SwaSan Five Shots -Her Eyes Speak…His Heart Listens…(Part 5)

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Her Eyes Speak…His Heart Listens… Part 5
Swara forgot all her pain in Sanskar’s hug.
Being in his arms made her feel different and better.
She felt warmth in his arms.
She felt relief in his arms,
She felt secure in his arms.

She felt herself calm and peaceful in his arms.
Slowly a sweet smile appeared on her face.
Suddenly Laksh’s face came into her mind pricking her conscience.
She thought:How could I cheat my Laksh?I belong only to Laksh.And forgetting that I lay in somebody else’s arms?How could I?
Sanskar was lost completely in another world with Swara.
Suddenly Swara moved away from him breaking his dreamy moment.
Sans:What happened Swara?
She was guilty because of what she did a few moments ago and could’nt speak for a few moments.
Sans:Swara!Are you ok?
Swara nodded silently.

Swa:Sanskar..I want to go back home.The reason behind me staying here was to find out Laksh’s killers and getting them punished.That’s done successfully.There is no need to stay here anymore.
Sans:Ok..I will drop you home.
Swara was silent.

Sanskar dropped her home.
Swara was moving towards the house.Her leg hit a stone and she was about to fall down when Sanskar held her hand.
Swara felt weird feeling his touch in her hand.
Sans:I will take you inside.
Swara removed his hands off her.
Swara:No Thanks Sanskar.I will go by myself.I can’t depend on you always.Right?I am single and alone.I need to be independent.I should not get used to anyone’s presence.
Sanskar felt a slight pain when Swara avoided him.He gave her a pale smile.

Sanskar kept looking at her till Swara got inside.

Sanskar sat in front of his laptop .Surprisingly he saw Swara’s face on the screen.

Na hai yeh pana, na khona hi hai
Tera na hona jane, kyun hona hi hai

Sans:How is it possible as I did’nt change my desktop picture?
Suddenly he realized that it was only his imagination.
Sans:What rubbish!

Tum se hi din hota hai, surmaiye shaam aati, tumse hi, tumse hi
Har ghadi saans aati hai, zindagi kehlati hai, tumse hi, tumse hi

Sanskar was cycling on the street.He was surprised to see Swara next to him on another cycle smiling at him.

He was surprised:Swara..you too?

Na hai yeh pana, na khona hi hai
Tera na hona jane, kyun hona hi hai

Suddenly he realized that it was another girl and he got embarrassed.
Sanskar giggled:I am mad.

Aankhon mein ankhein teri, bahoon mein baahein teri
Mera na mujhmein kuch raha, hua kya

Sanskar went to the bank.He could’nt believe that Swara was sitting there as the receptionist.

Baaton mein baatein teri, raatein saugatein teri
Kyun tera sab yeh ho gaya, hua kya

She:How can I help you Sir?

Sans:Sir?Why are you suddenly calling me Sir Swara?

Main kahin bhi jata hoon, tumse hi mil jata hoon, tumse hi, tumse hi

Suddenly he realized that it was not Swara.
Sans:I am sorry.

Shoor mein khamoshi hai, thodi si behoshi hai, tum se hi, tum se hi
He thought:What is wrong with my eyes? Why am I hallucinating Swara everywhere?

Aadha sa wada kabhi, aadhe se jayada kabhi
Jee chaahe kar lu is tarah wafa ka

Sanskar was watching a movie song on TV.He saw himself romancing Swara in that song instead of the hero and the heroine.

Chhode na chhoote kabhi, tode na tute kabhi
Jo dhaga tumse jud gaya wafa ka

Sanskar blinked his eyes not able to believe it.Then he realized that it was his illusion.
Sanskar blushed:How could I even think about romancing Swara?

Main tera sarmaya hoon, jo main ban paya hoon, tumse hi, tumse hi
Raaste mil jaate hai, manzile mil jaati hai, tumse hi, tumse hi

All his moments with Swara flashed in his mind causing a sweet smile on his face.
Sans:Means I love Swara?Oh My God!

