HAPPY NEW YEAR….Bismillah, Hi, I’m back, since im boring without Swasan on screen,so, i want to drag
you to join me in my boredom with this boring one..ahem ahem
pleease join me…

Character Scetch :
Sanskar Maheswary/ Varun Khanna : 17 years old, High School Student, very smart
flirty boy.
Swara Hartanto/ Shona Harun :19 years old, college student, innocent, bubbly
and silly girl.

Jakarta, 4 and a half years ago.

Swara was infront of her lappy opening her dummy account when a message occured in her
chatting box.
Varun:knock knock Shona, you there ?
Shona:oii.. i’m here, whats up ?
Varun:click them and tell me the result
(give some links about Farmland game)
Shona: Ok! wait!
swara clicked the links one by one that occured as many tabs in her lappy.
after sometime
Shona:Varuuuun.. oh gosh,
this stuff unavaliable in market yet.
Varun:i know ๐Ÿ˜›
so it’s working?
Shona: of course!it saved me more than 300 US$
ty so much!
Varun:you are very welcome shona Varun!
Shona:aarrgghh stop flirting!
it’s Harun, Shona Harun!
Varun:soon it’s become Shona varun ๐Ÿ˜›

—-swara POV—-

Shona Harun, yes, i choose Shona Harun’s name for one of my dummy account in FB among a bunch of,it’s common as i’m an online game player. Moreover, i didn’t want to expose my real name, Swara Hartanto,the daughter of Salim hartanto, famous businessman in Indonesia.I can’t imagine if i use my real name,it will become a big chaos , since instead of mingle among my elite friends, attending parties or spent our parent money i prefer to locked myself in my room, indulged to this crazy game called Farmland.

It’s true that this game drive me crazy. i spent utmost my day to fullfilled the mission and the tasks,planting, watering, harvesting trees and seed, breeding animals, built barn, stable,aviary blah blah just kinda a real farmer.We should ask our neighbour’s farmer to give us favor to do the mission or building stuff, that why we need a bunch dummy account to help us than begging any friends. Called me as college student, this game dragged me into deep satisfaction for mastery collection or being first collector of stupid costly stuff that updated in farmland market weekly.

But, thank God there are few smart people to save us from this stupid mission and those greedy company.They invent cheat engine,cracked the code as plugin, turned the long life mission to hours and costly stuff to zero bills magically.The angel cum devil in the same time.Here it is, Varun khanna the one of angel cum devil of the game and me. Yeah me! He had never ever fed up of himself to irritated me since we came to be FB friends. But i like it, considered him as my little brother and smart kid.(oh really ?) He is 2 years old younger than me, He is so nice and cute.

Huh! nice my foot! my online cum best friend Raya complaining me after giving deeply observation toward his account, checked his photos one by one.He is so filty! that too living in slum area! how can you roaming utmost your day with him! she said while throw pillow on me (VK filty ??? curse her guyz! curse her!). whatever! i said, who care about face or property if he has smart brain, he is s*xy in smart way! i replied back her complain in blushing face.Afterall, her insulted about his poorness can’t stop her to urged me about varun’s plugin or new stuff from the cheat engine, my sweet hypocrite.

