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Woahhhhh… These days it has become a new trend to post Fan Fiction Analysis so I thought why should I lag behind!! I am a crazy reader.. I just love reading like anything. In fact my room is half filled with books, my kindle has more than 100 read books in library, I’ve read some 70 stories on Wattpad and so on.. Then.. SwaSan is my obsession! So when my love and obsession met.. I started following Fan Fictions!! SwaSan Fan Fictions! So let’s have a look at some:

1) You Are Mine by Bushra-
Helll.. this is so awesome!! Gangsters, gangs, gangwars.. in the midst of all these, a beautiful love story blossoming. That of Sanskar and Sanskar’s Swara. I really love the Sanskar here!! He’s bold and I love him! This FF is bold and beautiful! Must read guys!!

2)SwaSan-Destiny by Anu-
Swara and Sanskar were childhood sweethearts but Swara’s one mistake broke their 10 years of friendship and 2 years of beautiful relationship. How do they both meet.. how they forgive and forget.. how they fall in love all over again.. how they end up together again is the story ahead. This one has been completed a few weeks back. Try it people!!

2)Fix You & Fixing Broken Souls by Anu-
Yet another beautiful tale of love.. errr.. actually yet to unite love. Fix You was all about Sanskar the Rockstar meeting Swara a heartbroken soul. The story moves forward and we see how Sanskar fixes Swara. But then a very dark night spoilt all tge efforts and this time the one soul ended up braking into two. One going with Swara.. other with Sanskar. Now that’s where Fix You ends.. But then.. We have the sequal coning!! Fixing Broken Souls! In this FF.. we’ll see how Swara Sanskar mend each other and how they unite!

4)Kuch Iss Tarah-
Showiee.. Don’t remember the author! Maaf kar dena! Btw.. this is also an amazing piece! The love and care Sanskar has for Swara.. everytime I read this I go all awwww…

5) True Love Never Dies; From Darkness To Light; Your Hug That Changed Me by Neha Di!!-
Her FFs are just heavenly! All three of them are a must read for SwaSan lovers!

6)Angel by Nimmi aka Banjaaran-
When we are talking about SwaSan FFs.. then how can I forget something like Angel! Angel is not a love story, it’s a saga of love. Our classy Assassin falls in love with a crazy girl! Their story is just so beautiful. No.. beyond beautiful! This story is beyond hell and heaven!! Folks.. read this!! It’s not on TU.. Google kar lena!!

There are many more.. but abhi I don’t have time.. would be back with a 2nd part!!

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  1. You are right and i am also in love with the Story angel. Guys if you are really in love with swasan you cant afford to miss this story. It can make you spellbound and will increase your love for swasan upto thousand folds. You will get to see the complete new shade of sanskar he is devi as well as an angel, confused na so for this you must read this story angel you can read it on forum as well as you can google it.

  2. Plz can anyone tell me the name of the ff in which sanskar was pretend to be mad

  3. Plz tell me the name of the ff in which sanskar pretend to be mad

  4. i also like few ff like….
    1. I’m ur’s
    2. limitless love
    3. tu meri mannat
    4. exoneration n realisation….so on

  5. Itz ok dear btw kuch iss tarah is mine 😀 😉 😉

    1. Sanskar Ki Deewani

      So Sorryyyy…. *me makes puppy eyes*

      1. Aree never mind.. itz kk 😀 😉

  6. Please Can u give the link of the fan fiction “angel” …..

  7. I think today is a lucky day for me. Btw Swasan is really addictive and I guess, portraying them in my fan fictions was something which was easier. And I cant thank all my lovely readers for this. Thank you so so so much !!

  8. And I loved the way u described Fix you and fixing broken souls. I couldn’t have done this better, love ♥

    I’m a Sanskarholic too btw ?

    1. Hey Anu… U deserve the appreciation…I read about ur ff after reading an ff analysis and tryst me ur one of the best writer of Telly updates.

  9. Anus ff are interesting must say. The way she describes the emotions in her pov it seems like she is in the same situation and is writing what she would have possibly done. And even though she is new here unlike Sree and Vini but she has earned a lot of admiration already
    Sree, Vini, Bushra are my fav three. And now Anu is also in the list.

  10. A good analysis. I followed u and I liked the stores. Waiting for the second part. And if possible pls describe more about the abv mentioned ffs. It would help the reader.

  11. How to read the story of Angel by nimmi, I am not getting that ff. So please can you provide the link of it

  12. Plz guys if any one of u know angel the ff mentioned above by the author plz give me links plz sanskar Ki deewani

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