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Hii Frnds…Bak wid da Small Teaser of #Tu_Mera_Humsafar Season 2..I knw U all were Waiting r da Part so Thot to Post A Small Teaser..Hope U all will Like it :).Do Comment Ur Valuable Views n Support da FF n Me wid More Love n Support :).

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Tu Mera Humsafar
Season 02


Scene 1 :-

Swara along wid Shomi was Out fr Grocery n House Hold Shopping Happily n Having some Mother Daughter Bond n Moments when all of A Sudden Shomi had to go Bak Home Urgently Leaving Swara Alone in da Market making Her Irritated n Angry..

Swara : ( Irritated ) Offo..Yeh Maa bhi na..Alwyz Runs away wen I want to Talk to Her..Arghh.. ( Sighs ) Anywyz..Abb kya karsakti hai Swaea abb tere Papa needs Ur Maa till nw to Wat cn U Do ( Giggles ) Soo Cute n Best Jodi My Maa n Papa are ( Admires ) Kash Meri aur Sanskaar ki bhi Aise hi ho Best n Understanding ( Blushes )

As Swara was Takking to Herself All Blushing n Shying She Felt A Sudden n A Harsh Pull towards a Strong Chest making Her Shocked n Scared..

Swara : ( Shocked ) U?? ( Angry ) What The Hell U e doing Here? Leave Me ( Tries to Free Herself ) agr Papa Ya Sanskaar ko Pata chala toh they wont Leave U..So jst Leave Me ( Stares Angrily )

Boy : ( Angry too ) Shut Up U Over Smart Lady..Wat did U think U will Mix Extra Chilli Powder in My Food n I wont be Able to Find Out Haa? Woh toh Clients the Saamne isiliye I got Saved Warna ( Intrerupted )

Swara : Warna Kya SIDDHANT?? U wud have Troubled Sanskaar na fr Taking Revenge frm Me Ryt? Aur Ummed bhi kya ki jaasakti hai tumse? U r jst Good in this Only B***d* Cheap..Arrey Sanskaar Loves U soo Much..He Considers U as His Own Brother..Apne se Zaada He Cares fr U bt still U Hate Him.Chii..Hw Cheap.. ( Frustrated )

Sid : Shut Up Jst Shut Up..Mind Ur Language..n Ur So Called Husband Dnt Love Me Ok..nor He Considers Me as His Brother..Its all His Bl**d* Drama..coz I Have His Property..n isiliye He is Pretending to be Good..( Stares Hatredly )

While Both Swara n Sid were Fighting Ppl Around them Gathered n Strtd Watching da Drama wen all of a Sudden Swara gets an Idea n Strts Her Drama.Making Sid who was Alrdy Angry More Shocked n Angry..

Swara : ( Cries ) Plzz Help Me.Plzz someone Help Me.. ( Points Sid ) This Man is Trying to Tease Me..Plzz Help Me Someone.. ( Pleads Dramatically ) For Ur Sister or Mother..Plzz ( Cries )

Man 1 : ( Angry ) Heyy U Stop Teasing..Dnt U have Shame Haa? Teasing A Girl in Market..dnt U Have Sister or Mother at Home? Jst Leave.. ( To Swara ) Dnt Worry Beta..We r here..We will Save U..( Assures )

Swara : ( Smiles Winningly Secretly ) Thnk U Uncle..

Man 2 : Dnt Thnk Beta..Its Our Duty to Protect Daughters of Our Country..Dnt Worry U Go Home Haa.. ( Blesses )

Sid : ( Angry ) Ohh Stop Ur Nodes Swara..U knw aisa kuch nhi karaha tha Main..den Hw cn U ( Intrerupted )

Man 1 : Lagta hai Aisa nhi manega yeh..Need to Teach Him A Lesson.. ( Strts Beating )

Man 2 :Haa Bhai Sahab..U r ryt.. ( To Others ) Aao Sablog Maaro isse..He Deserves this ( Strts Beating too )

Sid : ( Wines in Pain ) Aoow..Arrey..Suno..aisa kuch nhi hai..This Girl is Telling Lies.. ( Winces in Pain Agn ) Aaow.. ( Keeps on Wincing in Pain )

While all were Beating Sid Brutally as Per Swara’s Plan,Swara who was Watching it Smirked Winningly n Goes frm thr giving A Winning Smirk to Sid Leaving Him Alone in Middle of Angry Crowd Beating Him Cruelly making Him More Angry n Leading Hatred n Revenge Rising in His Heart..


