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Hi Frnds…Thnks fr Voting ..n da Winner is #Tu_Mera_Humsafar Season 2 so Here is da Nxt Part..Hope U all Like it n Todayz Part is Especially Dedicated to One Of My Old Reader n Frnd #Nidhu_Garg n My Darling #Suku ??…Sukanya alwyz Wanted Such Scns n Today M Writing it bt She is nt thr ?? .Miss My Suku ??. ..Come Bak Soon Sukanya…Hope U n Nidhi Like this Part *FingersCrossed*..

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Recap : SwaSan Fun..Sanskaar Emotional..SwaSan Agreed fr Pooja in Ancestor Mandir n Siddhant Evil Plan..


Tu Mera Humsafar
Season 02

Part 6 ( Maha Episode )

Next Day

12pm Afternoon

Its Another Beautiful Day n Both Swara n Sanskaar were all Set to Strt their Long Journey wid their Bags Packed n Other Necessary Pooja Items Keot in Car..As Both Swara n Sanskaar were Ready to Leave Shomi did their Aarti n Bid dem Bye wid Teary Eyes n An Unknown Fear in Her Heart making both Shekhar n SwaSan Overwhelmed n Emotional..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Aunty..Plzx dnt worry..kuch bhi nhi hoga hume..Sirf Ek Din ki hi toh baath hai..Aaj We will Leave n den Kal by Nyt We both will be bak after Pooja na..den H r u Worrying this much ? ( Assures )

Swara : ( Hugs Shomi ) Haa Mom..Dnt Worry.Dnt take Tension..U knw U taking Tension is nt Good fr Ur Health na..den ? ( Smiles n Cups Shomi’s Face ) Fikar mat kariye..We will be Bak Soon..Ok ? ( Assures )

Shomi : ( Fake Smile ) Haa Shona I knw..bt Pata nhi kyoun Today M Feeling too Restless..Ek Ajeeb sa Darr lagraha hai Mann main ( Fears )

Shekhar : ( Laughs ) Ohh Come On Mishti..Dnt take Stress..Ur Kids r Grown Up..Kuch nhi hoga unhe..n waise bhi They r nt alone Guards Hai na Unke saath..Den Dnt Worry..Ok..

Shomi : ( Unknowingly Agrees ) Haa bt ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Ok Fine Mom..U r Worried abt Us ryt ? ( Shomi Nodes Yes ) toh Lets do One thing..We will keep Calling Us after Every 2 Hours n Get U Updated abt Us Ok ?

Shomi : ( Agrees Immediately ) Haa..Haa Shona..Y nt..This is Good Idea.. ( Kisses Swara’s Forehead ) God Bless U ( Teary Eyes ) n Shoma..Be Carefull..U r going to A Jungle Side so dnt be Childish..Be Very Alert n Carefull..Be wid Sanskaar n Guards all the Time..Dnt Go Here n Thr..N Haa Keep ur Phone Charged..Dnt Use Ur Mobile Unnecessary Will be Calling U n ( Keeps on Instructing like A Typical Mother making Swara Irritated while Sanskaarn Shekhar n Shekhar Giggles )

Swara : ( Irritated ) Offoo Mom..Stop it..M nt going to any Picnic or an Outing wid Frnds dat U r Instructing Me like a Kid..M going fr A Pooja wid MY HUSBAND..So Chillax Mom coz I knw if anything Happens to Me also na Ur Damand cum My HUSBAND will Save Me.. ( To Sanskaar Normally ) Hai na Sanskaar ? ( Smiles )

Sanskaar : ( Overwhelmed ) Haa Off Course Swara..I will ( Teary Eyes n to Shomi ) Aunty..U Dnt Worry..I will nt let anythings Happen to Ur Shona..I Promise.. ( Assures )

Shomi : ( Teary Eyes n Cups Sanskaar’s Face ) I knw that Beta..U wont let anything Happen to My Shona bt along wid Her M Worried abt U TOO..Plzz Along wid Shona U Take Very Good Care of Urself too ( Kisses Sanskaar’s Forehead n Blesses ) U Two r Equally Important to Me.. ( Emotional )

SwaSan : ( Teary Eyes ) Yes Mom/Aunty..