——POV ended once another text appeared on chat box——-

Varun:do you want more ?
Shona:na, ty so much it’s enough
hmmm..how many ppl can click the link?
Varun:just 1,the links must be expired now
Varun:i know, you want to give the link to my sweet cute Raya.
rite ?
Shona:wooow, how do you know ?
Varun:of course i know, we are 1 soul
Varun:hahaha! what is that?
Shona:dirty word to curse u just like in comic
Varun:whaaattt!! *falling form the chair
Shona:you are silly
Varun:your influence :3
Shona:me!! i’m innocent , not silly ! huh!
Varun:as i will believe it.
i bet even raya will agree with me ๐Ÿ˜€
Shona:huh!so ask her !
Varun :i will, i will ask her too whether she has boy friend or not! ๐Ÿ˜€
Shona:weeeww, my silly casanova trying to spread his silly charm ?
varun:it’s natural and normal baby!:D ๐Ÿ˜€ :3 :3 ๐Ÿ˜›
shona:oh God ..kill me please!
Varun:hahaha,i have other links if you want to give her.
Shona:really ? tytyty
anyway, it’s your new secret plugin ?
Varun:yeps,it’s my newest plugin.
plus your 2 dummy account suspended for trial
shona:again ?? huh! no wonder 1 trial 10 error
Varun:Haaww! how come ?1 trial–> 1 error, dumbo!
shona:normally, but on your case it was quite different ๐Ÿ˜›
guess why ?
Varun:why ?am i too smart ?
Varun:your farm in your dummy account was cursed land?
Shona:are you drunk? it’s imaginer farm deuche!
Varun:then why?
Shona:1 trial–>1 error, but the last 9 errors stayed in your brain ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€
varun:Shonaaaaaaa!! how could u? huh
Shona:hahahha *ruun shona ruuun, panting rhino chasing you!
Varun:you suck!
shona:yes, i’m *blushing
Varun:eerrgghh dramaqueen, you still want the links or not?
shona:of course! give them to me !
(put some farmland’s links)
Shona copied them and put them on Raya message box.
after sometime..
Shona:Done, and thank you from Raya!
Varun:you welcome! you want that plugin ?
Shona: did you shared already on group ?
Varun:nope! not yet, i only offer it to you!
Shona:hmmm, so i don’t want it then! but, ty soo very much for offer!
uft Mom call me! bye now!
Varun:OK!but don’t forget the kiss!

meanwhile, in the same time, in Sanskar’s room, calcutta

Sanskar’s POV…

Aahhh again ? you rejected my secret plugin again shona ? huft! this girl made me crazy. thousand people bugging me,poking my chat, craving on my secret plugin all the time but this girl? she didn’t even care about it. What’s going on with my Shona, Shona Varun…uuht such a cute name, thought my real name is Sasnkar Maheswary, i’ll definitely change my name to my dummy’s name as it has a good rhyme if she become mine,Shona Harun to Mrs Shona Varun Khanna.
Oh kid! what a thought…i’m giggles like mad….
it was 6 month ago when she became the new member of our farmland sharing group and my FB friend. Having any confusion about sharing group ? let’s me explain, farmland sharing group is a group that we can share everything regarding farmland stuff, asked favor,imaginer agriculture product (egg, foals, calves, piglets etc, etc) or just mingle among farmland’s friends and having fun.
we devided into 2 kind of members, sharer/breeder members and takers.Most of Sharer are running cheat engine to get multiple links and provided them to the takers.
I’m an admin cum sharer in that sharing group.
In her first week joined, Shona was a good takers,instead being ghost, she jumped to and fro on almost sharer’s post to said thank for everything she had taken.(ghost was similar as silent reader, they took something without said anything),but wait hmm,She also a manual breeder,she returned everything she ever grab from the group,She grabbed a calf for example, she will grown it up in nursery barn successfully, produced a link which content a calf to share with friends,and she will post the link in group manually, without cheat engine, such a dilligent farmer.
After 2 weeks, she become an expert sharer,using cheat engine, she shared everything what members asked for, fast learner,even she explained about cheat engine problem if any friends having trouble on it, beauty with brain.i had ever been saw her picture once, that too in blur state, but i can feel that she was cute, childish, witty as i see her antic behaviour in group pages everyday.I can tell you that she known as ladybug by all of groups members, ๐Ÿ˜€
As a boy, a normal one, off course i put my eyes on her, so i tried to showering my charm and inbox her.I remember my first chat to her.


