SwaSan FF : Tu Mera Humsafar Season 2 Part 9 ( Romance Special ) Goldie

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Recap : Swara Convinces Sanskaar for Treatment…SheMish Brk Down..Sid Anger..SwaSan First Meet wid Doctor..

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Tu Mera Humsafar
Season 02

Part 09

1 Week Later

Time Passed n Its been 1 Week since Sanskaar has Strtd going to Treatment Center fr His Treatment.As Dyz Passed Swara who was Worried n Scared abt Sanskaar’s Treatment was nw Satisfied n Happy seeing Him Lil Confident abt His Treatment..Like any other Day SwaSan were As Usual Getting Ready fr Going to Treatment Center..Swara was Packing Sanskaar’s Bag wid His n Her’s Lunch n Other Necessary Items n was Talking wid Him Causally while Sanskaar was Bzy Combing His Hair Bit Tensed n Worried wich was Noticed by Swara making Her to Smile n Admire Sanskaar’s Cuteness n Scaredness..

Swara : ( Talks Causally ) Sanskaar Suno I was Thinking after Ur Treatment Session We will Go fr A Small Long Ride ( While Packing da Bag ) Dekho na Weather is soo Pleasant Today..It will be Fun..Hai na?

Sanskaar : ( Unknowingly ) Hmm..

Swara : ( Confused ) Hmm ?? What Hmm Sanskaar ? Yaha main M talking abt Ur Freshness n U ( Turns towards Sanskaar n Fake Anger ) Huh..U r Bzy in Ur Own Thots..( Realized Something ) No
.Way.. ( Goes towards Sanskaar ) Dnt Tell Me U r Agn Thinking abt Ur Treatment n its Results? ( Raises Her Eye Brows Questionably )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Faintly ) Haa Swara..To be Frank..M thinking dat Only..Pata nhi Swara..Hw much ever I Try I jst cnt think +ve abt My Treatment ( Pout )

Swara : ( Giggles n Kneels Down ) Uff Sanskaar..Srsly U r nt Less dan any Indian TV Bahus..I knw i have Said this Line B4 also bt Srsly Mere Pati Dev U r soo Cute in this Bahu Mode.. ( Chuckles )

Sanskaar : ( Fake Anger ) Swara..Thjs js nt Fair..Yaha main Tensed hu abt My Treatment n U r Laughing on Me Instead of Consoling Me.. ( Pout Agn )

Swara : ( Giggles ) Sorry Sanskaar..aur kya karu main..I jst cnt Stop Admiring Ur Cuteness.. ( Sees Sanskaar’s Angry Expressions n Composes Herself ) Accha Ok Sorry..Coming Straight to da Main Point.. ( Serious ) Dekho Sanskaar..Being A Medical Student I cn Clearly Understand Ur Prblm..Ite Obivious da Person who was on Wheel Chair since mny Yrs n was Living widout any Hope will Definitely Face Prblm in Initial State of Treatment..N U r Facing da Same Initial State Prblms..Ur Tension..Ur Worriedness..Everything is Justified at its Own Place..bt Sanskaar U cnt Stay fr Life Time wid this Stupid Tensions Ryt..Fr Moving Ahead U have to Forget all these..I knw U r Trying Ur Best bt jst Trying is nt Enough Sanskaar..U shud have dat Will Power too to Get Urself Cured..tabhi U cn get Cured..n ( Holds Sanskaar’s Hands ) Y r u Taking soo much Stress wen M wid U..Dnt Worry..Everything will be Fine Sanskaar..M thr wid U at Ur Every Stage of Life No Matter What..Pehle as A Frnd den as Ur TRUE HUMSAFAR..Thats My Promise ( Assures wid Teary Eyes ).

Sanskaar : ( Overwhelmed ) What else I cn Say Swara..When I have A True Life Partner like U..I dnt need to Worry abt Anything..U r jst Like An Angel in My Life..n I Promise jaise U r My Support System na in da samw Way I will also be Ur Support System n A TRUE HUMSAFAR too ( Assures too )

Swara : ( Teary Eyes ) I ( Hugs Sanskaar Overwhelmnly ) knw that Sanskaar..U will alwyz be wid Me n I cn Trust U Blindly..Tabhi i have Named All My Life fr U ( Smiles Proudly )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Mee too ( Kisses Swara’s Hairs Lovingly n Hugs Tightly too ) I LOVE U ( Unknowingly )

Swara : ( Smiles ) I LOVE U TOO ( Unknowingly too )

As Both Swara n Sanskaar had Confessed their Love Unknowingly wid Tears of Restlessness Flowing frm their Eyes Silently,Sharmistha n Shekhar who were Standing at the Entrance of da Door Dropped da Aarti Thali n was Staring both SwaSan Shockingly while Giggling making both Swara n Sanskaar to Come in their Senses Turning dem both Blood Red in Embarrassment n Shyness..

