Swasan ff- Your unconditional love (Episode- 5)

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For compensation, extra long part-
Swasan came to their friend’s wedding. There they had a small fight. Both were showing as if they are angry with each other. Manu was also there. Sansky’s hand got hurt
Sanskar’s room
Swara, Sanskar and Manan were in the room
Sanskar- Manu can u pls help me in changing my shirt
Manu- yes sure Sanky
Sanskar- Pls send this devil away
Swara widens her eye
Swara- I look like a devil to u. n why should I go away
Sanskar- I don’t want to change my clothes in front of a devil. What if she eats me up???
Swara stamps her foot on the ground and moves out
Manu removes his shirt and shouts
Manan- aaaaaaaa
Sanskar- Chup kar. Have u seen a ghost
Manan- That’s why u were not changing in front of her because u made a tattoo of her name on your nape
Sanskar- yes

At wedding, Swasan’s all college friends were there including veer, parth and tanu
While parth was very happy to see that swasan were fighting.
In wedding all enjoyed very much
Like this some day passed manan also went back to his city and now it was our princess’ bday
Sanskar, Swara , Dhruv , Ragini and Laksh used to stay together
Raglak in one room on double bed
Swasan in one room but on single beds
And dhruv in his own room

It was 12 at night
Swara was in her beauty sleep. She smiles in her sleep. May be dreaming of her Prince Charming.. She smiles by the sweet smell of chocolates which was filled in the air.. May be it was her dream.. She opened her eyes n found herself in a different environment which smells like a heaven of chocolates.. But her surrounding was fully dark..
She was little scared at first but she thought,Since it’s her dream, she may go back to her home anytime,let her enjoy Now,but the smell.. The air filled with chocolate was provoking her.. All of a sudden, the light was switched on n her happiness has no limit..
She widened her eyes seeing the surrounding…. Which was carved with chocolates… She was jumping , laughing n clapping.. She cant believe tat she is actually in an chocolate house.. The place was fully decorated or can say fully filled with chocolate.. The door was even made of chocolate.. She herself made her way and starts eating it.. She was smiling ear to ear..
Chocolate was fully spread across her mouth.. But all of a sudden ,she heard someone’s laugh.. She got scared.. Now she doubt whether it’s her dream or it’s actually happening.. Coz it was non other than herself laughing.. How can anyone laugh like her. If she is here, then who is laughing on the other side..
She slowly moves in the direction of the sound n found herself.. She realized tat she is in mansion which raglak bought for swasan to live after their marriage.. But how can she be here.. She thinks, May be “she wants herself to be in that mansion, so she is dreaming this too. She blushed.. .
But the house was fully decorated.. After all it’s a villa, which was indeed beautiful.. The place was fully vacated.. No furniture nothing.. But the decorations.. It was fully carved with beautiful flowers.. She saw herself.. Was it a dream.. No it can’t be.. Then wat is it actually.. She herself was laughing and smiling on a big screen..
She then came to her sense n found a projector.. It was the video which have been covered without her knowledge in a school tour.. A smile form on her face and it turned into tears.. She was crying.. Is it a dream or reality.. How can this be possible… She looks all around the surroundings n found herself inbetween so many types of flowers..
Her happiness was doubled or could say it was overloaded.. She starts to weep.. .. No one remembers her birthday but this video n the arrangement.. .. May be she was definitely dreaming.. She closed her eyes with palms n weeps.. So tat she may get up from her sleep anytime..
But she was disturbed by a small little girl in an attire of an angel.. She pulls swara’s dress.. She smiles at swara.. Then she gives her a rose along with a tissue.. Swara takes the rose n wipes her tears with tissue.. The girl asked swara to smile by her action.. Swara’s lips form a curve seeing a small little angel.. Then she heard a bunch of noise shouting loudly…
she was taken a back.. It was 11.59 in her watch.. Then she noticed her family on the big screen.. This is definitely not a dream.. But where is she.. ??It’s not her house.. How did she end up here.. ??
She Watch the video carefully, but it was suddenly stopped.. Just she could see the smiling faces of Shemish, sinson, tanvee and mishsan.. An unknown smile formed on her face..
Swara: mom, dad.. Where are u guys..
But she couldn’t hear anyone.. Suddenly all the lights get switched off.. But all of a sudden, her eyes were blindfolded.. She tried to catch the person, but she became numb when the person back hugged her n whispered In her ear..
Person : I want to be the first one to wish u.. This will continue till my last breath..
She gulped and her heart skipped a beat..
HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWARA.. Hope this is the begining of your greatest, most wonderful year ever! As it is a Special day, with special person and on a special celebration.
May all your dreams and desires come true in this coming year. Because today is an awaited day of my life, sending birthday wishes simply wouldn’t do, so I’m sending you a day when all of your dreams come true, and a year that means the most to you!.
Comes near her earlobe, slightly kissing on it.. ” Happy Birthday my Love”
She was breathing heavily.. Before she could realise Wat happened.. The blind fold was removed with a brisk n the lights get switched on.. The projector again started .. The video was played.. She turned around n searched the person.. She knows who was tat.. But was carving to see him once.. The video started with raglak which was taken in goa beach..
Heya dear.. How are you…?? Aww.. U thought we will forget ur spl day.. No ways… Not in this life..
raglak laughs seeing eachother….
Like a cherished memory, you become even sweeter, more precious and lovelier with time. We don’t know what we did in a previous life to deserve you as our daughter in this lifetime. Whatever it was, it must have been incredible to end up with an incredible daughter like you.
Sure, you’re our daughter. But this is not the only thing that defines you. Your love, your beauty, your caring, your intelligence, your humor, your ambition — those and more add up to the wonderfulness of you. Love you lots and lots. Happy birthday! Happy birthday, sweetheart!
Swara was laughing seeing raglak.. She was feeling out of the world.. Her real parents also didn’t loved her this much.. She was smiling, crying.. All emotions were seen on her face…She was feeling on cloud nine…
Hurray.. Dhruv entered the screen saying this… … Angel… Now lets c wats in stored with these guy’s….
The video was taken in the room of Rishab and nitika…

