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Hello My Readers…Here m Bak wid da Nxt Part of #Tu_Mera_Humsafar Season 2…Today No Bak Bak jdt Straight Away to the Part..Hope U Like it..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below at End 🙂

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Recap : SwaSan Romance…SheMish n SwaSan Plan…Siddhant’s Plan Bak Fired…Sanskaar Unknowingly Scolds Swara…


Tu Mera Humsafar
Season 02

Part 5

The Part Strts wid Mr Gill Reading da Will of Ram Happily while Siddhant who was Hearing it was All Shocked n Felt Numb Hearing da Will making Both SheMish n SwaSan Smirk n Enjoy Siddhant’s Reaction Winningly Yet Secretly making Siddhant Angry Yet Helpless..

Mr Gill : ( Happy ) Wow..Mr Gadodia..its indeed an Smart Move of Mr Maheshwari..I mean Its really Amzing..Atleast by this Move ( Sees Sanskaar ) Sanskaar will get His Rights Bak wich was Transferred to His Closed Ones fr An Unfortunate Reason ( Sighs ) bt nw Finally..it will be Bak on His Name ( Smiles )

Siddhant : ( Scared ) Wwhhatt is it Me Gill ?? ( Sweats )

Mr Gill : According to the Will of Ram Prasad Maheshwari thr was A Clause na if Sanskaar get Medically Unfit U will get His Property to Look after it till He gets Well.. ( Siddhant Nodes Yes ) then thr is another Hidden Clause too wich States dat ( Intrerupted )

Siddhant : Trembling Voice ) dat wat ? ( Sweats )

Shekhar : It States that if Sanskaar gets Married b4 His 26th Birthday n His Age HIS WIFE will get all His Share bak on His 26th Birthday ..( Smirks Winningly Secretly )

Siddhant : ( Stumbles Bak ) Wich Means ( Intrerupted )

Shomi : Wich Means SWARA will be Officially da Owner of All Sanskaar’s Business on His 26th Birthday wich is jst 2 Dyz Away..N U will be jst A Co Worker Under Swara ( Smirks Winningly Yet Secretly )

Mr Gill : Yes Mr Siddhant..Bt I must say Ur Hard Work n Dedication towards Ur Uncle’s Company is jst Marvellous..It looked like U Considered this Company as Ur Own Company.. ( Proudly ) Well Done Young Man..

Shekhar : Yes Mr Gill indeed Siddhant did an Amzing Job n Fullfilled all His Responsibilities towards da Company in da Absence of Ram n Sanskaar bt nw its High Time The REAL OWNERS takes da Responsibility of the Company. .M j nt Ryt Mr Gill ?

Mr Gill : Obiviously U r Absolutely Right Mr Gadodia..After all till wen Mr Siddhant will Handle Someone’s else Company..He has His Own Life..Isnt it Mr Siddhant? ? ( Causually )

As both Shekhar n Mr Gill were Talking n Discussing abt the Will,Siddhant who was Listening them wid Utter Shock n Blankness jst Nodded His Head Blankly widout any Sense making Both Swara n Sanskaar Smirk n Enjoy Siddhant’s Reaction Winningly Yet Secretly while Everyone Present thr Congratulated Swara Happily making Siddhant to Close Fists in Anger n More Hatred..

Mr Gill : ( Blesses Swara ).Congratulations Mrs Maheshwari..God Bless U..Hope U Flourish ur FIL’s Business more n more..n Take His Reputation n His Name More High..( Smiles n Shakes Hands )

Swara : ( Smiles ) Thnk alot Mr Gill.. ( Shakes Hands too ) I will surely Try My Best.. ( Assures )

Mr Fernandas : ( Wishes too ) Congratulations frm My Side too Mrs Maheshwari.Wish U all da Very Best fr Ur New Innings ( Smiles )

Swara : ( Smiles Bak ) Thnks Mr Fernandas..

Soon da Foreign Client who were Bzy in Congratulating Swara Left da MM Happily making Siddhant More Angry n Frustrated..As da Foreign Clients Left SheMish too Congratulates Swara n Left fr their Respective Rooms along wid SwaSan Leaving Siddhant All Angry n Irritated..