Shekhar : ( Overwhelmed bt Diverts da Topic ) Offoo..Mishti tum bhi na..Kya baate lekar baith gayi..Leave..Let them Go..its alrdy 1 Hour i.e its 12 in yr Emotional Talks.They had to Leave at 11 bt see its 12 nw.. ( Shakes His Head Unbelievably ) Tum bhi na Mishti ( Sees Shomi’s Angry Expressions n Gulps bt still Continoues ) Khair ( To SwaSan ) Sanskaar Beta U both Leave Nw..U need too Reach the Place b4 Tomorrow Morning..So Better Leave Nw warna U wont be able to Cross Half da Way also by 6… ( Worried )

Sanskaar : Haa Uncle..U r Right..( To Swara ) Chale Swara.. ( Smiles )

Swara : ( Smiles Bak ) Haa Lets Go ( Hugs SheMish Happily ) Bye Papa..Bye Mom..See U Soon.. ( Kisses SheMish’s Cheeks )

SheMish : ( Smiles ) Bye Beta.. ( Sanskaar Takes Blessings ) God Bless U Beta..Bye..

SwaSan : ( Smiles ) Bye ( Leaves )

Soon both Swara n Sanskaar Left m Strtd their Long Journey wid their Full Protection n n Guards Happily while Siddhant who was all Watching it frm His Office Through Cameras Smirked n Enjoyed His Futures Win Evilly n Winningly..

Siddhant : ( Smirks Evilly ) Jao Jao Mere Pyaare Bhai n Bhabhi Ji.Jitne Aarshirwaad n Blessings lena hai lelo..Enjoy ur Last Few Dyz Opps nt Dyz bt LAST FEW HOURS Mr n Mrs Maheshwari..Coz Widin Few Hours U wont be Returning Bak..Jaa toh rahe ho yaha se All Happily bt U wot be Able to RETURN BAK aur agr aa bhi gaye toh U both will be Bak as DEATH BODIES nt Alive ( Laughs Evilly ) n Uss Waqt ka I will Be Waiting Desperately ( Smirks Evilly )

As Siddhant was Bzy in His Own Evil Plan,He Heard Meeting Reminder frm His Mobile Bringing Him Bak frm His Thots n Composed Himself n Left fr His Meeting Happily n Pridely..


4pm Mumbai Highway

Time Passed n its 4 Hours Both Swara n Sanskaar had Left fr their Destination..As They Travelled they were almost in da Mid of their Journey Enjoying n All Tired due to Continous Sitting fr Long Hours..While Travelling Swara Unknowingly Slept in Sanskaar’s Arms Feeling His Warmth n Affection in His Embrace making Sanskaar to Admire Her Innocence n Beauty Smilingly n Unknowingly..

Zehnaseeb Zehanaseeb
Tujhe Chahoon Betahasha Zahnaseeb..
Mere Kareeb, Mere Habee
Tujhe Chahoon Betahasha Zehanasib..

Tere Sang Beete Her Lamhe Pe Humko Naaz Hai
Tere Sang Jo Na Beete Uspe Aitraaz Hai..
Is Kadar Hum Dono Ka Bandhna Ek Raaz Hai…

As Sanskaar was Admiring Swara Full Lost in Her Innocence,Her Hairs Fell on Her Face Disturbing Her Sleep n Makes Cute Faces due to Cool Breeze frm Window making Sanskaar to Chuckle n Admire Her Innocence More Smilingly n Unknowingly..

Hua Ameer, Dil Gareeb
Tujhe Chahoon Betahasha Zahnasib..
Zehnasib Zehnaseeb
Tujhe Chahoon Betahasha Zahnaseeb..

Lena Dena Nahi Duniya Se Mera
Bas Tujhse Mujhe Kaam Hai
Teri Ankhiyon Ki Shahar Mein
Yaara Sab Intazaam Hai..