Shekhar : ( Giggles n Teases ) Oops Mishti .I guess We r here at A Wrong Time..We shud come Later..Humne LOVE BIRDS ko Disturb kardiya Shayad ( Chuckles )

Shomi : ( Teases too ) Haa Shekhar..Keh toh Sahi rahe ho tum..We r Here at a Really Wrong Time Only..Kaha tha na maine We shud Wait fr them Down..bt No U r alwyz soo Impatient..n abb Dekha..We have Disturbed their Private Moment ( Chuckles )

Shekhar : ( Pout ) Sorry..bt Koi Na..We will Leave Nw frm Here n Let ( Sees Swara Teasingly ) da Love Birds have their Private Moments Yet Agn ( Giggles )

Shomi : Haa Chalo.. ( To SwaSan ) U Continue Beta…Sorry fr ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Blushes Hard ) Maa..Bas na..Plzz..aisa kuch nhi hai..We were jst ( Intrerupted )

Shekhar : Kya nhi hai Beta..We knw Kya nhi hai n kya hai..after all We saw frm Our Own Eyes..Hai na Mishti ( Winks Naughtily )

Shomi : ( Giggles ) Haa ryt.. ( To Sanskaar ) Sanskaar Beta..Swara ka toh Bacchi hai..She must be nt knowing abt all these..bt U r toh Matured na Beta..Wenever U have such Moments U shud Close da Door n Have..abb aisa Door Pura Open rakhoge toh Anyone cn see na.. ( Teases Badly ) Nxt Time se Plz Beta be Carefull wenever U both have Private ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : ( Embarrassed ) Maa..Plzz..Swara said na Aisa kuch nhi hai..We were just Causally Hugging Eachother..N U both thot ki ( Intrerupted ).

Shekhar : thot ki U both were ( Sees SwaSan’s Red Faces n Stops Teasing ) Accha Sorry Bacchoon..I knw thoda Over Hogaya..Maaf kardena..We were Jst Pulling Ur Legs.. ( Smiles )

Swara : ( Still Blushes ) Woh Maa..Mujhe Neeche Kaam hai..Toh m going Down..U Three Come Down wen U r Done wid Ur Talks.. Ok ( Runs Down in Shyness )

SheMish : ( Shocked ) Arrey Shonal..Suno ( Laughs Loudly )

Shekhar : Ohh God Mishti did U see Our Little Sherni cn Blush also.. ( Giggles ).

Shomi : ( Teary Eyes ) Haa Shekhar..I saw..n all this is Possiblecoz of ( Sees Sanskaar Overwhelmnly ) U Sanskaar.. ( Overwhelmed ) Thnk U fr making My Daughter Enjoy the Most Precious Moments of Her Life.. ( Emotional )

Shekhar : ( Teary Eyes Too ) Haa Beta..After Mny Yrs I have seen My Daughter Smiling n Laughing like this..Thnk U ( Overwhelmed too )

Sanskaar : ( Confused ) After Mny Yrs? What do U mean Uncle ? Sorry M Confused..

Shekhar : ( Realized n Composes Himself ) Arrey kuch nhi..I was jst Over Emotional..aisa kuch ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : ( Fake Anger ) Uncle..Plz.Dnt U Dare Lie to Me..If U Consider Me ur Son..den tell Me ( Glares Angrily )

Shekhar : ( Sighs ) Sanskaar i wud Love to Tell U da Matter bt I Feel its Better if Swara Herself tells U abt this…Coz Yeh Matter is Related to Her Life n She being Ur Wife..She Shud only Tell U..warna She will Feel Bad n Uncomfortable.Hope U Understand Beta.. ( Teary Eyes )

Sanskaar : ( Understands ) Ok Uncle..If U think Thats Better..den I will Wait fr it.. ( Assures )

Shekhar : ( Smiles wid Teary Eyes ) Thnk U.. (Diverts da Topic ) Anywyz Chalo..Lets Go n Do Brk Fast..U r getting Late na fr Ur Treatment Sessions..

