SwaSan FF : Tu Mera Humsafar Season 2 Part 10 By Goldie

Hii Frnds.. Valentine’s Week is going On n Every1 is upto Something fr U all..toh I thot Y shud I be Behind..So here i m for U all wid da Nxt Part of #Tu_Mera_Humsafar Season 02..n will be Posting only TMH this Week till 14th Feb wich will be A Spcl Episode fr Valentine’s Day wid Many Surprises n Shocks fr U ??..So Till then Enjoy 2 to 3 Episodes of TMH bak to bak till 14th Feb 2017..Hope U all will Like this Week’s Spcl Episodes *FingersCrossed*..Nw No More Blabbering n Here is da Nxt Part..Enjoy!!

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Recap : Romance In The Air..

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●●●Tu Mera Humsafar●●●
●●●Season 02●●●

●●●Part 10●●●

SwaSan Room

The Part Strts wid Both Swara n Sanskaar still Kissing Eachother Passionately n As both were Involved in their Deep Kiss,Their Spcl Moment was Disturbed by a Knock on da Room Door making them to Brk their Kiss n Realize their Position n their Action Turning their Face into A Blood Red in Shyness.Soon Both Composes themselves n Swara being a Girl Felt More Shy while Avoiding Eye Contact n Headed Outside da Washroom n Opened da Door All Wet n Shivering making Shomi Shocked n worried..

Shomi : ( Shocked ) Shona!! What is this Beta? U r Full Wet..kaisa hua yeh? Bolo ( Worried)

Swara : ( Blank ) Mom..Woh..Main.. ( Gets An Idea ) Haa i was Trying to Open da Tap bt wih Khol nhi raha tha toh maine thoda Zor se mara Tap pe so woh Force se Pani Flow hone laga n I got Drenched ( Pout )

Shomi : ( Shakes Her Head Unbelievably ) Uff…When U knw na U cnt Handle much Cold..den U shud be Carefull in Water Matters..Bt No ( Angry ) Pagaal Ladki..Bilkul bhi Khayal nhi rakhti apna..U r nw Grown Up Beta..U r Married nw.Kuch toh Responsibility samajh.. ( Angry )

Swara : ( Pout ).Maa..Plzz Bas..Stop..itna Lecture..God Knws Hw My Poor Papa Handles U ( Giggles )

Shomi : ( Angry ) Shona..m nt doing any Joke here..So Stop Giggling..n Go n Change Fast..U will Catch Cold or Fever..

Swara : ( Makes Faces ) Huh..Ok Fine..U Go..den Only I cn Change na..( Angry Pout )

Shomi : Haa.Haa..Going.. ( Abt To Leave Bt Stops Slapping Her Head Unbelievably ) Offo..See..Tumhare Chakkar main..I Forgot to Tell U da Matter fr wat I came Here..

Swara : ( While Selecting Clothes ) Haa Tell na Maa..

Shomi : Woh Actually Ur Papa Told Me some of their Business Clients r Xoming to Home wid Siddhant Today..So We have to Prepare some Indian Dishes fr dem..toh U Get Ready n Come Down den We will Decide da Menu n den Strt Cooking..

Swara : ( Sighs Irritatingly ) Uff!! Nt Agn..Yeh Sid ka Baccha kitne Clients ko bulata hai Ghar pe..Ohh God Srsly..Aajtak kisi ne bhi apne Business Clients ko Ghar nhi bulaya hoga jitna Yeh Siddhant bulata hai..Huh!! ( Irritated )

Shomi : ( Laughs ) Pagaal..Chal Jaldi se Tayar hoja n Come Down Fast..M Waiting.. ( Leaves )

Swara : ( Angry ) Haa..Ok.. ( Closes da Door n Turns Angrily ) I knw Sid U r doing all these Purposely to Irritate Me..bt dnt Worry m also nt Less dan U..Main bhi aisa Maaza chakhaogi tumhe U will never ever Bring any Clients to Home agn ( Smirks Evilly )

While Swara was Smirking Evilly Lost in Her Evil Plan,Sanskaar too Soon Comes Out of Washroom Changed into A Causal White T Shirt n A Black Pant Looking Extremely Hot n Dashing Noticed Swara Lost in Her Thots making Sanskaar Confused n Curious..