While Swara was Making Cute Faces in Her Sleeping due to Her Hairs,Sanskaar Chuckled n Locks Her Hairs Behind Her Ears making Him Touch Her Soft n Delicate Skin Passing An Unknown Shiver in His Body Rising A New Feelings in His Heart making Him to Smile n Giggle at His Own Feelings..

Khushiyon Ka Ek Tukda Mile
Ya Mile Ghum Ki Khud Chale
Yaara Tere Mere Kharche Mein
Donon Ka Hi Ek Daam Hai..

Hona Likha Tha Yoon Hi Jo Hua
Ya Hote Hote Abhi Anjaane Mein Ho Gaya..
Jo Bhi Hua, Hua Ajeeb..
Tujhe Chahoon Betahasha Zehnasib..
Zehanaseeb Zehnaseeb
Tujhe Chahoon Betahasha Zahnaseeb..

Soon Sanskaar too Fell Asleep Admiring His Wife n Embraced Her More Warmly n Comfortably making both Swara n Sanskaar to Cuddle n Tightens their Hug in Eachother’s Embrace More Comfortably Unknowingly

Hua Ameer, Dil Gareeb
Tujhe Chahoon Betahasha Zahnasib..

Zehnasib Zahanaseeb
Tujhe Chahoon Betahasha
Tujhe Chahoon Betahasha


Next Day

Ancestor Mandir 10am

Time Passed n both Swara n Sanskaar were in Mandir Fresh doing Pooja together looking Really Magical n Heavenly together Dressed in White Chiffon Net Saree n Light Make Up n Curled Hairs wid A Pinch of Red Vermilion n Black Mangalsutra looking Absolutely Stunning n in White Kurta Respectively..As Both were doing Aarti wid Full Dedication The Ppl Present thr Praised n Appreciated their Couple while SwaSan Blushed n Avoided Eachother’s Eye Contact..Soon the Aarti was Over n Both Swara n Sanskaar Distributed da Sweets n other Needed Items together to the Ppl thr wid Full Happiness n Love Making the Ppl to Bless n Admire SwaSan..

Lady 1 : ( Blesses ) God Bless U both Beta..U Two jst look so Heavenly together..If Today both Ram Sahab n Sujata Ji wud be thr wid Us den M Sure they wud have been da Most Happiest Parents ever..God Bless their Souls..

Man 1 : Haa Sanskaar Beta..Ram Sahab alwyz used to Dream abt Ur Marriage n alwyz Desired to get U Married in this Mandir infront of His Eyes.. ( Sighs Sadly ) bt see B4 he cud Witness Ur Marriage He Passed Away..I Really Wished He wud have seen it Lively ( Teary Eyes )

Man 2 : Toh kya hua Bhai Sahab if Ram Sahab cud nt seen Sanskaar Beta’s Marriage Lively..We cn Fullfill His Dream nw Ryt infront of Him ? ( Smiles Brightly )

Man 1 : ( Confused ) Wat do U mean Lakhan ? Say Clearly na..

Man 2 : I mean Bhai Sahab Sanskaar Beta n Swara Bahu cn Fullfill Ram Sahab’s Wish nw also na ( Sees SwaSan’s Shocked n Confused Expressions ) I mean Beta see this Mandir is Made by Ram Sahab infornt of His Eyes Personally na ( Sanskaar Nodes Yes ) so it means His Presence cn be Felt Here Surely n Today as its Ur 26th Birthday He will Surely be Felt Here n Bless U so Y dnt U Fill Swara Bahu’s HairLine n Put Mangalsutra in Her Neck Once Agn in this Mandir wid rake 7 Vows All Over Agn wid Full Rituals agn ? ( To Ppl ) Kyoun Hai na Bhai Sahab ?

As the Man told His Idea to da Ppl Present thr both Swara n Sanskaar who were Listrning it were Shocked n First bt Later Blushed n Felt Happy frm their Heart Secretly Yet Felt Confused n Feared thinking abt Eachother’s Decision while Ppl Present thr were Happy n Exicted Hearing da Idea n Praised da Man Happily n Excitedly..