Varun:Hello, Shona!
shona:oh hello smart kid ! omg, am i dreaming ??? *pinch myself
Varun: Kiiiidddddd ???
(my heart bleed, i wanted to impresse her, and she called me kid ? it was a worst betrayal)
Shona: upps sorry! but you are 17 years old, 2 years younger than me you know!
you are kinda my lil brother and you are soo smart…..btw, what’s up ?
Varun:i’m not a kid huh!i’m a boy… noo… i’m not a boy not yet a man ๐Ÿ˜›
shona: ahaha.. Britney Spear ?
Varun:whatever.. but i’m an experience one you know *wink
Shona:experince on what ? make plugin ha ? no doubt..
Varun:huh ! never mind, it’s always difficult task to talk to innocent kid like u
Shona:i’m not a kid, i’m not a girl not yet a woman…
shona:<<<——- copitigress ๐Ÿ˜›
Varun:big fat liar ever…can we go skype ?
Shona:Nope! sorry, mom don't let me to skype with boyz
Varun:momma's girl talking, what bout your pic ?why u delete it ?
Shona:many rats scared to my pic, so i delete it ๐Ÿ˜›
Varun :aaarrgghhh, i want that cute pic..
Shona: varuunn! omg, you trying to flirt with me ?
Varun : yess! yeess! yeess! big yess..finally you know it *wink
Shona:blehh! too much winks, i'm elder than u, weewww
Varun: love beyond ages baby! *wink again… ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€
Shona:aarrgghh, shameless Varun
better you give me today update's stuff, i'm late to get them.
do you have them don't you!
Varun:divert topic ? i have them but incomplete
you can ask Renee or others later..
…….. (f*rmville links)
Shona:yippiieee… tytytyty
(clicked the links)
Shona:got it..will run and share in group later,Renee must be sleep
it's midnite in LA you know!
Varun: i know…well my class starting again bye cute girl :*
Shona:class!!! ha! ha! ha! bye kid…*slap

—–flashback end——–

Hereafter, we are chatting almost everyday, she still convincing and remind me about our ages differences, calling me kid or getting annoyed when i trying to flirt to her, but me is me,i'm so adamant to flirt to my lady love.
Something strange happened to me, i can talk about my messy family to her so freely.
The thing i never did to anyone before.i can tell her about my bad papa, mom or my sister.
She will somehow made me calm. In that moment, i surely agree that she is older than me.
I promoted her as an admin in my share group, even i added her to my secret admin group, we do group chatting on there, she made our group more bright,since we can pull her leg for her innocent state, moreover, other boyz love to flirt and tease her, huh! boyz are boyz,what to say, make me burning in jealousy.

———–POV END————–

After some hours, chat box start getting noise
Shona:i'm baaaaaack kiddoooo!! are you there ?
Varun:where were you it's soo long huh!
Shona:shared trees in group.
What's up ? you are waiting for me ?
Varun:yeah, 3rd world war is starting just now at home
soo booring
Shona:what? again ? where is Ragini ? is she with you now ?
Varun:Oh shit! bye now love! don't forget your first kiss!
Shona:bye take care…

Sanskar left his lappy and room, run in rush to his sister's room,only to see Ragini cried in her scary face to heard their parent fight.He carried the 13rd years old Ragini in his back, put her in back side of his bycicle, went away from those hell, swara's word echoed in his mind "if you can't interfere to your parent fight, at least take your sister away from their fight, don't let her suffer so much to be a witness of it, it's bad for her"
So, he brought Ragini to park, consoled her and tried to cheer her up in playing.

Swara prayed for Varun and Ragini, wishing the best for their life, but somehow she felt amused to read Varun's chat,how he still has time to mention about the kiss.
"huh silly boy! how can he has time to irritate me with the kiss fiasco" swara touched her lips,slighty smile appeared in her face to remember the incident