Na hai yeh paana, na khona hi hai
Tera na hona jaane kyun hona hi hai
He jumped with joy:I love Swaraaa

Tum se hi din hota hai, surmaiye shaam aati, tumse hi, tumse hi
Har ghadi saans aati hai, zindagi kehlati hai, tumse hi, tumse hi

Sanskar was excited:I need to tell Swara how much I love her.

Na hai yeh pana, na khona hi hai
Tera na hona jane, kyun hona hi hai(Jab we met).

Swara entered the office and could sense the fragrance of roses.
Sanskar came smiling.

Tumhi Dekho Na Yeh Kya Ho Gaya
Tumhara Hoon Main Aur Tum Meri

Swara:Sanskar…what is all this?
Sans:The symbol of love.I have decorated our cabin with red roses.More than red roses what can express love better?

Main Hairaan Hoon Tumhen Kya Kahu
Ke Din Mein Hui Kaisi Chaandani

Swara:Expressing love?I did’nt understand.
Sans:Swara..I realized how precious were the moments I spent with you,I realized your importance in my life.I also realized that I can’t live without you.I realized that I want you.

Jaagi Jaagi Si Hai Phir Bhi Khwaabon Mein Hai
Khoyi Khoyi Zindagi

Swara was stunned:Sanskar!
Sans:I love you Swara…

Tumhi Dekho Na Yeh Kya Ho Gaya
Tumhara Hoon Main Aur Tum Meri

Swara could’nt believe her ears.
Swa:What did you say?
Sans:I love you Swara.

Tumhi Dekho Na Yeh Kya Ho Gaya
Tumhara Hoon Main Aur Tum Meri

She was reminded of Laksh confessing his love to her and their romantic moments.
Sans:I love you so much that life is impossible without you Swara.

Main Hairaan Hoon Tumhen Kya Kahu
Ke Din Mein Hui Kaisi Chaandani – Kabhi-alvida-naa-kehna

Suddenly she slapped him.
Sanskar was shocked.It was an unexpected slap from Swara.
Swara’s lips shivered:How could you Sanskar?Don’t you know that I am Laksh’s wife?
Sans:But now you are not his wife Swara.I did’nt do any sin by falling in love with a married woman.
Swara’s eyes were full of tears.
Swa:You know everything about me and Laksh.You know how deep our relationship was.Still you…

Sans:I know Swara.But love is not a controlled emotion.It just happens without our knowledge.I don’t know how I fell for you.I could’nt control my emotion.You tell me..Am I wrong?
Swara burst into tears and ran out.

Sanskar removed the red roses from there and crushed them in anger.He could’nt control his tears.

Swara was sleeping.She was haunted by everything related to Sanskar…the moments she spent with him…how he helped her…his confession of love.

She woke up panting.
She was frustrated:Why am I always thinking of Sanskar?Why he is not leaving me even in dreams?
Suddenly she heard a voice:Because you love him.
It was Laksh in front of her.She could feel his presence even without seeing him.
Her eyes got welled up with tears:Laksh!
She tried to embrace him,but she could’nt.

Laksh:You can’t touch me Swara.Because I am not a reality.I do not exist now.
Swara’s eyes became teary:Laksh!
Lak:The reality is Sanskar…the biggest truth of your life is Sanskar…He is the one who exists for you now.Sanskar is even there in your dreams to show that it’s he who is destined for you.
Swara was stunned:Laksh!
Lak:Yes Swara…your thoughts are controlled by Sanskar even without his knowledge as you love him.
Swara:No…how is it possible?I love you.