Man 1 : Arrey Haa Lakhan..U r Right ..its An Amzing Idea.. ( To Sanskaar ) Kyoun Sanskaar Beta wjll U do it ? ( Hesitatedly ) I knw Beta this Mandir is nt soo Lavish n Facilitated like the Ones in Ur City bt still it was Built by Ur Father so atleast fr Him wud U ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : ( Denies Thinking abt Swara ) Haa Kaka U r Right bt Kaka Actually Baath hai ki ( Intrerupted )

Swara : Ki We r nt in Wedding Dress na Kaka..So Hw cn We Do Wedding Rituals ? ( Blushes )

Lady 1 : ( Laughs ) Toh kya hua Beta..Shaadi ke liye its nt Necessary ke U have Wedding Dress Only..The thing wat Matter is Rituals n da Heart..Wen U r Ready fr the Wedding Full Heartedly toh yeh Shaadi ka Dress n Jewellery doesnt Matter.. ( Smiles )

Swara : ( Smiles n Blushes ) Haa Kaki..U r Right ( Shy )

Lady 2 : ( Teases ) Arrey Behen Ji Dekho toh Hw Badly Bahu is Blushing.. ( Laughs Teasingly ) It seems She is Dying to get Married to Sanskaar Beta agn ( Giggles )

While da Lady 2 Teased Swara,Sanskaar who was seeing Swara Blushing Smiled n Felt Happy..Soon Both Swara n Sanskaar were seen Standing infront of da Idol of God Shyly Avoiding Eachother’s Eye Contact..As Both were Standing infront of Idol Facing Eachother da Lady Placed A Red Chunri on Swara’s Head Making Her Look More Beautiful..Soon da Rituals Strtd Swara n Sanskaar Took 7 Vows Hand in Hand ( Imagine SwaSan Holding Eachother’s Hand n Swara by One Hand Pushing Sanskaar’s Wheel Chair Blushingly while Taking Rounds ???? ) Happily n Shyly..

Tare Hai Barati Chandani Hai Yeh Barat
Saato Phere Honge Abb Haato Me Leke Hath
Saato Phere Honge Abb Haato Me Leke Hath
Jivan Sathee Ham Diya Aur Bati Ham
Re Jivan Sathee Ham Diya Aur Bati Ham

Tare Hai Barati Chandani Hai Yeh Barat
Saato Phere Honge Abb Haato Me Leke Hath
Saato Phere Honge Abb Haato Me Leke Hath
Jivan Sathee Ham Diya Aur Bati Ham
Jivan Sathee Ham Diya Aur Bati Ham
Tare Hai Barati Chandani Hai Yeh Barat…

Soon the 7 Vows were Over while da Nxt Step of Wedding Strtd n Sanskaar Filled Swara’s Hairline wid A Pinch of Red Vermilion making A Bit of it Falling on Her Nose Tip making Swara to Close Her Eyes Reliving da Previous Moment Once Agn wid Tears of Happiness Flowing frm Her Eyes Continously n Silently..

Ganga Jamuna Se Bhee Pawan Teraa Meraa Bandhan
Teraa Prem Hai Phulvari Aur Meraa Mann Hai Aangan
Janmo Janmo Kaa Hee Sajanee Teraa Meraa Sath
Saato Phere Honge Abb Haato Me Leke Hath
Saato Phere Honge Abb Haato Me Leke Hath
Jivan Sathee Ham Diya Aur Bati Ham
Jivan Sathee Ham Diya Aur Bati Ham..

As soon as Sanskaar Filled Swara’s Hairline,He Tied A Black n A Pious Mangalsutra around Her Neck Enoying His Pure Touch making both to Relive da Moment agn wid Tears of Helplessness Flowing frm their Eyes Continously n Non Stop..Soon the Wedding was Over n Swara n Sanskaar were Once Agn Announced as HUSBAND N WIFE bt this Time Making dem Feel More Happy n Overwhelmed..