Hi darling.. We love u alot.. U r our reason of our happiness…
Happy birthday to my precious daughter. Even when we think that you cannot get any more wonderful, adorable, caring and beautiful, you do. You amaze us, sweetie, even when we thought we could no longer be amazed by anything.
You’ve given us something that no one else could ever do — a daughter’s undying love, concern, loyalty and devotion. There’s nothing greater, nothing more life-giving — except you yourself. Happy birthday, our sweet darling.
Dhruv: hmm Wat do u feel angel.. So much of philosophy.. Huh.. Let’s see wat the devils are in stored for u…

A great friend once said to us, “No matter where you are, you might as well enjoy yourself.” That friend was (and still is) you. Today, we are, where we want to be — with you — enjoying every moment of your special day. Happy birthday, ANGEL!!!!
Dhruv- lol.. This devils doesn’t know to greet.. Angel they are used for nothing..Tanu starts beating veer in the video..
Swara laughs seeing them…
Dhruv : OK.. Stoooppppp.. Now I’m serious..
Tanu gives a serious look..
Dhruv burst out laughing.. ?
Dhruv: OK angel my turn..
Each and every day, I find so many reasons to be glad — no, ecstatic — you’re my angel… I love everything about you. You have a bigger heart than anyone I know. It’s so big that you love me no matter what, despite my all-too-frequent not-so-nice side and few-and-far-between nice side. I love you for that.
Despite our arguments and our differences, you are still the most important person in my life. Every day, I just pinch myself…because I’m so lucky to have the nicest, happiest, smartest, funniest and most supportive best friend as my sister…

Swara too had tears in her eyes..
Tanu enters the screen n looks at Dhruv..
Tannu: oh my god.. Dhruv.. U r crying.. Heheh.. ?..
Dhruv : enough of u .. Now stop, my angel is watching eveything.. Better think before u speak..
Tanu gulps..
Swara shooks her head n says..
Swara: disturbing my sweetu.. U come in front of me.. Then see wat I do..
She was restless.. She was awaiting for someone..
Dhruv: ah ha.. Angel.. Waiting for someone else..
Swara nods her head..
Veer: not so soon.. But I know u would have got the wishes before.. Still kya kare, I cant see u sad.. So the most awaited moment in the screen..