Sanskaar : ( Wipes His Tears ) Haa Uncle..U Go n Send Suresh..I will Come Down in Few Minutes..

SheMish : ( Smiles ) Ok Beta.. ( Leaves )

As Soon as SheMish Leaves Down fr Brk Fast,Sanskaar too got Ready Completely n Headed Down n Both Swara n Sanskaar had their Brk Fast n Headed towards da Treatment Center Taking Blessings frm SheMish Happily n Smilingly..

———- ♡♡♡♡ ———-

Treatment Center

30 Minutes Later

Soon after 30 Minutes of Travel Both Swara n Sanskaar Reaches da Center n As They Reached Swara was abt to Help Sanskaar in Sitting on Bed wen All of a Sudden A Trainer Girl of Around Sabskaar’s Age came n Moved Swara Bak n Strtd Helping Sanskaar Smilingly n Excused dem selves frm Swara Politely making Swara Feel Angry n Jealous n Strtd Cursing da Girl Under Her Breath Releasing all Her Angry n Jealousy..

Swara : ( Mimics da Girl Angrily ) Excuse Ma’am..May I.. (.Angry ) May I My Foot..Samajhti kya hai aapne aapko Yeh Ladki..Huh..He is My Husband bt Care aise karti hai Sanskaar ki jaise He is Her Husband..Nonsese.Ur Yeh Sanskaar..Woh bhi kuch nhi bolta uss Ladki ko..Kisine Saccha kaha hai..All Men r da Same.Huh ( Stamps Angrily n Goes to Waiting Room )

As Swara Went inside da Waiting Room n was Waiting fr Sanskaar Staring Him Dreamingly frm A Glass Window All Blabbering n Praising Sanskaar all by Herself making Her to Blush n Turn Red in Shyness n Blushness..

Swara : ( Monologue ) Haayye..Mera Pyaara Pati..Kitna Cute Lagta hai..He is sooo Cute Man n He is soo HOT. ( Shocked Dramatically ) Haaww Shaneless Girl hw cn U Praise someone Openly Haa n dat too soo Holdly..Shaneless Girl ( Fake Anger n Pouts ) So wat Swara..U r Praising Ur Own Husband..He is nt Someone Else fr U..n waise bhi kaun hai yaha jisse tujhe Sharam aaye..No One is Here..U r all Alone Here in this Waiting Room Staring n Dreaming abt Ur Husband ( Giggles n Blushes ) Haayee ( Stares Sanskaar Agn Dreamingly )

While Swara Staring Sanskaar Dreamingly,Her Thots were Broken by A Loud Wincing Sound of Sanskaar who was Wincing in Pain due to Initial Steps of Treatment..Seeing Sanskaar in Pain,Swara too Strtd Shedding Her Tears n was Feeling His Pain bt at da Same Time was Fisting Her Palms in Anger seeing da Girl Taking Care of Sanskaar Quite Freely Laughing n Diverting Sanskaar’s Mind Leading Her to Burst in Anger n Run towards Sanskaar bt was Stopped Hearing their Conversation making Her Feel More Angry n Jealous..

Girl : ( Giggling ) Waise Sanskaar..Must say Ur Wife is soo Jealous Haa.. ( Laughs ) Chehra dekha tha Uska..Oh God..She was Literally Fuming in Jealousy seeing U Happy wid Me.. ( Chuckles )

Sanskaar : ( Blushes ) Come On Kavita aisa kuch nhi hai..Y wud She be Jealous Haa?..U knw We got Married in a Strange Situations ..Our Marriage is jst A ( Intrerupted )

Kavita : ( Smiles ) Is A Most Pious Relationship Ever..Arrey Mere Bhuddhu Ram..Bhale U both got Married in a Very Strange Situations bt Nw She Loves U Yaar..See Sanskaar Time Jo hai Changes Everything..N nw Swara Loves U..i cn say that by seeing Her Face wich Changes into A Red Tomato in Jealousy n Anger wen M near U ( Chuckles )

Sanskaar : ( Confused ) Bt hw cm this be Possible Kavita..She nevertheless said by Herself or She Signalled Me abt Her Feelings..den hw cn U tell She Loves Me ?