Scene 2 :-

A Room 2 Girls Seen in da Dark Room wid One Lying on da Bed Lifelessly Staring da Ceiling Fan Blankly Understanding da Surrounding around Her while da Other Girl Crying Bitterly n Telling Her Heart Out Sitting beside da Lifeless Girl making Her too Cry Helplessly n Lifelessly..

Girl 2 : ( Cries ) Plzz Get Up na Choti..Aur kitne din aise rehegi..i knw U cn Feel Us..Listen to Us n even Cry in Our Pain like U r doing ( Wipes da Girl’s Tears ) Nw..bas U cnt Respond Us..toh woh bhi karde na Choti..U knw Ur Di is Missing U soi much..Teri Di ki SHAADI bhi hogayi bt still U r Lying Here Lifeless ( Sobs ) Tujhe pata hai he mny Things i wanna Discus n Share wid U..Maa se ki hai maine thodi Baate Share bt sab toh nhi karsakti na..I really Need U Choti..Plzz Come Bak ( Cries Bitterly )

As da Girl 2 was Crying Bitterly Talking to da Girl 1,A Lady comes frm Behind n Pats da Shoulder of Girl 2 n Consoles Her n Assures Her wid Teary Eyes making da Girl 2 to Hug da Lady Tightly n Cry More Bitterly n Emotionally..

Lady : ( Teary Eyes ) SHONA!! ( Keeps Her Hands on Swara’s Shoulder ) Bas kar Beta..Kitna royegi aur? ( Consoles ) Itna mat ro Mera Baccha ( Cups Swara’s Face with Teary Eyes ) U V Well Knw Our Choti cn Hear Us All..Bhale She is Lying Lifeless here since Mny Months..bt She cn Hear Us All..She cn Feel Our Pain too..Bhale She is PARALYSED n cnt Respond Us bt She cn See Us all.n dekhna One Day She will be Fine Shona..Trust Me..( Teary Eyes )

Swara : ( Cries n Hugs ) Haa Maa U r Ryt..I knw Choti will get Fine Soon..thr is Improvment in Her State bt phir bhi Maa..M Scared..jabtak i dnt see Her Completely Fine na infront of My Eyes I cnt Be Happy..Khushi hai mujhe ki Choti is getting Fine bt Phir bhi Maa Darr lagta hai..ki kahi phir se ( Cud nt Complete n Hugs Tightly while Crying Bitterly )

Shomi : ( Cries too ) Sshh ( Caresses Swara’s Bak ) Chup jo ja..Everything gonna be Fine Soon..We jst need Patience ( Release da Hug ) U r My Brave Child na ( Swara Nodes n Shomi Cups Swara’s Face ) Toh Keep ( Wipes Swara’s Tears ) Quite n Stop Crying..U cnt Brk Down like this..U r My Strong Child n Brave too..U have mny things to Settle Down..Sanskaar needs U..Nw wid Choti U have Sanskaar’s Responsibility too..U were Alwyz Miy PROUD DAUGHTER..n infact U r STILL MY PROUD DAUGHTER ..n Proud Daughter dnt Cry n Brks Down Like this..Hai Na Baccha.. ( Consoles )

Swara : ( Smiles wid Teary Eyes ) Thnk U Maa ( Hugs Emotionally ) Agr Aap nhi hoti na toh I wud have Broken Long Bak..bt U n Papa were Alwyz wid Me Every Time n Supported Me ( Closes Her Teary Eyes ) Thnk U.. ( Kisses Shomi’s Cheeks ) I Love U ( Hugs Agn Tightly )

