swasan ff : our unpredictable lives by chatterbox (epi 1)


Happy birthday anniya

Guys here is the first epi of our joint venture and we are posting this epi on the birthday of anniyaa… as a gift for her  and to birthday treat to all readers… happy birthday anniyaa many many happy returns of the day and may u have many many moreee 

Episode 1:-

In India one city is shown and in that city a society is shown…the society is a posh one… we can see three villas built almost together with just a few steps far from each other…
On first villa it is imprint Mathur mansion… 2nd one is Maheswari mansion… and 3rd one is gadodia mansion…but both maheswari and gadodia mansion is locked because both the families were in mathur mansion…

But not inside the mathur mansion all three families were sitting together in the garden area… where 3 men of around age 35 and 3 women around age 30 sitting together and chit chatting…

Just a little distance from elders we can see 4 children together and playing games.. two among the children were boys around 10 both are twins and two other r girls.. one among the girl is around 8 and the other one is the youngest one around 6..

One among the 2 boys smile naughtily and goes towards the little 6 yrs old girl…

The little girl is playing with her candy doll which is looking more bigger than her…

Boy: shonaaaa (yes the little one is swara)

Swara didn’t looked towards the boy just said: yes sanky.. (yes the boy is sanky)

Sanky: swaraaa u know what your doll is bigger than u it is looking like doll is playing with u not u.. u r just looking like an ant…

Swara fumes in anger after listening this because swara being a smaller is the most stubborn one and she hates when anybody says her smaller in age and in size…

While the other boy and girl giggles on imaging sanky’s condition.. other boy and girl revealed as ragini and laksh..

Swara while gritting her teeth: u said me smaller??

Sanky while suppressing his laugh on seeing her face red like a cherry nodes in yes..

Swara’s face becomes like a balloon due to anger and she starts beating sanky with her candy doll…with full force..

Sanky starts running while laughing whereas raglak were giggling.. this is all seen by elders who r revealed as swasan and raglak parents…

Durga prasad meheswari and annupurna meheswari parents of sanlak..

Shekhar gadodia and sharmishtha gadodia parents of ragini..

Praveen mathur and shalini mathur parents of swara..

Trio gents were best frnd from the school time… trio shares a great bond more than brothers….and having a merged business… trio having a bond of honesty, truth and faith between each other…

All three wives also shares a great bond… ap and sumi were childhood frnds and shalini was their school frnd but trio also shares a sisterly bond… loves their husbands and children a lot…

Swara pampered a lot by all three families…

Sanlak calls dp,ap as mom dad so as swarag..

Ragini calls shemish and mama baba so as swasanlak…

Swara calls Praveen shalini as maa paa so as raglaksan..

all parents treats all four children equally…

sanlak are elder for all three parents.. ragini is their 2nd child and swara is their youngest child..

swara is studing in kg.. ragini is in 2nd class and sanlak is in 4th class…

swasan are enemies like anything that they even scratch each other faces because sanky will never leave a chance to irritate swara but both r each other’s strength… sanky may
irritates swara but if any other tease swara sanky will become like swara’s body guard…

once swara was sitting in the school garden and waiting for sanlakrag… she was eating lolly pop and having her candy doll in her hand… swara never left her candy doll…

3 boys came of class 4 but different section not in sanlak section…

Swara who was bzy in her lolly pop and doll those boys came and snatched her lolly pop and doll… swara becomes shocked on this sudden action..

Swara get scared after seeing three gaints in front of tiny swara those 3 r looking gaints because they are fat

Later swara fumed in anger…

Swara: how dare u three fat elephants to snatch my lolly and candy??

1st boy: our wish.. u tiny house flyy just shut your mouth… and by saying this 3 turns to go…

But they didn’t knew that what they have done by calling swara tinyy…

Swara becomes red balloon as usuall and she literary run towards that fat boys and bite on one boy’s bumpy because she is little naa in height thats why 😉

Boy: aaahhh..aahhhh… u wild cat leave mee mummyyyyy

This scene is witnessed by sanlakrag and they r seeing this with open eyes…

2 other boys trying to separate swara from the other boyy.. but swara was not in a mood to leave his bumpy 😉

Finally they got succeeded and one boy in anger going to slap swara but before they hit swara sanky holds his hand.. all look towards sanky and gulps in fear because sanky is
staring them with blood shot eyes…

Sanlak r attending karate classes and both r the expert students…

Sanky gave them a punch and lucky also gave them equal punch.. while ragini wipes swara’s tear and gave her back her candy and new lolly pop from her bag…

Trio boys run away after getting punches from sanlak and both sanlak turns towards swara.. who was with teary eyes and cute red nose eating lolly pop with full concentration.. that time she was looking too cute that trio sanlakrag kissed her tightly on her cheeks…

All four return home…and there they found the birthday invitation of their society frnd anniya aka known as titi…titi is ragini’s age fellow but also a frnd of remaining three…

Parents got them ready… and all goes to titi’s home… swara as usual with her candy in one hand and in other hand she was gripping sanky’s hand..

All reached their and wished titi’s happy birthdayyy…

To be continued…….

Guys childhood part will be mx for 2 epis.. and from next or 3rd epi will start showing the real story… thankuuu

written by: rabia

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  1. KrsytleS

    Awsm Dr….
    Swasan scene are very cute ….
    Waiting for next part…

  2. A.xx

    fab can’t wait for the real story and so cute swara..post soon.xx

  3. so nice. update soon

  4. superb..loved it…!! Swara with lollipop..!!hehe..!!
    Anniya..imagine me singing with a glass breaking pitch voice…!! :P…and clapping
    Happy birthday anniya….!!! 😀
    Happy birthday anniya…!! 😀
    Happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday to you….!! 😀 😀

    Have a wonderful day…!! 😀

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    Awwww so cute episode…..
    Happy birthday TITI

  7. Simin

    All are soooo cutee
    Happy bday to u
    Happy bday to u
    Many many happy returns of the day ani
    Love u loads….
    Seems december is bday month of swasanians

  8. Vyshu10

    Awesome…..it is so so so cute. Swasan r so adorable…loved their nokjhok, protective sanky, swara holding sanky’s hand…altogether the whole ep.

    I just wanna keep pulling swara’s cheeks. Just imagining swara with lollipop….too cute.

    Many many happy returns of the day Annie……God bless you! Wish u loads of happiness and may u write many more ffs. A biggggggg hug???

  9. Sana27

    Awesome episode…:)

  10. Nice chappy……waitng 4 nxt…..plzzzz update soon…

  11. SNY

    Awsm.!!SwaSan scn r so cute.!!
    Hpy B’day ani…
    And nxt one soon..

  12. so cute dear 🙂
    Happy Happy Birthday to you 🙂

  13. Arshaanya

    Happy Birthday Anniya ?????
    Stay blessed n party hard…
    Okay n coming to d chappy it was sooooo gud i want to read dere more childhood moments… loved swasan bond.. dey were so cute ?

  14. Shreeyu

    Awwww it was so sweet rabia Di…. I really enjoyed it so much…. All r going to Anniya Di’s party ….. Huh Anniya Di u didn’t even invited me …. So cruel of u …. Hawww u didn’t even said Thnkew to Me …..

  15. Many many happy returns of the day dear anniya..

    Nice start..update the next part soon.

  16. Many many returns of the day ……titi…….ummmm can i call u titi……….

    Nw the chappy ….i just loved that bumpy bite part…..i was laughing like a idiot that time……swara is sooooo cute…… Awesome epi api…..waiting fr the next part nd curious to knw who will write next part

  17. Just loved it dear

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