Kavita : ( Sighs ) Uff ( Hits Sanskaar’s Head wid Fake Anger ) Sanskaar..tum na Ek dum Zero ho Romance main abb tak..Duffer..Tell Me One thing wen U cud nt tell Her abt Ur Feelings being a Boy den Hw cn U Expect Her to Tell Haa?? She is A Girl Sanskaar..Kuch toh Samjho Pagaal.( Makes Faces ) Huh..

Sanskaar : ( Happy ) Ohh Yes Kavita..Nw I cn say that U r Correctly Named as Love Guru ( Chuckles )

Kavita : ( Giggles ) Off Course My Bestie..M Glad M Able to Help ( Hugs Sanskaar Frndly ) U..Atlast ( Release da Hug ) My Bhuddhu Frnd is in Love ( Chuckles ) M soo Happy fr U ( Smiles Happily )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Yes Kavita..I Myself cnt Believe ki Swara like Girl made Me Fall fr Her..bt I wont Confess Her soon..

Kavita : ( Shocked ) What?? Bt Y?? R u Mad? Y wont U Confess wen U knw She Loves U n U also Love Her? ( Angry ) Listen Sanskaar I won’t Let U dnt U do any Foolishness..U r ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : Kavita Plzz..Listen to Me First..See I knw She Loves Me..n I also Love Her..bt She doesn’t knw na ki Love Her..I want Her to Confess Herself..Thr must be any Reason fr wich She is nt Confessing..She myt be Scared or Uncomfortable ryt? I dnt want Her to Feel Uncomfortable or Uneasy..Let Her Confess Herself wen She is Comfortable wid Me ( Smiles )

Kavita : ( Sad ) Bt Sanskaar ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : ( Strictly ) No Kavita.I dnt wanna Discuss on this Further..Its My Final Decision.. ( Diverts da Topic ) Nw Chalo Leave all these n Resume My Session.. ( Smiles )

Kavita : ( Smiles Bak Unwillingly ) Ok..U r jst Impossible ( Sanskaar Giggles ) Anywyz..Come Lets Resume Ur Session.. ( Holds Sanskaar’s Shoulder n Makes Him Lie on Bed n Strts da Exercise )

As Kavita Making Sanskaae do His Exercise Happily n Frndly,Swara who Heard n was seeing everything was Fuming in Anger n Went frm thr Angrily Blabbering All Herself m Making Foot Sound Making Both Sanskaar n Kavita Shocked n Gulp in Fear….

Kavita : ( Shocked ) Ohh God Sanskaae..Shayad Ur Wife Heard Everything..She myt be Angry knwing to knw It was Our Plan to make Her Jealous ( Gulps ) All The Best Sanky Beta..U r gonna have a Gr8 Time Ahead ( Giggles )

Sanskaar : ( Gulps n Sweats ) Yes I V Badly Need Best Wishes nw..Sherni has Heard Everything.. ( Sees Upwards n wid Gulping ) Bhagwaan Bachalena apni iss Sherni se ( Sees Swara Leaving Angrily n Gulps Agn )

Kavita : ( Chuckles ) Enough of Staring Her..Go n Convince Her Sanskaar.. ( Makes Sanskaar Sit on Wheel Chair ) Baaki ke Exercise We will do Tomorrow if U r Able to come ( Giggles Teasingly )

Sanskaar : ( Fake Anger ) Kavita..Stop Yaar..Yaha meri Phat rahi hai n U r Teasing..Huh..

Kavita : ( Stops Giggling ) Accha Fine Sorry..Nw Go.. ( Points towards da Door ) warna Ur Wife will get More Angry.. ( Controls Her Giggling )

Sanskaar : ( Sweats ) Haa.Bye.n Yej mera Saaman ( Intrerupted )

Kavita : ( Smiles ) Haa dnt worry..Will Send it to Ur Home..Ryt Nw U Go ..n All The Best..

Sanskar : ( Smiles ) Thnks Yaar..nw Bye ( Leaves Hurriedly by Controlling His Wheel Chair Himself )

Kavita : ( Smiles ) Bye.. ( Screams ) Be Carefull..Dnt Be in a Hurry.Warna Pata chala in Hurry U Messed Ur Wheel Chair ( Giggles )

Sanskaar : ( Shouts n Fake Anger ) KAVITA!!

