SwaSan Five Shots -Her Eyes Speak…His Heart Listens…Part1

Her Eyes Speak…His Heart Listens… Part 1
Thank u so much for the warm welcome given for Piyali and my collaborated work.

Swara’s eyes blinked…her heart beat fast…her heart’s vision opened the door of her past which was closed for some time.

Swara and her friends reached the picnic spot.The wind blew. Swara felt that the cool wind was touching her softly and she felt nice..a sweet smile appeared on her face.
Suddenly she heard her friends splashing water at each other.Her friends were collecting water from the river only to play.
Swara giggled.
One friend:Swara..come near the river.Get wet and enjoy.
Swara hesitated.
Another friend:Come Swara.
Swara:But I did’nt bring any other dress.I will feel uncomfortable in wet dress.
Another friend:Oh no..Then atleast join us in dancing.

They all started dancing…

Zulfon se bandh liya dil
Seene pe se udne laga aanchal
Mujhse naina mila ke
Mausam hone lagge paagal
Sabse hoke befikar
Nachun main aaj cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham..
Main nachun aaj cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham..(Baghi)

They pulled Swara towards them and Swara too started dancing.
But while dancing forgetting herself she didn’t knew that she was moving towards the river.
She was about to fall into the river.She sensed some danger and got scared too.Suddenly she was pulled forwards by some strong arms.
He saw Swara’s face shivering.
He:Don’t be scared.You did’nt fall naa.I held you before that.

Swara said innocently:Thank you so much.
He smiled.
His eyes were stuck to her cute innocent face.He drowned in her lovely eyes..he felt that her eyes spoke something to him..he felt that her eyes had the magic to pull his heart towards her…he felt that her eyes are sparkling …he felt that all her emotions and feelings were hidden in her eyes like a beautiful melody.

( Aankhon Mein Teri
Ajab Si Ajab Si Adayein Hai
Hoo Aankhon Mein Teri
Ajab Si Ajab Si Adayein Hai
Dil Ko Banade Jo Patang Saanse
Yeh Teri Woh Haawaien Hai )… (2)(OSO).

She took off her hands from him and goes away with her friends.But his eyes were only on her.
Swara entered her house.Suddenly All of them gathered and wished her:Happy birthday Swara…
She was surprised.
Shreya:How is our surprise Swara?
Swara smiled:It was too good.
Her parents Shekhar Sharmishta,her brothers Varun and Karthik,her dearest cousin Shreya hugged her.
Then Swara cut cake while all of them sang the birthday song for her.Swara fed the cake to all of them.

They made her eat cake so much that her face was full of icing.They took selfies happily.

How can her family not give her beautiful surprises?After all she is the pet of the family.She is a girl who was born in their family after many generations.Though according to her horoscope she was assumed to bring bad luck to the family her family never treated her like that.They only pampered her with love.But in the horoscope Swara was a Lakshmi Devi who brings favour to the family in the form of money.
After a few days…
Swara’s saviour was passing by some shops.Accidentally he happened to see Swara having ice cream in the ice cream parlour.His eyes glowed seeing her.Just to see her he got inside the icecream parlour.
He thought:I wish to sit near her.But If I do that she will mistake me for a flirt.He sat far away from her and kept looking at her with a smile.
The waiter came near him:Sir…which icecream you want?
He did’nt hear as he was concentrating on Swara.
The waiter called him again:Sir!
Suddenly Laksh heard his voice and found his voice as a disturbance.
He got angry with the waiter:What do you want?
Waiter:Sir..which icecream do you want?
He:Bring any icecream you like.
Waiter:Are you sure that you want any icecream I like?
He:Yes.Now you go.
The waiter left.
After some time the waiter brought him icecream.
He:Now what do you want?I told you to go and bring the icecream.
Waiter:Yes Sir.I brought icecream.
He looked at the icecream:Blueberry?Who told you to bring blue berry?
Waiter:You told me to bring the icecream I like.
He thought:Oh no..what did I tell him when I was not in my senses?I hate blue berry.
Suddenly he saw Swara paying the bill and getting out of the ice cream parlour.
he got up and tried to follow her.
Waiter:Sir..you did’nt have your icecream.
He:You have it as it’s your favourite icecream.
The waiter smiled:Thank you so much Sir.I am very grateful to you.But please pay the bill and go.Otherwise our job will go.
He got irritated and throw money at him.He rushed out to follow Swara.
Suddenly a thief snatched Swara’s purse.
Swara screamed:My purse..thief…
He saw that and ran after the thief.He punched him and took the purse from him.The thief ran away.
He went near Swara with the purse:Here is your purse.
Swara took it from him.
S:Thank you very much.
He smiled.
Swara felt his fragrance…she was reminded of her saviour.Thinking that a smile appeared on her face.
Swara:You are the one who saved me from falling into the river.Right?
He smiled with excitement:You still remember me?
Swara smiled:How can I forget you?You saved me that day.Today only you helped me to get my purse back.Really thank you.By the way what is your name?
He:I am Laksh.And you?
He extended his hand towards her:Shall we be friends.
She nodded smiling.She held his hand.He was very happy.

