SwaSan Five Shots -Her Eyes Speak…His Heart Listens…(Part 2)

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Her Eyes Speak…His Heart Listens… Part 2

The ringing of the alarm woke Swara , she got up and felt her surroundings , for a moment she was confused , she wasn’t in her own house.

” So , a new morning…” Came Laksh’s voice from back , Swara turned and smiled as she realized that she was married and in Laksh’s home now.

” Ok Swara , I had a conversation with Shekhar uncle , he told me you are working with him so when do you want to join back?” Laksh asked as he wore his watch , he seemed to be in a hurry.

” Maybe tomorrow Laksh But…Are you going somewhere ? ” Swara felt the slight hurry in his voice.

” Yes , I am going to meet Dr. Dinesh Mathur , he’s an eye specialist , I talked to him about you… I’ll try to come soon , till then you can have a look at your new house and meet Bhaiyaa-Bhabhi…” Laksh said as he hugged Swara who smiled.

Swara held his hand and caressed it , ” I’ll leave you till the door… ” She said , Laksh smiled and they both walked down the stairs.

Laksh was looking at Swara , he couldn’t look anywhere else when Swara was with him while Swara was holding his hand and feeling it , as the newlywed couple reached the end of the stairs , Laksh’s bhabhi Sameera called them.

” I couldn’t even meet my Devrani…where are you taking her now Laksh…” She asked with a pleasant smile while Laksh too smiled at her.

” Bhabhi , I am going for some work , Swara is at home only…you can meet her nicely…Ok Swara , Bye… “Laksh got his hand free from Swara’s who smiled at Sameera.

As Laksh was going , Sameera started speaking , ” Devraniji…”Swara suddenly kept a hand on Sameera’s lips before she could complete , Swara heard the voice of something moving , she tried to identify the voice.

” Laaakkkssshhh” Swara ran towards Laksh as she realized that the chandelier was moving , she pulled Laksh aside , Laksh was shocked as he looked towards a worried Swara who was hugging him now , the chandelier hit the floor and crashed into pieces , Swara broke into tears as she tightened her hug on Laksh.

Realizing what happened , Laksh caressed her head and wiped her tears , ” I am fine…nothing happened na…stop crying na…”Laksh said trying to smile and make her smile.

” Oh God…What was this? “Sameera came running towards Swara and Laksh while they broke the hug realizing her presence.

” Are you both fine?” Sameera asked while Laksh nodded.

” Thank God you saved Laksh today Swara , let me see why it happened… “Sameera walked out.

As Sameera left , Swara again started crying , ” I told you Laksh , its all because of me , I told you before wedding that I am not auspicious , I told you…”

Laksh looked at Swara and caressed her face , ” Swara , stop it , I told you na , don’t believe in all this , still you believe it , nothing is because of you , Please…” Laksh hugged her as he again wiped her tears.

Sameera looked at Swara and Laksh from a corner , ” Inauspicious , you gave me great idea Swara…Thankfully today’s plan failed , Now I don’t need to kill both of you , Only Laksh’s death will work out…just need to do a bit of more research on you…”

” Ok , Now I am going,..don’t start crying from back and smile…” Laksh left while Swara walked back to her room still worried.

Time passed , its been 3 months since Swara and Laksh got married , they have been living happily in their small world becoming each other’s support , Laksh is trying whatever he can to make Swara comfortable , he does anything and everything for her one smile , they both have been taking appointments to Dr. Mathur , today too they are going to Dr. Mathur.

Sitting in the car , Swara asked Laksh , ” Laksh , are you serious? Did Doctor really say that I can get back my eyesight…I…I can see everything.. ?”She asked as excitement filled her voice.

Laksh smiled as he looked infront while driving , ” Yes Swara…” He couldn’t speak more as he knew how much Swara wished to say.

” Laksh…I am so happy , I’ll be able to see everything…I’ll be able to see you…you know I just want my eyesight back so that I can see you…Only you… “Swara was beaming with the excitement and so was Laksh.

” What if I don’t stand on your expectations , means if I am not your dream prince?” Laksh asked filling in a bit of seriousness to the till now excited environment.

