SwaSan FF : Tu Mera Humsafar Season 2 Part 2 By Goldie

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Recap : SwaSan Marriage…Siddhant Evil Intentions…Sanskaar n Swara Emotional Talk n Both Consiling Eachother n Assuring..


Tu Mera Humsafar
Season 02

Part 02

The Part Strts wid Sanskaar Sitting in a Balcony all Alone Lost in His Own Thots n His Bitter Paetmaking Him More Shattered n Broken wid Tears Rolling frm HisEyes Silently Yet Non Stop Showing all His Pain n Suffering wich He is Suffering frm Last 8 Yrs widout any Hope of getting Well Soon making Him More Shattered n Broken..


2 Boys of Around 17 n 16 were Playing wid Eachother Happily n were Enjoying Eachothers Company While Playing Hide n Seek Enjoying n Laughing Ful Heartedly Forgetting abt their Differences Rising b/w them..As Both were Playing Hide n Seek One of da Boy of around 16 Yrs of Age Strtd Seaching da Other Boy in da Whole Big Mansion When He Heard A Convo of A Man of 30s Age n Of His Lawyer making da Boy Shocked bt Later Smirked Evilly Showing all His Hatred n Agony Towards da Other Boy n da Man..

Man : Shekhar tumne Meri Will Banai hai jaise maine Kaha ? I knw U r Really Angry wid Me fr My This Decision bt Shekhar Try to Understand i dnt have Much Time to Waste..U V Clearly knw What Doctor said to Me abt My Health..So nw tell Me even after knwing ki M Guest of this world fr V Short Time hw cn I Avoid My Responsibilities Haa..I need to Secure My SANSKAAR’S LIFE na..after all ( Teary Eyes ) Mere Jaane ke baad all these Business n Properties r to be Handled by My Sanskaar Only na..Hain na ??

Shekhar: ( Angry ) Ohh Come On Ram..Tum bhi na..Whom U r Believing Haa..Those Doctors ?? Arrey Doctors ka Kaam hi hai Patience ko Darana..N they r doing Exactly da Same wid U..They r jst Scaring U Yaar. ( Teary Eyes ) Dnt Talk Rubbish..I knw kuch nhi hoga tumhe..U will be Perfectly Fine in some Months dekhna.. ( Assures )

Ram : ( Laughs wid Teary Eyes ) Kash aisa hi sakta Shekhar..bt U also knw its nt True..The Bitter Truth is M DYING in some dyz infact any Moment too..So Jst Shut Up n Give Me da Papers I will Sign it n Get Free frm all My Responsibilities..( Sees Shekhar’s Angry Face ) n Thats An Order Lawyer Shekhar Gadodia frm Ur Boss Ram Prasad Maheshwari.. ( Bossy Tone ) n Being My Legal Lawyer U cnt Deny Ur Boss..Hai na ( Smirks Winningly )

Shekhar : ( Makes Faces ) Fine..Yeh Lo Mr Ram Prasad Maheshwari ( Hands Over da Papers ) This is da Will wich U told Me to Make n According to it The Sole Owner of Ur Entire Business,Properties n Other Assets will be Ur One n Only Son SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI..n He will Handle all Ur Business n Other Companies after Ur Death..( Teary Eyes )

Ram : ( Sign da Papers ) Done.. ( Hands da Paper to Shekhar Bak ) Take this Paper n Hand Over it to Sanskaar wen M Death.. ( Sighs in Relaxed ) Phreatic Finally M Free frm My Responsibility n Duties..nw M a Free Bird ( Chuckles )

Shekhar : ( Confused ) Woh sab toh theek hai Ram..bt Y did U keep such A Weird Clause in da Will ki if Something Happens to Sanskaar Medically then All these Business will be Handles by SIDDHANT..U cud have given LAKSH’S Name too na..bt Y Siddhant only ?

Ram : ( Smiles ) Coz Shekhar if thr is anyone Whom I Trust after My Son is den its SIDDHANT..Bhale He is nt My Own Son bt I Consider Him as My Own Son only..After Bhaisa n Bhabhisa’s Death SIDDH is My Responsibility n itna toh I cn do fr Him na ( Teary Eyes )

Shekhar : ( Smiles wid Teary Eyes ) Accha Fine.. Nw U take Rest..Dnt Stress Urself Much..M Leaving Nw..to Submit these Papers to Ur Office..U take Rest..Ok ?