It was just the starting of their friendship.As time passed their friendship became stronger and stronger.

Time passed…
Laksh took Swara to a decorated place.
Swara:Laksh…why did you bring me here?
He knelt down before her:Swara…you know one thing?The first time I saw you itself I fell in love with you.I fell in love with your beautiful eyes.
Swara was shocked:Fell in love with my eyes?
Laksh:Yes…I really love you Swara.Do you love me?
Swara’s heart pained.Her eyes got filled with tears.
Laksh got confused seeing her teary eyes:Swara…you don’t love me?
He got up and stood close to her.
L:Do you doubt my love?See..I have decorated the place to make this moment special as you are a special person.Look at my eyes Swara…don’t you see love in my eyes?
Swara’s heart pained reflecting it on her face.

Suddenly Swara ran away crying.
Laksh thought:I know that Swara loves me.Then why Swara is is she hesitating to accept me?I can’t just let you go Swara.I want you.I can’t live without you.

Seeing Swara crying her mother Sharmishtha went near her:What happened Swara?Why are you crying?
Swara hugged her crying:Mumma…Laksh proposed me.
Sharmishta was surprised.
Swara:But he does’nt know anything about me…anything…

Sharmishta was stunned.Her tears flowed seeing Swara’s tears.
Her father Shekhar who was standing at the door heard it painfully.

The bell rang.Sharmishta opened the door.It was Laksh,
Laksh:Swara’s mother.Right?
Sharmishta nodded.Laksh touched her feet.Shekhar came there.
L:Swara’s father…
He touched Shekar’s feet too.
Shamishta uttered:Laksh!
Laksh smiled:So you know me.
Shekar:Come inside.
Laksh got inside.
Shekhar:Tell..why did you come?
Laksh:I..I love Swara.
Shekhar and Sharmishta were silent.
Laksh:I know Swara too loves me.But something is pulling her back from accepting me.I am confused.Is it because you all are hesitating to accept me as your son in law.If so I swear..I am willing to obey anything you both say.I can go to any extent to get my Swara.
Shekhar:So you really love Swara?
Shek:What do you love in her?
L:I love everything about her.
Shek:Do you love her blind eyes too?
Laksh:Yes I love her eyes too.
Suddenly Laksh stared at Shekhar:Uncle…what did you say about Swara’s eyes?
Shek:Don’t doubt Laksh.You heard it right.She is blind.
Laksh was shocked:No..it’s impossible.I was with her many times.But never ever I felt so.
Sharmishta:It’s difficult for outsiders to understand that Swara is blind.Her ears are so powerful that from the voice of the person she can really sense where that person stands.So though her eyes have no sight they automatically follow that person correctly.

Shekhar and Sharmishta were in tears.
Swara who was in her room heard Laksh’s voice.
Swara:Laksh?He is here?
She came out of the room.Laksh went near her seeing her.He waved his hand before Swara’s eyes silently.Seeing her eyes steady he realized that she was blind…what he did’nt notice till now he noticed now.His tears rolled down his cheeks.
Swara wept:Laksh…why your voice is different?You came to know my truth.Right?Are you upset about loving me?You regret loving me.Right?
All were upset.
L:How did you even think that I will stop loving you after knowing that you are blind?I loved you from the bottom of my heart not to leave you just because of your blind ears..but to hold you towards me till my death.
All were surprised.
Swara became emotional:Laksh..
L:Please marry me Swara.If you reject me for this reason I will die out of trauma.I can’t live without you..I swear…
Swara burst into tears and embraced him:Yes you emotional fool.I too love you and I will marry you.

Laksh smiled tearfully.
Shekhar and Sharmishta smiled tearfully.

Love won and nothing could stop Laksh and Swara’s marriage.
Laksh Swara’s wedding took place peacefully

while Laksh’s evil greedy family stared at the couple with irritation.But the innocent Laksh and Swara did not understand the bad intention they had in the fake sweetness they showed to them.

Swara sat on the bed like a shy bride.Laksh sat near her holding her hand.She was blushing.
L:You look gorgeous as my bride.
She was shy.

L:I love you a lot Swara.
S:I love you too Laksh.You married me even after knowing that I am blind.Who does that in today’s world?
L:Swara..never ever talk as if I did a favour by marrying you.I married you because I loved you,not for any charity.You are perfect in my eyes.And wait and watch..I will remove the only defect you have in the eyes of public.Your blindness.Now onwards my aim is to get your eyes vision.
Swara became emotional:Laksh..
L:Yes Swara.Your eyes will get vision and you will be able to see everything.

S:I want to see you Laksh.
L:It will surely happen Swara.Tomorrow onwards I will do everything for that.After you gain eye sight we will start our married life in every sense.
She smiled.
Swara lay on his lap smiling.He caressed her head leading her to a soothing sleep.

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