Kavita : ( Laughs ) Accha Sorryy ( Screams n Sees Sanskaar Left n Laughs Loudly Agn ) Pagaal..Hope so He Convinces His Sherni ( Chuckles )

Soon Sanskaar Headed towards His Car n Sar inside da Car beside His Angry Swara n Gulped as well seeing Her Anger n Red Face While Swara Remained Quite in Anger n Ordered da Driever to Strt n Leave Coldly n Sternly making Sanskaar to Gulp n Sweat More Fearly n Scaredly..

———- ♡♡♡♡ ———-

10 Mins Later..

In Car

Ten Minutes Passed n They were jst 20 Minutes Away frm thero Home wen Sanskaar who was till nw Quite n Gulping in Fear Finally Spoke after talong A Deep Breath n Ordered da Driver to Take a U Turn making Swara Confused n Angry..

Swara : ( Confused ) Y r U telling Ramesh to Take U Turn? Humars Ghar toh aage hai na?

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Haa Bt Ur Fav Ice Parlour toh Dusre Side hai na..Remember in Morning U told We Will go fr A Pleasant Long Drive..Toh bas Thot to go fr A Long Ice Cream Ride..issi bahane We wud Have A Long Ride n Along wid dat We will have a Ice Cream too..Isn’t it A Good Idea ? ( Excitedly )

Swara : ( Still Angry ) No..its nt a Good Idea.. ( To Driver ) Ramesh..No need to take any U Turn..Jst Go Straight n Drop Us Home..M Really Tired after A Tiring Wait in Center. Nt like ( Sees Sanskaar Angrily n Tauntingly ) others who r still Fresh after A Long Exercise Sessions ( Taunts Sarcastically )..

Sanskaar : ( Understands da Taunt n Gulps ) No Ramesh..Jst take a U Turn..M telling U..No need to Listen to Anyone else..jst do as I Say warna I will Cut ur Saary.. ( Bossy Tone ). .

Ramesh : ( Shocked ) What? NO.NO Sir ..I will take U Turn..Dnt Worry.. ( Takes da U Turn )

Swara : ( Angry ) Ramesh U Listen ( Intrerupted )

Ramesh : ( Scared ) No Ma’am Sorry..I cnt Listen to U this Time..Warna ( Sees Sanskaar frn Rear Mirror ) Sir will Cut Off My Salary..Sorry Ma’am ( Drives )

Swara : ( Blabbers Angrily Yet Slowly ) Huh..Sir..My Foot..sabko apni Control main rakhe rakha hai..Hw Mean ( Makes Faces Angrily )

As Swara was Murmuring Herself Angrily,Sanskaar who was Hearing it Smiled n Admired Swara with Full Love while Swara Felt An Continous Gaze on Her Fumed in More Anger n Bursted Out Angrily on Sanskaar making Him to Admire n Adore Swara More Lovingly n Smilingly..

Tu Aata Hai Seene Mein
Jab Jab Saansein Bharti Hoon
Tere Dil Ki Galiyon Se
Main Har Roz Guzarti Hoon

Hawa Ke Jaise Chalta Hai Tu
Main Ret Jaisi Udti Hoon
Kaun Tujhe Yoon Pyar Karega
Jaise Main Karti Hoon…

Swara : ( Angry ) Kya hai? Wat r u Staring at? Dekha nhi mujhe kabhi aise?

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Hmm Dekha toh hai bt Tumhara yeh Ghusse wala Mode Pehli Baar dekhraha hu..N Frankly Speaking This Angry Mode is Much More Cuter n Aww dan Ur Other Modes..( Chuckles )

Swara : ( Melts bt Controls ) Ohh Plzz Sanskaar..I knw U r telling all these to Melt Me..Plz Stop it coz m nt gonna come in ur Talks..Nw..Huh. ( Turns Her Face Angrily )

Sanskaar : ( Acts As Shocked Dramatically ) Arrey..Ajeeb ho yaar tum Ladkiyaan..Wen We Boys dnt Praise U..U Girls keep on Complaining dat We dnt Praise U n wen Nw Wen We Praise U Girls dej also gets Angry..Wat An Unfair Situation We Boys have to Go through..Huh.. ( Makes Funny Faces )..

While Sanskaar was Trying to make Swara’s Mood,Swada who was Watching Sanskaae frm Corner of Her Eyes Bursted Out Laughing Suddenly n Teases Sanskaar Bak Enjoying His Funny Faces making Sanskaar to Smile n Admire Swara’s Laugh More Admiringly n Smilingly..