Ram : ( Smiles ) Haa Ok..Bye..aur Kal Jaldi aana..Need to Discuss abt other Matters too b4 My ( Intrerupted )

Shekhar : ( Angry ) RAM.. ( Stares Angrily )

Ram : ( Giggles ) Accha Baba..ok Fine..Nw Go..M Feeling Sleepy ( Pout Face )

Shekhar : ( Shakes His Head Unbelievably ) Kuch nhi hosakta tumhara ( Leaves )

Ram : ( Chuckles ) Woh toh Hai ( Sleeps )

Soon Shekhar Leaves MM while Ram Sleeps Peacefully Unaware abt the Upcoming Storm in His n Sanskaar’s Life making da Boy who was Standing Outside da Room to Smirk n laugh Evilly..


On The Road

4Pm Evening

Time Passed n its 4 in da Evening m 2 Boys who were Playing Hide n Seek in Morning were seen on da Road Walking Laughing n Teasing Eachother Happily n Playing wid Eachother..As both were Walking Happily One of the Boy sees An Ice Cream Stall n Insists da Other Boy fr thrme Ice Cream making da Boy Agree n Listen to the Other Boy Irritatedly Yet Happily..

Boy 1 : ( Shakes Head Unbelievably ) SIDDHANT..U r Srsly Unbelievable..Subah hi toh Ice Cream khaahi n nw Agn ?? Dnt U get Tired of Eating this Much Ice Cream Continously ( Giggles )

Siddhant : ( Chuckles ) Not at all SA SANSKAR BHAI..Ice Cream is My Addiction..I cnt Leave it n Especially wen its infront of Me ( Pout Face )

( Yes The 2 Boys were Siddhant n Sanskaar who were seen Playing Hide n Seek in Morning n who were Walking on Road )

Sanskaar : ( Hits Siddhant’s Head Playfully ) Pagaal..Anywyz Come..Itd Getting Late too..Lets Have Ice Cream n Heads towards Home asap..Papa will be Waiting fr Us.. ( Strictly )

Siddhant : Haa Ok Bhai.. ( Leaves fr Ice Cream Stall )

Soon both Reached da Ice Cream Stall n Had their Respective Ice Cream Happily n Strtd Heading towards their Home Laughing n Enjoying wen all of a Sudden A Truck Comes n Sit One of da Boy Making Him Shocked while da Other One Happy n Smirk Winningly seeing da Other One Lying in Pool of Blood in Middle of the Road with Shocked n Surprised Expressions…

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) SIDDHHAANNTT..

Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin
Baaki Thodi Si Hai Zindagi
Jagi Dhadkan Nayi
Jaana Zinda Hoon Main Toh Abhi
Kuch Aisi Lagan Iss Lamhe Mein hai
Yeh Lamha Kahaan Tha Mera

Ab Hai Saamne
Ishe Chhuu Loon Zara
Marr Laaun ya jee loon zaraaa
Khushiyaan choom loon
Yaa ro loon zara
Marr Jaaun Ya jee Loon Zaraa

Hoon Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin
Baaki Thodi Si Hai Zindagi…

•••••••••FlashBack Ends•••••••••

As da Flashes of Past Haunted in Sanskaar’s Mind,Sanskaar Strtd Sweating Badly n Burst Out into A Loud Cry Screaming Badly making Swara to Come inside da Room n Console Him making Sanskaar A Biy Relaxed n Calmed bt Still Tears Rolling frm His Eyes Continously making Swara too Cry n Broken..

Swara : ( Shocked ) Ssanskaarr. ( Runs n Calms Down Sanskaar ) Calm Down ( Hugs n Caresses Sanskaar’s Bak ) Sshh..Calm Down..Sanskaar Plzz. Suno..Kuch nhi hua..Calm Down..Kya hua batao ..Plzz ( Worried ) Y r U Screaming ?? Plzz tell Me ( Teary Eyes )

Sanskaar : ( Hugs Swara Tightly n Cries Bitterly ) Sswwarraa..Y did He do this Me n My Papa ?? I ( Fumbles ) Aallwwyyzz Considered Him as My Ssmmaall Bbrrotthheer.bt still He did this wid Me..Y ?? ( Cries Bitterly ) Wwhaatt was My Misstakkee in itt..Haa ? ( Tightens da Grip n Hugs More Tightly )..

While Sanskaar was Hugging Swara Tightly His Hot n Wet Lips Touched on Her Shoulder n His Hands Touched Her Bare Belly Under Her Saree while Crying Swara Felt A Current Passed through Her Entire Body making Her too to Clutch Him Tightly n Feel His Touch Unknowingly wid An Unknown Smile on Her Face Showing Her Blushness n Shybess..As Swara was Enjoying His Unknown Touch Reality Striked Her Widening Her Eyes n Immediately Parted da Hug n Cupped Sanskaar’s Face Lovingly n Strtd Consoling Him making Him Feel Relaxed n Calmed..