Siddhant : ( Angry ) WTH!! ( Throws da Glass ) Hw cn all these Happen ?? Arghh Yeh Bhudha Marke bhi mujhe Meri Khushiyaan lekar chalegaya.. ( Hits His Fists on Wall Angrily ) Hamesha se Partility..Wich things Belongs to Me He Gives it too dat Dumb Sanskaar…Yeh Business Mere.Dad ne Mehnat karke banyan tha bt after His Death All these was Taken by dat soo Called Ram n Sujata..N wen I got this all Bak after His Death..He agn after His Death of many Yrs He Agn Snatched Myn n My Dad’s Hard Work.. ( Brushes His Hands in His Hair Frustratedly ) Bt No..I cnt Let it Happen..Hw cn that So Called Jst A Passed Out Medical Student Snatch My Hard Work..No She cnt.. ( Smirks Evilly ) Nw Wait n Watch My Bhabhi Ji..Jaise Mene Sanskaar ko Apne Raaste se Hataya..in da same way i will Remove U too ( Smirks Winningly ) Bas 2 Din n den U n Ur Husband both will be BOOM ( Laughs Evilly n Leaves while Drinking Alcohol )

As Siddhant Left wid An Evil Smirk,SheMish n Swara who were Listrnong to Siddhant Left fr Sanskaar’s Room Happily while Sanskaar Seemed in Tension n Sad making Swara n SheMish Understand n Console Him..

Swara : ( Consoles Sanskaar ) Kya hua Sanskaar ?? Aren’t U Happy wid da Win??

Sanskaar : ( Sighs ) its nt like that Swara…M Happy wid da Win..after all Mt Dad’s Hard Work has been Saved..bt ( Intrerupted )

Shekhar : Bt kya Beta? ? If U r Happy wid da Win dem wats making U Sad ??

Sanskaar : ( Teary Eyes ) Uncle..the Thing wich is making Mw Sad is Misunderstanding wich Sid has fr Me n My Pareents..U also knw Uncle ki all these Business n Hard Work was of My Dad..n He did nt Cheat anyone..Nor Chachu ( Siddhant’s Father ) nor anyone else..bt instead it was CHACHU who Cheated My Dad n Tried to Snatch His Property frm Him..b Luckily Dad had come to knw Chachu’s Intentions n Threw Him Out wid Sid n Chachi wich made them Meet an Accident..n they Died bt Thnkfully Sid was Saved n was Taken Care by My Parents ..den hw cn Sid MU Us Uncle..Hw cn He ? . ( Brk Down )

Shekhar : ( Consoles ) Bas Sanskaar..I knw This Time Siddhant is Under da Control of Misunderstanding..He is Misunderstanding U n Ur Parents..bt Beta its nt Time to Sit n Cry like this..U shud be Strong in making Sid Understand da Truth..U r His Elder Brother n being an Elder Brother Its Ur Duty to Clear All da MU b/w U n Him..Hum jo bhi karrahe hai its fr all His Betterment..n waise Bhi We r nt Sending Him to any Jail or Somewhr else..We r jst Trying Him to Bring on Right Path wich Ur Dad n Mother Alwyz Wanted..Hai na ?

Sanskaar : ( Teary Eyes ) Haa Uncle bt ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Kneels Down n Holds Sanskaar’s Palms ) Thr is nthing Bt in this Sanskaar..Haa i knw wat We r doing is Quite Risky n Dangerous bt to Bring Siddhant on Right Part We need to do it..We have No other Option..n U also knw it ki If We have to Bring anyone Close to Our Heart on Right Part Taking Risk fr them is nt Wrong..its all Our Love n Affection towards them..n hum jo bhi karrahe hai its fr Siddhant n His Betterment as Our Love fr Him..Ryt ?

While Both Swara n Shekhar were Consoling n Assuring Sanskaar,Sanskaar who was all Broken n Sad was nw Lil Better n Cjareged Up fr the Plan wid Full Determination n Confidence making Swara to Smile n Admire Her Husband Unknowingly wid An Unknown Smile on Her Face Showing Her Red Face due to Admiring..Soon SheMish after Consoling Sanskaar Left fr their Room while SwaSan Slept on their Respective Places Peacefully Showing their Happiness of Win making rhem Look More Cute n Admirable..


Next Day

Afternoon 3pm

Time Passed n its Afternoon n Sanskaar along wid Shekhar n Siddhant were Sitting on Dinning Table Waiting fr Lunch Discussing abt Business while Swara n Shomi whr Bzy in Kitchen Arranging Lunch to be Served on the Table fr Lunch..As Swara was Arranging Lunch Happily,Shomi who Noticed Swara Happy got Confused n Stared Confusingly making Happy Swara to Smile Naughtily n Winningly..