” You are the reason I created an image of a Prince charming in my heart and you are saying that you won’t stand on my expectations , My Prince charming doesn’t have anything else Laksh , nothing , just one thing , your heart , the heart of Gold that you posses , the love that you posses for me in your heart…” Laksh had a smile on his lips , he knew he possessed the best thing in this world , the love of the girl sitting next to him.

” Swara we are about to reach… “Laksh said after the silence of complete 10 minutes.

Swara nodded smiling , as Laksh reached in front of the clinic , he tried to stop the car but suddenly he realized that the brakes are not working , a fear rose in his body giving him currents.

The car kept moving and Laksh tried to handle it , ” Laksh…what happened , Haven’t we reached?” Swara asked as time passed.

” N…No…Swara , we are about to rea…reach… Laksh said tensed.

Swara sensed his fear , ” Laksh…something happened , what happened , tell me … what…Laksh…Laksh… “Swara was screaming while Laksh didn’t spoke up , he was trying hard to manage the brakes and somehow stop the car but due to this , the car was moving in any direction almost banging in trees but Laksh somehow managed to save themselves , suddenly he realized that the car was approaching a cliff.

Fear rose further in his body , his heart beat increased as he looked towards a scared Swara sitting next to him , ” Anything can happen to me , I don’t care , I won’t let anything happen to you…” He thought as he left the steering and got hold of Swara’s seat belt , opening it with much struggle , he opened the closed door of the car and pushed Swara out , ” Lakshhh… “Swara screamed while Laksh looked at her as she was lying on the ground crying , Laksh tried to open his seat belt as he saw the cliff approaching further , as he tried , he wasn’t able to open it and Thud’ , the car fell down the cliff taking Laksh while Swara heard the voice , her eyes widened.

” Swara… “She heard Laksh’s sound and then no more voice , from anywhere.

Tears feel down her eyelids as she realized what has happened but she knew it wasn’t the time to cry , she searched around frantically for her phone as it was in her hand when Laksh pushed her , infact she kept it down herself as she had tried to caress some cuts on her arm , at last she managed to get it and dial a number , tears were still falling down her eyes , she was crying like anything.

” Hello…Swara?” Shekhar’s warm voice from the other side of the phone was on no use to a lamenting Swara.

” Bauji…Bauji…Laksh…Accident…car…Cliff… “Swara wasn’t able to make a sentence of the unlimited thoughts that were capturing her mind.

Sensing Swara’s voice , Shekhar was shocked , ” Swara , where are you? Tell me… ” Shekhar asked as Varun and Karthik too came towards Shekhar knowing something has happened.

” Cliff…” Swara couldn’t speak more , her thoughts were stopped at Laksh.

” Swara , keep the phone on , we are coming , don’t worry…” Shekhar , Varun and Karthik ran towards their car and drove to the cliff , Swara was still crying.

After about half an hour , the three of them reached the place , they saw Swara sitting on the ground and crying but no sign of Laksh.

” Swara..what happened…how you got hurt…?Swara…”Varun hugged Swara and tried to make her stand , Swara was sitting blank now , she indicated towards her front , the direction where the car was going.

Karthik and Shekhar looked towards each other , they walked towards the cliff and looked down , they couldn’t see anything except green grass from the clifftop.

” Karthik , call Police…Varun take Swara home… “Shekhar said as tear drops fell down his own eyes.

” Bhaiyaa Laksh…Laksh… ” Swara kept screaming as Varun took her to their home.

” Papa , I have heard that nobody is saved after falling from his cliff…its really deep…” Karthik asked Shekhar who himself broke down in tears , Karthik too started crying.


Its been 2 days since the accident , search operations succeeded in getting Laksh’s body though it was damaged badly , he was dead, the whole family consoled Swara who was broken completely from within yet strong from outside , she knew Laksh never wanted her to cry , never ever.

Laksh’s body was cremated.

” This , this is all because of Swara…since she has entered the house everything bad started happening , everything because of her , her fate is bad , bad for Laksh…she killed Laksh…Swara killed Laksh… ” Sameera cried hugging her husband Rajat as she pointed her finger at a distraught Swara.

Swara raised her eyes and looked towards the sound Sameera , ” You are right Bhabhi…its all because of me…I am the reason for everything…just me…” Swara was again in tears as she ran away to her room and locked herself in crying.