Lak:Yes Swara.You love me.But we are not destined to be with each other’s .It’s Sanskar who is chosen by God for you.That’s why even without your knowledge you fell in love with Sanskar.Again you have fallen in love Swara…and that lucky person is Sanskar.
Swara started crying:Laksh…no…
Lak:Swara…don’t try to run away from reality.You will regret later.You are a real person.A real person can only fall in love with reality..not any dream,And the beautiful reality of your life is Sanskar and I am only your dream.Accept your reality and forget your dream Swara.A dream is only to be forgotten.So forget me.
Swara cried:No Laksh.I can’t.
Lak:You are hesitating to accept Sanskar thinking that you are betraying me.No Swara..you are not betraying me.Betrayal happens only when you hurt a living person.I am not alive and you are not hurting me by loving Sanskar…instead you are making me happy by loving Sanskar.
Swara was stunned:Laksh!
Lak:Yes Swara.I love you and I want you to live happily in love.You deserve love and happiness and only Sanskar can make you happy by showering love upon you.I will be happy only if you live happily with Sanskar.

Swara became emotional.
Lak:It’s time for me to go away from you Swara.

Swa:No…you can’t go away from me.
Lak:Please let me go Swara.
Swa:How can you go like that Laksh?
Lak:I will be only away from you Swara…but my heart will still beat for you…through Sanskar you will feel my heart beating for you.
Swara wept:Laksh…

With a smile Laksh disappeared.She was shocked.
She knew that it was in her dream that Laksh visited…but it was not a meaningless silly dream.Each word of Laksh had depth which made her think of her life…Sanskar…everything.
She remembered her moments with Sanskar.

Kyun phulon ke khile khile rang udd gaye – (2)
Kyun inn dino khud se rehati hoon main khafa khafa, khafa khafa
Kyun phulon ke ude ude rang khil gaye – (2)

She burst out:Yes…I love Sanskar..I need to apologize to him.I hurt him a lot.Poor Sanskar.Now itself I will call and tell Sanskar that I want to meet him.

Kyun inn dino hosh mein hai mere nasha nasha, nasha nasha
Kyun phulon ke khile khile rang udd gaye

Suddenly she remembered slapping him.

Teri meri takraaron se bana dil ka yeh rishta hai
Aaina jo main dekhu toh tera chehara hi dikhata hai
Swara shed tears:Oh no..what did I do?I slapped him.How could I slap him?

Jab se mujhe tu mili
Jaane kaise mulaakaton mein, yuun hi aisi waisi baaton mein

Sanskar cannot forget my slap easily.Now it’s not the right time to open my heart to him.I have to wait for some more time.

Kare chhote mote waade the kisi chhote se bahaane se
Paake tujhe kho diya

Swara wept.

Meri hai khata meri hi hai saja, phir bhi dil kahe yeh kya huwa
Kyun inn dino khud se rehati hoon main khafa khafa, khafa khafa
Kyun phulon ke ude ude rang khil gaye(Kambakkht Ishq)

The next day…
Sanskar was driving thinking of Swara rejecting his love and slapping him.He was frusrated.Suddenly his car stopped.
Sans:Oh no..because of the present happenings of my life I forgot to fill petrol.That’s why he car got stopped.Now what will I do?
Shreya who passed by saw this and stopped her car.She got out of the car and went near Sanskar.
Shreya:Hello Sanskar..
Sans:Hi Shreya.How come you are here?
Shreya:I was on my way.I saw you and…what happened?Is everything ok?
Sans:My car is not working due to lack of petrol.
Shreya:If you don’t mind I will drop you.
Sans:Oh thanks a lot Shreya.

Sanskar got inside Shreya’s car.Shreya started driving.
Shreya:By the way where do you want to go?
Sanskar:I want to go to the city hospital.
Sans:Just for a check up.
Shre:Routine check up?
Sans:Actually I was a heart patient.

Shreya was shocked:What?
Sans:Don’t pity me.Now I am alright.But for that I had undergone a heart transplantation.I am alive now because of that late person’s heart.I am grateful to him for donating his heart to me though he he signed his medical papers without knowing who is going to get his heart or when he will be able to transfer his heart to another body.
Shre:I can’t believe that you have undergone this much.
Sans:Actually though I am fine now i need to go for check up once in a while to see if everything is fine.

