Swasan Forever and Always one shot


hi all this is isabella and this is a one shot about swasan …bcoz they are my favourite pair and i cant stop writing
so if you like it pls pls pls leave a comment
…………..so here we go ………………..

it was a perfect day a perfect time for two star crossed lovers ………..
it was raining heavily and as swara sat in the library she could sense someone looking at her
sighing deeply she closed the book she was reading and went outside
swara- oh god this rain i might even get thye books wet
a deep soft voice called out to her
voice- excuse me miss do you have an extra umbrella
swara turned and swa a tall fair man with chocolate brown eyes and hair messy as ever
swara- umm no sorry just have one
he turned to leave but then
swara- but you can share with me
sanskar -thank you so much miss??
swara- swara bose and you ??
sanskar – sanskar maheshwari
swara- i have heard that name somewhere cant remember anyways so heres my house so i have to go bye
sanskar – but miss bose your umbrella………………….
he called after her but she had already gone
sanskar- stupid girl he said

next day at swaras office
swara- what why am i fired ???
boss- its my choice get lost
swara rushes to her house crying to see that her entire family is dead they died protecting a littlebaby girl of 2 weeks from an encounter though her parents were also killed
she doesnt know what to do she picks up the crying girl and
she walks on the road blinded by tears
a car screeches to a halt in front of them
sanskar comes out and sees swara and the little babygirl
sanskar – miss bose??? oh my god AANYAA ??
girl is aanyaa sanskars neighbour she has no one now
swara- they killed them they killed them all i dont believe it
and she breaks down on his chest
he does not know how to react so he takes both of them to his house
and his parents welcome them both as they are too broken by the news
slowly swara starts making herself busy in the household work and taking care of aanyaa
she starts taking care of sanskars house but does not talk to him much because she always acts strange around him
one day she sees sanskar come home drunk
swara- sanskar sir?? are you high ??
sanskar -thats not correct you should say hi are you sanskar?got it
swara- umm but how much did you drink??
sanskar – two drops or was it two glases no no it was two bottles
swara-TWO BOTTLES NO wonder you are high
sanskar starts crying
sansakr- u bad bad girl u shout at me i am afraid
swara – oh my god such a kid
sanskar- ilove you swara
and he goes unconscious
swara – sanskar wake up oh my god i love you sanskar wake up
hree weeks later swara stands at the door waiting for her husband to come
sanskar – hi swara how are you how is aanyaa
swara- she is fine but i AM NOT FINE
sanskar – yy
swara- i love you
sanskar – what
swara – yess i love you a lot but you dont
he goes the door
sanskar – well swara ever since i swa you i knew my heart velonged to you it was strange seeing you here but then i lo0ve you marrying you was awesoem even if i didnt say it to u before but I LOVE YOU MRS MAHESHWARI
swara – rushes to him and hugs him tight
sanskar – so are you going to be with
swara – forever and always
so how was it did you like it pls comment

Credit to: isabella

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