Swara : ( Cupped Sanskaar’s Face ) Sshh..Calm Down..Relax Urself First Sanskaar..n tell Me Kya hua ?? Kisne kya kiya ?? M thr na.. I will Sort Out Everything ( Assures )

Sanskaar : ( Wipes His Tears ) Woh..Actually.. ( Hesitates ) Actually ..Main Woh ..Ppasstt ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Understands n Sighs ) Past ke baare main socch rahe the na ?? Hai na ?? ( Bit Coldly )

Sanskaar : ( Nodes Yes ) Yyeess

Swara : ( Smiles ) Its Ok.. ( Holds Sanskaar’s Palms ) Dekho Sanskaar..Thr is nthing Bad in Thinking abt Past n to Remember it..bt Usse Yaad karke n Over React Karna n to Forget Ur Present n Future is Bad..M nt telling U to Forget Ur Past Completely bt atleast U cn Keep Ur Past aside n Concentrate on Ur Future..Jo hogaya so hogaya Sanskaar..U cnt Change it n U also knw that..Hai na ?? ( Concernly )

Sanskaar : ( Teary Eyes ) Hmm..Haa

Swara : ( Tightens da Grip on His Palm ) Toh phir Y r u letting Ur Past Over Power Ur Present n Future ? U shunt let it Happen.I have Never seen Ram Papa bt jitna bhi tumse suna hai unke baare main i cn say Ki even He wont Like to see U in this State..Siddhant ne jo Ghalti hai 8 Saal Pehle tumhe Uss Truck ke SAMNE PUSH KARKE..Aur tumhe HANDICAPPED Banake..Uski SAZA usse Zaruru milegi..Bhale aaj Woh Tumhare Property aur Business pe apna Haq Jhata raha ho bt Bahut Jald woh Khud tumhe Tumhari Har Cheez..Har Property n Tumhari Har Ek Cheez n Most Importantly Tumhri Self Respect hai Woh Laotaega..I Promise..( Assures ) bas fr dat I need Ur Support coz Widout U i cnt do anything
U r My Strength..My Motivation Everything..Sab kuch ho tum Mere…. ( Teary Eyes ) n I Hope U will Doge na Mera Saath ?? ( Scared )

As Swara was Motivating Sanskaar wid All Her Love n Affection Sanskaar felt Her Love n Immediately Noded in A Yes making Swara to Smile in Happiness wid Tears in Her Eyes n to Hug Sanskaar in A Tight Hug making both Swara n Sanskaar Lost in Eachother’s Hug n Warmth Unknowingly..Soon both Comes in their Senses n Parted their Ways feeling Embarrassed n Awkward in Glaring Eachother wid Strange Silence between them.While Both were Avoiding Eachother’s Eyes Swara somehow Composed Herself n Broke the Silence Hesitatedly making Sanskaar Unknowingly Happy n Overwhelmed..

Swara : ( Hesitatedly ) Ahmm ( Stands Up ) I guess We shud get Ready..Reception is gonna Strt in some time..

Sanskaar : Haa..U r Right..Its Another Main Step agnst Siddhant frm Us..( Smriks )

Swara : ( Smirks too ) Haa Sanskaar..it is Really Imp Step of Our Plan..I Hope Everything goes Well.. ( Worried )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Goes to Swara by Wheel Chair ) Abhi thodi daer pehle hi someone was Giving Lectures on being Strong n all..aur abb She is only Worrying ( Giggles )

Swara : ( Chuckes ) Haa..Sorry..Woh.. ( Diverts da Topic ) Abwyz chodo yeh sab..Come lets get Ready.Its getting Late….

Sanskaar : Haa Come.. ( Smiles )

Soon both went to get Ready fr their Reception as well as fr their Nxt Big Plan making both Swara n Sanskaar More Determined n Confident while Smirking Evilly n Winningly..