They reached the hospital.
Sans:Thank you so much Shreya for this help.You can leave now.
Shre:No..After your check up I want to drop you home.
Sans:But it may take time.
Shre:It’s fine.I will wait.
Sans:Ok thanks.
Sanskar went for the check up.
After some time he returned.
Shre:How was it?
Sans:Everything is fine.

Shr:That’s good.
Sans:I want to go to the washroom.Can you please hold my medical file if you don’t mind?
Shre:Sure..why not?
Sanskar gave her his file and went to the washroom.
By mistake the file fell down from Shreya’s hand and she took it from the floor.
By mistake her eyes fell on one of the paper sheets.
She was shocked:It means it’s Laksh Jiju’s heart which made Sanskar alive?

Flash back…

Laksh had decided that he will donate all his organs after his death and signed the medical form and completed all the formalities.But unfortunately all his organs except his heart were damaged in the accident.Sanskar who was on the verge of death was in the same hospital.That time Laksh became his saviour indirectly as Sanskar’s heart transplantation became successful because of Laksh’s heart.


Swara entered the office.Sanskar ignored her silently thinking of her rejection and slap.
Swara could’nt bear it.Finally she broke the silence.
Sans:Don’t say anything Swara.Nothing is left to hear.
Sans:Everything is over…
Swara felt pain:Did our friendship also get over?
Sanskar was silent.He was in deep pain.
Sans:Let us not get into that.
Sanskar tried to leave.

Without listening to her Sanskar walked downstairs.Swara followed him by walking downstairs fast calling out his name painfully:Sanskar…
Sanskar ignored it too painfully.Suddenly she slipped and fell down.
Sanskar screamed:Swaraaa
He rushed towards her.She fell in his arms.

Both were relieved.
Sanskar looked at her deeply.Swara too viewed his face through her heart.

Dil Mera Pooch Raha Hai Tujhse
Kya Pyaar Karoge Mujhse Mujhse

Sans:Thank God you are safe.But why did you come down fast?Can’t you be more careful?

Swa:To stop you from going I came down fast.
Sanskar felt sad.

Hasti Hai Aise Tu Hasti Hai
Jaise Baharon Mein Khilti Kali

Swara:Please don’t go avoiding me Sanskar.Please don’t ignore me.I can’t bear it.I feel depressed when you are not with me

.I always want you near me.

Lagti Hai Tu Mujhko Lagti Hai
Thodi Thodi Manchali

Sanskar was stunned.
He became emotional.He stammered:Wh..Why Swara?Why you feel pain when I am not near you?Why you want me near you?

Pehle Se Main Tujhpe Marta Tha
Kehne Se Darta Tha Yeh Daastan

Swara wept:Because I love you Sanskar..

Aankhon Mein Khwaabon Mein Neendon Mein
Tu Thi Basi O Jaanejaan

Sanskar could’nt believe it:What did you say?
Swa:I love you.
Sanskar felt that he was in heaven.

Dhadkan Pooch Rahi Hai Tujh Se
Kya Pyaar Karoge Mujhse Mujhse

Sans:Say it again Swara..
Swa:I love you Sanskar..

Ek Pal Mein Na Jaane Na Jaane
Barson Ka Afsana Kaise Bana

He became emotional:Really?
Swa:Yes Sanskar..I really love you.

Anjana Kal Tha Jo Anjana
Aashiq Mera Baan Gaya

Sanskar smiled happily.

Swara:But you hate me now.Right?Because of what I did to you, you must be really angry with me.I am sorry.

Anjana Kal Tha Jo Anjana
Aashiq Mera Baan Gaya

Sans:Don’t say sorry Swara.I can never hate you.Because I love you more than anything else.
Swara felt very happy.

