SwaSan Five Shots -Her Eyes Speak…His Heart Listens…(Prologue)

The Night was dark , the moon shone over the white stone buildings , quietly sleeping in the still hours of the night , though not able to drive away the darkness completely but still, the moon succeeded in giving some light to the empty streets of Udaipur , its transparent yet white rays hitting the various buildings , while most of the buildings blocked the way of the moonlight one building’ s open window absorbed the rays within , there inside she was sitting on her oval shaped bed with a pencil in her hand touching her lips , her hair fluttered as the breeze from outside hit them , her eyes were fixed on some pieces of papers in front of her eyes , and she was completely engrossed in her work.

Down the moon looked , a boy was standing , his eyes looking up at the open window , his hand at the back of his head rubbing his hair and his face with a gesture of not so happy.
This Amit , He was to meet Shreya and return within half an hour , its been half night since he’s up , what to do? The boy seemed to be angry as well as a bit afraid.

” Should I go and check? He asked himself confused.

” Go Na… Said the little devil getting his place on his right shoulder.

” No Sanskar , it would be wrong to go to somebody’s house like that… Said the Angel settling himself on the left Shoulder.

” Why , even Amit went up na…wasn’t that wrong? Asked the Devil raising his little eyebrows.

Sanskar nodded looking towards the Angel with a look that Devil was right.

” So what , if Amit kills someone , even Sanskar’ll kill… Said the Angel retorting back.

” But now , Amit isn’t killing na so Sanskar go… Said the Devil while the Angel was about to say something.

” Right…sometimes I should listen to Devil too na… Said Sanskar passing a cute smile to Angel who disappeared sticking his tongue out to Sanskar , Devil smiled and Disappeared.

Sanskar looked towards the ladder that was going upwards , ” Get ready Sanskar… He said to himself as he went mighty close to the ladder and then started climbing it. He was quite afraid as he was climbing , he was going towards the 1st floor of the house , as he reached he saw two rooms adjacent , one window opened and other closed.

” This must be Shreya’s room , the window is opened… He thought as he jumped inside , as he did his feet hit the floor creating a thud sound , the girl heard it.


” Why you closed the Window? Amit asked Shreya.

” If someone sees us then… Shreya said with a smile while Amit thought tensed about Sanskar nodded.

” Why we need to meet like this…?? He said to her sadly while they continued their conversation.


” Who is there? Who is There? The girl asked getting up from the bed and coming towards the source of the sound looking towards Sanskar.
Sanskar hit his head slightly , ” Wrong room , the Angel was right…Why I did this… He cursed himself under his breath , he was tensed that the girl has got to know about him.

The girl came near him and was about to touch him when he grabbed her waist , held her mouth , pinned her to the wall and looked towards her breathing heavily.
The girl closed her eyes in tension, her heart started beating fast , the moonlight was still falling inside and now on the duo standing.

The girl tried to speak but his grip on her mouth was so tight that she couldn’t.

” See… Sanskar was trying to give an explanation when she started hitting her hands wherever she could to get free , she had opened her eyes , Sanskar looked towards her confused , his heart was beating faster as her hands touched his chest , he held her hand leaving her waist , as he held her hand , her hand was stopped at his chest , her hand was now on his chest and she could feel his heart beat , something passed down her body , like a current.

” Laksh… She tried hard to speak while he left her mouth seeing her struggle.

” Laksh…Laksh…I know you are there..I know , everyone said that you are gone, you came back , for me…for your Swara…Laksh… Swara was continuously saying while Sanskar , who has till now left her hand was shocked as well as confused listening to her words.
Credit : Piyali and Jasminerahul

( Note :- This is a Collaborated work of Me and My Friend Jasminerahul)

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