Shomi : ( Smiles ) Love U Too Shona..We r alwyz thr wid U My Child..No Matter hw Old U Grow We r alwyz wid U ( Assures ) God Bless U ( Caresses Swara’s Hairs ) Bhagwaan kare jo tum karrahj ho Sanskaar n Apni Life ke liye woh Pura Ho..aur Tum apni Life Main Khush raho ( Blesses Emotionally )

While both Shomi n Swara were Having their Emotional Bond,The Firl who was All Lifeless n Paralysed Heard their Convo n was Teary Eyes Feeling their Pain n Tears making Her More Emotional n Overwhelmed wid Tears of Helplessness Flowing frm Her Eye Continously n Non Stop..


Scene 3 :-

Its Quite Late in da Night n Everyone Except A Girl Everyone were Out fr their Respective Wrk Leaving da Girl Alone in Big Mansion All Alone..As da Girl was All Alone in da Big Mansion n was Feeling Bored She Decided to Arrange da Wardrobe in a Proper Way alone in da Room wen all of a Sudden She Felt a Sudden Grip on Her Waist Caressing it Sensuously making da Girl Shocked n Freezed n Turn in Fear wid Sweat Dripping frm Her Forehead Continously n Heavily..

Girl : ( Shocked ) Tum!! ( Sweats ) Wwhhaatt the Heell r u doing here?Sanskaar is nt here ( Scared )

Man : ( Drunken Voice ) So wat? Main yaha uss Sanskaar ke liye thodi aaya hu..I came here fr ( Whispers in da Girl’s Ears Huskily ) FOR U MY DARLING ( Smirks Evilly )

Girl : ( Shocked ) SIDDHANT Rubbiishh r U Talking..? ( Moves Far ) Jst Get Out of Here..U r ( Covers Her Nose ) Heavily Drunk..U r nt in Ur Senses..Jst Go ryt nw ( Scared )

Sid : Hosh main toh I came jst nw U Dramaebaaz Girl..Hw dare U Insult Me infront of All in da Market Haa? Wat did U say? I was Teasing U Ryt? Molesting U ryt? Den Let Me Show U wat Teasing n Molesting Means ( Opens His Shirt Buttons ) Lets Have some Fun Baby ( Moves Closer to da Girl wid An Evil Smirk )

Girl : ( Horrified ) Shut Up.. ( Moves Bak ) What r U saying? Jst Stay Aawwaayy frm Me.. ( Sweats ) Ddnntt Uu Dare Come Neeaarr Mmmee..warrnaa it wont be Good fr U..JST GOO ( Shouts )

Sid : ( Angry ) No Way..nt soo Easily Baby..U have Insulted Me Badly toh Punishment toh Banti Hai.. ( Pins da Girl to da Wall ) So get Ready ( Smirks Winningly n Smells da Girl’s Fragrance ) Ahaann..U Smell soo Tempting..Lets Gets Strtd ( Pushed da Girl on Bed n Comes on Bed n Leans Towards da Girl )

Girl : ( Cries ) NNNOOO..PLZZ MAAF KARDOO PLZZ DNT DOI THIS ( Feels Something n Shouts ) NNOOOO ( Cries Bitterly )

As Sid was Forcing Himself on da Girl,Girl who was alrdy Scared was More Scared n Blank Feeling Some Wait On Her Screamed Loudly n Faints on da Spot making Another Man who was at the Entrance Shocked n Numb wid Tears of Shockedness Flowing frm His Eyes Continously n Non Stop..


Taddaa..Finally Bak wid A Small Yet A Shocking Teaser of #Tu_Mera_Humsafar Season 2 ??..I knw its too Shocking n Terrible Teaser wid mny Questions Spinning Around Ur Head..Hai na ???? N Myt be Feeling Like Throwing Dragged n Tomatooes too On Me ????..Bt all i cn say is Keep thinking n Wait fr da Part..U will get all Ur Questions n Doubts Answered ??..

Hope U all Liked da Teaser..Do Leave Ur Valuable Comments in da Comment Box Below n Let Me Hw U Liked da Teaser..


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