Chaahoongi Tujhko Hi Chahoongi
Main Ne To Lee Hai Kasam

Swa:Then why did you avoid me?
Sans:Because I thought that’s what you wanted.But now I realized that I was wrong.So I will never be away from you.I will always be with you.

She smiled from the bottom of her heart.

Chaahat Pooch Rahi Hai Tujhse
Kya Pyaar Karoge Mujhse Mujhse

He caressed her hand.

Dil Mera Pooch Raha Hai Tujhse

They both were so happy that they shared a sweet romantic eye lock and an emotional embrace.

Kya Pyaar Karoge Mujhse Mujhse

Shreya came there seeing them together.She smiled happily.
Seeing Shreya , Sanskar became shy and moved away from Swara.
Knowing that Shreya is there Swara too became shy:Shreya…
Sans:You both have some private time.I will order snacks and come.
Shre:For me you don’t need to go Sanskar.You be with Swara.
Sanskar became shy:It’s ok Shreya.I will come now.
Sanskar walked away.

Shreya looked at Swara: dii..you and Sanskar…
Swara blushed.
Shreya hugged Swara:I am so happy that finally you decided to move on with Sanskar.
Swara smiled:Ya Shreya.I never thought that I will fall in love again.I was always missing Laksh and his love.But when I met Sanskar…the moments I spent with him…I felt that I am getting the same love,care and affection from Sanskar which I got from Laksh.
Shreya:Because Laksh Jiju is still alive in Sanskar.Yes Dii…it’s Laksh’s heart which is beating in Sanskar’s body.

Swara was stunned:What?
Shreya explained her everything.
Swara could’n believe it.
She remembered Laksh’s words in her dream:I will be only away from you Swara…but my heart will still beat for you…through Sanskar you will feel my heart beating for you.
Swara’s eyes got filled up with tears.

Swara thought:Now I understand what Laksh meant by those words.
Shreya:Sanskar loves you the same way Jiju loves you as his heart is Jiju’s.
Swara:No Shreya.Only Laksh’s heart is transplanted..not his emotions and feelings.Sanskar loves me not because of Laksh’s heart in him but because he is genuinely a loving person who knows only to love.I will never compare Sanskar with Laksh.Both are different from each other.But both made me happy equally.
Sanskar who over heard this from behind became emotional.
He thought:Laksh is the one who donated heart to me?But it was informed us that it’s Lakshya whose heart was used for the surgery.
Suddenly Sanskar’s mind clicked:It means Laksh is actually Lakshya?Oh my God.How could I not recognize him when Swara told me about Laksh in detail?
Suddenly Shreya saw Sanskar who came there with snacks.

Swara realized that Sanskar has reached back.
They realized that Sanskar heard everything.
Sans:I heard everything.
Swara became upset.
They both looked at each other emotionally.Though Swara could’nt seen him she could feel him deeply.

Dil Mera Pooch Raha Hai Tujhse
Kya Pyaar Karoge Mujhse Mujhse

Swara:Don’t think that I love you because Laksh’s heart is in your body.I really love you Sanskar.

Ek Pal Mein Na Jaane Na Jaane
Barson Ka Afsana Kaise Bana

Sanskar kept his finger on her lips.Swara did not know how to react.

Anjana Kal Tha Jo Anjana
Aashiq Mera Baan Gaya

:Swara…you don’t need to explain anything.Did I ask you to explain?I trust your love.I know that you love me for what I am in real.

Saanson Ke Ghar Mein Basaoongi
Khushboon Bana Ke Main Tujh Ko Sanam
Chaahoongi Tujhko Hi ChahoongiMain Ne To Lee Hai Kasam

Swara became so happy that she embraced him.He embraced her back happily.
Chaahat Pooch Rahi Hai Tujhse
Kya Pyaar Karoge Mujhse Mujhse
Dil Mera Pooch Raha Hai Tujhse
Kya Pyaar Karoge Mujhse Mujhse.- KUCCH TO HAI

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