Sanskaar : ( Shakes Swara ) Swara..Kya hua? Where r u Lost?

Swara : ( Coming in Senses ) Haa..Sorry..woh Kuch nhi.. Bas Maa told Me Today agn Siddhant has Called A Business Client Home..So ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : ( Getting An Idea ) So U r Planning something Evil Agnst Him Ryt ? ( Raises His Eye Brows Questionably ) Hmm..Tell Me..

Swara : ( Grins Sheepishly m Nodes ) YES…Absolutely ( Giggling )

Sanskaar : ( Chuckles ) Ok then..This Time m also wid U..Zara Dekhe hw it feels Irritating Someone U Hate da Most..

Swara : ( Excited ) Wow..Sacchi ?? Amzing..abb aayega Maaza ( Smirks Evilly )

Sanskaar : ( Giggles ) Lets see..abb Come Lets Go..

Swara : ( Sniles ) Haa jst 10 Minutes..Let Me Change n Come..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Ok..

As Swara Left to Change, Sanskaar Played Games in His Mobile n Soon both got Ready n Went Down n Got Bzy in their Own Work Smilingly n Happily..

———- ♢♢♢♢ ———-

Maheshwari Mansion Hall

2 Hours Later

Time Passed n its been 2 Hours since both Swara n Shomi were told abt the Arrival of da Business Clients..As Time Passed both Prepared da Lunch n were all Set to Serve da Lunch wen da Clients Arrives..Soon da Clients too Arrived wid Siddhant n Shekhar n both along wid Sanskaar Welcomed da Clients Smilingly making da Clients Happy n Impressed..

Client 01 : ( Impressed ) Amzing Mr Gadodia..Ur Family is really Impressive..They V Well knw hw to Welcome da Foreign Clients..Impressive Haa..

Shekhar : ( Smiles ) Thnk U Mr Williams..We r Glad U Liked it..Plzz Come Inside.. ( Welcomes ) M Sure U wud Love Our Indian Cuisine too..

Mr Williams : ( Smiles ) Yes Sure Mr Gadodia..I actually Love Indian Cuisine..I have once Eaten Indian ( Sits On Sofa ) Once I came to India fr My Another Business Partner’s Business Function..I really Liked Indian Cuisine dat Time..

Siddhant : ( Attitudely ) Then U wud Love Our Dishes too Mr Williams coz ( Sees Swara n Taunts Smirking Evilly ) Ladies of Our House r really Good at Cooking Stuffs ONLY..Inshort U cn say No Matter U knw Other Work or nt Bt wen it comes to Cooking na Our House Ladies Especially ( Points Swara Smirking Evilly ) My Sister In Law Swara Maheshwari has Done Phd in Cooking..Kyoun Hai na Bhai ? ( Smiles Innocently )

As Sid Insulted Swara Indirectly infront of Foreign Clients,Swara who Heard was Lil Hurt n was abt to Cry wid Silent Tears wen Sanskaar who Heard it too was Fuming in Anger n Supported Swara by Holding Her Hands in Assurance n Praised Swara Bak Smilingly making Siddhant Angry whereas making SheMish n Mr Williams n Othet Clients Smile n Admire SwaSan Smilingly n Overwhelmnly..

Sanskaar : ( Holds Swara’s Hands Assuringly ) Ryt Sid..No Doubt My Wife is Good on Cooking..bt She is also Good in Other Matters too..She is nt Less dan any Spcl Women of India..Haa Agree She cnt be Compared to them bt She is nt Less dan dem too Sid..Haven’t U seen Swara Topping in Her Medicals this Yr..( Smirks Secretly )

Sid : ( Blank ) Hmm.Ya..Bt i was jst giving an Example Bhai.. ( Sweats )

Sabskaar : ( Smirks Winningly ) Toh wen did I take it Srsly ..i knw U were Joking ..

Mr Grey : ( Laughs ) Mr Gadodia must say u have a Very Good Sense of Humour Sons..It seems they Bond Well..