Swara : ( Laughing Freely ) Ohh God..Sanskaar..U r soo Cute wen U make such Childish Faces..I LOVE this Side of Yrs..U ( Puuls Sanskaar’s Cheeks ) r Soo Cute My Hubby ( Laughs Unknowingly )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) N I LOVE ( Touches Swara’s Red Nose ) Ur this Nose wich Turns Red due to Anger n Blushness ( Giggles )

Swara : ( Realizes n Blushes ) Ahmm Sorry..I was ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : Y Sorry? Agr yeh Sorry Ghussa hone ke liye hai toh den its Fine bt agr Yeh Sorry fr Laughing n Blushing ke liye hai toh den M Sorry i wont Accept Ur this Sorry ( Haves An Intense Eye Lock wid Swara ) coz I jst LOVE Ur Blushness Swara especially wen its fr ME ( Goes Near n Pecks Swara’s Lips In A Flick of Seconds ) I jst LOVE IT ( Smiles n Moves Bak Seeing Swara’s Shocked Expressions )

As Sanskaar Pecked Swara’s Lips all of a Sudden;Swara was Shocked n Numb seeing Sanskaar’s Indirect Confession n Sudden Action n b4 She cud Melt n Reply to da Peck Sanskaar Backs Off frm da Peck n Smiles seeing Swara’s Expressions Making Swara to Realize n Blush More Harder Turning Her Face Red in Shyness m Blushness..

Meri Nazar Ka Safar
Tujhpe Hi Aake Ruke
Kehne Ko Baaki Hai Kya
Kehna Tha Jo Keh Chhuke

Meri Nigahein Hain Teri Nigahon Ki
Tujhe Khabar Kya Bekabar

Main Tujhse Hi Chup Chup Kar
Teri Aankhein Padhti Hoon
Kaun Tujhe Yun Pyar Karega
Jaise Main Karti Hoon…

Soon Both Swara n Sanskaar Came in Senses n Composes themselves Hearing da Horn Sound n Headed towards da Ice Cream Parlour n Enjoyed their Long Drive Happily n Soending some Sweet Moments Together Teasing n Enjoying Eachother’s Embrace n Company Happily n Enjoyingly..

Tu Jo Mujhe Aa Mila
Sapne Hue Sarphire
Haathon Mein Aate Nahi
Udte Hain Lamhein Mere

Meri Hasi Tujhse
Meri Khushi Tujhse
Tujhe Khabar Kya Beqadar

Jis Din Tujhko Na Dekhun
Pagal Pagal Phirti Hoon
Kaun Tujhe Yoon Pyaar Karega
Jaise Main Karti Hoon…

———- ♡♡♡♡ ———-

2 Hours Later

2 Hours Passed n both Swara n Sanskaar had jst Returned Home frm their Spcl Long Drive n Moments..As both Entered da Home,SheMish who were Waiting fr them wid Siddhant were Happy to see both Swara n Sanskaar Back n Went to them n Welcomed Them Happily n Teasingly..

Shekhar : ( Smiles ) Arrey Wah..Aagaye tum dono..Siddhant was Asking abt U both only..Come.. ( Pushes Sanskaar’s Wheel Chair towards da Living Room while Swara Followed )

Swara : ( Smiles ) Woh Sorry Papa..Actually Weather was Soo Good ki I told Sanskaar We will go fr a Long Drive..toh ( Intrerupted )

Shomi : ( Teases ) Toh U went Out to Enjoy Along wid Ur Husband Haa? U Forgot Ur Parents..V.Bad ( Pout Face )

Shekhar : ( Laughs ) Arrey Bas Karo Mishti..Stop Teasing My Daughter n Son..Warna Sanskaar will think His In Laws has No Work other dan Teasing only ( Giggles )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) No Uncle..Nthing like that..its Ok..U cn Tease Us. I dnt havw any Prblm coz ( Intrerupted ).

Siddhant : ( Taunts Indirectly ) Coz Uncle Bhai has a Habit of getting Teased.. ( To Sanskaar ) Kyoun Hai na Bhai? ( Smirks Evilly Secretly )

Hearing Siddhant’s Indirect Tease,The Environment wich was Playfull n Light was nw Filled wid Silence n Anger of the Trio while Sanskaar Felt Bad n Siddhant Smirked Winningly Respectively making Swara to Fire Bak Angrily n Frustratingly..