Too Hai Jivan Me Jo Pritam Sukh Nahee Mangu Duja
Aarti Nayno Se Karti Hu Mann Se Teree Puja
Me Toh Dharm Hee Samjhun Teree Kahee Hui Har Bat
Saato Phere Honge Abb Haato Me Leke Hath
Jivan Sathee Ham Diya Aur Bati Ham
Jivan Sathee Ham Diya Aur Bati Ham
Tare Hai Barati Chandani Hai Yeh Barat…

Soon as da Wedding Rituals Rituals got Over Both Swara n Sanskaar Took Blessings of the Idol n Left fr their Destination Bak Happily Yet Tired..As Both Left Time Passed they Reached Middle of the Journey Sleeping in Eachother’s Embrace Tiredly wen all of a Sudden the Car took a Jerk n made both Swara n Sanskaar to Wake Up Suddenly wid A Jerk making Swara to Hit the Seat on a Force n Wince in Pain..

Swara : ( Hits da Seat ) Aaaoww..

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Driver Aaram Se..Kya hua? ? ( Makes Swara Sit Bak Properly ) Swara r U Fine ?? Theek toh ho na ?? ( Worried )

Swara : ( Rubbing Her Head ) Aaoo..Haa Sanskaar M Fine..Bas Jerk ke Wajeh se it happened..bt dnt Worry its nt dat Serious ( Still Rubs Her Head n Wince in Pain )

Sanskaar : ( Removed First Aid frm Seat Packet ) Yeh lo..Apply this ( Gives An Oientment ) Tube U will Feel Better ( Swara Nodes n Takes while Sanskaar Talks to Driver ) Driver jst see kya hua tha jisse Car ko Sudden Jerk laga..

Driver : ( Obeys ) Yes Sir..abhi dekhta hu.. ( Goes Out of Car n Chks )

As Driver went Out to Chk Some Goons who were Smirking seeing SwaSan’s Car in Middle of No Whr Headed towards da Car n Dragged Swara Out of all a Sudden making both Swara n Sanskaar Shocked n Scared n Strtd Mjsbehaving wid Swara making Her Feel Uncomfortable n Disgusted while Sanskaar Fumed in Anger nt able to Help due to His Handicapped Legs making Him Feel Helpless n Frustrated..

Sanskaar : ( Angry ) Heey..Jst Leave..Wat r u doing ? Wat do U want ?? Leave My Wife warna ( Intrerupted )

Goon 1 : ( Laughs ) Warna wat ?? U r nt able to Help Urself Hw will U Help ur Wife Haa ?? ( Laughs Evilly ) pehle khud ki toh Help karlo den think abt to Save ur Wife ( Smirks Evilly )

Goon 2 : ( Caresses Swara’s Cheeks Sensuously ) aur waise bhi We were here to KILL U BOTH bt nw We r thinkingb4 Completing Our Task Lets Enjoy First..n den Kill U Both..Kyoun hai na Bhai ( Laughs Evilly )

Goon 3 : ( Laughs too ) Haa Yaar..Sahi kaha..Item Mast hai waise ( Touches Swara’s Bare Belly Sensuously ) Maaza aayega Raath bhar ( Laughs Agn Evilly )

Goon 1 : ( Smirks Evilly ) then wat r u Waiting fr Guyz..Lets Strt na ( Laughs Evilly n Touches Swara’s Neck Sensuously )

Swara : ( Shocked ) Lleeavvee..Chodo..Plzz For God Sake Leave ( Screams ) Ssanskaarr..Bachao..Sanskaarr.. ( Cries )

Goon 3 : ( Laughs ) Ohh toh Ur Husband’s Name is Sanskaar haa?? Nt Bad..bt Sorry Baby Ur Sanskaari Pati Sanskaar cnt Help U bt He will jst keep Staring Asanskaari things happening wid His Wife ( Laughs Agn Evilly )..

