They love each other..they took vows to be together no matters whatever the situation will be they want to be together…they want to live together even they died together…”
Sujata:sanskar katthe ja ra h aaj hume ldki walo k ghr jana h chhora
Sanskar: mom u kno m nt intrested in marrying any girl …u want a daughter in law na then you n other may go i dont want a wife(said sarcaaticaly)
Sujta: u hv to come or else i will not eat my medecines
Sanakar: ok i will but only for 10 mins
Sujata: 2 hrs
Sujata:1 n half hour
Sanskar: ok fine for half an hour not more than that
Sujata: ok done.

Ragini was crying in the room .swara saw her n asked her”what happend ragu qhy are you crying n you were going for an interview na then what happend???
Ragini: swara i hv been to karma’s office but there a guy insulted me n said i cant work in office i am only a house wife material(then cries)
Swara: (holds her sholders firmly) n you came back …
Ragini nodes yes
Swara:(shouts) how can you come back u should hv stayed there come with me we are going to karma…(drags ragu to karma’s office…at the same tym sanskar enterd in the office n swara miss understoid him as the one who has insulted ragini as ragu said that he was wearing black tux)
Swara:(shouts on him without thinking anything) who the hell are you yo insult my sister …if u work here it doesnt mean that you will chose who will work here…who the hell are you to decide wether my sis is house wife material or not…*ragini was trying to say swara that he is not the one but will she listen…ummm NO*
Listen mister m warning you not to mess with my sis or else i dont kno what will i do…
**ragini shakes her and said swara he is nit the one who hv insulted me he is sanskar maheshwari karma’s owner**
Swaea:what :O u sld hv told me this before
..***during all this process sanskar was just staring at her he dont kno what has happend to him but he was lost …whereas all the staff was shocked as before this no one hv ever dared to talk to him in this manner**
Swaragini came back infront of sanskar n swara was about to say something but sanskar signals them to come in his cabin…
He sat on his chair n asked them to sit
Sanskar:so who was the guy ..
Swaragini: what
Sanskar: mne puchha kisne apki insult ki plz mujhe bataye so that i can fire him i dont want such employes in my office
Ragini tell him that he was mr. Mehta
Sanskar: ok thnku n miss ragini u can come back tommorrow for intetview n plz contact miss naina n told her that i said you come tommorrow
Ragini nodes positively
When they were leaving swara said:mr . Maheshwari thanku and m really very sorry actully i cant see my sis in tears so i was a bit takrn away …m sorry
Sankar simles n said its ok

Gadodia house
Swaragini enterd the house n werd hell shocked to see the guests sanskar maheshwari n his family was there to meet swara
Shomi: here they come my both daughters swaragini come n take blesngs Sanakar n swaragini were shoxked n sanskar was even more shocked to kno that he is getting married to swara
Sanskar : mom are you serious m not gettin married to this girl
Swara: what do u mean by this girl.
Sanskar: i mean this girl mtlab iss ladki se yani k tum
Swaea: dont u forget abi zada der ni hui h agr apni sis k lyd lar skto ho to khud k liye b
Sanskar: ldkne ka shoxk h to border pe jao kuch achha kaam kro…
Sujata intetpted basss karo
Now m sure k swara is perfect fir u only she can handel u
Sanskar:mom but
Sujata: i want my daughter in law n thats final n that too swara if u dont marry her then i will not..(before completing interptted by sanskar) okk i will

Days passes n swara n sanakar came closer after engahement…
They were getting married n everyone was happy n swasan too as now they love each other rituals got completed n they left for MM …post wedding rituals were completed there n after 3 days they left for there honeymoon…
An year passed its there first anniversry but sanskar was not there as he hv to go out of town for some urgent work here swara was going out for taking the gift as she herself wanted to pick that suddenly a car hit swara from back …she lye semi conciouss on road ppl rush her to hospital n informef MF n GF …there sanskar was taking a nap suddenly he fells someones hand on his hand he opend his eyes n widen the eyes n said swara :O but how
Swara:shhh dont say anything let me say i hv less time
Sanskar: what rubbish are u Talking about..
Swara : sshhhb i said na tym kam h let me speak sanskar i kno u love me alot n i also love u more than anything but m sorry m breaking my vow to be with you forever
Sanskar: what??
Swara : shhh sanskar i want you to be the most sucessful buainessman i want karma to be on the heights..promise me when i die u wont cry…u will fullfill all the dreams…u will move on in life n will forget me…promise me…
Sanskar:(about to cup her face) auddenly she diaappers n his phone rang it was from Dp he told him about her accident…
Sanskar’s world turns 360
He straight rush to hospital n went in her ward n got shatted seeing his life’s condition he sat besides her hold her hand n said
: swara you are too much ese mazak krta h koi vo b anniversry k din…chlo now get up n hug me n wish me happh anniversy …swaraaa m not in a mood to hv fun this is serious how could u…u hv taken vows with me…you cant break my family u cant leave me n vihaan swara he needs u he is only a month old now enough of this nonsense n get up…get up swaraa …get up(cries )
After a while MF n GF entetd in ward n were shocked to see the scenario there swasan were holdings hands n sanakar has headed down on swara’s bed …doc came n got shocked…
He told that swasan are no more…sanskar’s heart beat stopoed at the time swara’s heart beat stopped
They were unknown …they became frnds…they became sole mates…everyone was shattered with the unexpected death of there children They are more worried abot vihan’s future then they saw some thing unusual…swaSan apperd together n asked them not to loose hope they told them that ragini n laksh luvz eachother n get them married swara moves towards ragini n said i kno u can take care of vihan better than me…ragini was cryng n said no swara he needs you he needs his parents…swara said we will always be with him n with you but u hv to be strong will u be…everyone nodes yes then they started to dissapper everyone wants to stop them bt they were helpless…at last a normal love story turned onto a unbelievalbe one…they were ordinary persons with extra ordinary love…they make us belive in love …they hv completed the vows to be with each other no matters what…the situation is……

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Credit to: LILY

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