Swasan forgive me… Episode 1


hi i’m maaya.. kinda new here!
i was actually bored but i just started reading these ff’s so i decided to make . Before i start i would just like to say to all the writers that u guyz have an amazing talent and should probably start directing coz ur really good.
so my first fanfiction here goes…

this is after raginis kidnapping. Sanskar is upset with Swara still. Ragini however doesn’t own maheshwari house and laksh is not in jail.

Sanskar: swara till date i have always supported you. i have always been there for and with you. When the whole world was against you i was the only one who was with you. Then why did you do this. why. give me an answer.
swara: sankar, calm down. God knows what i was thinking. I was just really tensed. are you that angry with me.(teary eyed)

sanskar: swara i have said many times that i love you. but that does not mean you take advantage of my love and feel that i will forgive you for everything. swara, today you have heart me a lot. I am not angry but really hurt that you have no trust and faith in this relation. I am hurt that you don’t trust me.

swara: sanskar, its not like that. please don’t say that. i know i messed up big time but please forgive me.i promise from today i will always be there with you and never question your loyalty or faith.

sanskar: swara, it’s not that easy. You yourself said that your and laksh’s relation broke because there was no trust. You said there can never be a relationship without trust. The same mistake Laksh made, today you made that mistake. Did you give him a second chance? No nah. so what makes you think i will give you a second chance.

swara: sanskar… sanskar… what are you trying to say. your making me worried.
sanskar: today, i will divorce you. you didn’t repect me as a husband nor friend. get your bags ready, i’m taking you to baadi. The divorce papers will be sent there in a few hours.
swara: (crying) but sanskar please don’t do this.

sanskar: (turns away so he doesn’t feel hurt seeing her cry) if you ever respected our friendship or relation then you wil not answer back and silently do as your told.
swara: if this makes you happy then i will get ready for baadi. i will leave your life and you.
sanskar: (leaves the room but swaras words echo in his ears)

next scene baadi
swara unpacks her bags. She comes across her and sanskars picture from karvashauth.
she remebers sankar fasting for her, him protecting her from everyone, him beating laksh for her and all their other romantic moments.

swara to herself: bhagwan i am so stupid. how can i be so dumb. (crying) sanskar how could you leave me. you siad you’ll always protect me and keep me happy then wat about today. i know i made a mistake but how could you throw away our entire relation. the day laksh and ragini betrayed me i was never this hurt, but why today. i feel as if i have no life. i’m souless. sanskar you were my strength. my support. you helped me survive throughout the day. You were my life.you made each problem bearable and still put a smile on my face. (muskurane ki wajah playing) swara remembers tent moment, the day swara and sanskar got sargi on karvachauth day and ate together.

after a week
(swara tries contacting sanskar, she hasn’t signed dicroce papers. everyone is aware about the reason why except sanskar)

maheshwari house
DP: sanskar beta how are you.
sanskar: fine bade papa. i’m gonna gooffice ina bit and come back in the evening.
DP: actually my clients daughter is having a party. She is getting engaged, so she is throwing a party. i thought maybe you could go. i would’ve gone but the house is in no order for me to leave. whenever i am here there is less tamasha in the house.
sanskar: yeah sure bade papa.. i’ll come earlier and go.
DP:(knows about swaras feelings for sanskar) actually beta, i spoke a lot about swara to them. and they’re really eager to meet her. Besides the daughter is interested in music so she wants to speak to swara. i told her since it’s her engagement i would’nt let her down. if you got no objection please take swara with you.
sanskar:(kinda reluctant but then saw DP’s face) sure bade papa
DP: thank you beta.

(baadi 6 oclock swara finished getting ready, she’s getting ready to go to sanskar’s car)
(she wants to look extra good and wants to build her relation with sanskar again)

swara came down the stairs. sanskar is waiting for her. She is wearing a black and white designer sabyasachi lehenga with black heels. her hair is out and she got gold earrings. sanskar is mesemeried seeing her and she is mesmerised seeing him.His hair is gelled and he’s wearing a black 3 peice suit with red tie.
swara: hi sanskar, your looking good. thank you for collecting me. btw sorry again.
sanskar: (ignores her) lets go to car.
(swara feels bad)
in the car it is awkward silence. there is no noise. sanskar switches on the radio. suraj hua madham plays. both look at each other and feel not awkward but true. they quickly turn their glance but secretly enjoy the words to the song.

at the party.
maya: hey sanskar thank you for coming to my party. i’m buzzing that your here.and this must be the world class famous swara. wow you look beautiful and your both wearing matching outfits. i thought me and my would be husband were matching but you guyz r extreme. soo cute.
swara: congratulations, im very happy with you both.
sanskar: i’m glad you guys are together, let me give you a peice of advice. remeber to trust and have faith in your husband and relation. theyre 2 key components in a marriage. without that there would be no relation and no marriage without it.
(swara looks teary eyed sanskar notices it and goes)
maya: lets go to the stage.
maya and rahul: thank you guys so much for coming to our party. but before we start we have all your names in a bag. whoever’s name i pick they have to come to the stage and sing a song. swaras name got picked.

swara: mein.. how can i go.
maya: you have to sing a song about anyone here. doesn’t have to be sanskar and you don’t need to mention their name.
swara:(reluctant at first) ok fine.. this song is for someone special here.i will not say a name. currently this person is sad angry and hurt by me. this person is ignoring me and my heart yearns to hear his voice. this song is to show this peson if he or she can take me back and forgive me and every word in this song is true.
swara sing jeena jeena from badlapur. Dehleez pe mere dil ki
Jo rakhe hain tune kadam
Tere naam pe meri zindagi
Likh di mere humdum

Haan sikha maine jeena jeena kaise jeena
Haan sikha maine jeena, mere humdum
Na sikha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena
Na sikha jeena tere bina humdum

Sachchi si hain ye taareefein
Dil se jo maine kari hain…

swara and sanskar look at each other teary eyed.
at the end swara says mujhe maaf karo..

from maya

Credit to: maya

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