Shekhar : ( Fake Smile ) Hmm Yes.. ( Diverts da Topic ) Anywyz..Mr Williams n Mr Grey Tell Me what wud U like to have fr Snacks b4 Lunch? ( Smiles )

Mr Grey : ( Smiles ) Nthing Mr Gadodia..We will Directly Have Lunch..

Mr Williams : ( Agrees Mr Grey ) Yes Mr Gadodia..Lets have Lunch Directly na..

Shekhar : ( Smiles ) Ok Sure.. ( To Shomi ).Misthi Plzz Arrange da Lunch..

Shomi : ( Smiles ) Haa Shekhar 10 Minutes ( To Swara ) Chal Shona..

Swara : ( Smiles ) Haa Maa..Come.. ( Leaves wid Shomi )

Soon both Swara n Shomi Left fr Arranging Lunch while the Males where in Hall Discussing Business Details n Other Random Stuff Professionally n Causally having a Good Time wid Eachother Smilingly n Professionally..

Mr Williams : ( Thinks Something ) Hmm Grey..Dnt U feel We have seen Mrs Maheshwari somewhere Earlier this Yr? ( Confused )

Mr Grey : ( Confused too ) Yes Williams..I too felt da same wen I saw Mrs Maheshwari First..bt Where i cnt Remember..( To Sanskaar ) Mr Sanskaar if u dnt mind cn I ask U One Question? ( Sanskaar Nides Yes ) Hmm Where did U Meet Ur Wife First ? I mean Have U Met Her somewhere or She is Ur Family Frnd ?

Sanskaar : ( Confused ) Wat do u mean Mr Grey?

Mr Williams : M Really Sorry Mr Sanskaar..Dnt take Us Wrong..bt We feel We saw Ur Wife somewhere bt cnt remember so to Clear Our Doubts We were Enquiring..So dnt mind..if U dnt wanna tell den its Completely Fine..I Understand ( Smiles )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Ohk..Its Ok ..Mr Williams..Actually Swara is My Family Frnd bt We did nt knew Eachother..Her Father i mean Mr Gadodia n My Father Mr Ram Prasad Maheshwari were College Frnds..Our Fathers Knew Eachother bt nt Us..

Mr Grey : Ohh..den Where did U Meet Mrs Maheshwari n Hw ?

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) It was an Professional Meet..Actually Swara was A Medical Student wen We Met n She had Passed Her Medicals so My Brother i mean Sid has Brought Swara as My Medical Assistance fr My Treatment..n since den We r Together n Married nw..

Mr Williams : ( Strikes Something ) N Ur Wife has Passed wid 98% Ryt frm St.Thomas Medical College ryt? ( Smiles )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Yes..Mr Williams..U r Right..Swara was A Student fr that College n da only Highest Scorer of Her College..bt hw did U knw abt it? ( Confused )

Mr Grey : ( Smiles ) Actually We were Invited fr da Annual College Day n We had to Award Few Students n Ur Wife was One of them..Who was Awarded as Best Student Over The Year..Must say Ur Wife was Really Talented Student..We have seen Her Performance in Her Studies through AV wich was Shown b4 giving Her da Award..

Mr Grey : n Not only Us I guess ( Sees Siddhant ) Mr Siddhant was too thr wid Us..Ryt Mr Siddhant? ( Smiles )

Siddhant : ( Smiles Faintly ) Yes..Right Mr Grey..

Mr Williams : ( Smiles ) U r Really Lucky to get Wife Like Her Mr Sanskaar..She is a Really Bright Student n a Girl..Y dnt U Try fr Her Further Studies..I mean M Sure She will do Wonders..

Mr Grey : Yes Mr Sanskaar..Do Try. She is Really Talented..U must Give Her One Chance..( Smiles )

Sanskaar : ( Overwhelmed ) Yes Mr Williams n Mr Grey..Sure..I will Talk wid Swara abt this..

Mr Williams : ( Smiles ) Yes..Do it Plz..I usually Never Praise any Student or Person wenever I go to their College Function or Cermonies bt seeinf Ur Wife..I jst cudnt Control ( Keeps On Praising Swara making Sanskaar Overwhelmed )

As Both the Foreign Clients were Talking abt Swara n Her Performance in da College,Sanskaar n Shekhar who were Hearing Swara’s Praising were Proud n Overwhelmed n Tears of Proudness were Flowing frm their Eyes Continously Yet Silently Showing all their Happiness n Overwhelmness..