Sanky looks as if he is conveying his feelings…
I hope that your special day is full of fun, happiness and everything that you enjoy. I’m so glad you were born, because you brighten MY life and fill it with joy. Wishing you a day filled with love and cheer. Hoping your day will be as special as you are. Happy Birthday SWARA(With lots of love) !!!
Swara was overwhelmed with his words.. His every word has a special meaning and it made her feel so special..
Dhruv: so angel… Did u enjoy.. (from screen)
Swara: yes…
Dhruv: aloud.. I cant hear.. (from screen)
Swara:(shouts) yesssssss
Dhruv: more louder plsss…. (from her back)
Swara: yes yes yessssssssss….
She realises the voice from her back n turna to see..
Tears flowing from her eyes.. She saw her family.. Raglak opened their hands n welcomed her..
Swara ran to them n hugged both tightly n starts sobbing..
Raglak broke the hug
Ragni:arei mera bacha.. Y r u crying..
Ragni: love u mom cum di(kisses her cheeks) love u dad cum bhai(kisses his cheeks)
Raglak: we love u more daughter cum sister(kisses her cheeks) happy birthday….
tanu and dhruv: awwwww…
Swara wipes her tears
Swara: thanku mom n dad..
She runs to tanu and dhruv n hugs them with a force. They were about to fall but they compose themselves..
dhruv and tanu: happy birthday darling..
Swara: thank u…
dhruv: not fair angel..
Swara laughs n kisses his cheek.. dhruv gives a peck on her cheek too.. tanu kisses swara cheek tightly..
Swara: Aww.. Love u .. (kisses her cheeks.)
Swara laughs.. Then she starts beating them..
Tanu : Arei.. Wat happened..
Swara: u were teasing my sweetu.. (beats her)
Tanu: Dhruv.. How mean.. I we dint do anything..
Swara: hehe.. I saw in the video..
Tanu: Acha baba sorry(holds her ears.)
Swara: okay.
Swara:(whispers) where is he??
Tanu:(smiles naughtily n whispers) who??
Swara breaks the hug n hits her.. She pouts…
Ragini: where is sanskaar..
Swara’s eyes lit up.. She search him.. While tanu and dhruv giggles..
Dhruv: woh mom, he have went to see some arrangements..
Laksh: offo.. He should have atleast come n wished her.. He has been preparing from the time we arrived..
Swara was very happy, after knowing the entire arrangement is made by him.. How he knows her evry like n dislike..
Laksh: OK then, angel go n get ready fast..
Swara: but dad!!
Ragini : more surprises ahead.. ur dresses are kept in tat room.. Just select any dress which u like..
Swara: wow.. K I will be back…
Swara runs to the room n finds different collection of dresses.. Long gowns, half skirts, knee length frocks,jeans top, and so on… Swara’s happiness has no limit.. But her eyes fell on one dress.. It was kept seperately with a greeting on it..

She goes towards the dress.. There was a beautiful greeting, with two hearts ? where two SS where carved over it, each on one heart.. Swara’s lips gets a curve.. She opens the card…
Her name was beautifully written on the card.. Her happiness was doubled..
Happy Birthday to the person who means the most to me in this world. I hope your birthday wishes come true. I know mine did the day I met you. Thank you for always being right by my side, sweetheart..
To someone who touches each life she enters, spreading joy to everyone you meet: may the love and happiness you share with others return to you tenfold. I wish you many more happiest of birthdays!
.For your birthday, I just want to say: I hope you can see how special you are to me through my eyes.. . Happy Birthday, my love!
Tears welled up in her eyes.. Again she starts reading..
I want u to wear the dress kept with this greeting . I would love to see u in tat.. N swara, im really sorry for that day.. I know I behaved weirdly.. If u don’t mind with everything n if u forgive me, just wear this dress.. I will know my answer…
Swara happiness has no limit.. She quickly opened the pack… She was really happy seeing the dress.. It was an off-shoulder sleeveless long gown.. She quickly wored the gown n took a look at the mirror.. She smiled looking at herself.. But soon her smile faded away.. She gulped in fear.. She took a snap on tat dress n smiled..
When she came out from the room, rose petal falls on her… she was really happy.. In each stair, there was a little angel with a red rose.. Everyone wish her giving a red rose with their angelic smile.. . Swara pecks evry girls cheek n thanks them…
Then she came out in the hall.. Everyones eyes popped out looking at her.. She was even more surprised to see her frnds.. She was beyond happy.. Her frnds shouts wishing her… She greeted eveyone.. She hanged out with them for a while.. But her eyes were searching for someone.. N she spot the person …
Her legs finds the way n was going towards it.. She placed her hand on the shoulder n whispered
Swara: sanskaar…
Sanskar who was talking to someone ,felt the hand on his shoulder n his heart beat raises.. He was so impatient to see her in his selected dress.. He was little tensed… He know, she will be the most beautiful girl in the whole party.. But the real reason was
He felt shy.. ? he was not ready to face her.. Swara makes him turned around.. Evryone were in the other side of the hall.. The man who was talking to him, left from there. Here swasan alone.. When he turned around, she quickly hugs him…
Swara: thank u.. Thanks alot.. (tightens her hug)… I’m really very happy..
Sanky reciprocate the hug with equal passion..
Sanky : happy birthday swara..
Swara: thank u sanskaar(hugs tightly)
Their heart beats were raising with each passing second.. Now sanky couldn’t control anymore.. He just wants to see her.. He quickly breaks the hug n looks at her from top to bottom.. He was mesmerized seeing her.. She felt his intense gaze n bows down due to shyness.. He smiles at her n cups her face..
Sanky: u r looking absolutely stunning..
A quick heat passed through her cheeks.. She turned red.. She was blushing n smiling ear to ear..
But His face turned pale… Swara smiles at him.. But he was looking hurted.. He just turns away.. She realizes wats bothering him n makes him turn again..
He was looking down.. He was looking so worried.. .. Swara lift his chin with her hand n made him look at her..
Swara: sanskar..

