar: forget it swara, that was all the past.
swara:nahi, sanskar those weeks i spent without you made me realize how imortant you are in my life. it made me realize the true value of our relationship. sanskar, i never felt like that befoe but when you weren’t with me i felt as if i have no purpose to live… suddenly she stops as she realizes what she was saying
sankar looks at her
sanskar: chalo lets go home.

both reach maheshwari house. in the house laksh tells everyone about his feelings for swara.however swara and sanskar are unaware about everything that has happened.
everyone looks at swara.

swara: kya hua, why ae you all looking at me that way. did anything happen.
sujata: han, you have brainwashed my son thats what happened. first you capture laksh and now your out ruining my sons. at least pick one boy.
swara: what are you saying maa.
sujata: i am saying that laksh still loves you and you love him.
swara and sanskar look on shocked.
laksh: han swara, we love each other. that day in the farm house about us being friends it was just an act since i wanted to win you over. i’m really sorry swara but i will never be able to forget you. I love you swara, I love you so much.
swara: what rubbish is this laksh. How could you betray me again. And get this straight mr laksh maheshwari, i am your bhabi. you have no right talking to me like that, And to meet you are my sisters husband. That’s it. You would’ve been my friend however you don’t respect relationships. How can i forget that a man who gives no importance to his wife will give respect to me.
laksh: swara how can i respect my wife as i love you.
laksh: thats a lie swara. a lie. how can you abandon our love and forget about it this quickly.
swara: the way you abandoned our relation on our marriage day, that day i also abondoned you.
laksh: swara i know you love me. ( he holds her tightly)
swara: bas laksh i have no time for your
laksh: say it say you love me. why dont you love me? kyoun swara. kyoun.
swara: (swara frustrated) kyounki mein sanskar se pyaar…
she stops and sanskar looks at her. everyone knew what she was going to say. sanskar stands confused and laksh with teary eyes. swara runs upstairs.

precap: don’t know if you have ideas please write in the comments.

Credit to: maaya

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