———- ♢♢♢♢ ———-

Dining Area

Soon Lunch was Set n Everyone were at Dining Table having their Lunch when all of a Suddem Sid who was too having His Lunch Strtd Coughing Badly making Both Swara n Sanskaar who were Watching Sid Coughing Snirked n Enjoyed His State Smirking Winningly n Evilly Full Heartedly Yet Secretly..

××××× Flash Back Begins ×××××

10 Minutes Ago

While The Foreign Clients were Praising Swara n were Talking Randomly to the Trio Males,Sanskaar Recieves A Message frm Swara making Him Shocked at First Bt Later Smirked Secretly seeing Smiling Sid Talking Happily n Smilingly..

Swara’s Message :

Sanskaar When U come fr Lunch wid da Foreign Clients n Papa n wid dat Sid toh Make Sure U..Papa n those Foreign Clients Sit at the Right Side of da Table n Make Sid Sid Sit at the Left Side wid Maa..Coz Left Side Bowl of Daal Beside Maa has Extra Chilli Powder in it..The World’s Best Business Tycoon will Eat Best Cooked Food By His Phd Sister In Law *Smirks Evilly*..So Plzz Make Sure Make Sid Sit Beside Maa..Plzz..Bye..

Sanskaar’s Message :

OK Bye Little Devil *Giggles*

Soon all the Males were Called fr the Lunch n Sanskaar According to the Plan n Message Made Everyone Sit Accordingly making Swara to Smirk Evilly Seeing Sid Secretly Yet Excitedly While Giggling n Chuckling..

××××× Flash Back Ends ×××××

Sanskaar : ( Pretending Worriedly ) Sid Kya hua?..What Happened? ( Passes da Water ) Here Take This Water..Aaram Se Khaana chahiye tha na.. ( Smirks Secretly )

Siddhant : ( Coughs m Drinks Water ) Tthhnnks Bhai.. ( Drinks Agn )

Mr Williams : ( Worried ) What Happened Mr Siddhant? R U Fine?

Siddhant : ( Gulping da Saliva ) Haa… ( Sweats ) Yyeess Mr Wwillliams..I jst Swallowed A Piece of Chilli..thats it..Ntbing to Worry..( Driving Water Agn )

Mr Grey : Ohh..Be Carefull Mr Siddhant..

Siddhant : ( Glaring Swara Angrily ) Yes Mr Grey Sure.. ( Monologue ) Swara. I knw its Ur Stunt. U Added Extra Chilli in My Daal coz I Tried to Insult U Ryt? n Purposely made Me Sit at this Place so dat I cn get this Chilli Filled Daal.U Have Messed Up wid A Wrong Person Swara..U r gonna Pay fr it Badly..Be Ready ( Clenching da Spoons Tightly n Angrily )

While Sid was Staring Swara Angrily,All Finished their Lunch n Headed towards da Hall Happily n Soon da Foreign Clients too Left MM n Shomi n Swara after Winding Up Lunch Stuffs Headed towards da Market Happily making Siddhant More Angry n Frustrated..

———– ♢♢♢♢ ———-


30 Minutes Later

30 Minutes Passed n Both Swara n Shomi Where Shopping fr Grocery n House Hold Stuffs Happily n Having some Mother Daughter Bond n Moments when all of A Sudden Shomi had to go Bak Home Urgently Leaving Swara Alone in da Market making Her Irritated n Angry..

Swara : ( Irritated ) Offo..Yeh Maa bhi na..Alwyz Runs away wen I want to Talk to Her..Arghh.. ( Sighs ) Anywyz..Abb kya karsakti hai Swaea abb tere Papa needs Ur Maa till nw to Wat cn U Do ( Giggles ) Soo Cute n Best Jodi My Maa n Papa are ( Admires ) Kash Meri aur Sanskaar ki bhi Aise hi ho Best n Understanding ( Blushes )

As Swara was Takking to Herself All Blushing n Shying She Felt A Sudden n A Harsh Pull towards a Strong Chest making Her Shocked n Scared..