Swara : ( While Arraging Lunch ) Kya hua Maa ?? What r u Staring at ?? ( Smirks Naughtily )

Shomi : ( Confused ) Kuch nhi..bas I was thinking abt U ? Aisa kya hua jo tu itna Hassrahi hai? ?

Swara : ( Giggles ) Nhi Maa..Aisa kya hoga..kuch nhi hua..bas Muskurane ka mann karraha tha toh bas Muskura rahi hu..nthing Much ( Smiles More Naughtily )

Shomi : ( More Confused ) Nhi Shona..i knw U r Hiding something..Something is really Fishy.( Gets Bzy in Arranging Lunch n Shakes Her Head Unbelievably ) Anywyz..U only Better knw wat U r Planning in Ur Tony cum Naughty Brain..Accha tell Me did U Tastee ( Tastes Kheer n Spits Immediately while Swara Laughs ) SHONA..( Drinks Water ) Wat is this ? Itna Namak?? R u Mad ?? ( Hits Swara’s Head Angrily ) Sugar ki Jagah U have Put Salt…Kaha rehta hai Tera Dimag Haa ?? Nw Hw will U Serve dis Kheer to Everyone? Ur Papa ka BP will Cross its Limit if He Takes A Small Spoon too ..n U Instead of Feeling Regret U r Laughing?? R u Out of Ur Mind ? Bolo..
( Unbelievable Look )

Swara : ( Laughs ) Mom..Relax.M nt Mad to Put Salt instead of Sugar in Kheer n to Serve this to Papa..i did Purposely….Its all My Plan..Dnt Worry…( Giggles )

Shomi : ( Confused ) Purposely? ? Bt Y ??

Swara : ( Smiles Naughtily ) To Irritate Ur Lovely DAMAND… ( Winks Naughtily )

Shomi : ( Shocked ) Haww..U mean Sanskaar??

Swara : ( Makes Faces ) No Salman Khan ( Angry ) Obiviously Sanskaar Mom..huh..

Shomi : ( Angry ) Bt Y ? Y r u doing this wid Him ? Kya kiya usne? ( Confused )

Swara : ( Pout Face ) He Scolded ME SWARA SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI Yesterday fr dat Cheap Siddhant n His Mad Behaviour.. ( Keeps Her Hands on Waist ) Hw cn He ?? ( Makes Faces ) Huh..

Shomi : ( Hits Her Head Itself Unbelievably ) Heeyy Bhagwaan..Kya karu main Iss Ladki ka.. ( To Swara ) He was Telling in Anger..U knw He Loves Sid..He is His Brother..Isiliye ( Intrerupted )

Swara : So wat ?? Siddhant uska Bhai hai toh ? M HIS WIFE..n He knws Mom I wont do anything Simply..Huh..bt Phir bhi He ( Fumes in Anger Childishly ) Anywyz..Leavem.Come ( Takes Lunch Tray ) Lets Go..Everyone r waiting fr Lunch ( Makes Faces ) Especially Ur Lovely DAMAND (.Smirks Naughtily n Leaves )

Shomi : ( Unbelievable Look ) Uff..Yeh Ladki.. ( Pitty on Sanskaar ) All The Best Damand Ji ( Giggles n Leaves too )

Soon Both Shomi n Swara Reaches the Dining Area wid Lunch n Serves the Trio Males n Sits wid their Respective Partners n Strts having their Lunch while Swara Smirks Naughtily seeing Sanskaar Enjoying His Lunch n Controls Her Laughter Thinking abt Sanskaar’s Reaction after Eating Kheer making Shomi to Give Dead Glare to Swara..As Everyone Finsihed Their Lunch Swada Served dem their Respective Kheer n Sat on Her Place Staring Sanskaar Continously n Concentrately widout Blinking Eyes making Her Shocked n Confused on seeing Sanskaar Eating His Kheer Happily n Non Stop widout any Prblm making Swara More Shocked n Confused..

Sanskaar : ( While Eating ) Yummm..Aunty..Kheer is Really Tasty..Kisne banaya?? ( Keeps Eating )

Shomi : ( Giggles ) Swara ne banaya. Kaisi Lagi ??

