Swasan forgive me… Episode 2

swara finished singing. sanskar is staring at her. everyone suddenly clap which makes both of them alert.
swara goes towards sanskar and hugs him.
swara:sanskar please mujhe maaf karo. i know i hurt you a lot and i don’t deserve your love or trust but please accept me. sanskar you know when you divorced me how many times did i cryed. i can’t remember. sanskar i was unable to sleep. i used to cry myself to sleep. sanskar you said your divorcing me for the sake of my happiness. but your wrong sanskar.my happiness lies with you. the thought of losing you kills me inside.
sanskar:(covers swaras mouth)don’t say that ever again swara.i admit i’m still hurt by you but the thought of hering your name with anything bad scars my heart.
swara breaks the hug
swara: so…
sanskar: swara you know i love you. i was gonna call you back into my life at anytime. my life is incomplete without you. it’s as simple as that. i live for you swara and everything i do is for your betterment. whatever descion i take i think about you.
(saans mein teri playing in the background)
swara: by the way sanskar we never really got to know each other. since were starting a new life today lets meet each other propely today. with that she forwards her hand and says hi, im swara whats your name?
sanskar:(seeing her smile gives his hand and says)hi nice to meet you,im sanskar.
swara:sanskar… nice name. your dressing sense bohot acha hai. would you like to go on a date with me.
sanskar:(kinda confused) alright.. let’s go

both leave the party
head to a restaraunt with desserts
sanskar: what would you like to order. let me call the waiter
swara: i would like your chocolate ice cream brownie sundae with extra chocolate and sauce. and i would like a vanilla smoothie with lots of cream plus waffles with chocolate sauce.
sanskar: i didn’t even tell you what i would like and you ordered for me.
swara: oh erm this is all for me. now you order.
sanskar: 3 desserts. wow what a girl. i would like one chocolate cake slice.
swara: 1 slice. i can finish a whole cake. no problem, you can share with me.
both smile. both are eating an laughing. zehnaseeb is playing in the background.
swara: (signs to sanskar that he has something near his mouth)
sanskar: wat r u trying to say swara. im not understanding.
swara: look at you. such a messy eater. you got crumbs on your face.
sanskar tries to brush it off but fails to.
swara grabs him by his collar and gently strokes her hand on his mouth. both share an eyelock.

from maya
guyz i’m really sorry not gonna be able to update often.this was supposed to be only 1 fanfiction but i couln’t refuse your requests. anyway this episode might be not upto standards since i was outta ideas. but i have skool tests so my next update might be on wednesday or thursday and i promise you guyz a better episode

sanskar:(covers swaras mouth) don’t say that swara. i’m still angry with you but i can never hear your name associated with anything bad.

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