Guys first of all TYSM for the support..it means a lot to me.. Please forgive me for the inconvience about new title..its just that when i started writing.. I realised i need time and 3 shot isn’t enough..

There is mainly 3 reasons 4 dat..
1. My laptop got sick and its with its doctor..:-P
and typing in mob is so painful.
2. Even though my characterisation and setting is dfrnt..the plot is the same as the movie.. So i’m trying to give full justice to the story.
And i’m sorry..for not replying individually.. I was stuck with my exams.
Lets get to the Chapter 1

* * * * * *


This was supposed to be the best day of Swara’s life..but instead it became the worst for her.
Swara came home yesterday finishing her Graduation in Visual communication and media from UK.She wanted to spent the full day in her bed sleeping and dreaming about her Greek god ‘Apollo’…the god of music,art and knowledge.Swara has a big crush on him from the moment she heard about the story of ‘Laurel tree’..the man who loved the girl..who hated him more than anything.
But everything ruined when her mother Sumi forced her to attend the wedding of her cousin Kavitha. In slumper she walked in the bathroom.

She slipped and fell in her bathroom..breaking her left hand’s bome. She was immediately rushed into the multispeciality hospital “CARE” with her mom and dad.
Her dad Shekhar Mehra..even being one of the top 10 business man and busiest one made sure that he was there for his daughter in her every special moments.
Her first day of school…
Her first stage appearance… Her first dance class…when she won the STUDENT OF THE YEAR in her school…Her every birthday…and recently he was there in front row cheering for his daughter when she graduated. He was her bff and her Superman…
Her mother..well..a mother is mother…who loves her child unconditionally.

On the road to hospital..Sumi was sobbing saying that she’s the one responsible for this accident..even after Swara said no.Shekhar was worrying like its the matter of life and death. They can’t see their daughter in pain. But Swara never feared pain nor failure.Because she knew that her most two favourite persons in her life will be always stand for her no matter what..and they pampered her..but never spoiled her..they made her strong and mature enough to stand on her own.She always hold onto her father’s motto

They reached the hospital and the staff there was giving them special attension,which Swara never liked. She loved living simple and hated the people who lurked around her for her dad’s money.

The doctor examined her hand was asked to stay there for a while for observation.
Poor Swara.. Her dad left for the marriage,they didn’t wanted anyone upset.Now,she was stuck between a sobbing mother and a nurse named Rosie ..a plump lady in her middle age who showered care on her which irked Swara. She put her earphone in her ears and the One direction boys started to fill her ear with their song..
” I won’t let these little things…slip out of my mouth..but if i do..
Its you…
They add upto.. I’m in love with you..and All these little things”

Slowly..she fell into her sleep in the hospital bed..dreaming about her Apollo…

To be continued…

Precap : Apollo.. The angry young man?!!

I know today’s epi was boring. I wanted to Introduce Sanskar in this epi..but my hands are paining.. And I wanted to show Swara. Actually i’m making Sanskar’s pov a mystery..
And Rags and Lucky are on the way… They will reach my story..soon.

Please do comment.. I won’t mind bashing..too.
Gud bye !!!

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  1. Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

    Omg!! I never knew you are writing a story…
    Sry I had not seen the intro before..
    Now I opened this one and was surprised to see your name di and went on searching to find the intro and I succeeded after a long time..
    And even though I am living in pkd district, it’s in the corner of the district. It’s easy to reach tsr than pkd frm my home..
    After reading intro I came back to this one. Who told that this is boring ? I f it’s boring.. Will I read it without caring out missing my bus ??
    Swara’s intro was
    superb .. now waiting for Sanskar ??
    Update asap

    On which movie this story based up on ?

  2. Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

    Om saanthi oshanayo ???
    Sathyam paranja enilkottum thonnilla…Njanathu guess cheyyanaayirunnu….
    Pakshe satyayittum intro comments vaayichillarnne enikkorikkalum manassilaavillaarnnu

    1. I just twisted the story… Ippo njaan confusion ila… Lucky kk Aju nte role kodukkano..atho Vineeth sreenivasan te role kodukkano? Thanks lil sis… Update my lion and lioness

  3. Thanks Bresh…keep smiling..

  4. Nice one hope.. You are really good as a writer.. Keep writing..! Love❤

    1. Thanks yaar…. U guys don’t know how much ur comments inspire me!

    1. Thank u dear…

  5. nice one waitn fr snskr

    1. He’s coming..

  6. Awesome
    U r good writer ????

    1. Tnx…dear…

  7. Awesome dear

    1. Tnks frnd…

  8. awesome……update soon…..

  9. Good one 🙂 Aww!! Swara dreaming of Apollo.. So cute 😀

    1. I really love greek and roman mythologies… So Apollo, hercules and perseus are my heroes.. Tnks ..and tc

  10. Very nice ep. Do u like one direction?? I love them. I am so happy that u added their song. Love u for that??? i am waiting gor nxt. Try to post soon ?

  11. Superb 🙂

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