Sanskaar : ( Angry ) Shut Up..Kya chahiyee tumhe..N Who Send U..Plzz Leave My Wife.. ( Begs n Helpless )

Swara : ( Shocked ) Ssanskaarrr ( Cries ) Baachaaoo..Papa..Aahh ( Sees Goons Who were Touching Her Saree Sensuously n Closes Her Eyes in Fear )

While da Goons were abt to Remove Swara’s Saree Lustfully,They Feel An Immense Pain in their Hand n felt like Blood Oozing frm their Hand making dem Shocked seeing Sanskaar on His Wheel Chair wid a Gun in His Hand n Surrounded wid His Body Guards while Sanskaar Smirked Winningly n Moved Towards Smirking Swara on His Wheel Chair n Embraced Her Protectively n Securely making da Goons more Shocked n Surprised..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Winningly ) Wat did U Ppl think ? U will Harm Us soo Easily by Jst One Order frm Ur SIDDHANT SIR Haa ? If Yes den U n Ur Siddhant Sir was Wrong..Wat U thot M Handicapped n ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Angry ) He wont be able to do anything..Wat happened if MY SANSKAAR is Handicapped Physically He wont be able to do anything? Dnt Forget He is Handicapped Physically nt by Brains..If He is Handicapped Physically den He Knws Hw to Use His Brains at Correct Times n at Correct Place more dan U n Ur Siddhant Sir..( Proudly )

Sanskaar : Ur Siddhant Sir thot Only He is Clever in this World n He cn only Plan something like this na..den He is Wrong..If He Siddhant Maheshwari den M SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI His Elder Brother n Being Elder dan Him I knw Wat n Wen He Plans something..Wen I saw Ur Sir was Fitting Cameras in Hall na at Nyt I understood He is Upto Something n That Time itself I Heard His Talk wid U all n den that’s wen Me n Papa had Arragnrd this Tight Security fr Us widout His Knowledge..( Smirks Winningly seeing Goons Scared n in Pain )( To Security ) Jst Take them Away n Hand dem to Near by Police Station asap..

Security Head : ( Agrees ) Yee Sir ( Leaves wid da Goons )

As Soon as da Goons were Taken while Swara n Sanskaar Jeaded towards their Car n Strtd their Journey..As they Strtd their Journey Swara agn Fell Asleeo in Sanskaar’s Arms wen all of a Sudden it Strtd Raining Heavily making the Car View Blurry n Unclear..

Sanskaar : Offo Mumbai ke Baarish ka koi Hissab hi nhi hai..jab chahe aati hai jab Mann bola chali jaati hai.Nw see Thodi Daer pehle it was all Fine n see nw all of a sudden it Atrtd Raining Heavily..

Driver : Sir I Guess We shud Stop the Journey Here..its nt Safe to Drive at this Time n moreover Sir its roo Dark nw n Baarish ke wajeh se Nw Full da Roads will be Blocked..

Sanskaar : Hmm ( Sees Swara Shivering ) I think U r Right. .Ok Do One thing..Take Us to Near by Hotel or any Guest House..We will Stay thr till da Rain Stops..

Driver : Ok Sir..

Soon da Driver Headed towards da Near by Guest House n Booked their Rooms..As they Booked their Rooms Sanskaar Waked Swara Up n Headed towards da Room All Tired n Exhausted..


Guest Room
( SwaSan’s Room )

As Both Swara n Sanskaar Reached their Room Sanskaar Went inside da Washroom to get Freshen Up while Swara who was All Sleepy n Exhausted Ran towards da Balcony n Strtd Enjoying da Rain n Swayed All Around Spreading Her Hands Enjoying Freely n Openly…While Swara was Enjoying da Rain Sanskaar who jst came frm Washroom was All Lost n Mesmerised seeing Swara Enjoying n Laughing in da Rain Care Freely making Him to Move Towards Swara Unknowingly n Lovingly..