Sanky: ……
Swara: look at me.. (cups his face)
Sanky : I’m sor(closes his mouth with her hand)
Swara: I have my own reason for tat.. Pls understand…
Tannu comes to them..
Tannu: Arei, behave properly atleast in front of guest.. . Wat will they think huh..
Swara blushes..
Tannu: Stop blushing madam.. Acha birthday girl.. Come lets cut the cake.. Aur sanky come..
Swara assure sanky through her eyes.. He felt little relax but was still sad.. She holds his hand n takes him along with her..
Mishti: wow swara.. U r looking gorgeous.. (hugs her)
Swara: thank u… (hugs her back)
Tannu : why wont she Look gorgeous, after all it’s our selection..
Mishu: haan.. Glad u liked it swara.. (hugs her)
Swara: oops.. I dont know u guys selected it.. It’s not so good.. But no so bad..
Mishu breaks the hug n looks at her in disbelief.. Tannu keeps her hands in her waist n gives a death glare at swara.. Swara breaks out into laughter..
Swara: I was joking.. This is absolutely stunning..
Swara was wearing a Black V-neck Puff Sleeve Beaded Long Chiffon gown… She was looking absolutely stunning.. …
Sankys eyes are fixed on her.. Veer comes to him..
Dhruv: hey buddy.. I heard someone wished first..
Sanky smiles..
Dhruv: I used to be the first one to wish her.. But this time, leaving u, coz u almost fall on my feet..
Sanky lifts his eyebrow with a question..
Sanky: Wat did i do..??
Dhruv: haan. . U were almost falling na..
Sanky: did i fall or u my buddy??
Dhruv makes faces n they both laughs at a time..
Laksh: attention evryone.. I thank u all for coming to this special day n making the night even special.. I’m really thankful to u all.. Even in this midnight u all supported us.. It’s really a great thing.. So lets celebrate this night on my one and only angels birthday..
Swara was standing with Raglak beside her..
Evryone sang the song
Claps…. ?

Swara cuts the cake n feeds raglak.. Then she wanted to feed sanky, but seeing dhruv, she takes her hand towards him… But dhruv turns her hand towards sanky.. She felt very happy n gave a satisfied smile to him..
She feeds sanky n he feeds her.. N slightly applied the cake on her cheeks n she pouted.. Then she fed mishtanvee .. Later she smiled devilishly n took a piece n applied on sanky face.. He widens his eyes.. Soon the cake was on evryones face rather than in their mouth..
Even raglak were playing along the children without any warning.. raglak were romancing by feeding or can say applying cake on eachothers face romantically with so much love..
Where as all the youngsters where so involved in applying cakes on oneanother.. They were running, jumping, laughing all round the house.. The house was fully filled with joy n happiness..
Where as sanky caught swara n took her to a corner n smirked at her..
Swara: sanskar.. Koi deklega.. I thought u r still angry on me..
Sanky: u know wat, i was fed up with ur convincing.. Huh.. Convincing ke naam pe, mera band baj raha tha..
Swara giggles..
Swara: oh hello.. I tried so many things.. But u r really stubborn..
Sanky: stubborn n me.. Nyways Now I’m more angry than before..
Swara: waaat? Y??
Sanky: y dint u wear tat dress???
Swara’s face become dull….

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