SwaSan ff: Tu hi mera rab… Tu hi mert duniya (Part 5)

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One day passed just like that but for swara it was like a one year because it was without her love, sanskar. As usual sanskar was in deep sleep, hearing everything but cannot react. Feeling the pain of swara but cannot soothe it. Soon the hall was decorated beautifully with shimmering lights and yellow curtains. Swara opened the wardrobe and took out a blue coloured saree. Swara reminisces a moment.


Swara was in the room cleaning it. Just then sanskar comes in with a shopping bag. Swara sees him with the bag.

Swara: Sanskar, what is this?

Sanskar: A gift for you..

Swara: Really.

Sanskar nods and gives the bag. Swara takes out a box and opens it. She sees a beautiful blue saree.

Sanskar (curiously): How’s it?

Swara: It’s beautiful but sanskar what was the

Sanskar puts his finger on her lips and says, “shhh. I had a meeting in one of the cafe in the mall. Then I saw this saree in a shop. When I saw it, I imagined you in this saree so I bought it for you.”

Swara looks at him lovingly. Sanskar goes closer to her and says, “Will you wear this for me?”

Swara nods. Swara goes in bathroom and changes into that saree. When swara comes out of the bathroom wearing it, sanskar was rooted to the place. He was really memorized by her. Swara was feeling shy seeing his intense gaze on her. She knew what will be coming next, was making her cheeks more red. She turns around and runs towards the window, not able to meet his intense gaze. Sanskar takes steady step towards and back hugs her by wrapping his hands on her bare waist. He sensously moves his hand on her waist till her belly under the saree. Swara beaths heavily. Sanskar slowly moves her hair and kisses her neck.

Sanskar (whispers in her ear): Beautiful.

He then turns her around and kisses her forehead and then cheeks. He takes her in his arms and puts her on the bed softly. He comes above her. He starts leaning towards her and gets intimate.”

Flahsh back ends…

Swara smiles remembering their moment.

Swara: Your every gift is precious for me sanskar. Our every special moments are very special for me. Infact, everything related to you is very special for me.

Saying this swara soon got ready in golden blouse and blue saree (imagine the saree that shraddha kapoor wore in Ashiqui 2), looking diva, with light makeup.

he was going to put sindoor in her maang, just then she sees sanskar through mirror, standing behind her smiling. Swara smiles with twinkling eyes. Sanskar takes the sindoor and fills her maang. Swara closes her eyes, feeling that moment. She feels his hot breath near her ear.

Sanskar (huskily): You are looking beautiful, just like a princess.

Swara smiles shyly. She turns around to hug him but she does not feel the warmth. She opens her eyes and see no one. She sees sanskar lying on the bed. She closes her eyes and a lone tear escapes from her eye.

Swara (whispers): Please god, make this dream true.

Swara opens her eyes and goes to sanskar. She holds her had and dips his thumb in the sindoor box. She then fill her maang from his thumb. Swara puts the box on the table. She caresses his hair and kisses his forehead.

Swara: Sanskar, please wake up and make my this dream come true. I am waiting for you love.

This was all sees by sujata and shomi, who came to call swara. They were seeing swara with teary eyes. They go away. Swara sees a tear drop rolling from sanskar’s eyes. Swara wipes his tears.

Swara: Seriously sanskar, you are such a cry baby. Does any one cry like this? See even I am not crying (but tears were non stop rolling down her cheeks) You know what sanskar today there is business party in our house. Many big business people will be coming today and (her face gets pale) Mr adarsh and Mrs Parineeta are also going to come. Not just them but whole family. tch leave all that. You don’t take any tension. And I will try to come soon. okay. Till then no crying.

Swara kisses his cheek and goes away, closing the door without noticing, sanskar’s finger which moved. Swara reaches the hall where everyone were waiting. Guests just started to come.

Uttara: Arrey wah, bhabhi today you are looking like an angel.

Khushi: true, angel and my cute (pulls her cheeks) doll.

Swara smiles and says, “thank you and both of you are also looking beautiful.

Just then arnav comes with advay in his arms. As soon as advay sees swara, he starts jumpimg.

Arnav: Yes, yes go to your girlfriend.

Everyone giggles. Swara advay and kisses his chubby cheeks. Soon the guests start to enter and congratulate swara was for her success. After few minutes, whole maheshwari family came. RamTha, uttara and shomi were shocked seeing them.

Whereas adarsh and parineeta were amazed to see such a big mansion.

Parineeta (monologue): Oh god. How can they become richer than us, that too in 3 years. Don’t worry swara and sanskar, I will make sure that a drama happens in this party. But where is sanskar? I can’t see him.

Rp: What are they doing here?

Sujata: The main question us does swara know that they are here?

Swara sees maheshwari family standing. She sees Dp, Ap, ragini and laksh. She closes her eyes in pain.

Swara (monologue): Today they will know that they don’t effect me. Today they will know that I am no more that swara. Now I am only sanskar’s swara, who is living for her sanskar. Only sanskar is my family, my world.

Ragini sees shomi standing in a corner. She goes towards her.

Ragini: Ma.

Shomi sees ragini and says sternly, “Its Ms Shramishta for you Mrs Maheshwari.”

Ragini (sadly): Ma Please don’t speak like that

Shomi: Ragini, you father broke every relation with us. You know when you broke relation with swara. I was shocked but then I thought that you will definitely understand shona later but no I was wrong. You proved me wrong.

Saying this she goes away.

Laksh comes and holds ragini by her shoulders.

Laksh: It’s okay ragini, shomi ma believes that sanskar, that is why she is behaving like that

Ragini nods.

In swasan’s room.

Sanskar’s eyesballs and his fingers moved a bit.

Precap: Lady3: Such a characterless girl she is. Her husband might be feeling ashamed. I think due to her character her husband is not with her… Swara cries just then someone shouts, “ENOUGH”

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