Maheshwari Mansion

Evening 4PM

Time Passed n its been 4 in da Evening n Guests Strtd Arriving in da Grand Reception of Maheshwari Family n Maheshwari Empire.Some Happily while Some wid Anger n Negative Intentions inside them n One of the was SIDDHANT MAHESHWARI..The Youngest Heir of Maheshwari Family n A No 1 Business Man of Mumbai n A Gr8 Game Planner since Childhood..As Guests Strtd Arriving Both Swara n Sanskaar too Came Down wid Sanskaar on Wheel Chair n Swara Pushing da Chair in A Beautiful Red n White Combo Gown wid Simple Yet Elegant Classy Design on it n Sanskaar in while Sanskaar Wore A Black Suit wid A White Shirt n Black Pant Both looking Extremely Heveanly n Magical Together making Other Couples Present in da Party Jealous n Fume in Anger…While both Swara n Sanskaar Headed towards da Main Stage Siddhant wid A Fake Happiness n Excitement Greeted Both Swara n Sanskaar making them Smirk n Enjoy Siddhant’s Anger n Frustration..

Siddhant : ( Hugs Sanskaar wid Fake Happiness ) Congratulations Bhai..M Soo Happy fr U..U n ( Sees Swara Angrily ) Swara Looks soo Perfect Together..jst like A Fairy Tale Couple..

Sanskaar : ( Smriks Winningly ) Thnks Sid.

Siddhant : Waise Bhai Must Say Sometimes Logo ki Zindagi Pal Bhar main Badal jaati Hai.. ( Sees Swara wid An Evil Smirk ) I mean see na Kisne Socha tha ki Ek Ladki jo aapki Sirf Ek Personal Medical Care Taker thi Aapki WIFE Banjayegi. Itne Aalishaan Ghar ki Badi Bahu banegi.. ( To Sanskaar ) Kyoun Hai na Bhai ?? ( Smirks Evilly )

As Siddhant was Insulting Swara Indirectly,Swara Felt Lil Bad n Tears Strtd Roling frm Her Eyes in Embarrassment wich was Noticed by Sanskaar n as He saw da Tears in Swara’s Eyes,He Held Swara’s Hands Secretly n Gestured through His Eyes in a Consoling n A Motivating n Assuring Way making Swara Lil Better n Relaxed..

Sanskaar : ( Holds Swara’s Hands n Assures )( To Siddhant ) Sid..its All abt Destiny..We cnt Decide wat Ppl Actually Deserves..Sometimes Ppl get Wat they ( Sees Swara Smilingly ) REALLY DESERVE n Sometimes ( Sees Siddhant wid Secret Anger ) Wat they DONT DESERVE..So its all abt Destiny n Luck..U cnt Blame or Say anything abt it..Hai na ?? ( Smirks )

Siddhant : ( Angry bt Controls ) Haa Right Bhai..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) So Tell Me hw was ur Day at Office ?? All Good ?

Siddhant : Yes Bhai..All Absolutely Good..Infact Today We got V Big Deal wid da Help of Our Legal Advisor Shekhar Uncle.. ( Happy )

Sanskaar : U mean MR SHEKHAR GADODIA ?? Papa ke Best Frnd ??

Siddhant : Yes Bhai..See na Bhai after Chachu’s Dismiss Shekhar Uncle n Sharmistha Aunty Stood Beside Us at Every Step..They r Really More dan Real Parents to Us..

Sanskar : ( Smiles wid Teary Eyes ) Yes Sid..Indeed they r..Waise R they coming Today ?? I have Peronally Invited them bt till nw they did nt come ( Sad )

Siddhant : Dnt Worry Bhai..They r Coming..He said Me..Bas aate hi hoge..U Dnt Worry. ( Keeps His Hands on Sanskaar’s Shoulder )

As Sanskaar n Siddhant were Talking abt Shekhar n Sharmistha,Swara who was Present thr felt Bored n Her Gaze Fell on da Main Door making Her Super Happy seeing da 2 Persons Coming inside da Party wid Tears of Happiness n Overwhelmness Coming frm Her Eyes Continously n Non Stop Showing all Her Happiness n Overwhelmness..

Swara : ( Happy ) PAPA…MUMMAA… ( Runs n Hugs Them )

While Swara Ran towards Her Parents Happily Siddhant n Sanskaar who were Presented thr were Totally Shocked n Numb n Felt like Floor Snatched frm Siddhant’s Feets Making Swara’s Parents Happy n Smirk Winningly..


Precap : Swara’s Parents Entry..


Phew…Finally Done wid 2nd Part of #Tu_Mera_Humsafar Season 2..Shocked na Sewing Siddhant is da Reason behind Sanskaar’s State ?? N SwaSan knew abt it Arldy ?? Bt Hw ?? N Who is Swara’s Parents ?? Wny is Siddhant Shocked seeing Them ?? To knw all these Stay Tune fr the Nxt Part n Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part :). .


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