it was midnight, Swara in verge of shutting down her lappy when Sanskar inbox her
Varun :Shona you there! please test this plugin…
……. (plugin's link to download)
Shona:uhh, can i do this tomorrow, i'm so sleepy and tired
Varun:sleepy ? it's not midnite yet
it just few minutes..please
Shona:uuggh..it's midnite on me dumbo
moreover, my cheat engine closed already, it will take alot of time
Varun:but i want you to be first tester
Shona:I'll try it tomorrow early morning OK?
Varun:promise ?
(type something but unnotice by Swara)
Shona:promise! promise! promise! happy now ????
As being soo sleppy and tired, Swara closed her lappy abrutly without shuted it down, throwed
herself to bed and dozed off.
In the morning,after prayed fajr, Swara run to her lappy immediately remembering her promise
to Sanskar last nite, but the chat's scenery made her shock…
it's written kinda like..
Shona:uhh, can i do this tomorrow, i'm so sleepy and tired
Varun:sleepy ? it's not midnite yet
it just few minutes..please
Shona:uuggh..it's midnite on me dumbo
moreover, my cheat engine closed already, it will take alot of time
Varun:but i want you to be first tester
Shona:I'll try it tomorrow early morning OK?
Varun:promise ?
Shona:promise! promise! promise! happy now ????
Varun:ssoooo happy!! good nite, sweet dream love!

"what the hell is this!"swara almost shouted to read it.
"uuhh! he will irritating me more with his new weapon" murmured she.
Swara guessed was rite, he reminded her everytime about the first kiss promise. poor Swara.
But, it gave effect to Swara unknowingly.

—-flash back End——–


day passed, they have their routine schedule, chit chat in group inbox, sharing stuffs in group, joke and tease, mingle among goup's members and roamed there.
Shona-Varun inbox in highlight..
Varun:shona baby!
Varun:Shona darling!
Varun:Shonaaa…. i know you there, answer me baby!
(sanskar noticed swara replied his friends Luca and Abdul in group's chat)
Shona:hmmm…i smell something fishy here, someone call me in sweet way.
how's Sujatha mom ?
Varun:hehehe my Shona smarter now, mom is OK!
i need few dummy account to test my plugin, lend me yours please?
Shona:no..no..no, why mine ? huh!!!
ask your girl friends,anju, renee, diane, Yang, Shally bla bla bla
Varun:aha…someone jealous ?
what about you, roaming with Luca and Abdul, ignoring me
Shona: what to say, they are always sweet to me
they aren't like you, irritating me all the time..huh!
Varun:but i love to irritate you ummaahhh..
now please your dummy accounts..
Shona:huhuhu..uuhhh, but back them in save
i have no much dummy left, i hate to make new mail acc, too much rules now
Varun:OK baby! gimme please, i need 3 accounts
Shona: [email protected]
pswd : varuncrazy
Varun:whaaatt ??
(sanskar's mouth opened )
Shona:[email protected]
pswd: varunmonkey
[email protected]
pswd: duffervarun
that's all, good luck ! ๐Ÿ˜€
Varun:How mean you! put my name kinda like that !
(sanskar murmured in front of his lappy,
"good luck my foot! huh! wait and watch Shona darling, i'll take revenge!")
Shona:mean ? i put your name as my passwords, you should happy right ?
it easiest way to remember them.
(Swara acted innoncently yet giggled to imagine Varun's annoyed face)
Varun:Happy ?? you must be kidding! :\
Any way thank you so much. Ganda Ladki
Shona:What is that mean ? ganda ladki ?
Varun: Ganda Ladki means you are beautiful, thank you again for the dummies
(Sanskar giggled like mad for his 1st step revenge)
Shona:waaa.. thank you soo much
even you are ganda ladka *blushing
Varun:Haaaa ???
Shona: Ganda ladka means you are handsome. am i right ?
(Sanskar fainted)
few minutes passed
Shona:Varuunn..huh! where are you ?

Swara murmured "where is he ? he left me without even mention about the kiss."
"Oh God! why i mentioned about the kiss? what happen to me ?why i am blushing to hear his compliment when even all of men only say that i'm beautiful ?"
Her face turned red due to shyness yet panic about her feeling.
She threw herself to bed, grabbed her phone and dialed a number.
OS :Hallo!
Swara :Rayaaaaa!!! meet me at Paradiso Restaurant at 19.00 on time! OK ?

She cut the call without even paid a heed the confusion Raya on other side.
She threw her phone, jumped from bed and run to washroom in excited way.

A/N : may i 'll irregular as it depend on my mood to write *cursing my fate
thank you for read it. LOVE YOU ALL

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