” I am sorry Shekhar Uncle but we can’t keep Swara with us now…she’ll make us remember what happened with our Laksh eveytime we see her..sorry… ” Rajat left Swara’s house keeping her luggage there while Shekhar cried knowing that his daughter’s life was shattered.

” Papa , don’t cry we’ll get back our Swara, I know its difficult because she loved Laksh a lot but..but life doesn’t stop if 1 person leaves…we’ll get back our Swara… ” Varun , Karthik and Shreya held Shekhar’s hand who was crying.


Swara was snapped back from her thoughts by the sound of a snap of fingers , ” I am sorry I came here by mistake…and Yaa I am not some Laksh…” Sanskar left the place while Swara closed her eyes and sat down taking the support of the wall.

“Laksh…why you left me…?was My love not true… ?”Swara had tears but she knew she shouldn’t cry , she won’t because her tears even make her Laksh cry from heaven’s above.

Sanskar came down and saw Amit waiting there , ” Over… your meeting?” Asked Sanskar angrily.

” Leave it..where were you?” Asked Amit while Sanskar remembered the girl , his heart started beating faster , ” will tell you on way…lets go… “Sanskar dragged Amit to the car.


The new morning rose as the sun shone brilliantly , its light was for sure much more than the light of the moon in the night but for Swara , the night was the beauty ,it made her feel that she wasn’t alone in this world who was in darkness , whole world was in darkness , it made her remember her Laksh , her Laksh who was like a shining moon in her otherwise Dark life…Sanskar’s life was opposite , he loved the sunlight , the rising sun seemed to make him feel that it was rising from the river in front of his house ,gazing out of the window and at the rising sun seemed a beautiful moment of his life and so was today’s morning , he was gazing out of the window and at the rising sun , suddenly he remembered something and then ran to get ready.


” I need to get down here Papa?” Asked Sanskar on phone as he looked at the board on the mansion he was standing in front of , he wasn’t unfamiliar with the board , afterall he came here just yesterday night and now he was supposed to go there again for a business meeting.

” Yaa , why are you behaving as if I am sending you to some jail… ?” Ramprasad asked confused.

” If That girl sees me , I’ll be in jail only…” Sanskar spoke under his breath.

” Sanskar…are you there?” Asked Ramprasad again.

” Yaa Papa ,I am going inside…” Sanskar replied and cut the call.

” Save me God…” He thought as he stood there.

” Hey , who are you? ” Asked Varun as he saw Sanskar standing at the entrance of the house , Sanskar looked at him tensed.

” Sanskar…Sanskar Maheshwari…we finalized a deal with Mr. Gadodia yesterday…came here regarding that…”

” Oh , I am sorry , I thought…leave it , I think its the project on which choti is working…come with me… ” Varun held Sanskars hand and took him inside.

” Varun , who is he? Your friend?” Sharmishta asked while Varun nodded in a no’.

” Maa , We have a project with him…” Varun was saying when he was cut by Sharmishta.

” Do this office work later , now breakfast time , come sit , Beta, even you have food..(Now loudly) … Karthik, Shreya , Swara…Breakfast ready… ”

Sanskar sat down and took up the plate , he kept it in front of his face trying to hide himself.

Nobody noticed him , soon Shreya , Karthik and Swara came down and sat down on their seats.

Swara sensed the smell of Sanskar’s scent , she remembered the boy last night.

” Maa , is someone else also here?” She asked while Sanskar lowered the plate a bit and looked at Swara , he closed his one eye and tried to hide his rest face , then he looked up.

” Was it necessary to make me meet her ?” He seemed to be talking to God.

Sharmishta looked towards Sanskar who lowered the plate seeing her and smiled forcefully, ” Yaa Beta a business partner…”

” Oh, Hello…” Swara said as she looked at him, she felt his direction by the smell of his scent.

” Why isn’t she recognizing me? “Sanskar spoke up slowly , Shreya who was sitting next to him heard him.

” Because dii can’t see , she is Blind Sanskar… ” Shreya replied slowly as she had a conversation with Amit this morning who told her how Sanskar entered Swara’s room.

Sanskar was shocked as he dropped the spoon in his plate and looked towards Swara , she was smiling at him.

Credit : Piyali and Jasminerahul

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