a swasan ff : once upon a time epi 2


Hi everyone thanks for the supportive comments so here we go :

At gm

Piya and abhay ( best friends of swarag ) come there swara sees them and hugs both of them

Swa : hi guys after long time

piya : i know swara but we have suprise

Swa : suprise !!!

Abhay : shonu we are getting married

Swa: what but i dont want to marry you !

Abhay (smiling) : arre budhu me and piya are getting married

Swa (suprised) : WHAT NO WAY OMG CONGRATS !!!!!! ( she hugs them )

Piya : thanks and you have to come to my engagement party and please you have to sing with your beautiful voice

Swa: ofcours i will

Abhay : NO PLEASE ( swara is shocked )

Swa: but why

Abhay : i have a best friend and he just hates music and he is more my bro than friend and i dont want to hurt him you know

Swa (thinking ) : so his friend doesn’t like music hah so its my mission to change that

Abhay (shakes her ) : swara !! Is that ok

Swa (coming to senses) : yes its ok

Then abhiya leave

She goes to her room

In swaras room

Swaras pov :

i find there a little book its a dairy i think ” oh this is the dairy of ragu ” i open it and read :

Dear Diary… I cry myself to sleep every night… I can’t cope anymore… I really can’t I am missing something in life… I know God has helped me from my mum and dad’s abuse… But now I feel like i am missing something.. That something is love… I got an amazing Family. I know I tell piya this but I can’t tell swara. I know swara has always made me feel like her long lost sister.I just don’t want to hurt her.. I miss the love I had with Ranveer. He was a nice guy but had to move to London and I lost him forever… I really want someone…
End of dairy page…

I never knew she felt like that… She was always smiling, happy… Why didn’t she tell me? Am I that work driven that I have drifted away from my family? Is this what my maa wanted… No i don’t think so.. I know she wanted me Succeed but this isn’t what she wanted.. I feel tears running down my eyes… while i close them I see that same smile again…. I stop crying and smile.. Is he my angel?
I turn of the lights and go to sleep…

Next morning mm

Sanky comes down and he is suprised to find abhay and arjun there ( abhay is also a friend of sanky but swariya dont know him )

Sanky: What are you guys doing here so early


San: What!?! No wayyyy! Congrats Bro (he punches him on the shoulder) But Bro is she good enough? You can’t always trust girls you know…

Abhay: I have been with her for 2 months, known her for 2 years… Yh I think we are fine

San: Ok that’s good… So when is the wedding… there better be no music…

Abhay: don’t worry… There wont (makes a sad face)

Sanku: Ok that’s good… I have to go for a jog

Everyone: Bye sanskar

Precap; swasan and raglak meeting

So that was it for today hope you like it

Credit to: A fan

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