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Wedding Bells rang for Swara and Sanskar as soon as they informed about their Love to their families , both families , already being in a Business alliance rejoiced this new found relation that would connect them further , Sanskar’s parents had no problem with Swara’s past and Sujata was so happy to get a daughter-In-Law like Swara that she clearly told Sanskar that he’ll be loved less from the day Swara enters their house because she’ll Love Swara much more than him.

The families celebrated their wedding with much show and pomp , they had plans of arranging grand functions from engagement to the Wedding.

The engagement day arrived , Swara sat in front of the mirror as she wore an earring.

” My Dii is looking like a beautiful queen today…” Said Shreya holding Swara’s shoulders looking towards her in the mirror smiling.

Swara just smiled , life gave her everything , from her family to Sanskar but still something felt hidden behind that smile , the world praised her beauty , her Jodi with her Sanskar , she just wished that once , just once she could see the world who praised her from her own eyes and her Sanskar too , she wanted eyes only to see the love that she till now felt from Sanskar in his eyes..just once.

” Ok , Lets go now…” Shreya said as she took Swara down with herself , Swara descended down the stairs , her face glowing with the grace of love Sanskar gave her, forever.

” My Daughter-In-Law is the prettiest in the World…” Sujata remarked to her friends who nodded smiling.

” Jiju , I don’t think people will like to see a fly inside the Groom’s mouth on his engagement day…” Karthik told Sanskar from behind as Sanskar suddenly closed his mouth , his eyes widened.

” Karthik…” He said , Blushing.


” Beautiful…” Sanskar whispered to Swara as he made her wear the ring. Swara’s red cheeks turned red further like a red tomato.

” What?” Shreya asked as she saw his lips moving , Sanskar bit his tongue and Swara composed herself trying to hide her blush…she couldn’t.

” Ring’s beautiful…” Sanskar said making up while Shreya looked towards Swara and then questionably towards Sanskar.

” Saali Hun , Buddhu Nahi…” She said as she hit Sanskar’s shoulder slightly from her Shoulder , he almost fell down …On Swara , who saved him in time.

Everyone laughed and so did ‘SwaSan’ as Shreya abbreviated them.


It was Swara’s Mehendi:

” Arey Wah…Seemingly someone’s Mehendi will be very dark haan..” Varun remarked as he held his lovely sister’s Mehendi filled hand.

” Even I want to see…” Sanskar said entering the house from back while hearing him the three of brother-sister duo made a line and stood in front of Swara hiding her from Sanskar.

” What??? Sanskar was confused.

“Only on wedding now…” They teased.

” Haaawww…” Sanskar said like an innocent child.

” Haaannn…” The three of them spoke in a go.

Sanskar nodded with a pout and turned to go , realizing he was going , they all loosened their line when suddenly Sanskar turned and threw a Rose towards Swara, he got a glimpse of her and smilingly ran away.

Varun , Karthik and Shreya were left saying , ” Haaawww…”

” Haaannn” Sanskar’s voice ringed from outside.

Swara laughed.


The Haldi ceremony of SwaSan was together with a cloth in the middle of them.

Sanskar could see Swara from the translucent yellow cloth , she was looking enthralling in her yellow lehenga with flowery elements , an angel descended from the heavens above but something amidst made him feel sad because she wasn’t happy , he could read her eyes which spoke to him always.

The Haldi ceremony got over and the wedding was going to happen the same night , the day SwaSan and many others waited for…


The night came as Moon again shone over the white stone buildings of Udaipur , the wedding was arranged in Swara’s house , the usual tradition in Rajasthan ,this time lights and earthern lamps supported the moon to get rid of darkness and even managed to a lot of extend.

Swara and Sanskar sat in the Mandap as they together followed each and every ritual that the pandit told them to follow.

It was time for Pheras , the Seven Vows of Togetherness that they’ll take.

Swara and Sanskar got up as the Pandit told them to , ” I want to pick up Swara and take Pheras…” Sanskar beamed with excitement while Swara’s smiling lips curved it a perfect ‘o’ as she heard him.

” What ? Why?” She asked as she moved a bit away from Sanskar , she was definitely not going to do it.

” This was my childhood desire…” He said still smiling.

” What Childhood Desire haan , you are so weird…” Swara said angrily.

” Acha , you are telling this to me , you are the weirdest…” He said as he suddenly picked her up , Swara tried resisting but to no avail.

” Are you trying to forcefully marry me or what…” Swara said angrily still resisting.

Sanskar just smiled as he started moving holding her.

“I want to say something…” He again said as he was starting with the first vow.

Swara hit her head with her hand , he was crazy.

” Dramebaaz…” Sanskar remarked while Swara widely opened her mouth.

” I want to say that I promise you Swara that I’ll give you every happiness that you deserve… “He continued walking holding her.

