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Hiii guys…… thank you soo… much for your response.
so lets start
scene begines with..

everyone are moving in a same direction and there we can see a big college with beautiful campus,
all the students are moving towards the auditorium its 1st day and many seniors are ragging there
juniors and here a fellow enter the college and some seniors call him.
seniors:heyy come here,whats your name..
boy:namish sir
senior(he see a girl sitting inside the auditoriun and feeling nervous):heyy do u see a girl sitting
there he ask him to go and speak to her and just scold her
namish(he cannot do anything other than that,he has to obey their words soo he goes to that girl)
namish:hi i’m namish
girl:(she doesn’t look at him) hi
namish:may i know your name
namish:you look so nervous
tejaswi:yeah after this i have to sing a song,so a bit nervous
namish:ohhh (he then thinks about seniors words) you are soo ugly
tejaswi:how dare you to speak like that,
then her name is announced she looks at him angrily at him and goes from there
(he goes to seniors) then suddenly principal comes so seniors ask him to leave.
he comes inside the auditorium and see tejaswi singing and think that so beautifully
she is singing.
and there he meets varun,abhi,rithik,ranveer and they go and take their places.

scene:in the green room
after tejaswi’s song she comes out,goes and hugs a girl
tejaswi:thank you soo much,i was so nervous if you was not encouraging me then i was not able to sing there.
by the way i forgot to ask you whats your name.
girl:i’m helly,and you
tejaswi:i’m tejaswi
there comes ishani,shivanya,pragya who are just know known by helly.
and all intro theirselves and move to their classes.

scene:class room
all five enter the class,tejaswi sees namish and gets angry,but namish feels sorry for her and tries
to tell her but fails as the lecture enters the class,and then class gets ove r then tejaswi tells helly about namish and she gets angry then suddenly namish comes to tejaswi.
Namish:I’m sorry,I really didn’t mean that,some seniors asked me to do that.
Tejaswi:(then realizes) its ok
And she intro their friends to varun and all ohers,she ask everyone to move to canteen.
Helly:I have some work in library,you guys move I will come.
Tejaswi:okk come soon.
All go to canteen

Varun has prepared some notes which has been thought in today class,he keeps that on table and goes to get something for them to have, suddenly helly come there and takes that paper and puts groundnuts in that which is in her hand and she starts to have them and nobody notices that ,
Suddenly varun comes there and starts searching his paper.

Recap:not decided

if you guys like it please comment,i have college so can update only on weekends if you guys dont have any
problem then i will continue it so please inform through the comments pls……

Credit to: anusha

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