Swara : ( Shocked ) U?? ( Angry ) What The Hell U e doing Here? Leave Me ( Tries to Free Herself ) agr Papa Ya Sanskaar ko Pata chala toh they wont Leave U..So jst Leave Me ( Stares Angrily )

Boy : ( Angry too ) Shut Up U Over Smart Lady..Wat did U think U will Mix Extra Chilli Powder in My Food n I wont be Able to Find Out Haa? Woh toh Clients the Saamne isiliye I got Saved Warna ( Intrerupted )

Swara : Warna Kya SIDDHANT?? U wud have Troubled Sanskaar na fr Taking Revenge frm Me Ryt? Aur Ummed bhi kya ki jaasakti hai tumse? U r jst Good in this Only B***d* Cheap..Arrey Sanskaar Loves U soo Much..He Considers U as His Own Brother..Apne se Zaada He Cares fr U bt still U Hate Him.Chii..Hw Cheap.. ( Frustrated )

Sid : Shut Up Jst Shut Up..Mind Ur Language..n Ur So Called Husband Dnt Love Me Ok..nor He Considers Me as His Brother..Its all His Bl**d* Drama..coz I Have His Property..n isiliye He is Pretending to be Good..( Stares Hatredly )

While Both Swara n Sid were Fighting Ppl Around them Gathered n Strtd Watching da Drama wen all of a Sudden Swara gets an Idea n Strts Her Drama.Making Sid who was Alrdy Angry More Shocked n Angry..

Swara : ( Cries ) Plzz Help Me.Plzz someone Help Me.. ( Points Sid ) This Man is Trying to Tease Me..Plzz Help Me Someone.. ( Pleads Dramatically ) For Ur Sister or Mother..Plzz ( Cries )

Man 1 : ( Angry ) Heyy U Stop Teasing..Dnt U have Shame Haa? Teasing A Girl in Market..dnt U Have Sister or Mother at Home? Jst Leave.. ( To Swara ) Dnt Worry Beta..We r here..We will Save U..( Assures )

Swara : ( Smiles Winningly Secretly ) Thnk U Uncle..

Man 2 : Dnt Thnk Beta..Its Our Duty to Protect Daughters of Our Country..Dnt Worry U Go Home Haa.. ( Blesses )

Sid : ( Angry ) Ohh Stop Ur Nodes Swara..U knw aisa kuch nhi karaha tha Main..den Hw cn U ( Intrerupted )

Man 1 : Lagta hai Aisa nhi manega yeh..Need to Teach Him A Lesson.. ( Strts Beating )

Man 2 :Haa Bhai Sahab..U r ryt.. ( To Others ) Aao Sablog Maaro isse..He Deserves this ( Strts Beating too )

Sid : ( Wines in Pain ) Aoow..Arrey..Suno..aisa kuch nhi hai..This Girl is Telling Lies.. ( Winces in Pain Agn ) Aaow.. ( Keeps on Wincing in Pain )

While all were Beating Sid Brutally as Per Swara’s Plan,Swara who was Watching it Smirked Winningly n Goes frm thr giving A Winning Smirk to Sid Leaving Him Alone in Middle of Angry Crowd Beating Him Cruelly making Him More Angry n Leading Hatred n Revenge Rising in His Heart More Badly n Angrily..

———- ♢♢♢♢ ———-

Gadodia House

Soon after da Market Mess Swara who was Smirking n Laughing seeing Sid was nw Sad n Pale Sitting in da Dark Room wid One Girl Lying on da Bed Lifelessly Staring da Ceiling Fan Blankly Understanding da Surrounding around Her while da Swara along wid being Sad n Pale was also Crying Bitterly n Telling Her Heart Out Sitting beside da Lifeless Girl making Her too Cry Helplessly n Lifelessly..