“…I know that every girl has a desire to look the most beautiful in the world , specially on her wedding day , to adore herself in the mirror and keep looking at herself …even you must be having that wish na so I promise , I’ll fulfill this wish of yours , infact every wish of yours , I promise that I’ll make you see yourself through my eyes until , until you are able to see yourself through your eyes which would also happen soon…”

Swara smiled as she hugged him , she knew her Sanskar knew her better than she knew herself , they had completed 4 vows , Now Swara put her arms around his neck as she said.

” Ok , Now I Promise you something , Sanskar , I’ll Love and Trust you forever because I know these 2 are the base of any relation and our relation will be based on these 2 , it started with friendship , will remain of friendship and Love too…” The Pheras ended and Sanskar placed her down.

They sat at their places as flowers from all round fell on them , Sanskar adorned the Mangalsutra around Swara’s neck and put the vermilion on her forehead…The wedding got over.


It was 1 years since SwaSan’s wedding , they both were best friends, they followed each and every vow they promised each other through their heart and through traditions , they didn’t start their marital life in that way because for Sanskar his only dream in life now was the fulfilling of Swara’s wish , he did everything to do that , today he was the happiest , he was going to be successful , it was SwaSan’s anniversary and Swara’s last operation too , after this she’ll be able to see…

Sanskar waited outside the hospital room as he was worried , all family members too were with him , ” Mr. Maheshwari , your wife’s operation is successful , now everything depends on her , we are going to remove the bandages from her eyes , you can come in…but only you , don’t overcrowd…” The nurse who had seen Sanskar struggle throughout this said to him with a pleasant smile , Sanskar’s happiness knew no bonds.

” Ok…” He said as he suddenly ran to something and then walked inside the room.

Swara was sitting on the stretcher , a sweet smile capturing her lips , only she knew how happy she was , she’ll see the world , she’ll see herself but moreover she’ll see her Sanskar.

Sanskar slowly entered in as bandages on Swara’s eyes were being removed , both heartbeats increased as they stood like two statues , the bandages got removed completely, Swara opened her eyes and the first thing she was Sanskar and Laksh.

” S…Sans…Sanskar…” She said stammering while he nodded as he handed her the photoframe of Laksh that he brought with himself.

” Lak…Laksh..??”She asked , her eyes moist , Sanskar nodded while tears escaped his eyelids too.

If I loved you then he too… he too deserves to see you first just like I…” He said as Swara hugged him sitting only.

” But I love you both…Laksh was my first and true love and you are my true love and soulmate..” Swara still hugging him.


Another Year passed:

” I am telling you Sanskar…I’ll do it…” Swara said angrily as she pointed a finger at Sanskar.

” I am telling you Swara…I’ll do it…” He said more angrily.

” Stop fighting and come sit…I know you didn’t fought from last 9months but that doesn’t mean you’ll complete it all today…” Said Sharmishta angrily as she held one arm of Swara and other of Sanskar and made them sit near the Haven Kund where a Pooja was taking place.

” Ok, So the child doesn’t have a Bua, so then Massi will name him…” Said the Pandit as he blessed a small child in Shreya’s lap.

” Yaa , I have already decided it..” Shreya said smiling while Swara and Sanskar passed her glares.

Yup , It was SwaSan’s son.

She looked at them and turned her face to the child playing with it , both Swara and Sanskar had told a name to Shreya for the baby and both wanted their selected name to be there , that was the reason they were fighting , it was all upto Shreya now.

Shreya then smiled and said , ” Saransh…” A smile occupied both Swara and Sanskar’s Lips.

” See , Its my choice’s name..” Both together turned to each other only to be shocked by their words.

Shreya giggled , ” Though you both are opposites yet completely same…” She said as she caressed Saransh and then gave it to Sanskar. He caressed it as Swara looked towards her small family smiling.

Sanskar’s Sa…

Swara’s Ra…

Laksh’s Sh…

Made SaRanSh…


Love just gives , it never asks , Love someone with all your heart , give that person everything you can , sometimes it may feel that you are left behind and that person has progressed but if love is true nothing else matters , you won’t be left behind , you will be walking by their side ,in their every happiness and every sadness…Remember Never to have a reason to Love because Love has no reasons…it only happens…never to leave you…


Note: Credit for all the Edits go to their original Editor.


Author Notes:

Jasminerahul: Though in one of my stories the heroine was blind it was not written I detail. But because of piyali I got an opportunity to write a story about a blind girl.thank you very much piyali for giving this experience and special thanks to the readers.

Piyali: Hello friends , First of all , I would like to say a big sorry for this much delay , it wasn’t Jasmine’s fault , actually My Laptop had got some issues due to which I couldn’t come online and we couldn’t prepare this Epilogue…Please forgive me for this , still I hope you liked the Epilogue…Secondly , Thanks alot for making this journey so enjoyable for me , and Jasmine , thanks a lot for agreeing on my request , this was my first combined work which I managed to complete…again thanks a lot to all of you and one of my best friends here Jasmine…

Credit: Jasminerahul and Piyali

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