Saanson Ko Saanson Mein Dhalne Do Zara
Dheemi Si Dhadkan Ko Badne Do Zara
Lamhon Ki Guzarish Hai Ye, Paas Aa Jayein
Hum, Hum Tum, Tum,Hum Tum
Aankhon Mein Humko Utarne Do Zara
Baanhon Mein Humko Pighalne Do Zara
Lamhon Ki Guzarish Hai…Hum Tum
Saanson Ko…

As Sanskaar Moved Towards Swara,He Stared Swara n Admired Her Beauty as due to Wetness Her Chiffon Saree Sticked to Her Slim Body giving A Proper View of Her Beauty making Sanskaar more Uncontrollable..Soon Sanskaar Reached towards Swara n Stopped Right Behind Her n as A Result Swara fell on Sanskaar’s Lap all of a Sudden while Turning making Her Wet Lips Touch His Wet Neck Over White Yet Wet Shirt making both of them Shocked n Have An Passionate Eye Lock Glowing wid An Unknown Love fr Eachother Rising An Urge of Kissing Eachother..

Salvatein Kahin, Karvatein Kahin
Phail Jaaye Kajal Bhi Tera
Nazron Mein Ho Guzarta Hua Khwabon Ka Koi Kafila
Jismon Ko Ruhoon Ko Jalne Do Zara
Sharm-O-Haya Ko Machalne Do Zara
Lamhon Ki Guzaarish Hai Ye…Hum Tum
Saanson Ko..

While Both were Lost in Eachother’s Eyes Sanskaar Unknowingly Leaned Towards Swara making Her to Close Her Eyes Unknowingly n Clutch His Wet Shirt giving A Proper View of His Well Built Muscular Body making Both of them to Capture Eachother’s Lips Leading it to A Soft Yet A Passionate First Lip Lock making them Both more Uncontrollable n Hungry..

Chu Lo Badan Magar Is Tarah, Jaise Surila Saaz Ho
Andhere Chupe Teri Zulf Mein, Kholo Ke Raat Aazaad Ho
Aanchal Ko Seene Se Dhalne Do Zara
Shabnam Ki Boondein Phisalne Do Zara
Lamhon Ki Guzaarish Hai Ye…

As Both were Engroseed in their First Yet A Passionate Kiss,Both Sanskaar n Swara Lost tSenses Leading Sanskaar to Move His Wet Lips on Her Wet Neck n Tightens His Grip on Swara’s Wet Deep Bare Bak giving Wet Kisses their making Both of them to Clutch Eachother’s Wet Bak MoarningEachother’s Name Huskily Making dem more Lost n Enjoy their First Intimacy Ever Unforgetting their all Plans n Tension..

Hum Tum
Saanson Ko…
Baanhon Mein Humko Pighalne Do Zara
Lamhon Ki Guzarish Hai Ye…Hum Tum….

While both Swara n Sanskaar were Bzy in their Intimacy,Swara Tightens Her Grip More on Sanskaar’s Wet Shirt All Moarning His Name Huskily Loosing all Her Senses Enjoying His Touch Passionately making Sanskaar too to Losse All His Senses..

Hum Tum…Hum Tum
Hum Tum…Hum Tum


Precap : Shuru Hui Swara Sanskaar Ki Prem Kahanni ???..


Ohh Gosh..Finally ??..Done wid da Most Toughest Part of TMH Season 2..Showing SwaSan’s First Romance n dat too on Wheel Chair was a Tough Job..Bt Thnkfully I did it..Hope U all Liked it n will Shower 80+ Comments atleast Warna No More Romance Frm Me Jst da Normal Parts ??…So Decision is Urs Make Me Reach 80+ Comments n Get More Romance or Else No Romance Hehehe ??..Anywyz Jokes Apart on A Serious Note Guyz Frankly Speaking this Part took Full One Day fr Me to Complete it..So U cn Guess hw much Hard it was fr Me to Pen this Part on Paper..So Guyz in Return I jst need Ur Valuable Comments..So ALL THE Silent Readers Kindly Shower Ur As Much as Valuable Comments n Make Me Reach at Least 80+ Comments as its nt any Normal Part bt A MAHA EPISODE..So ds Response shud also be Something Precious Ryt? warna Sorry to Say will Stop Wrking Hard to give such Parts to U..Hope U will Understand n will Leave Ur Valuable Comments :).



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