Swara : ( Cries ) Plzz Get Up na Choti..Aur kitne din aise rehegi..i knw U cn Feel Us..Listen to Us n even Cry in Our Pain like U r doing ( Wipes da Girl’s Tears ) Nw..bas U cnt Respond Us..toh woh bhi karde na Choti..U knw Ur Di is Missing U soi much..Dekh ( Shows Her Mangalsutra wid Teary Eyes ) Teri Di ki SHAADI bhi hogayi bt still U r Lying Here Lifeless ( Sobs ) Tujhe pata hai thr r mny Things i wanna Discus n Share wid U..Maa se ki hai maine thodi Baate Share bt sab toh nhi karsakti na..I really Need U Choti..Plzz Come Bak ( Cries Bitterly )

As da Swara was Crying Bitterly Talking to da Lifeless Girl,Shomi comes frm Behind n Pats da Shoulder of Swara n Consoles Her n Assures Her wid Teary Eyes making Swara to Hug Shomi Tightly n Cry More Bitterly n Emotionally..

Shomi : ( Teary Eyes ) SHONA!! ( Keeps Her Hands on Swara’s Shoulder ) Bas kar Beta..Kitna royegi aur? ( Consoles ) Itna mat ro Mera Baccha ( Cups Swara’s Face with Teary Eyes ) U V Well Knw Our Choti cn Hear Us All..Bhale She is Lying Lifeless here since Mny Months..bt She cn Hear Us All..She cn Feel Our Pain too..Bhale She is PARALYSED n cnt Respond Us bt She cn See Us all.n dekhna One Day She will be Fine Shona..Trust Me..( Teary Eyes )

Swara : ( Cries n Hugs ) Haa Maa U r Ryt..I knw Choti will get Fine Soon..thr is Improvment in Her State bt phir bhi Maa..M Scared..jabtak i dnt see Her Completely Fine na infront of My Eyes I cnt Be Happy..Khushi hai mujhe ki Choti is getting Fine bt Phir bhi Maa Darr lagta hai..ki kahi phir se ( Cud nt Complete n Hugs Tightly while Crying Bitterly )

Shomi : ( Cries too ) Sshh ( Caresses Swara’s Bak ) Chup ho ja..Everything gonna be Fine Soon..We jst need Patience ( Release da Hug ) U r My Brave Child na ( Swara Nodes n Shomi Cups Swara’s Face ) Toh Keep ( Wipes Swara’s Tears ) Quite n Stop Crying..U cnt Brk Down like this..U r My Strong Child n Brave too..U have mny things to Settle Down..Sanskaar needs U..Nw wid Choti U have Sanskaar’s Responsibility too..U were Alwyz My PROUD DAUGHTER..n infact U r STILL MY PROUD DAUGHTER ..n Proud Daughter dnt Cry n Brks Down Like this..Hai Na Baccha.. ( Consoles )

Swara : ( Smiles wid Teary Eyes ) Thnk U Maa ( Hugs Emotionally ) Agr Aap nhi hoti na toh I wud have Broken Long Bak..bt U n Papa were Alwyz wid Me Every Time n Supported Me ( Closes Her Teary Eyes ) Thnk U.. ( Kisses Shomi’s Cheeks ) I Love U ( Hugs Agn Tightly )

Shomi : ( Smiles ) Love U Too Shona..We r alwyz thr wid U My Child..No Matter hw Old U Grow We r alwyz wid U ( Assures ) God Bless U ( Caresses Swara’s Hairs ) Bhagwaan kare jo tum karrahi ho Sanskaar n Apni Life ke liye woh Pura Ho..aur Tum apni Life Main Khush raho ( Blesses Emotionally )

While both Shomi n Swara were Having their Emotional Bond,The Girl who was All Lifeless n Paralysed Heard their Convo n was Teary Eyes Feeling their Pain n Tears making their Own Way frm Her Eyes Silently was nw More Emotional n Overwhelmed wid Tears of Helplessness Flowing frm Her Eye Continously n Non Stop..

———- ♢♢♢♢ ———-

Precap : Swara Alone At Home AND BOOM !! ??

———- ♢♢♢♢ ———-

Phew..Finally Done…I Guess its A Quite A Long Part fr 1st Epi of TMH in VDay Spcl Week wid Full Roller Coster Scenes n Fun..Isn’t it? Hope U all will Like it..Do Leave Ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me know Hw U Liked VDay Week’s First Epi :)..Nxt Part on da Way ??..


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