Swara : ( Holds Sanskaar’s Hands Protectively ) Haa toh..Thr is nthing Bad to be Teased by Others..Infact U knw Wat Siddhant..Wen We get Teased na We come to knw Our Faults n Flaws wich will Help Us to Improve ( To Shekhar ) M I Ryt Papa ? ( Proudly )

Shekhar : ( Supports Swara ) Yes Beta..n ( To Siddhant ) Sid Beta..Dnt think Teasing cn Brk Us..No it cnt..It will Help Us to Grow more Stronger Beta..abb Mujhe hi dekhlo..M All Here infront of as A Famous Lawyer coz of Teasingness only..I did nt have all these Luxurious wid Me B4..I got it wid My Hard Work n Reason of Ppl..bt U wont Understand it Beta coz ( Taunts Bak Indirectly ) U One of da Ppl who got Everything Ready Made.. ( Smirks Winningly n Secretly )

As Shekhar was Taunting Bak Siddhant,Both Shomi n Swara Smirked Winningly n Enjoyed Siddhant’s Expressions while Siddhant was Burning in Anger n Left da Place Angrily Feeling Insulted making Swara n SheMish to Burst Out Laughing Suddenly n Teasingly.

Swara : ( Laughs ) Wow Papa..U r Gr8..U made Siddhant Quite in a Second..Impressive Haa ( Giggles )

Shomi : ( Proudly ) After all Husband kiske hai ( Pulls Her Imaginary Collar Proudly n Giggles )

Sanskaar : ( Lost in His Thots ) Swara I wanna go to Room..M Tired.. ( Teary Eyes )

Hearing Sanskaar Both Swara n SheMish Understood His State n Stopped Joking n Composes themselves n soon Swara took Sanskaar to their Room Sadly making She Mishti too Sad n Upset..


SwaSan Room

Soon both Swara n Sanskaar Reaches their Room n As they Entered Swara Closed the Door n Went towards da Wardrobe Taking out Their Clothes n Handed Sanskaar’s Clothes to Sanskaar n Went towards da Bed Telling Him to Change while Sanskaar Went towards da Washroom all Lost in His Own Thots Deeply n Teary..

Sanskaar : ( Teary Eyes )( Monologue ) Siddhant was Ryt..M alwyz Teased by My Frnds fr My Legs..n maybe Today wen Uncle n Aunty Tease Mw i wont feel much Bad..M Simply A Burden on Swara n Her Family..Agr Swara ki Shaadi mujhse nhi hui hoti toh Swara wud have got much Better Person dan Me..M Simply A Burden ( Screams In Pain ) Aahh..

Whhle Sanskaar was Changing was His Clothes all Lost in His Own Thots,He Suddenly Feels A Pain in His Hands n Body n Screamed Loudly due to Exercise Pain making Swara to Run inside da Washroom Worriedly n Restlessly..

Swara : ( Enters da Washroom Worriedly ) Sanskaar.. Kya hua ? ( Goes towards Sanskaar ) R u Fine ? Y did U Scream ? ( Worried )

Sanskaar : ( Teary Eyes ) Woh Actually ( Shows His Hands ) My Hands n Entire Body is Paining..i dnt knw Y? N due to Pain..m nt able to Change..

Swara : Oh..accha..Tumne Dara hi diya tha.. ( Takes Sanskaar’s Clothes frm Sanskaar ) Ok Come Let Me Help U Change..U myt be feeling Pain due to Exercise..Its Ur Initial Stage na..Toh isiliye..( Unknowingly Tries to Remove Sanskaar’s Dress ) Chalo Koi nhi..I will Change Ur Dress n jst ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) What?.U will Change My Dress? ( Fumbles ) Rrr U Sure?

Swara : ( Unknowingly ) Haa Toh..Main nhi toh aur kaun karega? M Ur WIFE toh Obiviously I will onlu Remove Ur ( Stops n Realized n Jerks Her Hands Immediately n Blushes ) Ohh..Wohh..Sorry.I will Call Shyaam to Help U ( Turns n Runs While Blushing )

As Swara Realized n was abt to Run in Shyness,Her Leg wich was on Slippery Floor of Washroom gets Mis Balanced due to Sudden Turn n Twists Her Legs n As A Result Falls in Sanskaar’s Arms n closes Her Eyes in Fear n while Falling She Clicks da Shower Tap by Mistake making both Drenched Under da Shower All Lost in Eachother’s Embrace Unknowingly Yet Happily..