Sanskaar : ( Still Eating ) Awsum Aunty..its jst Amzing.. ( To Swara ) Thnk U Swara ..Ate such an Amzing n Tasty Kheer after A Really Long Time..its jst Soo Yumm.. ( Pours More Kjeer n Eats )

Swara : ( Shocked ) Thnks n Ur Welcome ( Mouth Wide Open )

Sanskaar : ( Confused ) Kya hua ?? Y Staring Like this ?? Eat ur Kheer na.. ( Smiles )

Swara : ( Blank ) Woh..Haa.. ( Eats Kheer n Shocked ) YUCKKK ( Spits da Kheer..Chii ( Stares Sanskaar Angrily while He is Laughing ) SANSKAARR..UUU..( Throws A Pillow towards Sanskaar )

Sanskaar : ( Laughs ) Kya Hua Swara ?? Aaya Maaza Kheer khaake. ( Laughs Agn ) Wat did U think? ? U will Plan agnst Me n I wont come to knw?? ( Giggles Teasingly ) Then U were Wrong My Dear Wifey ( Laughs Agn More Teasingly ) I have Swapped Our Kheer Secretly wen U went to Bring Water frm Kitchen ( Smirks Naughtily ) Yaad Aaya ( Smiles Winningly )

Swara : ( Fumes in Anger ) UUU.. ( Stamps Her Foot ) Huh.. ( Leaves )

As Swara Left Angrily in Irritated Mood,Sanskaar n SheMish who were Controlling their Laugh Burst Out laughing more Loudly Enjoying Swara’s Reaction while Siddhant Fumed in Anger seeing them Happy Rising His Anger n Hatred Angst SwaSan Even more making Him More Revenge Minded n Frustrated..Soon Everyone One Composes themselves n Siddhant n Shekhar Leaves fr Office while Shomi n Sanskaar Went to Market n Room Respectively Spending their Afternoon Happily n Teasingly..


Dining Area

8pm Night

Time Passes n its Dinner Time..As Everyone were Sitting on Dining n was Having their Dinner Giggling thr on the Other Hand Sanskaar was seen Convincing Angry Swara in all Ways He cud making SheMish to Giggle n Enjoy da Scn n making Angry Swara More Angry n Irritated..

Swara : ( Irritated ) Offo Sanskaar..Plzz Let Me Eat..Stop ur This Drama ( Strts Eating Agn )

Sanskaar : ( Pleads ) Plzz na Swara..Sorry na..It was jst A Joke..Wich U wanted to knw do on Me .Plzz ( Puppy Face )

Swara : ( Stops Eating ) Ok Fine I Agree I wanted to Irritate U..Tease U by Salt Kheer bt The Amount of Salt U Added n The Amount wich I Added has A Big Difference Sandkaar..I Added Only da Amount wich is required to Tease bt U Added Even More dan I Added n See coz Of U M ( Shows Soup ) Eating this Boring Soup to Avoid Stomach Prblm n Vomiting..

Sanskaar : ( Guilty ) Sorry..I knw I was at Fault..i did a Mistake infact Foolishness bt Sorry..Actually frm Past these Yrs I never got anyone wid Whom I cn Share My Feelings..Or wid whom I cn do Fun..I was All alone…Sid was thr wid Me bt He was all Bzy in His Business n Other Responsibilities jiske wajeh se He Hardly Came Home.bt then U came in My Life n Filled My Colourless Life wid Colors..U Thot Me to Live Freely..To Enjoy My Life..n wen U thot to Tease Me I cud nt Control Myself n Thot to Tease U bak..bt it Extented a bit.. ( Teary Eyes ) Sorry.. ( Bows His Head in Guit )

Swara : ( Overwhelmed ) Ahmm Sorry too … ( Cups Sanskaar’s Face ) Sorry fr Over Reacting..I shudnt have Over Reacted..Wen I cnt Manage any Joke den I too dnt have A Right to Play Joke on Others..M Sorry… ( Teary Eyes )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles wid Teary Eyes ) N Sorry Too ( Hugs Immediately )

Swara : ( Hugs Bak ) M also Sorry ( Teary Eyes )

While both Swara n Sanskaar were Bzy in Plating their Sorry Game,SheMish who were Watching SwaSan Hitted their Heads wid their Hands n Stared SwaSan wid An Unbelievable Look n Coughed Fakely making SwaSan to Come in Senses n Turn Red in Shyness making SheMish to Enjoy SwaSan’s Blushness n Shyness..Soon Everyone Finished their Dinner n Headed towards da Lawn wid their Sweets Happily n Smilingly..



9pm Maheshwari Lawn

Its 9 in da Night n as Usual like anyother Day SwaSan along wid SheMish n Siddhant were Sitting in Maheshwari Lawn Enjoying da Cool Breeze of the Weather Spending n Some Family Time together Happily n Enjoyingly…

Shekhar : ( Announces Something ) Ahmm Well Swara n Sanskaar ( SwaSan sees Shekhar ) U knw Day after Tomorrow is Ur 26th Birthday Sanskaar..n U knw Every Yr We have A Spcl Pooja fr U in Ur Ancestor’sMandir..Ryt ?

Sanskaar : Yes Uncle i knw..So ? I mean ( Intrerupted )

Shekhar : So i mean ki Like Every Yr this Yr too We have A Pooja fr U in dat Mandir bt tbis Time it will be A Grand One as Its ur 26th Birthday n Ur First Birthday after Marriage..So as a Result this Time U n Swara have to Visit da Mandir n Attend da Pooja Urself..Is it Ok fr U both ??

Sanskaar : ( Thinks ) Uncle M Fine wid it bt ( Sees Swara ) Uncle in dnt think Swara will be Fine wid it..

Shekhar : ( Confused ) Matlab ? Wat U mean Sanskaar ?? Say Clearly..

Sanskaar : I mean Uncle dat Mandir is almost Out of Mumbai Near Jungle n it will take Almost Mid Night or Late Night to Reach thr n waha Pachuge hi nhi We will have to Attend da Pooja Early Morning n then Distribution n all will take more Time + waha ke Roads r also nt Good..so i think iss Situations n Condition ko dekhkar i dnt think Swara will feel Comfortable thr..Swara is nt Habituated to all these..Isiliye i was telling I will Go Alone wid Suresh..N will Return soon after Attending da Pooja..

Shekhar : Hmm Kehto tum Sahi rehe ho Sanskaar..Its Really Tough fr Swara to Adjust thr fr a Min too n this is toh Full One Day.. ( Sees Swara ) So I think U shud Go Alone n Swara n be Here ..Kyoun ( To Shomi ) Mishti ??

Shomi : Haa Shekhar U r ( Intrerupted )

Swara : Wat Right Mom ?? Mujhe jaana hai n Instead of Asking Me U all Deciding abt Me..Dats nt Fair.. ( Pout Face ) I wanna Go wid Sanskaar Papa..Plzz

Sanskaar : ( Denies ) No Swara..U cnt..Listen..Its nt soo Easy as U th ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Angry ) Tum Chup Raho Sanskaar..its abt Me to Go or nt na..So Let Me Speak.. ( To Shekhar ) Papa Plzz Suno na..U knw frm Childhood I have A Wish to Attend such Villages..So Plzz Na Papa..I Promise I wont do any Masti thr..I will alwyz be wid Sanskaar..Plzz ( Pleads Innocently )

Shekhar : ( Hesitates ) Bt Shona.. ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Pleads More ) Papa..Plzzzzx ( Puppy Face )

Shekhar : ( Agrees Unwillingly ) Ok Fine Go..bt Promise Me ki ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Imitates ) U wont do Masti ..wont Trouble Sanskaar..n will Act Matured ( Giggles ) Haa Papa..I Promise..I wont do any Masti n will be Mature..Ok ? ( Shekhar Nodes n Swara Hugd Happily ) Aww Papa..Love U.. ( Kisses Shekhar’s Cheeks ) Muwaah ( Giggles )

Shekhar : ( Smiles ) Love U Too Shona.. ( Hugs Bak )

Sanskaar : Ok den Uncle..Will Go to Sleep nw..Kal We need to Leave…n Packing bhi karni hai ..

Shomi : Haa Beta..Go..n Lunch n Dinner i will Pack n give Um.dnt worry..Raaste main khalena..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Ok.Aunty..Good Night.. ( To Swara ) Chale Swara.. ( Swara Nodes n Leaves )

Soon as SwaSan Leaves SheMish too Leaves fr their Room Happily Leaving Siddhant who was Bzy or Acting as Bzy in His Laptop all these while Smirks Evilly n Planning Another Evil Plan Unknown by Both SwaSan n SheMish making Siddhant to Smirk n Enjoy More Evilly n Winningly..


Precap : Lamhon Ki Guzarish Hai Ye, Paas Aa Jayein,Hum, Hum Tum, Tum,Hum Tum ???..


Phew…Done wid another Part of #Tu_Mera_Humsafar Season 2..Hope U all have Enjoyed da Fun Filled Part..Shoot Ur Valuable Comments n Let Me knw wich Scn U Liked da Most n hw was da Part wid Ur Valuable Views..N Sorry if it was Boring…


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