Chaahe Kuch Na Kehna
Bhale Chup Tu Rehna
Mujhe Hai Pata, Tere Pyar Ka
Khamosh Chehra, Ankhon Pe Pehra
Khud Hai Gawaah, Tere Pyar Ka…

As Both were Lost in Eachother’s Embrace,Swara Opens Her Eyes n Realizes Her Position along wid Sanskaar’s Intense Gaze on Her making Her Feel Shy n Lower Her Wet Eyes in Shyness while Sanskaar Stared Her More Admiringly Lost in Her Eyes Turning Her Face More Glow in Blushness n Shyness..

Teri Jhuki Nazar, Teri Har Ada
Mujhe Keh Rahi Hai Ye Dastaan
Koi Shaqs Hai Jo Ki In Dinon
Tere Zehan-O-Dil Pe Hai Chha Gaya
Teri Jhuki Nazar, Teri Har Ada
Mujhe Keh Rahi Hai Ye Dastaan…

While Sanskaar was Staring Swara More Lovingly,Swara cud nt Control it Anymore n Hugs Him Tightly n Hides Her Face in His Wet Bare Chest wich was Almost Bare due to White Shirt Exposing His Hot Abs due to due to Wetness while Sanskaar Smiles n Hugs Her Bak Lovingly..Soon Both were Nw Completely Drenched n Broke their Hug All Lost in Eachother’s Eyes Intensely Turning Both of dem On in their Desires Seeing Eachother Wet Lips making Swara to Breath Heavily in Blushness..

Teri Zulf Jab Bhi Bikhar Jaati Hai
Aye Haseen Tu Haseen Aur Ho Jaati Hai
Jo Kitaabo Me Padhte Rahe Aaj Tak
Woh Pari Humko Tujh Mein Nazar Aati Hai

As both were Staring Eachother Lovingly,Sanskaar’s Hands Passes through Her Wet Cheeks n Tucks Her Wet Hair Strands Bak of Her Ears Passing An Unknown Sensation through Swara’s Body n Making Her Shiver Feeling His Warm n Intense Touch..

Teri Hi Baahon Mein, Panaahon Mein
Rehna Mujhe Hardum Sada
Teri Hi Yaadon Mein, Nigaahon Mein
Rehna Mujhe Har Dum Sada
Teri Hi Baahon Me, Panaahon Me
Rehna Mujhe Hardum Sada
Hardum Sada…

Soon Both Swara n Sanskaar who were by Nw Completely Lost in Eachother’s Eyes Strts Leaning Towards Eachother n Finally Captures Eachother’s Wet Lips n Kisses Eachother Lovingly Feeling Eachother’s Saliva n their Wetness on their Lips n Gets Bzy in Kissing n Sucking Eachother’s Lips Passionately n Intensly making Each of dem to Tighten their Grip on Eachother Feeling their Second Ever Passionate Kiss More Passionately All Lost in their Own World Intensely n Passionately..

Chaahe Kuch Na Kehna
Bhale Chup Tu Rehna
Mujhe Hai Pata Tere Pyar Ka
Khamosh Chehra, Aankhon Pe Pehra
Khud Hai Gawaah, Tere Pyar Ka

Teri Jhuki Nazar, Teri Har Ada
Mujhe Keh Rahi Hai Ye Dastaan
Koi Shaqs Hai Jo Ki In Dinon
Tere Zehan-O-Dil Pe Hai Chha Gaya
Teri Jhuki Nazar, Teri Har Ada
Mujhe Keh Rahi Hai Ye Dastaan…

———- ♡♡♡♡ ———-

Precap : Planning…Plotting….Romance…

———- ♡♡♡♡ ———-


Finally Done wid the Part.Lo #Suku Beta Deal is Completed frm My Side Too ?..n #Ridz Le..Likh Dala maine Tera KISS wala Scn ??..n My #Nidhi Ur Demand also I Completed by Posting TMH.Abb Khush Teeno ?.Hope U Three Like it :)..N Nw Coming to da Viewers See Its A Quite A Long Update wid Full of Romance of SwaSan A Boring n Sleepy Part too widout any Planning n Plotting of Siddhant..Bt Still Hoping U all will Like it..Badi Mehnat se likha hai..Plzz Do Comment all da SILENT READERS n My Regular Readers too..It will Boost My Morale n Confidence..Plz. Comments..Do Comment Plz..


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